WATCH LIVE - Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Hunt in Conservative leadership hustings in Belfast

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
  • Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are taking part in Conservative Party leadership hustings in the race to become the next Prime Minister.
    This debate will be taking place in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
    They are likely to be challenged on their proposals to resolve the Irish border issue and remove the controversial backstop.
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Comments • 189

  • joyjoyjoyjoyjoy
    joyjoyjoyjoyjoy Month ago

    Give them a pair of glove each and fight it out in the boxing ring.

  • kevin allsop
    kevin allsop Month ago

    The only thing missing here is the truth.

  • JtotheW
    JtotheW Month ago

    If you seen a picture of Hunt without knowing him you would think pervert

  • David B.
    David B. Month ago

    Hunt is part of the remainer stitch up, he is the leader of the remainer party, he is one of those who sent out misleading messages on brexit during his time under May. I don't like Borris, but I don't trust or like Hunt at all.

  • Bruce Hersey
    Bruce Hersey Month ago +1

    This video, which I have retained, is really well worth keeping, and I have re-watched it now several times over... Jeremy Hunt is clinical, careful, academic, yet tentative... but have you observed your Boris? He's incapable of giving a simple straight answer to any question... evasive, ambiguous, very charming... reminds me of my equally charming cousin...she's bi-polar!
    Do you really want either of these gentlemen running your Country? Or should I say, ruining your Country! And you thought poor dear Theresa was bad.... watch and wait!

  • Mike Yeates
    Mike Yeates Month ago +1

    Just remember Jeremy hunt was the grim reaper of the NHS he does not care

  • shasha
    shasha Month ago

    tony blair

  • page Turner
    page Turner Month ago +1

    It is Amazing how England had Control Half of the World and Now, they are in a PICKLE to control their Own Country, this Brexit Mess.

  • Daisuke 大輔
    Daisuke 大輔 Month ago +1

    Electing country's leader from 160,000 party members very like China or Hong Kong

  • wonderfulnmarvelous

    Shows a picture stating credibility.....then they show Trump with him....say no more.

  • Francisco Orozco
    Francisco Orozco Month ago

    Where's Britain's Elizabeth Warren?

  • merlin the magician

    Neither of these clowns will get brexit it will be a general election,and oh dear I think the brexit party will win it nigel farage will become the pm ,labour will lose 150 mps the torys will be wiped out the libdems will be the 2nd largest party,but with only 50 mps the greens will gain 4 mps the snp will lose 10/15 mps and Wales leading party will lose all mps,the british will show this useless parliament how to get brexit WE JUST LEAVE,they just don't get it and enough money has been wasted on brexit by these loony left wing mps,,listening to hunt and Johnson what a load of waffle and waste of our precious time,it's time now for the rise of the right as the left are to soft and backstabbing to their own people,just a note did anyone visualise Boris wearing a big red nose,,lol

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins Month ago

    I cut straight to Boris! I’m a Tory member who is proudly voting BORIS

  • Ivan Barry
    Ivan Barry Month ago +1

    A pair of posh bluffers and chancers.

  • Kay Camille
    Kay Camille Month ago +1

    There’s something about Norman Bates aka Jeremy hunt that gives me the creeps. If he gets in no one will be safe in the shower ! 🤣😂

  • Dale Harapat
    Dale Harapat Month ago

    Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty, they had to keep voting until the EU got the result they wanted. The EU bullies destroyed Irish democracy. Ireland would be wise to chart a path away from the corrupt, undemocratic EU. Irishexit and soon Czechxit.

  • Dale Harapat
    Dale Harapat Month ago +1

    Boris is absolutely right that the United States does have the utmost respect for the UK..We Americans look up to the UK, not the other way around. We are impressed with the intellect, gentility, and leadership skills.

    • CellGames2006
      CellGames2006 Month ago

      1:01:00 they had to reset Boris as he was rambling too much.

