Iron-Air Batteries: Storing Energy In Rust | Answers With Joe

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022
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    Grid energy storage is one of the hottest areas of research and engineering today. It's all about cheap, sustainable, and efficient materials, which makes iron-air batteries stand out amongst the others. Not only is iron plentiful and cheap, it's completely recyclable and even better - rechargeable. Let's look at iron-air battery technology and see how likely it is to transform our energy grid.
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  • Nicholas Anderson
    Nicholas Anderson 4 months ago +1306

    For the record we like getting different takes on the same thing. And I really like your take and presentation style.

    • Sam Burns
      Sam Burns 4 months ago

      I def prefer Joe's videos. Matt has made too many claims that are wildly inaccurate, but for those that prefer him, to each their own.

    • Jason Cramer
      Jason Cramer 4 months ago

      Same, I did watch Matt's video already but I also watched just have a think's video on it and I enjoyed all three.

    • mrmonkeboy
      mrmonkeboy 4 months ago +1

      I was going to reply, but Matt Ferral beat me to it.

    • Filippo Casamassima
      Filippo Casamassima 4 months ago

      Agreed, agreed, but can we also have kittens in the next video?

    • Guillermo Davila
      Guillermo Davila 4 months ago

      Hahah I wanted to put "Like" every minute or so...

  • SubnetMask
    SubnetMask 4 months ago +192

    Literally laughed my ass off through the whole phone scene. Trust me you've no reason to worry about Matt !

    • Nen Master5
      Nen Master5 3 months ago +1

      @Brindle Bucker The Science of Dreams would be an interesting Topic for soon.
      Why do we dream and more importantly:
      When is the much-needed Tech discovered that makes you sleep dreamless? Me and others really need it.

    • Ivory AS
      Ivory AS 4 months ago +1

      @Brindle Bucker
      Dang, did you do that calc yourself? -What parameters were the beginning and the end?-

    • SubnetMask
      SubnetMask 4 months ago +4

      @Brindle Bucker In that case make sure you spend enough time arguing in youtube comments! :)

    • Brindle Bucker
      Brindle Bucker 4 months ago +3

      That was 8% of the video. Time is precious.

  • Interferon
    Interferon 4 months ago +24

    11:55 you got those two backwards. Watt-hours is the measure of total work done. Watts are the *rate* at which work is being done.
    It is really unfortunate that we decided to use watt-hours instead of joules for energy. It makes it very confusing and people confuse watts and watt-hours all the time because they sound the same.

    • Jose Peixoto
      Jose Peixoto 11 days ago +1

      You are so right;
      same with Amperes and Amperes-hour; the first is electric CURRENT, the 2nd is ENERGY,when multiplied by the Volts, becoming Watts-Hour;
      The problem,yes,is that the names are so similar; kind of ...their and there...and they're...

    • kindlin
      kindlin 4 months ago

      A Joule and a kiloWatt-hour are linearly related, it's just 3.6*10^6 (kilo = 1000, hour = 3600 seconds). So, yes, that does insta bump you up a couple orders of magnitude, but we're now already pretty used to tera- and peta- for hard drives, and exa- is around the corner. If we used the Joule, people would acclimate quickly.
      And his point about watts and watt-hours being confusing is very much the case.

    • mrleenudler
      mrleenudler 4 months ago

      kWh is a useful units as it's really easy to calculate from watts or kilowatts. Also Joule is a really small unit, so you'd quickly need to brush up on those large prefixes, like peta- and exa-

    • kindlin
      kindlin 4 months ago +2

      I went through tons of math and science education throughout college and still get power, energy, and their various units confused.

  • Tagiuk Gold
    Tagiuk Gold 4 months ago +51

    Good job Matt, this was one of your best videos, and an excellent hommage to your mentor and idol Joe Scott.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 4 months ago

      @James Owens
      "...your mentor and idol Joe Scott."

    • James Owens
      James Owens 4 months ago +7

      @drippingwax I'm 100% sure this is humor :-)

    • drippingwax
      drippingwax 4 months ago +2

      Did you intend to post this on Matt's video?

  • Fukem Nukem
    Fukem Nukem 4 months ago +5

    You're channel is SO GOOD man. Learning and laughing..... Well done.... One of my absolute favorite channels on TheXvid.

  • Undecided with Matt Ferrell
    Undecided with Matt Ferrell 4 months ago +419

    I knew I missed something in my video. Well done sir.

