Sasha Velour and the cast of NIGHTGOWNS 1 | "Golden Slumbers"

  • Published on May 22, 2017
  • Sasha Velour and the cast of NIGHTGOWNS 1 perform Jennifer Hudson's cover of "Golden Slumbers" at Sasha Velour's monthly show, NIGHTGOWNS, April 2017 at National Sawdust in Brooklyn.
    Projections: Sasha Velour | Footage: Gypsy Hill & National Sawdust | Editing: Sasha Velour
    NIGHTGOWNS, an evening of short performances dedicated to celebrating the diversity, depth, and wild power of drag. Each month features a new lineup of performers, using gender, dance, music, fashion, and visual art in combination to explore both the political and the personal…surprisingly funny, moving, and glamorously queer!
    See more at and view the whole show in HD at

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  • TheCWalker22
    TheCWalker22 Month ago +4

    Amazing performance each time. And did anyone notice Scarlett Envy?

  • minzzles
    minzzles Year ago

    This video is not avail? :(

  • Nasir Foster
    Nasir Foster Year ago


  • Savannah C
    Savannah C Year ago +10

    She is so pretty and gender bender style. That's the new drag performance. ! Old is good too, dancing and spliting! But Rupaul wants different types. And now is the gender trans time....gays and drag are mainstream..this is a different modern qween

  • Rico Colter
    Rico Colter Year ago

    This is better than Mickey and Judy putting on The Show .......... thank you Sasha expand horizons of Drag

  • Hannah K
    Hannah K Year ago +17

    things solemn make me cry; it's usually teary eyes at most.
    but i'm 400% weeping at this. the artistry, the passion, the intelligence. this is a wonderful group of people. i'm in awe of the love they seem to share. it's bursting out the camera lens. sasha and nightgowns, you are incredible and i love you. thank you for sharing this, because it's truly inspiring.

  • James Lovell
    James Lovell Year ago +8

    The projected clouds remind me of 'I'm Going Home' from RHPS.

    • Amy B
      Amy B 9 months ago

      Bridget Darling Sasha’s whole ensemble gave me that vibe, especially the gloves.

  • Noah Baskerville
    Noah Baskerville Year ago +36

    And they say she is not drag enough? bitch she is here to break whatever we told ourselves is normal and accept that everything is weird and beautiful as it is, if she needs to dress sexy to do that she will, if she needs to look like a glamorous 50's cabaret matron she will, if she needs to dress as gollum, then fuck it, she will, and that is what drag means.

    • Patrick Rémillard
      Patrick Rémillard Year ago +1

      The hip criticism now is "Sasha is not weird enough" or she says she's weird but she's really pretentious while doing it. :(

  • Fernando Arellano
    Fernando Arellano Year ago +3

    Isn't this song in the movie sing ?

  • Rani Moore
    Rani Moore Year ago

    great job you and your team so very entertaining and everything on point just loved it

  • Tova Hjelm
    Tova Hjelm Year ago +4

    THIS IS SO AMAZING. I wanna cry and laugh at the same time

  • Mx Hayden Cooper
    Mx Hayden Cooper Year ago

    Yes! I love this song!

  • Fahad20 La
    Fahad20 La Year ago +6

    go sasha !

  • Kathryn Whitlock
    Kathryn Whitlock Year ago +7

    CHILLS! So good!

  • Diogo Braga
    Diogo Braga Year ago +30

    holy crap sasha, what an AMAZING collective performance! I've got thrills to see here, can't even imagine live! kudos.

  • robin joker
    robin joker Year ago

    Why this video is not available every where?..... U know there are fans around the world.

    • House of Velour
      House of Velour  Year ago +14

      For people outside the US, try watching on a computer and not a phone. The company that owns the music has specific copyright restrictions on how and where the video can be watched. :(

    • GothBoy UK
      GothBoy UK Year ago +2

      robin joker It's usually TheXvid putting limitations on it for "copyright" reasons. It seems to affect drag performances far more than any other type. It's incredibly annoying.

  • Lindsay Gillespie
    Lindsay Gillespie Year ago +3

    holy cow

  • MisterBassBoost
    MisterBassBoost Year ago

    I enjoyed your video :) Keep it up!