  • Nobody Else'll Say It

    *Hunt would easily make the better PM as a world leader and diplomat, but it's getting as bad as America, in that everyone seems to be obsessing about who has the most engaging personality which (of course) is Johnson. What do these people want, Hunt to turn up in drag and juggling kittens for God's sake?*

    • Immortal
      Immortal Month ago +1

      It is all to do with a no deal. Boris is more likely to end up with a no deal than Hunt thus people like Boris more. It has nothing to do with personality, hence why nobody was interested in Boris' personal life even when the media tried their best to make it a thing. You really need to work on your analysis skills.

  • Dantastic
    Dantastic Month ago +1

    Jeremy hunt is his own man, he's not Theresa may in trousers, that's ridiculousy simplistic. He is `very credible' as a new Prime minister.. If you want to play it safe!
    Personally I think that Boris is 'worth a gamble'... He really could be the best we've ever had! Or not!!! But I think backing Boris is what we really need right now, because the future is wide open!
    AND I REALLY DON'T THINK THAT BORIS COULD MAKE IT WORSE! Jeremy however . I feel, could continue on the same vain......

  • darren86420
    darren86420 Month ago +2

    Did boris just drop a leak about an obi wan spin-off???

    • CellGames2006
      CellGames2006 Month ago

      Imagine the damage he can do on Twitter as PM...

  • sid ney
    sid ney Month ago

    Hey everybody , I can give you a solid guarantee that whatever happens as a result for a new prime minister "it will get worse" and everyone can sue my ass if it don't. Now who do you believe ?? 😎😂😂

  • Jane South
    Jane South Month ago +3

    Why doesnt ireland leave eu too, make things easier! Form a new country with uk.

    • Bruce Hersey
      Bruce Hersey Month ago

      One small correction to my last comment... I had meant to point out that the U.K. is in debt to the tune of £1.8 trillion! So what will happen if our heartless, ruthless financiers decide that "enough is enough".... and pull the plug?
      No more £10 billion annually to support Northern Ireland, for starters! And what has Britain been getting back over the years for this "investment"? A prolonged headache, if you'll forgive my saying so... and that most expensive bridge which Boris recently suggested to our Arlene... to connect Scotland with Ulster? Forget it!

    • Bruce Hersey
      Bruce Hersey Month ago

      That will never happen, Jane... do you really think Ireland should join up with a Nation currently in debt to the tune of £1.8 billion? Or be led and said by Boris "Creative Ambiguity" Johnson.... his Mantra, not mine!
      Jeremy Hunt is, actually, considered and cautious, and clearly highly intelligent.. regrettable that he has very little personality!

    • caty moonlight
      caty moonlight Month ago

      why it should it does not want to leave uk want to leave ireland is a own country and dont has to do was little britain think it has to do.

  • milsub59
    milsub59 Month ago +1

    Time to stock up on battery acid

  • Roma Lawal
    Roma Lawal Month ago

    Go on BoJo! The PM in waiting without a scintillating doubt

  • Paw X Paw
    Paw X Paw Month ago +5

    Doesn't matter who is PM it will not be forgotten or forgiven we were betrayed. It will probably be Hunt. Because all P Ms to date have been total Hunts.

    • CellGames2006
      CellGames2006 Month ago

      @Kay Camille So your options are Jon Snow and a guy with a light saber... Good luck with that.

    • Kay Camille
      Kay Camille Month ago

      Paw X Paw I’m laughing. No point crying the country is f...d anyways

    • Paw X Paw
      Paw X Paw Month ago

      @Kay Camille Is that laughing or crying or both?

    • Kay Camille
      Kay Camille Month ago

      Paw X Paw 🤣

  • Robert Barton
    Robert Barton Month ago

    But borris dint kill his sister we could have a psychopath as a priminser if we are not careful

  • I'm all out of Bubblegum


  • mark jackson
    mark jackson Month ago +1

    I hope Hunt gets it, reason being in a general election the Tories will be wiped out

  • BrexitNow
    BrexitNow Month ago


  • david young
    david young Month ago +1

    Boris is better, but has any of the candidates mentioned anything about the most serious problem this country has ever faced..........MASS IMMIGRATION, what will the candidates do about that????, ( PROBABLY NOTHING), so really, it doesn't matter who gets the PM job, this country is SHAGGED.

