How U.S. Weapons Ended Up Hitting Hospitals in Yemen | NYT - Visual Investigations

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • In our video, a former State Department official sent to advise the Saudi-led coalition says he saw firsthand how it failed to avoid civilian casualties in Yemen - and how the U.S. chose to look the other way.
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  • Philla Lebbasro
    Philla Lebbasro Month ago

    I enjoyed it. 😄

  • Edward Bruggeman
    Edward Bruggeman Month ago

    The US government is clearly dropping the ball on this and it appears to be entirely on purpose.... from an objective outside perspective of course...

  • Vano Sasuntsi
    Vano Sasuntsi 2 months ago +1

    The most vile & barbaric Islamic regime in the world is saudi arabia
    They make Iranians look like amish pilgrims
    What they did to The Washington Post. Khashoggi when they butchered him alive and cut him to pieces is something from a nightmare
    And yet again US looks away and tries to start a war with Iran

  • عبدالرحمن المطلك

    If saudi giving America money and jobs any thing else does not matter

  • Ahmed Elhenawy
    Ahmed Elhenawy 3 months ago

    Please investigate the Rabaa massacre in Egypt, it is claimed to be a war crime and the most horrific massacre in modern Egyptian history. Please shine some unbiased light on it.

  • royalxxxg G
    royalxxxg G 3 months ago

    Drones are better. Jets are traveling 500 knots and have limited endurance.

  • royalxxxg G
    royalxxxg G 3 months ago

    This narrator has a horrible voice.

  • Mohammad Azardi
    Mohammad Azardi 3 months ago

    USA is a biggest Zionist puppets in the world

  • TheCk20100
    TheCk20100 4 months ago

    Everyone here has to remember that the average enraged American citizen has little to no more control over what their army or their bombs do thousands of miles away than the people being bombed do. All world leaders, American, Saudi Arabian, every leader has to step up and actually change this situation because they are the only ones who can. Unfortunately, it seems like the world and especially Americans have normalized this state of affairs in their minds because they’re never personally affected by it, so there’s no pressure on politicians to change a thing.
    But this isn’t the average Americans fault, some are fighting hard for peace and human rights and life, but psychologically, when a population gets too comfortable for too long, they become mostly complicit. They start fighting over smaller and smaller issues when the big ones no longer affect them. This isn’t unique to Americans, this is just the way all humans are.
    Humanity’s true heroes are only born out of necessity. That’s why so many average people, average Americans, stepped up and became heroes during world war 2. But now, surrounded by cushions and comfort and safety, there is almost no more necessity for us in the west, and therefore there are almost no more heroes here. It’s no ones fault, just human nature.

  • Ho Chimin
    Ho Chimin 4 months ago

    So, if I sold The Bloods or The Crips 100 A.K. 47's, then they mow each other down, I will go to prison, but if the U.S. sells a country a bomb, then they drop it on a hospital, it's all cool?

  • Patrick Kong
    Patrick Kong 4 months ago

    The us criticises other countries that sells weapons to dangerous countries that would possibly threaten the us but doesn’t think of their own actions?

  • GELECTIUS droid
    GELECTIUS droid 4 months ago

    Next president would be non christian or non jews

  • ali hassan
    ali hassan 4 months ago

    westeren people says why muslims hate us this is why

  • Wutangkilla1
    Wutangkilla1 4 months ago


  • Vimal V
    Vimal V 4 months ago

    Saudis give Oil. US gives weapons in return. Everything else is ignored

  • Yowzoe
    Yowzoe 4 months ago

    You can clearly see the difference between Trump and Warren.

  • Emmett Wilmot
    Emmett Wilmot 5 months ago

    down with the imperialist United States

  • J A
    J A 5 months ago

    How bizarre is it that the US is providing weapons to the country responsible for 9/11?

  • Cin Coy
    Cin Coy 5 months ago

    Stop lying. That’s not true

  • I’m Everywhere
    I’m Everywhere 5 months ago +1

    Well at least they won’t need an ambulance

  • NappyWayz
    NappyWayz 5 months ago

    In money was trust.

  • No One
    No One 5 months ago

    What gets me is how Americans don't believe this will happen on their soil. It's coming, it's inevitable!

    Just leave the civilians alone in this world, go straight for the leaders quarters! Im tired of reading of the genocides of innocents, created by greedy criminal slave owners in every country!!!

    DAT•CULTURE 5 months ago

    So we bomb them, and say "it is hurting us" ? As in we the victim now? . SMH ! Ashame to what we as I say we as in one , should take the blame. God will give the final call and judge witch he know right of the back, of what we are doing on this Earth. God bless the world and the true victim 🙏. We are very sorry for many things. From myself . This ain't right at all. Foul calls. 😞

  • Dexter James
    Dexter James 5 months ago

    They're lying about not receiving the hospital location.

