Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty


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  • Daria -
    Daria - 4 days ago +1


  • Janie Kate
    Janie Kate 5 days ago

    If making eclairs gives you professional chef status, I guess I’m an 11 year old professional chef 😂 👩🏼‍🍳

  • CauseNobodycanSaveMe

    I tried these recipes to impress my boss. I burned my kitchen and lost my job

  • DZ Bk_008
    DZ Bk_008 9 days ago +1

    Why 20 eggs...

  • Dotes n' Stuff
    Dotes n' Stuff 10 days ago

    Lol....the crepe cake....just

  • Hailey Kalton
    Hailey Kalton 10 days ago

    128 eggs? For one dessert!!!
    No way ho say.

  • Zyntrx Hadjinor
    Zyntrx Hadjinor 11 days ago

    I though the chocolate croissant would be in this video

  • Indian women athome
    Indian women athome 12 days ago

    Imagine someone made that, 99 times thing, and the guests say, yeah the desert was okay... I just felt thin pancakes served with cream of different flavours... I bet the "chef" would burn the place up!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Indian women athome
    Indian women athome 12 days ago

    Hell no.... No no no no no no no no no... Never... Never... Never... Never ever ever ever ever ever.... Absolutely not.... To that 99 times, 5 times...thing... I'd rather have the title of a professional douchebag... If I had to make that and earn the title of professional chef!!! Nop... Never... Niyat!!!

  • Oginaka
    Oginaka 12 days ago

    *dances to sensual music*

  • Maanya Pagare
    Maanya Pagare 13 days ago

    They’re using lo fi hip hop

  • Josafath Illescaz
    Josafath Illescaz 13 days ago

    OMG NO

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ 14 days ago

    6:54 it is actually worth making.

  • Matthew Silverman
    Matthew Silverman 14 days ago

    Professional cake status = fill pan with strawberry jam and a store bought yellow cake. Seems legit

  • Elijah Contreras
    Elijah Contreras 15 days ago

    4:42 it says so fine on the blade

  • I stan LOONA
    I stan LOONA 15 days ago

    Professional Chef Status
    **uses cake mix**

    R u serious?

  • Kai
    Kai 16 days ago

    This is a joke right?

  • Supra Dupra
    Supra Dupra 16 days ago

    The background music isn’t annoying for once

  • Jetsfool27
    Jetsfool27 16 days ago

    Crepe cake not worth all that work
    And the sheer volume of ingredients is insane

  • StarlightzS2
    StarlightzS2 17 days ago

    Did you really need *that* much glaze for that last cake?

  • walkongrass
    walkongrass 17 days ago

    128 eggs for a single cake ???!!! Whaaaaat ???!!!

  • Tony Payson
    Tony Payson 17 days ago

    Whew! Finally! An excuse to get rid of all those eggs and jugs of milk that are taking up so much space in my fridge!

  • Syden Borwax801
    Syden Borwax801 17 days ago

    Crape cake *viewer* looks at egg count


  • Olivia Larsson
    Olivia Larsson 17 days ago

    they guy at the end shouting "oh yes" after every tasty video😂

  • F D
    F D 17 days ago +1

    get tired just to see it way .....

  • Emma Ayla
    Emma Ayla 17 days ago

    "Desserts that will give you professional chef status"
    ...uses boxed cake mix...

  • Ala Naa
    Ala Naa 17 days ago

    Lmao ain’t nobody got time for that second one

  • Ala Naa
    Ala Naa 17 days ago

    Tasty should open a restaurant with all these desserts and savory food that would be so lit🔥🔥

  • The Pro1505
    The Pro1505 18 days ago

    finally, i can make my own cake for my birthday (Mirror Glaze Cake).
    And Thanks for the recipes😊😊🙂

  • Tithi Shah
    Tithi Shah 18 days ago

    jesus christ the sheer amount of dairy

  • Tithi Shah
    Tithi Shah 18 days ago

    there's a CEO of a butter company out there whose vacations to Antarctica are probably funded by Tasty

  • Tithi Shah
    Tithi Shah 18 days ago

    dude how much do u wanna bet that every single grocery store 10 miles around tasty headquarters is out of butter because they bought it all

  • Tithi Shah
    Tithi Shah 18 days ago

    the second recipe is basically omelettes with egg yolk cream and a hint of milk

  • Arej Ghous
    Arej Ghous 18 days ago

    What is the track name by audio network? Plz tell

  • Emma H.
    Emma H. 19 days ago

    Omfg this is insane

  • jamie tube
    jamie tube 20 days ago

    2:23 who would do that

  • Runav Rajguru
    Runav Rajguru 21 day ago

    What can be the substitute of eggs in these recipes? I want to make them all but I can't eat eggs, kindly help

  • K Bye.
    K Bye. 21 day ago

    If you get your recipes from Tasty...then you ain’t a professional.

  • Margarita Kulyapina
    Margarita Kulyapina 23 days ago

    Ok, the crêpe recipe isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I make Russian blini in those quantities, and my recipe is slightly different from my grandmother's, and needs to be flipped by hand, so I flip each very thin but still hot blin by hand.

  • Ninjakk2313
    Ninjakk2313 23 days ago

    ok bud, all these recipes literally take like 10 years aka it’s time consuming

  • Sahsha Adamthwaite
    Sahsha Adamthwaite 23 days ago

    I love making desserts when I have the time. And you guys gave me a great laugh. None of these are difficult. You are fake af.

