I Tried To Become A Runway Model at 5’2”

  • Published on Mar 31, 2019
  • Come on this nearly year-long journey with me where I became the shortest model to ever walk London Fashion Week! This was a dream come true and I hope you all enjoy the video!!
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  • Xoeilove G
    Xoeilove G 37 minutes ago

    Im tall asf ... so jeez I’ve only had the issue of hitting my head on doors

  • TheCb13
    TheCb13 Hour ago

    You are so damn beautiful β™₯️β™₯️

  • Dalal Esam
    Dalal Esam 2 hours ago

    dont get me wrong i just feel like modelling is the worst job tbh like it has no purpose they have no talent and they are just using their bodies like ew

  • Sarah Maguire
    Sarah Maguire 3 hours ago

    What your skin routine because your skin always look flawless

  • Kuya Panda
    Kuya Panda 5 hours ago


  • Rebecca Tabor
    Rebecca Tabor 7 hours ago

    I do agree that you have to be persistent and not take no for an answer. I had been a model for about 2-3 years. I'm 5'6 and it was hard for me. I did suffer from EDs and such, but as I was beginning to be at a healthy weight...it was a lot harder. I had clients say I was "too fat" and my hips were "too wide" and chest "too large". I knew that those clients weren't for me because they weren't considering the idea about body diversity. However, within a few months, I was able to make it to NYFW. It was the greatest thing in my life and I did cry because wow...I did it. It is possible. The industry is a mess and its dirty. There are standards, and it takes someone sharp and hard to pierce through it. I promise it is possible. Impossible is just I'm possible.

  • ANaiya King
    ANaiya King 7 hours ago

    This video is extremely important to me, because my entire life I've dreamed of modeling, but I'm only 5ft tall. To see someone in my "height bracket" take on something so amazing with confidence gives me hope that one day modeling will be more accessible for girls like me. Too late for me though, I got tattoos 🀣

    Ava SIMPSON 7 hours ago

    No one:

    Me: attempts runway modelling whilst home alone watching this video ;-;

  • Lily Parker
    Lily Parker 7 hours ago

    You're actually doing very good i can't believe! Your smile is so gorgeous!

  • Lillian Pinsky
    Lillian Pinsky 9 hours ago

    American Ninja Warrior

  • Tomasz Gluszynski
    Tomasz Gluszynski 13 hours ago

    You rocked on stage gurlll πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜

  • Are you afraid of the dark Sam Ashe Arnold Lover

    Welll....I’m in 4th grade and I’m 5 foot 7....IM TOO TALL FOR MEH AGE and IM WAY TO THIN....IM BONES

  • Celosia Ganaha Priskos
    Celosia Ganaha Priskos 15 hours ago

    The thing for me is I always stress and feel super self conscious about my height. I avoid high heels at all costs because being already over 6 ft, I just would feel more like a monster than I already think I am haha!

  • ILikeWatermelons AndK-Pop


  • Abigail Akers
    Abigail Akers 16 hours ago

    To the 2.3k who disliked this, OK BOOMER!

  • Bren Painting
    Bren Painting 21 hour ago

    I've been on the runway at 5'6 Thats difficult πŸ˜£πŸ˜–πŸ˜«πŸ˜­

  • Dinaya Arts
    Dinaya Arts Day ago

    Do anyone notice that the tailor is using BATIK FROM INDONESIA ?! I’m so proud l’m from indonesia 😌😊

  • Lilly Leaf
    Lilly Leaf Day ago

    Oh i love this woman. But they were right her car walk was not runway ready. But she is awesome !!! An inspiration tbg

  • Hailee M.
    Hailee M. Day ago

    It's not a challenge accepted vid without those crocodile tears

  • Ohraider
    Ohraider Day ago

    My personal favs are Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Yohji Yamamoto, and Maison Margiela

  • Ohraider
    Ohraider Day ago

    Now you have to be obsessed with designer clothing

  • tehya johns
    tehya johns Day ago

    Devon Aioki and Sarah Snyder walked the runway and are like 5’0-5’2

  • Karina Solano
    Karina Solano Day ago

    Loved this ❀️

  • valeria Amor
    valeria Amor Day ago

    I’m 5’3 and I am a profectional model in San Diego it is a struggle being short and not having β€œrunway aportunities” but it’s a lie you can and it doesn’t matter what height you are

  • Kraken YH12
    Kraken YH12 Day ago

    Dude legit the last recorded and most short runway model with 5'3" You had just went one inch shorter from her!

  • Mysvie
    Mysvie Day ago

    I’m 5’2” :(

  • Cali Bear
    Cali Bear Day ago

    This might be an unpopular comment but the runways choose models that are about the same height so they can make the clothes fit any of the models (like they say in the beginning). It’s not because of discrimination. Also having models be the same height looks better when they walk in a single file line at the end of the show.