  • Yubraaj Subedi
    Yubraaj Subedi 5 months ago

    +20 US vets are suciding daily Why?? cuz they know they aren't Fighting for freedom & liberty. they they are killing millions of innocent people for oil & other resources for their greedy govt,politicians & bankers.US is the biggest terrorists org in the world history till now and will remain in future too.

  • Pizza Pepperoni
    Pizza Pepperoni 5 months ago

    so much for democracy

  • Bike Maurice
    Bike Maurice 5 months ago +2

    Israel/ US/NATO Military Industrial Complex

  • Abdullah Al-lami
    Abdullah Al-lami 5 months ago +1

    If this was American citizens it could start WW3

  • Ganda Gandara
    Ganda Gandara 5 months ago +3

    Saudi's oil is running out. So they're stealing Yemen's untapped riches.

  • dooooooer
    dooooooer 5 months ago

    Bin salman the daracula

  • buck supreme
    buck supreme 5 months ago +1

    Yeah right... Américan military and war is just sick.. No one follows the rules .. War crimes are like games And no one cares.

  • Michael Schagen
    Michael Schagen 5 months ago

    It is not a lack of education, lack of propper administrative procedures, lack of information. It's a lack of ethics from both the saudi's and the US. I almost could not finish watching this out of frustration. You can send out as many experts as you want and write as many reports as you want, but it is all smoke and mirrors to hide the underlying cause; the leaders of the US and the saudi's don't care about anything but securing and expanding their wealth and power, at all costs. That a dictator gets away with it I can understand, but a democratically elected president?!

  • Susan Sauls
    Susan Sauls 5 months ago +1

    Just horrible. What a mess. Governments destroy innocent people. Why do the governments do this. They do not represent the will of their people.

  • VOR
    VOR 5 months ago

    I can only ask God to stop the Saudi terrorist funding regime, namely MBS from hurting Islam and the world. Killing poor innocents in Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, now trying to take Iran.
    You will never succeed Al e Saud.

  • Santhosh  K V
    Santhosh K V 5 months ago +1

    Nobody in the US can stop this. It is an economy that runs on war. It doesn't matter who is the president.

  • James Cowan
    James Cowan 5 months ago

    The US has sold weapons to areas all over the world ever sincea we had a market and interest to. Even worse now is hillary clinton sold uranium to russia. Russia has one main enemy, the USA. How do you think that uranium will be used? Nukes on America. So, if we are going to be upset it needs to be at those people who had no political purpose in mind, just monetary gain such as hillary. It isn't my words that make that fact, it is the facts that make that fact.

  • michaeldublg
    michaeldublg 5 months ago +1

    (apparently the downloader of this video changed the heading).. so my comment below no longer applies.
    The heading on this video is misleading. AND SIMPLY UNTRUE.
    It's incredible how easy it is to tell who did not watch the video based on their comments.
    It's amazing how many people in this thread have strong opinions based on nothing but the heading.

    • michaeldublg
      michaeldublg 5 months ago

      Hmmm, very interesting, when I made that comment, The Heading that's on there now wasn't the one that was on there 16 hours ago.
      The one that was on there 16 hours ago said something like
      "Trump's Administration wants to fast-track high-tech weapons to the Saudis"
      The Heading has been changed.

    • roddyjen
      roddyjen 5 months ago +1

      michaeldublg - How is the video’s title misleading?

  • Denise Eugene
    Denise Eugene 5 months ago +3

    Bi partisan votes to discontinue arming the Saudi’s was vetoed by Trump. The Saudi’s give us money he said ...

  • 7charlierox
    7charlierox 5 months ago +1

    American industrial complex loves blowing people up . That's what they do . American " interests " means your blood is America's for the taking because they have the money to be the biggest punk in town .

  • Wikileads
    Wikileads 5 months ago +4

    tbh I started to love the New York Times journalism, Really great work. Im thinking of newspaper subscription

  • Sionnach MacBradaigh
    Sionnach MacBradaigh 5 months ago +5

    This is, unfortunately, nothing new. We have been bankrolling and arming brutal, oppressive regimes for well over 150 years now. United States foreign policy is similar to domestic policy: protect the obscenely rich and all of their privileges.

  • Mizz Mix
    Mizz Mix 5 months ago +2

    Saudi Arabia is a stain on the United States. They are using our weapons for genocide.
    Saudi Arabia is disgusting and doing these things intentionally with no shame.