    • Nen Master5
      Nen Master5 3 months ago

      @cannibalbananas Yep

    • cannibalbananas
      cannibalbananas 3 months ago

      You two should do a video together, if you haven't already

    • Nen Master5
      Nen Master5 3 months ago

      @Joe Scott The Science of Dreams would be an interesting Topic for soon.
      Why do we dream and more importantly:
      When is the much-needed Tech discovered that makes you sleep dreamless? Me and others really need it.

    • RumiNyx
      RumiNyx 3 months ago +2

      The puppies secure the deal

    • Prolific Invention
      Prolific Invention 3 months ago

      @estraume Tech for Luddites just did

  • Joey Veldink
    Joey Veldink 4 months ago +9

    While Matt's video's are very clean and definitely worth a watch, it's nice to have different takes on the subject. I like your videos a lot because you're really good at explaining complicated topics in a way most folks can understand. Combining that with a healthy dose of humor makes for a great video that can teach us something in a fun and interesting way, and sometimes give us existential dread. Keep up your great work!

  • Rick Fickes
    Rick Fickes 4 months ago +2

    That was really good, Joe. Humble and entertaining, yet informative at the same time, while respecting another creator. Well done, and thanks!

  • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName
    Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName 4 months ago +2

    I'm glad we have the choice to watch both you and Matt. If I absolutely-gun-to-the-head-had-to choose one or the other, I don't think I'd miss Matt all that much.

  • Cameron Shaw
    Cameron Shaw 4 months ago +2

    Love the video joe! You’re my go to guy for anything science/energy related. Love your style of delivery. You bring character to it 👍

  • akumabito2008
    akumabito2008 4 months ago +729

    Nahh Matt can do his own thing. You're my go-to guy for all things batteries and existential dread. Good times!

    • TheThomasTea
      TheThomasTea 4 months ago

      Batteries? Yes. Existential dread? ... well ... there is still Kurzgesagt ...

    • Gibson99dotcom
      Gibson99dotcom 4 months ago +3

      I'm sure I'm not the only one who subscribes to Joe but not Matt

    • Paul Smyers
      Paul Smyers 4 months ago

      I'm here for the existential dread. The battery talk is a nice bonus.

    • Kantisama
      Kantisama 4 months ago

      I’m also here for the existential dread. Please never stop.

    • GoinManta
      GoinManta 4 months ago

      He is my go to for PUPPIES !

  • Stephen Davidson
    Stephen Davidson 4 months ago +1

    I been watching your videos for so long, and I just feel like joe is like the coolest friend to have, he seems smart, funny, down to earth and fun to hangout with. I don't get even a tiny vibe of selfishness from Joe and that's rare today, keep up the great videos and dont change the great work you do man.

  • Busdriver42
    Busdriver42 3 months ago

    Hey Joe, I can't wait until you are able to report on some of these great new battery technologies that are actually coming to market. You are definitely one of the great youtubers. Thank you for all your hard work!!

  • Nathyn Machado
    Nathyn Machado 4 months ago +2

    I don't know who this Matt is.
    I've been following you for years and you've been an absolute essential source of valuable insights.
    I'd give you a public standing ovation if I found you.
    You my friend, have done beyond well and people like you are essential.
    Eventually, someone or an AI will collect every important bit of information into one speedrun video.
    This way it doesn't take 20 years to find all the important bits.
    Or multiple life times of reading books.
    Within 15 years you can get to a point where you understand what is needed and that the quantum speed of information and research is much quicker then you or I.
    This just means that if I think of something, there's a high probability that soomeone already on it.
    But the more focused we are, or the more popular we make individual things, the faster those things become tangible.
    So when we have this steam line of information mashed together into a single speed runnable video, we all end up on the same 5-10 lane track at the end of the day instead of pausing somewhere along the line waiting in line for simple answers to complicated problems.
    Please keep up the good work.
    The algorithm has actually done a very good Job, the numbers you see now are legit.
    And if your content is as quality as it is, the watch time shouldn't change despite losing views.
    But now people like me (rando's) can actually make good guesstimates as to where what percentage of people are at in life, what they're searching for, the view to like ratio and the view to response ration then that allows you to consider the view to physical action ratio.
    What's the probability of this video actually pushing someone into doing something about said thing
    A good channel will have 10-20% of their views have likes, 10-20% of their likes have comments 1-5% of their comments to have action.
    Even if just acts as a transition to a new train of thought.
    Rabbit holes can be torturous, but they are down hill :D

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown 4 months ago +1

    I look forward to your videos every Monday and Thursday. After a rough day of being a senior in college I enjoy learning the way that you present it with humour and not a monotone dead like voice… like my professors. Keep going!

