Thomas the Tank Engine Land!

  • Published on Mar 17, 2008
  • Join Thomas and friends for an exclusive tour of Thomas Land

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  • PrincessStingy
    PrincessStingy 14 years ago +11

    i went to somewhere like this once when i was like, 3 or 4. seeing the trains right up close was so amazing! they even had a fat controller. i don't remember it too well, but i think we got to have a ride in them :)

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 14 years ago +8

    I want Sir Top in Hat to be a history teacher for secondary schools

  • Tater89
    Tater89 14 years ago +19

    My first day of school when I was Five I said my name was The Fat Controller XD
    I still have all my Thomas toys!

  • Laurence Hawksworth
    Laurence Hawksworth 14 years ago +2

    I'd like to go too.

  • James Stanford
    James Stanford 14 years ago +5

    This is a section of a park. Its Drayton Manor Park somewhere up north.:D

  • michaeltulip17
    michaeltulip17 14 years ago +2

    lol awesome, where is this place at?

  • jackster137
    jackster137 14 years ago +3

    This is part of a theme park in drayton manor in the UK , i googled it

  • Dajo42
    Dajo42 14 years ago +2

    HEAVEN ON EARTH!... If you ask me.

  • Laurence Hawksworth
    Laurence Hawksworth 14 years ago

    I'd like to go too.

  • gav152
    gav152 14 years ago +2

    I bet Sir top-in-hat cries himself to sleep at night.

  • georgemiser
    georgemiser 14 years ago +3


  • Ollie044
    Ollie044 14 years ago +3

    its Sir Topham Hatt, thats his proper name from the books, :)

  • aretherenamesleft9
    aretherenamesleft9 14 years ago +2


  • georgemiser
    georgemiser 14 years ago


  • donaldthescottishtwin (DTST)

    whens it coming?

  • Ratleg 19
    Ratleg 19 14 years ago +3

    ha ha i work der on thomas lol, its well funny lol

  • microbusss
    microbusss 14 years ago +4

    heh looks like narrow gauge track where is this place? im sure it in UK

  • mario pagan
    mario pagan 14 years ago +3

    where is this place at?????????

  • Betaboy78
    Betaboy78 14 years ago +7

    where is Thomas land???

  • JenniPink
    JenniPink 14 years ago +3

    where is thomas land?

  • Mortalfarmer
    Mortalfarmer 14 years ago


  • tankerdriver1971
    tankerdriver1971 14 years ago

    where is this place anyone know?

  • bobthedalek
    bobthedalek 14 years ago +2

    its at drayton manor

  • georgemiser
    georgemiser 14 years ago +3


  • voxnishi
    voxnishi 14 years ago

    neither could I

  • jontiways
    jontiways 14 years ago +5

    thomas was ruined when some amricans brought it and added a load of stupid new trains... like emily.... and other... it was so much better in the ninties

  • Angry Welshman Productions

    this is exactly the reason why real railways suffer from lack of intrest from the paying public, the massive HIT Entertainment company offers so much "Plasticy" replacements for children, they dont have a clue what a real steam engine is!!!!

  • donaldthescottishtwin (DTST)

    it is coming to england

  • Edward Sindicic
    Edward Sindicic 14 years ago

    lol gay