Witness Describes What He Heard Before Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

  • “Extra’s” Samantha Harris was on location in Calabasas just after Kobe Bryant’s fatal helicopter accident.
    Harris spoke to Scott Daehlin, who was outside a nearby church just before the chopper went down. He heard the chopper hovering directly above him before moving off and crashing.

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  • Ric Rovey
    Ric Rovey 14 hours ago

    Kobe Bryant was executed

  • Ric Rovey
    Ric Rovey 14 hours ago

    They said the helicopter hit at 180 MPH

  • LaGrandeBayou
    LaGrandeBayou 19 hours ago

    Okay naysayers....
    The evidence is overwhelming that Scott Daehlin The “eyewitness” is a Crisis Actor.
    Daehlin was arrested both 4 weeks before and now again 4 weeks after the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash.
    Now we find out Mr Daehlin was living in his GMC Safari in the Church parking lot!
    *A homeless drunken Criminal was the Globally televised star* “Eyewitness” for The Orchestrated Event...

  • Kenneth Zavackas

    3:21 Look Kobe Bryant

  • Richard Bass
    Richard Bass 3 days ago

    The helicopter wasn’t hovering right above him. He’s not lying because he said he never saw the helicopter. That was his assumption because of how loud it was he therefore thought it was right above him but the reason he didn’t see any disturbance in the clouds from the rudders turning was because it was much higher than he realized. If I were him I would have thought the same thing because you wouldn’t just immediately think a helicopter is coming down at 183 mph it’s because of the speed is why it was so loud and why he made that assumption. I’m going on what the investigation has released and this gentleman is so detailed in his description that even though he was incorrect on the fact it was hovering above him at 3-4 mph, he does confirm what they’re saying happened. Reason he’s incorrect about it hovering right above him and yet confirms what they’re saying is he pointed out how he never saw any disturbance in the clouds from the rudders spinning which is what he should have visually saw if the helicopter was right above him. So even though he’s incorrect he’s only incorrect because he was giving a description based on only audio only because he said he never saw the helicopter. Also the sudden thud and reason he didn’t hear the rudders spinning and breaking apart as it crashed was because it was going 183 mph when it made impact. If he assumed it was right above him he was probably wondering why he didn’t hear the rudders breaking because in his mind the helicopter would of been going at a much slower speed because to go from 3-4 mph right above him to 183 mph from where it made impact was too short of a distance to reach that kind of speed. I’m not sure how fast a helicopter could get up to in that short of a distance but whatever the speed it would have been slower and a much louder crash because there would of been more time for the parts of the helicopter to break. Therefore he would of heard the rudders coming apart on impact. So this guys recount is very impressive because all he had was audio to go off of and even the things he was incorrect on were still essentially correct because let’s say he was called to a witness stand and they tried to grill him on the fact it was hovering above him but the flight records show that’s not the case. He would have simply said in my statement that yes I did make the assumption it was right above us but I also pointed out I visually never saw the helicopter and also the fact I didn’t visually see any disturbance in the clouds which is what he should of seen if it was hovering right above them at 3-4 mph. This man is very detailed!

  • Christina Franklin
    Christina Franklin 4 days ago

    Definitely an actor. Proven fact that the more details given the more likely to be rehearsed and a lie. People don't think of so many details on the spot. Also when she thanks him at the end for calling 911 he then reiterates that the pilot must've been disoriented, how bad the fog was, there was nothing wrong with the helicopter. He's trying to leave us with that theory. He was definitely planted people. Stop being so gullible people and finally figure out what's going on in this world. Stop being puppets believing everything they show on your TV screen.

  • supremexxxTM gaming
    supremexxxTM gaming 6 days ago +1

    I saw a yellow t shirt ho is that?

  • Lil' Wayne's guitar teacher

    This interview was so much better than all the millenial talk we hear today where every other word is "like" and every sentence has the word "literally" in it. God our future is doomed when millenials take over.

  • A S
    A S 7 days ago

    Such bad actors....

  • Sneaker Bay
    Sneaker Bay 8 days ago

    He flew into the cloud ☁️ and came out to the hillside mountains 🏔

  • Unai Emery
    Unai Emery 11 days ago

    Good ebening

  • Mike Lift
    Mike Lift 14 days ago

    You should hear his call to 911. The information he gives to the dispatcher is as detailed as his remarks in this interview. I recognized his voice when I heard the call. The dispatcher was grateful that he knew the area so well. Commendable!