    • matt smith
      matt smith Month ago

      It will continue because the economy needs it

  • david young
    david young Month ago +8


  • Android Galaxy
    Android Galaxy Month ago

    No BORIS DD DONT HIT ME AGAIN I WILL SWALLOW I am your Wife after all....;;;;;;

  • Android Galaxy
    Android Galaxy Month ago


  • tubo tubo
    tubo tubo Month ago

    Boris is the real deal.

  • Valentin A A
    Valentin A A Month ago

    Jeremy Hunt definitely is the anti-Boris ! Were I Michael Gove, I would not push for anyone else !! :)

  • Killer 121
    Killer 121 Month ago +1

    Boris the buffoon Johnson is a clown who abuses women and sexually abuses dead pig corpses in Eton

  • Jim
    Jim Month ago

    Hang on a minute five bellies...You voted for the Withdrawal agreement !

  • John Strong
    John Strong Month ago

    For the love of GOD cant Hunt get it into his head the EU will not change the stitch up deal that traitorous May and Hammond concocted to try and stitch the UK into paying billions for ever, the vote was OUT now get on with it

  • pope 1960
    pope 1960 Month ago


    • whyemceeay
      whyemceeay Month ago


  • Simon West
    Simon West Month ago

    Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt. Never in the history of mankind has humanity been offered such an exciting choice.

  • Carl 123
    Carl 123 Month ago +8

    These bozo's wont deliver Brexit. Only Farage can do that.

  • narancauk
    narancauk Month ago +3

    Clinton family prefers Hunt. Decent people know what to do.

  • narancauk
    narancauk Month ago +2

    My cousin doctor lost his job when Jeremy was minister of health...Capping Streamlining etc

  • john bunyan
    john bunyan Month ago

    I watched this on the following day. And having reached the end , of the video,
    there is no doubt that the applause was much louder than that given to Jeremy Hunt.

  • john bunyan
    john bunyan Month ago

    Boris look and sounded tired.
    His speech was received in silence, being delivered very low key.
    Not until a question about a second referendum , was there any applause.
    Halfway through the question , he seemed to perk up.
    Jeremy Hunt was calm, even, and a nice chap; but , he had no fire.

  • Kildonan Castle
    Kildonan Castle Month ago +11

    Hunt's the male version of Treason May and Johnson will say anything to get into power.

  • Steven Lillford-Wildman

    Boris! For leader.

  • Sheila Butterworth
    Sheila Butterworth Month ago

    We already do WTO trade deals out side the EU. Any ways. Moor than we do inside the EU. Let's do it.

  • Shane Kinsella
    Shane Kinsella Month ago +2

    At least hunt doesn't want to drive the country at full speed into a concrete wall. Hunt will leave, he has to but he wants a deal to secure some stability.

  • Sheila Butterworth
    Sheila Butterworth Month ago

    The only way no deal will harm us. Will be the British. REMAINERS. The are willing to sabotage the UK just to LAY BLAIM on the Leave side. They LOST. We will get our country. Bk up their and moor. Remain has there own Egenda we even see it now and the BBC. PAY THEM. Hunt! Will delay. Brexit. Kick the can. Again. No don't trust him. It will be a remain Brexit with Hunt. Vote Boris. H?e will do it get us out. What we voted for.

  • AICabal
    AICabal Month ago

    Boris took on Ken Livingston, who was a pretty big figure at the time, in a predominently Labour area, at a time when the Conservatives were floundering and STILL managed to not only win the mayoral election but also got elected for a second term. Boris is Steptoe's worst nightmare. The rats of Labour are toast.