  • Idrunn
    Idrunn 4 months ago +358

    hey Joe, know it was just a bit, but I just wanted to say I actually prefer your presentation style to Matt's despite how slick his videos are. Your humor is an irreplaceable part of it as well so please keep doing what you do, even if it happens to be what matt did a week ago.

    • Bertil Hatt
      Bertil Hatt 4 months ago +2

      Joe is What if Science & Technology communication but Dad jokes?

    • Erock_ZeroCool
      Erock_ZeroCool 4 months ago

      completely agree.

    • Andrew Cullen
      Andrew Cullen 4 months ago +2

      I have zero interest in this unfunny Matt person. Joe Scott is one of my favorite people on TheXvid.

    • The Seph I am
      The Seph I am 4 months ago +2

      Also, this video with the poppies is hard mode. It was legitimately hard to pay attention at points.

    • Frodo
      Frodo 4 months ago +4

      Absolutely. Joe's humor is so bad it makes it special.

  • WetBob SpongePants
    WetBob SpongePants 4 months ago +1

    Really interesting content. Just remember Joe, It's not the size of the weapon, it's the fury of the attack.

  • jay2aussie
    jay2aussie 3 months ago

    The puppies, the phone, I love this channel. You’re informative and also a brilliant comedic writer.

  • Jonathon Hyam
    Jonathon Hyam 4 months ago

    Hi Joe, another awesome video. Hopefully some brilliant mind will solve the energy storage crisis or ‘they’ will be able to perfect graphene fabrication! Anyway - definitely more puppies and dogs please! Best, Jonny

  • Thomas C
    Thomas C 4 months ago

    I really enjoy your videos, your delivery is fantastic! Keep it up! Sorry competition on yt is pain sometimes. Just keep head up and continue sharing your energy and charisma with the world!

  • David Mende
    David Mende 4 months ago +180

    "Just cut to an animation and pretend it never happend" got me good. Joe, if you're reading this THAT is the reason i keep on coming to this watering hole of knowledge and humor in the often dry desert called youtube.

    • person
      person 4 months ago +3

      Puppies are gone now

    • David Mende
      David Mende 4 months ago +16

      @Joe Scott worth it, from what i saw so far, to seasoned subs love it 😂

    • Joe Scott
      Joe Scott  4 months ago +64

      I figured that bit would either crack people up or significantly lower my sub count. Kinda looking like both at the moment. :)

    • Yahn Nobber
      Yahn Nobber 4 months ago +13

      Had me tearing up with laughter, that one. I was even bored by the overly long bit as well before he transitioned to the Betty White explanation. Legend.

  • Malcolm Higgins
    Malcolm Higgins 4 months ago +1

    I'm "undecided" as to which of these videos I like better! I watch a lot your videos a few times each and learn something new everytime. I don't mind seeing several videos on the same topic. I would say his is more informational and yours is more entertaining. Both fantastic

  • Corey Clarke
    Corey Clarke 4 months ago +1

    Always look forward to your videos! I have been fascinated by flywheel/inertia energy storage lately, you should look into it. On a household scale I think it has great potential. Combined with solar and wind generation, and with permanent magnet bearings, it seems like a great storage option for 24-48hr storage with minimal losses, but it really looks good when you consider long-term costs of battery degradation and the ever-looming replacement costs of any chemical battery. Flywheel storage has pretty minimal long-term costs or maintenance costs. I am pretty sure Matt did a video on this a few years back but things change and maybe it needs new light

    • Nen Master5
      Nen Master5 3 months ago

      The Science of Dreams would be an interesting Topic for soon.
      Why do we dream and more importantly:
      When is the much-needed Tech discovered that makes you sleep dreamless?

  • Bryce Beckett
    Bryce Beckett 3 months ago

    Joe. I like your take on things. Don't ever feel discouraged. Your work has value to me. I haven't ever done anything original and what I do had tremendous value. 🙏❤️

  • Martin
    Martin 4 months ago

    You do you Joe. I enjoy both your own and Matt's channels for the similarities in topics and differences in presentation.

