TERMINATOR 6 DARK FATE Trailer #2 Official (NEW 2019) Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • new movie trailer 2 for Terminator 6 Dark Fate starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
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  • Adrian Spencer
    Adrian Spencer 14 minutes ago

    Linda Hamilton
    Worst actress ever

  • C M
    C M Hour ago

    Garbage. Pass.

  • Marzmon 15
    Marzmon 15 2 hours ago

    Whos here after he was reveled for the kombat pack

  • 2-4-5 TRIOXIN
    2-4-5 TRIOXIN 2 hours ago

    All the Terminator movies are mainstream audience trash. The first one was a dark gritty sci-fi/horror movie for fans of science fiction. Fucking awesome sci-fi movie.
    The rest are action blockbusters for the mainstream audience. "I know now why you cry." So cringeworthy and gay. And that squealing kid with the fringe, Furlong and his daddy Robot body guard. Total fucking cringe fest. And that ending with the cheesy thumbs-up hand signal as he disappears into the molten metal. Pure cheese.

  • yankees29
    yankees29 3 hours ago

    “Come with me....if you want to live.”

  • Ben Macapagal
    Ben Macapagal 4 hours ago

    Oh God. This movie’s story doesn’t connect to Genisys. 🙄

  • Steven West
    Steven West 8 hours ago

    Remember guys, Skynet has been renamed...... *sigh* Legion....

  • © Tricell Films
    © Tricell Films 10 hours ago

    Its one to go to the theatres for :)

  • Carlos Davis
    Carlos Davis 10 hours ago

    Terminator 3 was the last decent movie in the franchise.

  • Roborav
    Roborav 12 hours ago

    Terminator 6: Dark Fanny

  • Numbskull2602
    Numbskull2602 12 hours ago

    I wonder how much Terminator 2: Judgement Day would cost if they made it today?

  • Bartosz Sz.
    Bartosz Sz. 12 hours ago

    The guy who plays the bad terminator should be like T1000. This one looks like pussy.

  • DrMcLovin6669
    DrMcLovin6669 17 hours ago

    Looks good

  • Bfue
    Bfue 20 hours ago

    They put terminator from gears 5 into a real thing lol

  • MrSausagess
    MrSausagess 21 hour ago

    Arnie is not happy with the springs on his mattress in the old farts home & he's gonna write a formal letter of complaint to the owner.

  • naughtymachinegun

    You know what ! This might be fucking cool Im not hating yet.And keep the old soundtrack like at 1:03 and not the Shitty other song.

  • Rayman
    Rayman Day ago

    I can't wait to see this. I want to know how they kill the new terminator who seems relentless and the film looks like it's got more action packed in it than sardines in a can

  • DavidOmar333
    DavidOmar333 Day ago

    T2 no more

  • Cynical Shows
    Cynical Shows Day ago

    I don`t care what everyone thinks.
    This movie is going to suck anyway.

  • John Mark Valencia

    Anyone has a link to download terminator dark fate?

  • My dick is tiny but,

    How is the T-800 alive when he literally melted himself but there’s no sign of John Connor

  • My dick is tiny but,

    They’re going to screw this up like they did with “The Predator”. Ruining all of Arnies movies

  • unknowntuber unknowntuber

    this looks amazing but why would they not bring michael biehn back in this film? is lance henriksen and earl boen in this film?

  • jnr1989
    jnr1989 Day ago

    This is like anyday in gta online

  • Ishmael Carr
    Ishmael Carr Day ago

    I completely hate that crap were people go like OMG I miss the old Terminator..the original.. remember when it used to be this or that I'm like puh-leaseee🙄.

    • Carlos Davis
      Carlos Davis 10 hours ago

      Not everybody likes watered down new garbage ass movies like you.

  • Brabus 76
    Brabus 76 Day ago

    Can u put Arnie/terminator in front of the tv watching Kung fu movies...???? Please have a fighting style!!!!

  • MrWeareone777
    MrWeareone777 Day ago +1

    Terminator 1 and 2 best Sci-Fi movies ever along with Alien and Aliens.