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    Intro video for Jeremy Hunt lots of people speaking well of Jeremy how much he cares for people. It's required to speak of his darker side also. He has said he will support the USA If they make war on Iran. Does his care for people not include Iranian civilians men women and children who may have USA and UK Forces drop bombs o them ending their lives. With no clear evidence of Iran attacking tankers the other justification for the USA Wanting to attack Iran was their drone being shot down. Why is the USA so upset when their Navy previously shot down an Iranian civilian Airliner Flight 655 killing over 200 people. For Hunt to say the UK will support war on Iran having considered no evidence or the human loss of life possible tells me he has not only poor judgement but lacks respect for human life.

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath Month ago +2

    If Boris and Hunt deliver a Bexit Deal - then mother May is angry!

  • Jack Rainbow
    Jack Rainbow Month ago +3


  • Joe.
    Joe. Month ago +1

    What a Proper HUNT..

  • Frederick Hewlett
    Frederick Hewlett Month ago

    Enough of this nonsense,,,just slap them on the table,,,,who"s got the biggest ,,,,,walks into NO 10 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goodman
    Goodman Month ago +2

    The quarter of school leavers who leave uneducated have Muhammad as their role model.

  • xxx yyy
    xxx yyy Month ago +2

    Boris is a fat feeder who sees votes in satisfying obese voters with sweet and fat as you please cola and pasties passed through school railings to their future waddling kids. Another flip flop policy compared to his stated views while mayor.

  • Goodman
    Goodman Month ago +4

    A Remain voter shouldn’t be appointed as Prime Minister to attempt to take us out of the EU. If he’s appointed he will delay Brexit for years to come. He will also destroy the Conservative Party, but he will move on to becoming a Libdem Leader after he’s ended the Tories.
    So, Hunt is going to spend months, years, trying to convince the EU that the technology exists ( when he says it does exist but they deny it while they know it exists). Boris however is going to put up with no more rubbish, deceit, and lies of the EU. Hunt, needs to know we have prepared for no deal! Note what he said “ we will prepare for no deal”. That means he’s going to pretend that preparations have NOT been done for no deal and he needs time ( more months and years ) to prepare for No Deal.
    Hunt is also going to choose a team who are Remainers in an attempt to appease them. Well, he will appease them, appoint Sturgeon and the Libdems and Labour, and delude himself that they will vote to leave the EU in a meaningful way. Fact is only Leave known as Brexiteers can get us out properly!
    This man Hunt is a Globalist! Wake up and smell the coffee as the saying goes!
    Allow everyone from Hong Kong to immigrate to the UK, after all they believe in democracy, even have our values, and we are constantly told “ multiculturalism is good and we need immigrants”. Those people from Hong Kong will not be like many other types of immigrants and refugees who endanger our culture and way of life, and destroy all other religions and force their religion on everyone.
    Teresa May was sent as Prime Minister but the EU decided not to talk to her. Boris will say “ don’t talk to me and you will regret it”. We must ditch the EU because we have to select someone “They”. are willing to talk to”. Have you heard the likes of that rubbish?

  • narancauk
    narancauk Month ago +2

    Jeremy Hunt => NHS down

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly Month ago

    To miss being Prime minister Boris would have to shoot himself! Just rise to the occasion please Boris Johnson the people are more interested in what you can do for England, not for the conservative party.

  • Ann Wood lumb
    Ann Wood lumb Month ago +15

    Jeremy hunt l don't trust I think he is all mouth

    • CellGames2006
      CellGames2006 Month ago

      His video is so fake:
      Visit to poor African country, check
      Photoshoot next to sick African baby, check
      Emotional music, check

  • Ann Wood lumb
    Ann Wood lumb Month ago

    Boris Johnson is the man I trust

  • Ian Duke
    Ian Duke Month ago

    WOW does not understand no trade deal screws your trade! DERP DERP

  • Ian Duke
    Ian Duke Month ago +2

    boris is such a great leader he knows he cant make any sense in a debate as hes so dumb, so he refuses to do that. This is his best point he realises how dumb he is! and that he cant be trusted!