  • Sneaker Bay
    Sneaker Bay 15 days ago

    So pretty much when he realized and said to himself “this is too low”
    Air traffic control must’ve just notified 2 echo x Ray that they were too low too, then seconds to follow the impact

  • Makenzie Harrison
    Makenzie Harrison 16 days ago +1

    If this guy say a UFO I’ll believe him

    DLICIOUS42 18 days ago

    You can tell this gentleman has Aviation experience. His description of the accident was excellent!

  • Sally JB
    Sally JB 19 days ago

    The helicopter crashed just seconds after this man said he heard it fly overhead "moving very slowly, about 3, 4, 5 mph, like in a search hover", yet the NTSB said it was going about 185 mph when it hit the mountain? I don't get it.

  • Pops Fereal
    Pops Fereal 20 days ago

    I told you everyone would forget in a month.

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 20 days ago

    Not one of you people are saying this pilot made a mistake not one

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 20 days ago

    you people are all idiots this pilot should have turned around endangered everyone's lives Kobe should have said what are you doing turn around this is too dangerous you people are all idiots this pilot was reprimanded and he gave a warning in 2003for flying in bad conditions

  • Max McD
    Max McD 24 days ago

    His report of it being in a low mph hover is inconsistent with flight data. This pilot flew as if he forgot he was piloting a damn helicopter -- he could have and should have landed it at Van Nuys, it is a frigging helicopter and could have set down practically anywhere. Instead he was flying way too fast and over mountainous terrain. I wouldn't be surprised if his lab tests reveal intoxication/ drug use.

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 25 days ago

    Did you see smoke?..'.answer I pulled out my cell phone...more lies!"

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 25 days ago

    Scammed the media...was not flying slowly east...nor did it hit upside down and grind into one spot...hovering at 3 mph...supposedly hit at 200 mph and splashed over 880 yards...nothing flew off...quick silence after a thump...lol...what a f in liar!

  • Logical Annie
    Logical Annie 25 days ago

    @4.14 Who is the big guy with the 24 Kobe gown on? Who would be walking around like that just after a helicopter crash and why?

  • realtalkboys777 harris

    I smell a mason

  • Zimphire
    Zimphire 26 days ago

    Best interview I have seen yet.

  • Jake CLAYTON
    Jake CLAYTON 27 days ago

    Now it sounds more like the crash happened as the pilot gained speed, slamming into the mountain.

  • Reeto Sevensix
    Reeto Sevensix 27 days ago

    Doesn't make sense to me...Recorded data says Helicopter descended like 2,000 feet per minute and slammed into the mountain at about 180 mph and eyewitnesses describe it much diffferent like a slow hover...Makes you think what's going on here.

    KING MOSTVICIOUS 28 days ago

    @45 seconds the chopper was moving only 5 mph almost in a hover but they keep saying the bird was moving along at 100 mph continuously and crashed going 150 mph stories don’t mesh

  • Michelle Cabrera
    Michelle Cabrera 29 days ago

    Pray for Kobe Bryant and Gigi and for those who also died during the accident

  • Marco1985 ORVISINI
    Marco1985 ORVISINI 29 days ago


    CARTUNE TV 29 days ago +1


    CARTUNE TV 29 days ago

    Nice way to cover up that it wasn’t a time bomb 💣

  • dfcvda
    dfcvda Month ago

    and yet you have Trump as 54th you could have this man, he`d do it, quite a bit better

  • Fart Videos
    Fart Videos Month ago +1

    Awful , however Kobe is at blame as well as the other adults that boarded the helicopter, you can't tell me they were unaware of the conditions of fog

    • 313 Joker
      313 Joker 29 days ago

      Fog isn't everywhere. But if it was foggy upon boarding the helicopter I understand your point of view.

  • Nat Kibuuka
    Nat Kibuuka Month ago +1

    Resident of 17 years says, "never seen the clouds or the fog so dense or so low".

  • Only Human
    Only Human Month ago

    Twa hat?

  • reggie carter
    reggie carter Month ago +1

    Hes the second witness that was sure the copter was 1. Low, 2. “ hovering” thats a combination of caution by the driver, so why r there so many reports of a “ high impact” crash depending 5,000 ft per minute at 180mph🤔? I need answers il start with believing this guy

  • Danny Gautama
    Danny Gautama Month ago +1

    I love this guy. RIP Kobe❤️

  • ᴍɪᴋᴇ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

    2:35 Kobe is with the fans look carefully

  • John Starks
    John Starks Month ago

    Weres the black guy with his pants sagging eyewitness ???

