Won The WORLDS SMALLEST Record Player From Keymaster! || Arcade Games

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • Today we go to a couple locations and ended up getting a mini record player from Keymaster!!


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Comments • 79

  • Sierra Lutar
    Sierra Lutar 6 months ago

    I love the fact y’all give the stuffed animals to kids in the arcades. Definitely think y’all should do an event and try and all your claw machine winnings you donate to children’s hospitals, shelters, and the less fortunate. Keep up the awesome work. Love these videos

  • Valerie Stephanie
    Valerie Stephanie 6 months ago

    U should put everything u have ever won together and show in a video

  • Anthony Chavez
    Anthony Chavez 6 months ago

    Why do u say not ready yet when it's clearly ur terrible timing

  • Katelyn unnatural Vlogger

    Who are the winners from counting the prizes!

  • GTA 5 man
    GTA 5 man 6 months ago +1

    Nice vid bro keep it up

  • TheRealBrian B
    TheRealBrian B 6 months ago

    I like turtles

  • MaShane
    MaShane 6 months ago

    I wanted to see if the record player worked 😭

    • MaShane
      MaShane 6 months ago

      Claw Craziness ahh, ok, thanks!

    • Claw Craziness
      Claw Craziness  6 months ago +1

      That record player didn't do anything so I didn't even bother making it part of the video:) lol!!

  • Joseph hill
    Joseph hill 6 months ago

    Cool video

  • Arcade Kaos
    Arcade Kaos 6 months ago +2

    Awesomeness craziness 💥

  • Angel pinson
    Angel pinson 6 months ago

    It is a doberman pincher ur correct!!!!!!!!! 💞

  • Vethanaus
    Vethanaus 6 months ago

    Have you heard of something called the coin game on steam? It's a game about an arcade, looks really good. thought you would have liked to check it out :)

    • Vethanaus
      Vethanaus 6 months ago

      @Claw Craziness Awesome! Might be a cool idea for a video, it's different :D

    • Claw Craziness
      Claw Craziness  6 months ago

      I'll check that out:

  • SEMOjackpotpro19
    SEMOjackpotpro19 6 months ago

    cats eat nachos but sweet claw crasiness

  • colby connor
    colby connor 6 months ago

    Awesome video!!!!

  • Brooke Grafton
    Brooke Grafton 6 months ago

    Do they have autism?

  • Elizabeth Morris
    Elizabeth Morris 6 months ago

    That's suck a cool win with the mini record player!

  • Duxi
    Duxi 6 months ago

    Carson is fat

  • John Pagliarulo
    John Pagliarulo 6 months ago

    Hey guys, how do you know when something is going to pay out on keymaster?

  • Mel H
    Mel H 6 months ago

    Omg I loved the skunky plushy 😭💔

  • Savannah Ortiz
    Savannah Ortiz 6 months ago

    What are you gonna do with that Scooby Doo bowling pin?

  • Kimmie Lette
    Kimmie Lette 6 months ago

    You're thinking of a Doberman Pintcher ;)

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 6 months ago

    :D Thanks so much for letting me beta testing I did put a question on the gmail but I will put it here too what do you mean username? do you mean telling you what username I wanna be? It just says sign up with gmail

  • Edbug 007
    Edbug 007 6 months ago

    Keep your old intro!!!

  • south side Strider
    south side Strider 6 months ago

    Hey claw craziness good to see you

  • Big Lou
    Big Lou 6 months ago

    Any meet and greet planned with carson

  • Big Lou
    Big Lou 6 months ago

    Hey Trevor and Mr Donner how's your day going guys

  • Tristan Claws
    Tristan Claws 6 months ago +2

    You make awesome content keep it up. Key master is my favorite!

  • startermatt17
    startermatt17 6 months ago

    I really wanted to see you open the record player and use it!!!

  • Marshall Short
    Marshall Short 6 months ago

    Nice wins!!

  • Olivia Shinners
    Olivia Shinners 6 months ago

    Love this video!!!!!!

  • Kian Harvey
    Kian Harvey 6 months ago

    Oh my this video is full of deals

  • G.R, Dray
    G.R, Dray 6 months ago

    Awesome video guys. Trevor I like how you and your dad do this together it's cool man. I'm older than your dad is and really enjoy this. Thanks for showing.

  • Chris Miralles
    Chris Miralles 6 months ago

    Biggest win comes in small packages lol video awesome

  • Stroh Time
    Stroh Time 6 months ago

    Awesome vid

  • Aloha Adventures
    Aloha Adventures 6 months ago

    Great video bro

  • Carson Claws
    Carson Claws 6 months ago +2


  • Johnny Grzunov
    Johnny Grzunov 6 months ago

    I Really Enjoy Your Videos. ..

  • Patricio Botello Faz
    Patricio Botello Faz 6 months ago

    Do yall ever make videos in Lansing?

  • Jason JJ Cruz
    Jason JJ Cruz 6 months ago

    it looks so cool very cool oh yea

  • Mary Hernandez Claw/Arcade

    Great video Trevor I like it great wins

  • Linda Wolff/Kashmir27
    Linda Wolff/Kashmir27 6 months ago

    Dog was a “pincher”, lol

  • brian kelley
    brian kelley 6 months ago +2

    Awesome video

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 6 months ago


  • Markk Green
    Markk Green 6 months ago

    Awesome video as always Trevor! Mr. Donner, my favorite Looney toon was Foghorn Leghorn. Keep up the good work. If your ever around the BC area, you should hit up our little arcarde @ Bowlero.

  • Victoria F
    Victoria F 6 months ago

    They have a worlds smallest turntable! Oh my goodness! So awesome!

  • RetroCade
    RetroCade 6 months ago

    Awesome wins!! Great video!!

  • Rolan Frye
    Rolan Frye 6 months ago

    Love the video. Awesome prize.

  • Zakk The Boss
    Zakk The Boss 6 months ago

    That’s just amazing!

  • Randomly Fun
    Randomly Fun 6 months ago


  • ArcadeMania
    ArcadeMania 6 months ago

    That lil turntable is so cute!

  • DJ Bwellz
    DJ Bwellz 6 months ago +3

    Oooo I need that!!!

  • Santoro Aquatics
    Santoro Aquatics 6 months ago

    Trevor your amazing

  • Brighten Westergard
    Brighten Westergard 6 months ago


  • The Stroh Life
    The Stroh Life 6 months ago

    Hi!!! Great video!!🤗🤗💖

  • Jake Youtuber
    Jake Youtuber 6 months ago +2

    I love the video

  • itzyo_girlchelsea 2
    itzyo_girlchelsea 2 6 months ago

    Shout out first love fids 😘😘😘

  • Guillermo Séptimo
    Guillermo Séptimo 6 months ago +1

    Give me a heart Trevor! And i really hope you can come to my country!

  • Orange You Glad You Dont Know Me

    Please try to go for one of the bobble heads in the corner of the bowling alley claw machine!! I really think that there is a possibility that you can win one, and you will be the first one to do so on camera lol

  • 90's Soul 80's Mind
    90's Soul 80's Mind 6 months ago +2

    I won my 3rd amazon echo from key master yesterday!!! Plus I won a record player from MEGA STACKER! All in one visit!!!

  • Gamer Caleb
    Gamer Caleb 6 months ago +2

    this wont get hearted please heart this. and pin