The End of Johnson? The Police Launch an Investigation into COVID Rule-breaking - TLDR News

  • Published on Jan 10, 2022
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    Yesterday a leaked email was released by ITV News, confirming there was a party at Number 10 that (seems to have) broken lockdown rules. To make matters worse, it's being reported that Johnson himself was at the event. Therefore the MET Police launched an investigation to find out more. So in this video we'll explain the new revelation, the investigation and if this is the end for Johnson.

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  • Matthew Greet
    Matthew Greet 21 hour ago +741

    A meeting with no documents, laptops or notepads but does have bottles of wine and the wife. Obviously, an intense and detail packed meeting. No wonder it overran.

  • Brian Armstrong
    Brian Armstrong 21 hour ago +436

    This should be investigated by another force as directed by the Police Complaints Authority, since MET officers were on duty in Downing Street and must have been aware of what was happening. How can we possibly trust the MET to essentially investigate it's own complicity?

  • fortweese2
    fortweese2 21 hour ago +797

    I’m constantly amazed that no one in authority at No. 10 had the foresight to see how bad this would look if it ever became public and stop scenes like this from taking place during the peek of lockdown. Even so, if Johnson had just owned up and apologized at the first revelation of this, I think it would been a non-issue fairly quickly. The lack of vision and strategy here is classic- and baffling.

  • yetanotherbassdude
    yetanotherbassdude 21 hour ago +136

    One of my parents friends is a lovely sweet old lady who lives in their village. She lost her husband of over 50 years during the first lockdown in 2020, not due to Covid but just because he'd had long-term health issues and it was just his time. When the time came, this lady and her son had to sit and wait at home for a

  • Tim Beaton
    Tim Beaton 21 hour ago +483

    Love the "We won't investigate because there isn't any evidence" line. Isn't that EXACTLY what investigations are for? To discover evidence? So basically SOMEONE, in the Met Police decided that investigating Bojo's "meetings" was a politically dangerous move. Who, in the Met could that have been?

  • The Track Record
    The Track Record 21 hour ago +612

    You have to be pretty unpopular to “not be invited” to a party happening in your own house.

  • Darryn Murphy
    Darryn Murphy 21 hour ago +197

    I can totally relate to Boris. I too was incredibly busy working during the lockdowns in 2020, and on several different occasions several hundred of my friends had impromptu parties in my house without my knowledge.

  • Drew Peacock
    Drew Peacock 21 hour ago +162

    At the time I needed to sell my late mother’s house, but it was not possible to put a house up for sale due to lockdown rules, viewings and surveys were illegal. So I had to delay the sale for 6 months, which cost me £300 a month in Council tax for an empty house.

  • ThunderChild247
    ThunderChild247 21 hour ago +244

    The real question is “how many times will the Tory party let Johnson away with breaking the law?” seeing as he’s already broken it

  • Neil Blaiberg
    Neil Blaiberg 21 hour ago +388

    The Met: there's not enough evidence for us to investigate...

  • Ian Melzer
    Ian Melzer 21 hour ago +347

    "The thing is, Dominic Cummings could have his own ulterior motive." - Understatement of The Year 2022

  • Del11k
    Del11k 21 hour ago +84

    "Let me put this politely: it is not

  • Conservator
    Conservator 21 hour ago +57


  • Alan hat
    Alan hat 21 hour ago +205

    The Speaker always has the ability to lock Johnson in the cell below Big Ben, now is the time to do it.

  • ThePereubu1710
    ThePereubu1710 21 hour ago +177

    Has Murdoch said Johnson should go? Until that happens, it doesn't matter what the police do.

  • Leslie Dellow
    Leslie Dellow 21 hour ago +85

    So he needs somebody else to conduct an investigation, to tell him whether he attended an illegal party or not. That is the most ridiculous thing he has come out with so far, and that really really is saying something.

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 21 hour ago +60

    The Met: we refuse to look for evidence of this crime by our mates in No 10 due to a lack of evidence…

  • dwavenminer
    dwavenminer 21 hour ago +105

    Other outcome of the investigation:

  • Francisco Bermejo
    Francisco Bermejo 21 hour ago +24

    Would I be correct in thinking that, if the government chose to pay, it would do so through tax revenue (not the pockets of the people involved) and therefore, British people would be paying the fine? Oh, the irony...

  • PEdulis
    PEdulis 21 hour ago +80

    BoJoke never followed any rules, whether he made them himself or someone else. Just wondering why the police refused to investigate in the first place.