  • Ian Duke
    Ian Duke Month ago

    WOW the little donald is just a poor copy, calling the opposition terrorists! WOW

  • Tony Amore
    Tony Amore Month ago +1

    DHL , Dangerous House Lectures. Good Luck Jeremy Hunt. Tony Amore STOKE ON TRENT England.

  • Michael Hurrell
    Michael Hurrell Month ago

    So boring Hunt don’t trust you Boris will do much better and deliver Hunt you are May in trousers

  • Intense Pete
    Intense Pete Month ago

    A democratic party is the first priority for me, especially when I hear conservative & Labour politicians talk about "Trust"

  • Telcontar1962
    Telcontar1962 Month ago +12

    The only thing Jeremey Hunt should be standing for is his trial. It is quite unbelievable in a democratic country he is even allowed to exist let alone have him imposed upon us by an establishment that will not EVER recognise (let alone admit) that what they did in 1972 was a major crime UNTIL WE START PUTTING THEM IN THE DOCK.
    Its quite simple folks. MPs have a massive amount of power to MANAGE this country. Their power/authority however does not extend outside of its management role. It certainly doesn't extend to imposing foreign rule on the people of this country either externally as with the EU or internally via uncontrolled mass immigration. Democracy is a simple thing it means we get to choose who governs AND we get to choose who chooses who governs. Those two things are EXPLICITLY not to be interfered with by the politicians OR WE ARE NOT DEMOCRACY in any shape or form.
    At the moment we have a criminal parliament and government who are literally running amok and whose action repudiate everything they slaughtered their own people to defend both home and abroad the previous century. It time to put and end to them and those in Whitehall who also help pull the strings. If we don't make MP's and senior civil servants stand trial for their political crimes a precedent will be set and we will never be able to hold them in check in the future outside of bearing arms. so for those who don't like violence its incumbent on you like the rest to demand their arrest.

  • Cheryl Gumulauski
    Cheryl Gumulauski Month ago

    As with PM May, Hunt was a remainer, and he backed PM May's rejected Brexit plan. The day he made the final runoff for an election taking place due to failure to deliver Brexit, he declared that the deadline would have to be extended again to get a deal and ran up to Scotland to try and hide his views behind the SNP. Then seeing that did not go over well, he declared he would make the deadline and have a deal. Of course that was before he switched to approving of a no deal exit after previously being against it the day before. But, seeing that was still not getting the votes, he then proclaimed he would have a deal by the end of September, one month early. All of this within 2 weeks. Does the Tory Party have a different definition of steady and reliable than everyone else? The mental image Hunt brings to my mind is that if my fork trying to grab a single strand of spaghetti in a boiling pot of pasta to test, and seeing it slide off my fork before I can test it every time. Thus, I have named Jeremy Hunt "noodles." I look forward to hearing the latest views of Noodles, knowing I will eventually nail it, but in the mean time, as with the number one set of repliers on this youtube channel, I will cut straight to Boris, while suspecting that the real view of Noodles is the one he had when he voted to remain in the EU.

  • Joe Dixon
    Joe Dixon Month ago

    Boris will get us out go Boris.....

  • moremane
    moremane Month ago

    GO BORIS !

  • SB Xi
    SB Xi Month ago +1

    Who cares what happening in HK is the guy ... it is a shame UK is kow towing to CCP

    • Sheila Butterworth
      Sheila Butterworth Month ago

      We do most of our trade out side the EU. Any ways. Their are lots out there. Waiting to do trade with us. If the EU. Sabotage our deals with the EU 27. It will be there loss. We already do WTO deals. Out side the EU.

    • Jack Rainbow
      Jack Rainbow Month ago

      what happening see hjt is brk with cpp very good guy to suck jpf in HK, see?

  • Colonel Quickshifter
    Colonel Quickshifter Month ago +4

    Think about working class - for a second!

    • Liam Kingdon
      Liam Kingdon Month ago +2

      Why would they? That's not who votes for them, and they already conned people into voting leave so the working class are now rubbish that needs to be dumped (or sent to China).