  • Robert Gauthier
    Robert Gauthier 5 months ago

    I don't believe anything written in the NY times

  • 8719a30# Rihaan
    8719a30# Rihaan 5 months ago +2

    America is the main and head country which has been continuously promoting terrorism all over the world..

  • Shaun the shit
    Shaun the shit 5 months ago

    I am soo SAD 🇾🇪💔

  • Pallav Panwar
    Pallav Panwar 5 months ago +1

    For the USA its just "MONEY MONEY" no care for people in distress. And a lot of fools are still supporting DONKEY TRUMP

    • Moonflower D.
      Moonflower D. 5 months ago

      It's not only Trump lol this has been going on with Obama too.

  • eyedoughnut
    eyedoughnut 5 months ago

    jesus only teaches the way of peace,since the year 30,war is murder,what kinda religion approves murder,trump's war with iran begins in june,casualties in the tens of millions,except Jordan iran&friends capture the mid east&the isreali state will be no more,saudi arabia will be annihilated&the saud family will not exist

  • Jeanne Jackson
    Jeanne Jackson 5 months ago


  • richcast66
    richcast66 5 months ago

    They need some tony stark treatment. They should get hit with their own weapons. See how they feel about it then

  • SPDYellow
    SPDYellow 5 months ago +1

    Let's not kid ourselves: it wasn't an accident, and while the US will make a show out of cajoling the Saudis, and the Saudis will fawn and fall over themselves to demonstrate how sorry they are, it will happen again. Our policymakers have known for a very long time that Saudi Arabia is run and operated by some very appalling people, but unlike Saddam Hussein who tried to bite the hand that fed him, the Saudi Royalty are smart enough to play along. The US goes along with it, because we need their oil, their land provides a handy staging ground from where to launch our missions, and, as the Yemen War proves, we can use their soldiers to serve as our proxies in another military quagmire, thus making it so we don't have to commit our own soldiers to the fight.
    The US military is stretched thin as is and both parties, Democratic or Republican, are doing whatever they can to stave off a draft because any party that does so, would effectively sign its own death warrant. The US military learned from Vietnam, learned how it was the photos coming in from the war and the draft that turned the public against it, and applying the lessons they've learned. Hence why they are doing whatever they can to avoid a draft and why they tightly control press briefings and the photos the public is allowed to see. So the war continues to exist as an abstract phenomenon for the average American citizen and they don't have the face the very real horror of what we're doing overseas.
    Basically, the US will do the diplomatic equivalent of swatting Saudi Arabia with a newspaper, going, "Bad Saudi Arabia! Very Bad!" But within a few weeks, we'll be back to selling them weapons and turning a blind eye to what they do with them, until another incident like the one in the video forces us to voice token objections to all of it.

    BLUE DOG 5 months ago +1

    Oil Mafia
    Killing People for Oil
    Why not call it what it really is ?

  • chanwoo Park
    chanwoo Park 5 months ago +1

    Oh.. it is so terrible
    I am so sad that there have been so many victims from the reckless attacks of th US

  • blathermore
    blathermore 5 months ago +1

    I'm an old Dad was a WWII Naval officer....I'm so deeply ashamed of my country. I grew up believing our country was far from perfect, but as good as it gets. That cliche won't work anymore. From Guatemala and Iran till today it just gets worse and worse and worse...not only foreign policy horrors, but new policies towards college debt, threatening to garnish Social Security and take away drivers Licenses, and harass relatives. No shame, no honor, no pity....

  • Jason Stone
    Jason Stone 5 months ago

    TRUMP 2020!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Joy Wu
    Joy Wu 5 months ago

    It takes great conscience for weapon providers (countries like U.S., etc.) to be “Tony Stark” who knows the the degree of cruelty those weapons can bring to human. Not to mention the fact that he only came to realize the traumatic damages his military products have brought to ppl at war zone after “experiencing” them himself.
    Pray for all the ppl who are forced to live under severe living conditions anywhere in the world. 🙏🏻

  • Owen Lane
    Owen Lane 5 months ago

    It’s trumps fault

  • Alejandro Pena
    Alejandro Pena 5 months ago

    Ya mon

  • Raine Riny 7
    Raine Riny 7 5 months ago +2

    Now ask how Terrorists are made!

  • Alina Nechiporenko
    Alina Nechiporenko 5 months ago

    Maybe soldiers should be properly trained to use U.S weapons before being able to buy/use them?

  • Abdulkarem Ali
    Abdulkarem Ali 5 months ago

    US is spreading terrorist with their guns, Yemeni people are suffering from US weapons, leave Yemen alone you are the devil