  • Russell Sirolli
    Russell Sirolli 4 months ago +8

    Hey Joe, another part to consider for these battery videos is Micro grids, i work for an energy company and the plan now is to take the fringes of the network and disconnect them from the main grid to cut down on infrastructure and maintenance costs, so this would potentially service dozens of customers or more per micro grid. Large scale batteries like this will play a massive role in regional communities in the future.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 3 months ago

      @Graham Cantin
      I'll admit I only briefly skimmed your reply, because you're just talking about all this current tech and standards and... that's not what we're talking about here. 10 years from now, 30 years from, everything is going to be different. Before decentralized grids become a major thing, it's going to need to be tested at larger scales, at which point the kinks will need to be ironed out relatively well or it won't scale. Humans are ingenious creatures, if we want something to happen bad enough (within the laws of physics mind you), we'll figure out a way to do it.
      See, short and sweat.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 3 months ago

      @Graham Cantin
      Someone on the internet actually listened to my suggestion? I'm shocked and encouraged.
      To your original comment's point, you point out a lot of details (some bigger than others) that will need to be addressed, but none that I feel are overly difficult, and most are probably well on their way to being solved, even if I'm not familiar with the development happening in those sector.

    • Graham Cantin
      Graham Cantin 3 months ago +1

      @kindlin Fine. There's your four carriage returns.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 3 months ago

      @Graham Cantin
      Have it your way. Let's just say it's _less than conducive_ to typical internet banter. I would try and find more concise veins of through and work on those to make a compelling argument, than whatever that thing was.

  • Rubber Side Down
    Rubber Side Down 4 months ago

    Matt has great content though I find you to be far more approachable and charismatic and that makes your videos that much more enjoyable.

  • Levomatic
    Levomatic 4 months ago

    Matt and you both create great content in quite different ways. I appreciate what you both bring to the table. the puppy bit was hilarious btw.

    • Nen Master5
      Nen Master5 3 months ago

      The Science of Dreams would be an interesting Topic for soon.

  • Ben T
    Ben T 4 months ago

    Just got through the intro and I just want to say this. I like your humor and delivery more than Matt’s, so keep doing these videos even if he scoops you. 😀

  • andoletube
    andoletube 4 months ago +150

    The puppies are a definite win for you, Joe. I had to watch twice: once for the batteries, once for the puppies.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 4 months ago

      It was a distraction during the boring recap of relatively common baseline knowledge that we all need before coming into the video proper.

    • Edward Plumer
      Edward Plumer 4 months ago +3

      I had to look away from the screen to actually concentrate on the content ;-)

    • Vera Mae
      Vera Mae 4 months ago +3

      I keep urging "Dr. John Campbell" channel to add kittens. The only / best source on Covid.

    • gingernutpreacher
      gingernutpreacher 4 months ago +3

      @Martijn Muller Yep distraction for me

    • Martijn Muller
      Martijn Muller 4 months ago +10

      Keep getting distracted, but I want to bet the gist is a mix of hope and dread so I'm just going to enjoy the pretty views (and the puppies).

    DME EMD 4 months ago +1

    I thought aluminum (like stock..pieces Dowell, blocks, plates, etc.) was coated in aluminum oxide, not aluminum hydroxide..?
    Awesome video (and great humor, haha, love it!)

  • Mike O'Barr
    Mike O'Barr 4 months ago +1

    Listen man I absolutely love your commitment to the bit. Like that one time you played a warning sound for way way way longer than was funny until it flew past rage inducing and landed right in the hilarious zone.

  • Polar Bearon
    Polar Bearon 4 months ago

    I enjoy Matt's content, but i watch your videos more regularly. So, you got that going for you.

  • Benjamin Lehmann
    Benjamin Lehmann 4 months ago

    Love your work, man. Keep going.

  • Cris LaBossiere
    Cris LaBossiere 4 months ago +115

    Deadpan, irony, and the morbid / cerebral humour combo. Love it all. And the science, love the science. Chair spin is a keeper too. Though I'd like to see some science kittens. Cat people are people too.

    • Jack Richards
      Jack Richards 3 months ago +1

      @PhuckPooTube I believe that may be true

    • PhuckPooTube
      PhuckPooTube 4 months ago +4

      No, cat people are just weird.

  • Ben Williamson
    Ben Williamson 3 months ago

    I really love the crane battery idea. Joe talked about it quits awhile ago but it is always on my mind when interesting battery ideas come up

  • FOksi Gen
    FOksi Gen 4 months ago

    Matt freaking Ferrell, made my day...
    Also he is really just about the information...
    You Joe on the other hand make your videos hilarious and I love that...