    • Baldhead
      Baldhead Day ago +1

      Predator and total recall can be on that list as well

  • The Second Best Hufflepuff

    arnold is in here? i dont see him or i do but he doesnt look the same o HE DOES LOOK DIFFERENT REALLY DIFFERENT what has he done

    edit: why are there so many

  • maxjohnson05
    maxjohnson05 Day ago

    I'm honestly really interested in what Dark Fate has in store since I personally liked all of the Terminator movies

  • Aiden DeAngelo
    Aiden DeAngelo Day ago +10

    This just makes me mad that I have to wait to October to play Arnie in MK11

  • dirtsdirtsdirts
    dirtsdirtsdirts Day ago

    Of course every character has to have tattoos now.

  • Rebel Skully
    Rebel Skully Day ago

    Finally a terminator movie I wanna watch since the 3. one came

  • Rd owg
    Rd owg Day ago +2

    10x bigger? You mean 10x more CGI huh?

  • Kenneth Bowers
    Kenneth Bowers Day ago +3

    It will likely bomb, movies aren't what they used to be.

  • Nolan Beatz
    Nolan Beatz 2 days ago

    So what happened to John Connor??

  • Merk4b4t Sin
    Merk4b4t Sin 2 days ago

    Fucking feminist movie.

  • José Neto
    José Neto 2 days ago

    Why a robot is getting old?

  • Nail Karimov
    Nail Karimov 2 days ago +1

    Короче херня...расходимся...терминатор уже не тоРт...

  • Turok Rambo
    Turok Rambo 2 days ago +2

    Wheres John Connor? If this takes place after T2. Then where is he??? He had to of grown up by 2019 now

    • Steven Steven
      Steven Steven 10 hours ago

      He is dead, the mexican bitch is the new John Connor now.

  • Stoney McMechan
    Stoney McMechan 2 days ago

    I think I'm gonna travel back in time and kill all the Terminator3-4-5-6 creators' mothers.

    2NIGHT OFFICIAL 2 days ago +1


  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter 2 days ago

    So the lgbt3000 is sent back to save her cisgender hispanic woman of color girlfriend from sinister male robots with the help of a has been Sarah Connor & an obsolete Arnie-bot. Good stuff James Cameron.

  • SgtBaker16
    SgtBaker16 2 days ago

    I eat terminators for breakfast, with plenty of fiber.

  • Anthony Miller
    Anthony Miller 2 days ago

    Am i the only person that thinks Arnold should of been clean shaven in this movie, i mean at least it would have helped it to look more like the terminator 2

  • Sterling Rock
    Sterling Rock 2 days ago

    I hope the movie is not accompanied by that stupid music in this trailer. They better bring back the original terminator sound. Without it, this is not the real deal.

  • Wamboko David
    Wamboko David 2 days ago

    saying shits and fs all over the place isnt guarantee its going to be a super r rated thing....okay

  • big ounce
    big ounce 2 days ago

    James fucked this one up real good. I want arnold and the og cast, not these pathetic women all over the place

  • Zobesz
    Zobesz 2 days ago

    0:19 is terrible, when the rocket launcher does not push her back at all

  • XeYrON
    XeYrON 3 days ago

    You know this, We know this, They know this
    this movie will never be terminator 2

    • XeYrON
      XeYrON 3 days ago

      And one question.
      Why movie from 1991 looks 10x better than movie from 2019 ???


  • Henny Verheij
    Henny Verheij 3 days ago +4

    And i still find Linda Hamilton a beautyfull woman...

    • DADDY
      DADDY 16 hours ago

      @Meanazhell dude she still looks hot

    • Meanazhell
      Meanazhell Day ago

      You need glasses, the ONLY time she was hot was in the 80's!

    • Danny A
      Danny A Day ago


  • Quang Tân Trần
    Quang Tân Trần 3 days ago

    Shara is still cool

  • Muthu Kumar
    Muthu Kumar 3 days ago

    i am waiting...

  • Nutto gaming XD
    Nutto gaming XD 3 days ago +2

    I never understand terminator timeline!

