THEY DIDN'T WANT TO DO THIS! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Andrea

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
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    TFIL goes out to Olympic Park in Park City UT to do their extreme tubing, zip lining & of course, help coach the Olympic Ski team.
    This is video FOUR of THIRTEEN from our TFIL Utah trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Sam Golbach & Colby Brock. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
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  • TheOGradyBoy
    TheOGradyBoy 22 hours ago


  • coen js
    coen js Day ago

    Travel to Brazil

  • Johannie Stories

    When Sam colb and Corey are In haven ELTON!!!!

  • Auri
    Auri 2 days ago

    What song is playing at 10:52

  • Carolann Macmillan
    Carolann Macmillan 2 days ago

    Is it me or does Sam's face look really red 2:24

  • Jannis Sanford
    Jannis Sanford 2 days ago

    Who owns the national anthem?...
    Corey: mIcHeAl jAcKsOn

  • ellies world
    ellies world 2 days ago

    Come to portishead

  • Nova
    Nova 3 days ago


  • Andre Ponniah
    Andre Ponniah 4 days ago +1

    The music / songs:
    0:45 - Hoodie Allen - All My Friends
    4:57 - Wildflowers - Crazy For You
    10:00 - First and Forever - Chicago

  • Emily Hodgson
    Emily Hodgson 4 days ago

    This actually looks sooooo fun!!

  • gabby apodaca
    gabby apodaca 4 days ago

    every girl in comments~
    omg colby is so mf hot smh
    aunt corey, need help with that helmet?

  • Supercrazy Gamer
    Supercrazy Gamer 4 days ago

    What’s the song at 10:05

  • Leo Dahlsten
    Leo Dahlsten 6 days ago +1


  • Alayna Duckworth
    Alayna Duckworth 6 days ago

    Colby: And then we’re going bob sledding
    Also Colby: I don’t know who Bob is
    😂😂I’m dying it’s not even really funny

  • Katrina Vine
    Katrina Vine 7 days ago

    Come to the UK see what u can do love your videos!!

  • Kierra H
    Kierra H 8 days ago

    Corey: “JESuS ChRiSTtt Is mY SavioRrr”

  • Carly Cliff
    Carly Cliff 8 days ago

    Colby’s goes down the slide:waits till Elton and Corey can hear him scream

  • Jenna marie
    Jenna marie 8 days ago

    I KNOW, you should travel to Finland.!!!! to a city called Turku!

  • Darzzza
    Darzzza 9 days ago

    i fucking hate how sam fake laughs :D

  • Rhoada Johnson
    Rhoada Johnson 9 days ago

    go to Knotts Berry Farm next in California

  • Ayanna Melendez
    Ayanna Melendez 11 days ago

    If it's not Corey screaming Eltons name that it's Sam 😂

  • Kinzie Dixon
    Kinzie Dixon 12 days ago

    This place was so much fun, 12/10 would recommend it

  • Tattumn Martinez
    Tattumn Martinez 14 days ago

    ok so 5:02 fucking killed me

  • Aryannah Santillan
    Aryannah Santillan 14 days ago +1

    Okay I think andrea and colby are something. Okay so get a pair of headphones and but them all the was up and listen to colby at 9:31 it sounds like colby says " I feel cheated on "

  • Midnight Viper
    Midnight Viper 14 days ago +1

    Watching their videos makes me realize how lonely I am😂#nofriends

  • Trisha Stine
    Trisha Stine 14 days ago +1

    i love Olympic Park it so fun!!

  • Kinzie Dixon
    Kinzie Dixon 15 days ago +1

    I found out about this place through your channel, and I am going here today!

  • Beauty in the Weird
    Beauty in the Weird 15 days ago

    Everyone else watching the video: that looks like so much fun!
    Me: oh look they are finally wearing helmets

  • Piper Faber
    Piper Faber 15 days ago

    Or Wisconsin

  • Piper Faber
    Piper Faber 15 days ago


  • lol bot
    lol bot 15 days ago

    What is the song you played around 11 minutes

  • Dead Beauty
    Dead Beauty 15 days ago

    We have made it everyone. After years of watching Elton's TheXvid videos he finally puts what song he's using. We made it boys! The battle for asking "what song is at ...." is over! Whew! 😂

  • Cora Mcbride
    Cora Mcbride 16 days ago

    The girl in the back looks like sams girl.... is it?

  • 9tails White
    9tails White 16 days ago

    What song was that

  • Sophia Animations
    Sophia Animations 16 days ago +1

    I want you to go to Australia

  • Emanae Emanae
    Emanae Emanae 16 days ago +1

    The fact that Sam always screams Elton is so funny

  • EggDotToastY Eggster
    EggDotToastY Eggster 17 days ago

    I read the title and had no idea which video it was. I was like shlt it's every video on this channel.

  • Loudes c Hernandez
    Loudes c Hernandez 17 days ago


  • CyberneticPanda
    CyberneticPanda 17 days ago

    Holy fucking shit

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 18 days ago

    Yah should def go to dorny park in Allentown pa it has a waterpark too and like stay over night

  • Kiwi Time
    Kiwi Time 18 days ago

    The uk

  • Trista Beavers
    Trista Beavers 19 days ago

    Travel to Oklahoma and inola

  • plain haney
    plain haney 19 days ago

    This song ruined the vid

  • Mr pug
    Mr pug 20 days ago


  • Izumi Devan
    Izumi Devan 20 days ago

    Corey, the best.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Johana Tapia
    Johana Tapia 20 days ago


  • Adele Lynn
    Adele Lynn 20 days ago

    Happy Birthday 💋

  • Conner Lawson
    Conner Lawson 20 days ago


  • Dub Simmons
    Dub Simmons 20 days ago

    The blonde kid yells so loud for no reAson

  • Levi Meikle
    Levi Meikle 20 days ago

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no no no no no !!!!!!!!crashed

  • Jasmina Jokic
    Jasmina Jokic 21 day ago +2

    If Jesus loves you then pray to Jesus and god

  • Shelby Lee
    Shelby Lee 21 day ago

    5:00-5:20 keep looking at Colby 😍😘😂

  • Name Uwu
    Name Uwu 21 day ago +4

    I think I just found a new sibling duo.........
    Corey and Andrea

  • NBA Player Wanna Be
    NBA Player Wanna Be 21 day ago

    Babies at 3am 3:07

  • Andrea Zarate
    Andrea Zarate 21 day ago

    my name is andrea :((

  • Elise Skye
    Elise Skye 21 day ago

    At like 9:30-9:37 colby said, "i feel cheated on" in the background, I'm just commenting what i heard, it could be a joke

    • Flexible K
      Flexible K 21 day ago +1

      Elise Skye omg I’m shook😂

  • Mason Young
    Mason Young 21 day ago

    Come to denver Colorado

  • isaiah Ramirez
    isaiah Ramirez 21 day ago


  • Alejandra Gallo
    Alejandra Gallo 21 day ago

    Please come to Peru🇵🇪🇵🇪💜

  • Yoongi is missing
    Yoongi is missing 21 day ago +1

    At 0:10 just the way Sam said morning made me bust the biggest uwu and made my day