  • Balling with Christian and Kai

    the sarcasm when he said apparently we have these micro climates. he said a guy said there were no clouds where he was.

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood Month ago


  • Marcus T
    Marcus T Month ago

    CEO of explaining things

  • S.D Jenkins
    S.D Jenkins Month ago +2

    THis man wearing a ,baseball cap reminds me of some of the men they interviewed during 911 guys wearing baseball caps giving very articulate and detailed descriptions of what they witnessed .Just sayin

    • John carlo Llavor
      John carlo Llavor 13 days ago

      I mean that hat says it all. He was/is working in TWA (Trans World Airlines) so that makes sense that he said he was a sound engineer.

    • Grace Tablada
      Grace Tablada Month ago

      Look videos about crisis actors

  • qewzn
    qewzn Month ago

    But no more legends die

  • qewzn
    qewzn Month ago

    I guess legends do die

  • The Wiggler
    The Wiggler Month ago +2

    Everyone should speak like him..it should be mandatory before graduating high school. Instead, we let pop culture dictate our lexicon.

    • Grace Tablada
      Grace Tablada Month ago

      Look up gang stalking and mk ultra mind control then look up my TheXvid channel

  • The Wiggler
    The Wiggler Month ago

    Great witness. He’s probably way off about the speed and altitude, but the clouds and the canyons probably made the sound static.

    • Grace Tablada
      Grace Tablada Month ago

      I dont think he was off about the altitude or speed of the helicopter at all because he is not the only one to say that

  • Dogma
    Dogma Month ago

    I want that guys TheXvid tag

  • EastSo Widit
    EastSo Widit Month ago

    dudes a genius he a sound engineer. R.I.P KOBE GINANNA

  • Sofi Singley
    Sofi Singley Month ago +5

    This is the second eyewitness to state the helicopter was going very slowly, under 10 mph. Reports tell us something very differently. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m so confused. If they did hit at this speed, I can’t imagine everyone dying immediately. Any thoughts on this?

  • Qteam Digital Soldier

    I don't know about this one. ????

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis Month ago +3

    An obvious plant witness. Just like every event.

  • Paul Mottram
    Paul Mottram Month ago

    Thought the crash was a high speed rapid decent from 2300 ft .hes talking about it hovering over him then moving slowly off crashing 25 sec later

    UPTIMUS PRIME Month ago +2

    Mm think they paid him off on the explosion in the air i dont want to believe he saw it then he says at one part he cant see.

  • karen karen
    karen karen Month ago

    I want this man will go to Burma or Myanmar, and he will report everything he sees S.P.D.C, killing ,and do bad things to the ICJ and ICC.

  • EmbodiedBeauti Holistic Spa

    Dang he sounds so intelligent!!

    • Kamase
      Kamase Month ago

      ...sounds like he is a pilot. He uses a lot of aviation lingo and said what a lot of pilots are now saying which is Kobe's pilot was disoriented.

  • puma.will. pounce
    puma.will. pounce Month ago +3

    Not sure why everyone keeps saying how this guy is 'such a great witness.' He made the following mistakes:
    0:35 - He says the helicopter was "moving very slowly, maybe 3, 4, 5 miles per hour... in a searching hover..."
    This is completely incorrect.... the ADS-B data shows the helicopter's speed was between 120 to 180 mph when it flew over Las Virgenes Rd (N1). This guy claims he's a sound engineer yet he seems to be oblivious that the helicopter's rotor blades and engine noise will be reflecting off canyon walls and bouncing back and interfering with the Doppler effect, giving the illusion of slow speed.
    0:50 - He says "it had to be maybe 100, 150 feet in the cloud deck."
    WRONG... the helicopter was at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,300 feet MSL when it flew over Las Virgenes Rd... which is a good 1,000 feet into the cloud deck and 1,500 feet over where he was standing.

  • Trying to make sense


  • Nes Perez
    Nes Perez Month ago +1

    Fake , actor

  • likeray
    likeray Month ago +2

    He’s so full of shit, from the beginning I was thinking planted actor 100%, major opportunist

  • 2020 Vision
    2020 Vision Month ago +2


  • Sono2
    Sono2 Month ago

    He speaks like an engineer.

  • Tons More Cowbell
    Tons More Cowbell Month ago

    Cry sis ac tour

  • AllM5 Xx
    AllM5 Xx Month ago +1

    That's too many details for a regular witness this guy is for sure an actor his answers sound premade imo

  • comptonproduction
    comptonproduction Month ago +2

    that guy was on point. he didn't miss a beat.