    • Depressed breakfast
      Depressed breakfast Day ago

      Nutto gaming XD well now the only things that are canon are the first 2 and this so it’s not as confusing

  • A K
    A K 3 days ago +5

    Does Hollywood have any employees who have an original thought in their heads anymore? Remake after remake on everything.

    • Sup
      Sup 8 hours ago +1

      @A K i agree.

    • A K
      A K Day ago

      @Depressed breakfast
      I saw the original in theaters in 1984. They should let the franchise RIP. Just like they have done with Star Wars. Butchered a good memory. As far as I'm concerned it ended after T2.

    • Depressed breakfast
      Depressed breakfast Day ago

      A K this isn’t a reboot this is more like how the new hallowe’en.
      They are making T-3 to Genesis uncanon and saying this is the true T-3.
      Let’s hope to skynet that it’s good.

  • Jason Lucero
    Jason Lucero 3 days ago

    Why did this happen to the terminator franchise

  • Perihelion74
    Perihelion74 3 days ago +2

    It's over, you've ruined it, no amount of crap you spin on this won't change this.
    Move on.

    • Perihelion74
      Perihelion74 Day ago

      @Depressed breakfast
      I'll take your word for it and hope it repairs the damage 😎 thanks for the info 👍

    • Depressed breakfast
      Depressed breakfast Day ago +1

      This is a soft reboot, taking all of the series (apart from the first two) and making them uncanon therefor all of the garbage is gone that way they can try again.

  • marciokop
    marciokop 3 days ago +1

    Wheres john conner?

  • Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports

    I need yur cloths, yur boootz and yur house keepa.

  • MrKOLOBOK007
    MrKOLOBOK007 3 days ago


  • ItsMauro
    ItsMauro 3 days ago

    The only explanation I came up with on why there is an OLD TERMINATOR in this movie, is that they actually sent more than one during T2, just in case the first one failed its mission, or in case future Terminators were sent to kill John. Probably more of the latter.

  • 연우
    연우 4 days ago +1

    너무 기대됩니다 터미네이터2 극장에서 보면서 용암씬에서 울었던 소년입니다 ㅎㅎ

  • mike lee
    mike lee 4 days ago

    sry but the cgi looks terrible again. Every Terminator movie with a lot of bad cgi is bullshit. we dont need 10 times bigger action... we need characters and a world that create atmosphere. Im very sad that cameron doesnt know that anymore.

  • third eye order
    third eye order 4 days ago

    It has to establish its own identity or its toast out the Gate

  • third eye order
    third eye order 4 days ago

    James Cameron is good at blowing smoke

  • Mariocar07
    Mariocar07 4 days ago

    T-800 is back baby!

  • mococaboy17
    mococaboy17 4 days ago

    where the fuck is James Cameron?

  • bjorn joseph
    bjorn joseph 4 days ago

    reason I enjoyed salvation and still think it's the best one... after t2... that's a damn classic... they didn't do the damn time travel bit... again... and the tech seemed right for the early days of the war... no lasers

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 4 days ago

    Make it stop

  • Scotti-D
    Scotti-D 4 days ago

    Let's not criticise until we've all watched it. It will be like nothing we expect. That's a good thing. John Corner is toast, that's a fact!
    Skynet got him by the balls, so something went wrong, they evolved. Shit happens!

  • Piotr Grzesiak
    Piotr Grzesiak 4 days ago

    Jak narazie żadna część wg mnie nie pobiła T2! 😎

  • Pau Mas Abad
    Pau Mas Abad 4 days ago

    Sarah Connor: Metal mother fucker!!!

  • George Harrison
    George Harrison 4 days ago

    Я в кино на эту ПАРАШУ не пойду.

  • Jacqueline Aviles
    Jacqueline Aviles 4 days ago

    Wait I’m so confused. Why are they trying to kill her?

  • XxXDemonhunter
    XxXDemonhunter 4 days ago +1

    I will watch this movie only for Arnold and Linda.

    • wreckagevic
      wreckagevic 2 days ago

      Edward Furlong from T2 is in it too

  • ReNald yes
    ReNald yes 5 days ago +4

    I will GIVE IT A TRY. Only because James actually helped and has the rights again