  • MelTheFruitFly
    MelTheFruitFly 3 months ago

    This is why we keep watching your videos on TheXvid in the hopes that the little bit of cash that it brings you helps, even though we have Nebula (and love your other stuff there).
    Thanks for keeping some smarts on TheXvid.

  • Kaiserland111
    Kaiserland111 4 months ago

    I actually like listening to both you and Matt (and others) talk about the same topics because (1) you all offer slightly different perspectives, and (2) I remember the information better hearing it multiple times.
    P.S. The puppies were cute.

  • Aucka Lukaum
    Aucka Lukaum 4 months ago +167

    The number one reason I started watching Matt in the first place was to find out what Joe would be talking about next week.

  • wendylafolle
    wendylafolle 3 months ago

    Love your delivery, Joe. Keep it up!

  • SaganRitual
    SaganRitual 4 months ago

    I watch you both, and enjoy both equally. I hope sixty thousand other people have already said that❤️ You deserve to hear it 60k times

  • Nealy Buddin
    Nealy Buddin 4 months ago

    Love your work Joe!

  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthy 4 months ago

    I hope they can do a side project in the future so that some day we can take our cars in annually to have them un-rusted. Or un-rust bridges, or anything.

  • chuckweb66
    chuckweb66 4 months ago +67

    Got it! Puppies are energy storage from oxygen. My question, when the puppies grow up and eventually become older dogs, how does that effect their changing cycles?

    • Ivory AS
      Ivory AS 4 months ago +3

      @Samar Fae Nadra
      And about cats? Mine has quite a bit of energy to give but he takes a while to recharge...

    • Samar Fae Nadra
      Samar Fae Nadra 4 months ago +12

      Their cycles slow down but also transfer significantly more oxygen as they age and get bigger. There is more payout from this with larger breeds, but smaller breeds are more convienient for rapid oxygen cycling when you don't need as much power and size is an issue.

  • BUDE
    BUDE 4 months ago

    Great job Joe I'm used to your humor or you are really good in that. This was nice way how to note Matt. I don't mind to watch same topics from you and him. Take care

  • Gort
    Gort 4 months ago +1

    Hello Joe, and thank you for this video. Can you or anybody else please comment on a molten salt battery? It's used by the 100MW solar power plant located in Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China. It generates power day & night, creating 2.4 Million Kilowatt hours of electricity per day, enough power for half a million homes even through the night. Built in less than two years and in continuous operation since 2018 this plant does not use photovoltaic panels or any metal based battery. Instead it uses mirrors and molten salt heated up to 550°C (1,022°F) which acts as a massive thermal battery with unlimited life cycles. Steam is then generated to turn turbines, same as a nuclear power plant but without the radiation threat. Check it out, cheers.

  • Stevie J
    Stevie J 4 months ago

    Hi Joe! You're doing a good job. Thanks. 👍

  • Joshua Wayne
    Joshua Wayne 4 months ago

    I love Matt's videos, but I love yours more. You've got the chops kid, you make the laughs and we all love you!

  • Tom Did It
    Tom Did It 4 months ago

    I’ll always watch you videos Joe. Very detailed with a few laughs 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson 4 months ago +1

    Why pay for early access when we can get it for free by watching Matt the week before?
    Just kidding. 😂 I enjoy your videos a lot and honestly have never heard of this Matt guy until now.

  • Captain Grimborne
    Captain Grimborne 4 months ago +3

    Yes, I can already see the utility companies investing untold millions into extra battery storage just in case something happens. Because we've seen how good they are at getting ready for unexpected events. Like the ones in Texas.

    • Brown Whale
      Brown Whale 4 months ago +1

      @Captain Grimborne good discussion and thanks for the civil reply

    • Captain Grimborne
      Captain Grimborne 4 months ago

      @Brown Whale I agree that the Texas issue is more complicated, however - it is a fact that the utility companies did not take precautions against very low temperatures, which did contribute to the avalanche of issues. Mind you, I don't expect they could have justified the required expenses to their shareholders before this happened. This kind of pattern has been increasingly visible in USA - let things get worse and worse without doing anything, then when it all comes crashing down, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and starts pointing fingers at "guilty" parties. At the same time, yes the progressing consumerism culture does trend to not look at the future. What I'm saying is, it's naive to expect investment in grid storage that's not in actual use and is just "in case something happens".