  • iz_ wenny
    iz_ wenny Day ago

    You're amazing

  • Eliyah h
    Eliyah h Day ago

    I am a young designer who has not released my lable yet and I'm so glad you have made this video it shares a very powerful message more people should recenise 😊😊

  • Resna Begum
    Resna Begum Day ago

    I’m 4ft 8 if I lose like 2 stones and grow another 10 inches I could be a model lol πŸ˜‚

  • Sara Senft
    Sara Senft Day ago

    Your videos are so inspiring! I seriously never realized how under represented that People of Color or Women of Color feel, and even how under represented that I felt until you rocked that runway. I admire your confidence and your failures, and oddly, seeing you get frustrated over your failures and even choking through tears just proves how human everyone who's ever lived your challenges are, and how necessary it is to fail and with those failures, to succeed. Thank you so much for what you do, showing the beauty and the hardships of these challenges and highlighting the obstacles of minorities in the runway, beauty competitions and in society. Keep doing your best and know that we're with you!

  • Jenna VΓ©lez
    Jenna VΓ©lez Day ago

    Train like an NFL cheerleader! 😍

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlock Day ago

    Her name is Anniken like the Star Wars character. Wow just wow.

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder Day ago +1

    When Michelle was practicing her walk I was like DON’T FALL DOWN THE STAIRS!

  • emilia ignacy
    emilia ignacy Day ago

    so i am 14 years old and i am 5'6

  • Miss Thing
    Miss Thing Day ago +1

    Walking in heels is nothing.


  • Regine Hella Midtun
    Regine Hella Midtun 2 days ago

    Yes Norway come through! Aka: I think it's so funny to hear Norwegians speak English

  • Regine Hella Midtun
    Regine Hella Midtun 2 days ago

    Only me who thinks runway models just looks bored??

  • halo1603
    halo1603 2 days ago

    She is so beautiful/sexy.

  • Anshi Ο€
    Anshi Ο€ 2 days ago

    omgggg I'm sooo proud of youuuu!!!

  • ArtTabletNoob34
    ArtTabletNoob34 2 days ago

    im taller than average but i wanna be H E L L A tall. platform shoes make me feel super confident and powerful so ya gurl bought some 5.5 inch heels :)

  • Angharad Ceridwen
    Angharad Ceridwen 2 days ago

    Kate Moss is 5’6

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    I want to Marry Michelle

  • Gooch1989
    Gooch1989 2 days ago

    You're so freaking beautiful!!!

  • Kase Watson
    Kase Watson 2 days ago +2

    when her boyfriend was training her i got hella karate kid vibes lmao

  • sophia smith
    sophia smith 2 days ago +22

    When people see Michelle in public:
    Hey aren’t you a Victoria secret model?
    Hey aren’t you a clown?
    Hey aren’t you a ice skater?

  • royuncg2
    royuncg2 2 days ago

    She's super cute too!

  • OUH Cai
    OUH Cai 2 days ago

    Were you the first 5'2" runway model ever???

  • nelly gaspar
    nelly gaspar 3 days ago

    i have been binge watching all of your videos this weekend !! i love your channel !!

  • kalpa vrikshika
    kalpa vrikshika 3 days ago

    What Michelle has that no other model has is daaatttt bootttyyyy!!!!

  • Ana Flores Mendoza
    Ana Flores Mendoza 3 days ago

    Super late to the party, but did she walked for other designers it not? It wasn't shown in the video. Did all of them changed their minds?

  • candy cone
    candy cone 3 days ago

    I’m 14 (female) and I’m like 5’7😬 well I mean my dad is 6’4 so yeah

  • Jevy Bulawin
    Jevy Bulawin 3 days ago

    I wish my height is 5"2. At 18, I was just 4'11 (I'd just turned 18 now)

  • Harleen Boparai
    Harleen Boparai 3 days ago +4

    If you're shorter than 5'0 make that blue

  • Kimberly Castro
    Kimberly Castro 3 days ago

    Meanwhile I’m 5’10-11 as a woman I am one of the most insecure person about my height because women are seen to be shorter. I wish I weren’t because the offers I’ve had for being tall get to me because I wish I wouldn’t be as insecure.

  • Khris Tobin
    Khris Tobin 3 days ago

    You made my wife cry when you got to walk a runway. lol Were glad you go to do the challenge.

  • Yaas Nabavi
    Yaas Nabavi 4 days ago

    why are you so amazing

  • Dncjc nncc
    Dncjc nncc 4 days ago

    Ahhh she’s not slim enough

  • Gabriella Kat17
    Gabriella Kat17 4 days ago +1

    Okay I get this women makes high quality clothes but 500$ FOR A SHIRT someone please explain
    No hate just what the heck
    They were really nice clothes πŸ™

  • minnie K
    minnie K 4 days ago

    11:35 michelle is literally me on the phoneπŸ˜‚