  • MA
    MA Month ago +2

    His a paid actor ... Kobe was killed and sacrificed

    • Grace Tablada
      Grace Tablada Month ago

      Go to my TheXvid channel and you will see how the devil is attacking me through the police and security guards everywhere even through complete strangers

  • Pisces R'us
    Pisces R'us Month ago +1

    This guy must be a pilot too

  • A Dizzal
    A Dizzal Month ago

    New footage of helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant

    • Grace Tablada
      Grace Tablada Month ago

      FUCK YOU

  • BJ P
    BJ P Month ago +1

    Helicopter was 20 years old purchased at a government surplus Illinois auction. This helicopter looks 20 years old all rusted parts. No digital controls. Why did pilot fly up to Camarillo the day before? www.flickr.com/photos/ntsb/albums/72157712875522717/with/49455316478/

  • R. Albanese
    R. Albanese Month ago +2

    THANK you for sharing this. I'm beginning more and more to understand I think. I do believe with all my heart that this amazing pilot got disoriented by the cloud coverage and very unfortunately tragically there was a mountain in front of him not being able at all to see anything.
    The only thing that I am seriously wondering is this ; my knowledge of Kobe Bryant is that he is extremely articulate and intelligent and fast. Did he begin to tell us what happened on his ipod; and, will it ever be recovered and revealed. I just really believe he would have told us exactly what was happening.

  • Kimberley Bourland
    Kimberley Bourland Month ago +7

    There's alot wrong with what's being said here something is not right here I can feel it

    • Har Simaja
      Har Simaja Month ago


    • hamika731
      hamika731 Month ago

      Right? Why do reports say it was going at a speed of 180 mph. And what are the chances he dies after lebron passes him?

  • LaGrandeBayou
    LaGrandeBayou Month ago

    The helicopter slammed nose-down into the hillside at nearly 220mph.
    After doing a sudden climb which occurred immediately after the tower telling him he cannot see him.
    Many things point to Pilot suicide imo.
    Nothing else..between the conversation and the pilots irregular decisions and the incredible nose-diving 220mph race into the ground... makes sense.

  • Joe Add
    Joe Add Month ago

    Hovering??? The flight track data shows the helicopter was traveling close to 180 approaching impact. Also the NTSB and the wreckage testify this was a extremely high energy impact. Perhaps the pilot slowed down considerably but the track data shows an extreme pitch angle descending 4000 ft per minute from 1200 ft above the hills, 2300 above sea level.

  • dhornjr1
    dhornjr1 Month ago +4

    He says the chopper was in a 3-4 MPH hover above him and twenty seconds later it crashed.
    According to the radar, it was going over 150 knots when it was above him. How could he have made such a mistake?

    • Jake CLAYTON
      Jake CLAYTON 27 days ago

      That's what I saw on the radar too. What could have happened is the crash occurred as the pilot gained speed, slamming into the hill. It is also noted that the copter sliced a tree before the crash, confirming the probability that the pilot likely gained speed and crashed.

  • 4 inch Cawk
    4 inch Cawk Month ago +2

    the sheeple believe anything news tell you.

  • Leonard
    Leonard Month ago

    Just like I thought the pilot was disoriented in the fog and clouds. Why else would he ascend to 2300 feet above the fog and clouds then dive down lower to hover into the fog? He was lost and didn't know he actually was. Bad decision to fly in those conditions. Rest In Peace to all of those victims.

  • Doctor MindBenDa
    Doctor MindBenDa Month ago +1

    Detailed like a muthafucka!!!!!! Too good.....

  • Erick Arriola
    Erick Arriola Month ago

    I think this gentleman's account contradicts the NTSB's Feb 7th preliminary report. Their report makes it seem like control was lost while ascending along 101 freeway. They said it took a left turn and maintained the turn, while quickly descending, all the way to impact at a high rate of speed. No mention of slowly hovering for 20 seconds. Without a visual, perhaps the gentleman heard the sound bouncing around the little valley area. Since he's a sound engineer, I suspect he would know the difference. The preliminary NTSB report leads me to believe some kind of event happened to the pilot before it turned left (heart attack, mechanical issue of some kind, although they ruled out engine failure). This gentleman's account makes it seem like the fog caused the pilot to make errors. We'll probably get drips of info as the NTSB continues their investigation, but it will take about a year to complete.

  • johnnyduck311
    johnnyduck311 Month ago +1