    • Brown Whale
      Brown Whale 4 months ago

      What happened in Texas is not as simple as you seem to think or imply.
      Most Americans don’t save for or invest in the future so you think they’d financially support hardening of the grid?
      It’s easy to look back but don’t kid yourself, few want to pay for what ifs.
      Damned if you do damned if you don’t. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

  • Straight Dope / Flipped Script

    I have never watched Matt’s videos. You’re my science guy, Joe! Well….mostly. There’s the brisk British wit on display over there at PBS Spacetime, but his version of “astrophysics for the lay person “ is still well beyond my understanding.

  • Edward Fletcher
    Edward Fletcher 4 months ago +116

    Hey Joe, I hope you solar setup goes well, 35% of houses here in South Australia have solar now 👍

    • Arkantos
      Arkantos 4 months ago

      @Fiona Cameron If you don't hate every major political party then you're being wilfully blind.

    • Edward Fletcher
      Edward Fletcher 4 months ago

      @Special K Its the "Labor Party".

    • Special K
      Special K 4 months ago

      @Edward Fletcher I'd say that the Labour Party is more Centre-Left than left wing. The Greens are the definite left wing party in Australia

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 3 months ago

    I had never heard of Matt before today, maybe I should switch to watching his channel 🤣 but seriously love you Joe I'll never stop watching you

  • M Figs
    M Figs 4 months ago

    Like others have said, I specifically clicked your video to get your take on it. I think this may be the third or fourth video I've watched on the subject, actually. But, for the record, I subbed your channel waaaaay before any of the others. Your presentation style is awesome. Both optimistic, but grounded. And always funny. : )
    Man, really ran with those puppies, didn't you... 😂😂

  • Busdriver42
    Busdriver42 3 months ago

    Hey Joe I had never heard of Matt Ferrell until this video. You will always be my first choice for science news! But, I'm definitely going to check out this Matt guy.

  • Skinner Crypto
    Skinner Crypto 4 months ago

    Finding more abundantly available materials for battery technology in conjunction with a more decentralized energy infrastructure is the key here.

  • ihavequestions
    ihavequestions 4 months ago +30

    Never fail to make me smile, Joe. Keep up the amazing work. My depression finds reprieve and knowledge in your videos. 🙏

  • TheLumberjack1987
    TheLumberjack1987 4 months ago

    Honestly, I'm taking all the claims with a giant grain of salt until one of these miracle batteries is put on the market and shows that they can actually deliver what they promise in their fancy CG ads.

  • Beans
    Beans 4 months ago

    Love Matt Ferrel, he is a very punny guy but your videos are def better Joe. I love the comedy style you have been leaning into over the past year. Keep it up and thanks!

  • blurglide
    blurglide 4 months ago

    This could be a good alternative to a backup generator

  • 66ThankYou99
    66ThankYou99 4 months ago

    I suspect superconductors with permanent magnets and optimal shielding to also act somewhat as a switch... will soon be the future of lightweight power generators. I've made many such predictions never mentioned before a few years ahead that came true to the surprise of many people.

  • Tom Heine
    Tom Heine 4 months ago

    #1) Joe and Co., you’re awesome.
    #2) Work=energy, Watt=>energy/time, Watt-hour=>energy.

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod 4 months ago

    Both of you are solid at researching, gathering, and presenting information.
    But you are very funny.

  • C~Bass
    C~Bass 4 months ago

    Love your content Brut. Don't worry bout posting what your passionate about. We aren't here to hear Matt F's spin on things. We're here to listen to you!

  • Jim & Joan Skelton
    Jim & Joan Skelton 4 months ago +1

    Joe, I really enjoy your videos (I bet every body tells you that). On batteries, I wonder why we talked about most of the iron/air versus Ni/Li battery characteristics but I missed one. RECHARGE PROFILE.. I would not buy an EV (and I don't now) because it takes so darn long to recharge them compared to pulling up to my local gas pump for 5 minutes. AND that gas nozzle has been standardized to fit all cars and trucks. I can't get over this huge-to-me inconvenience. When there is a 600 mile range battery that recharges in 5-10 minutes and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and I can stop at any of a zillion recharge stations anywhere in the USA, I might, maybe, get interested. So this issue is to me and I'll bet to a ton of others, a big one.

    • kindlin
      kindlin 4 months ago

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      Major materials science breakthroughs are going to happen in the coming decades that are going to take EV's to that next level that you're envisioning, but they're going to be the best kind of vehicle to buy in all situations long before that.

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    • Jack Le
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    FEnCSERX 4 months ago

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