  • Doc
    Doc 23 days ago

    Didn’t realize we trying to feed a large bundle of crepes to the starving children in africa.

  • Atmar Hassan
    Atmar Hassan 23 days ago +1

    في محتوى الفيديو عصيده ولحوحه اخدوا افكارنا بس طوروها☺☻.
    عربي دق لايك 😂✌.

  • Lee Nelson
    Lee Nelson 23 days ago

    Professional chefs don't measure the milk, they just dump it in.

  • Mate Safranka
    Mate Safranka 24 days ago

    Yeah I'm just going to stop you right there. No self respecting professional uses boxed cake mix.

    • Mate Safranka
      Mate Safranka 24 days ago

      Also the 100-layer crepe isn't really challenging, only time consuming. You're making a lot of what's otherwise one of the easiest desserts.

  • Dina Al-Shoabi
    Dina Al-Shoabi 24 days ago

    Your music always make me nervous

  • ferial dagher
    ferial dagher 24 days ago +1

    Using a lot of ingredients doesn’t make u profesional...... it makes u poor

  • Dany Iliev
    Dany Iliev 25 days ago


  • Neiley-Joy Forkah-Musoro

    The battle between Tasty an So Yummy . . .


  • Strauneanu Caterina
    Strauneanu Caterina 25 days ago

    Who even thinks of such a title?! Lel

  • Rylan Herring
    Rylan Herring 25 days ago

    I reported this for spam and misleading content.

  • Anis Zargar
    Anis Zargar 26 days ago

    Oo so tasty yummy yummy

  • Sarah Noonan
    Sarah Noonan 26 days ago

    Hi as u know my name is sarah and I need some advice I'm starting secondary or as some of u know it as high school in September and I need to pick 2 optional subjects and I wanna do home economics but I'm not sure because I wanna cook with tasty when I'm older but I don't think my dream is practical enough because I'm not that good I've made multiple of these tasty recipes well not the ones in this vid. I've tried to contact tasty but I can't find u gmail or anything to contact ye on please help because I have some great ideas....

  • Ege Yassı
    Ege Yassı 27 days ago

    4:25 what?!!

  • Ege Yassı
    Ege Yassı 27 days ago

    Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You A Lot Of Pounds

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 27 days ago

    3:59 I think that's Alvin but look at his face

  • Pimlyfun
    Pimlyfun 28 days ago

    Giant Twix, okay

  • Brad Silvers
    Brad Silvers 28 days ago

    my 5 hens better get to layin...QUICK

  • Biddut Chakma
    Biddut Chakma 29 days ago

    Too much work for simple thing

  • mynamesmatty
    mynamesmatty 29 days ago

    I'm more of a 2 crepe with some lemon and sugar guy

  • Jayel
    Jayel 29 days ago

    i salute whoever tf has the patience for the crepe cake

  • 100 subs without a video challenge

    What happens to the pancakes you did the day before

  • kareem abuabah
    kareem abuabah Month ago

    I dont think the second dessert is worth making

  • S.A. Arshad
    S.A. Arshad Month ago

    Who the fuck is gonna make that enormous crepe cake...well i adore that bundt cake and eclairs

  • Amber Isbell
    Amber Isbell Month ago

    Does anyone know what that is at 4:30?

  • SuperDachshund
    SuperDachshund Month ago

    I will NOT be making the 100 crepe. . .thingy. I guess my professional status will have to suffer.

  • Kawkeen
    Kawkeen Month ago

    are these things really worth going bankrupt over tho

  • Nedha Riaz
    Nedha Riaz Month ago

    The second recipe was a little insane

  • tkh1001
    tkh1001 Month ago

    Watched the whole thing and got myself a temporary mental diabetes

  • Saleha Khalifa
    Saleha Khalifa Month ago +1

    If u left the frosting over night how will the pancakes taste😣😥😥😮😅

  • Shrimpson Shrimperton

    watching muted tasty videos at 4am with chill hip-hop mixes playing in the background is kind of lovely

  • Kristi Cater
    Kristi Cater Month ago

    What is the second one????

  • [Bear.ily]
    [Bear.ily] Month ago

    That second one looks nasty asf

  • Khushi Kukreja
    Khushi Kukreja Month ago

    Limit ko lagaam de

  • Adrija Mukherjee
    Adrija Mukherjee Month ago

    All the proportions in this video looked way off

  • Hello
    Hello Month ago

    *lactose intolerance had joined the chat*

  • App App
    App App Month ago

    يا ريت مترجم بالعربي🌸

  • M G.
    M G. Month ago

    Des crêpes sorties du frigo au the connu sous le nom de DÉMON

  • Monica Espino
    Monica Espino Month ago

    Ok that second one is crazy!!! Today I made a Japanese cheesecake and it’s no joke you have to have the patience for it and gladly it came out perfect 👌🏼

  • Bowie
    Bowie Month ago

    Does anybody know the name of this song

  • Blood Rose
    Blood Rose Month ago

    Whats with the music...its really odd. Makes me think of a game that starts off happy then takes a scary turn. What was it called? Oh I remeber now DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB!

  • Farida Bodiat
    Farida Bodiat Month ago +1


  • Sophie Clifton
    Sophie Clifton Month ago

    A bundt cake with oreos in it, PROFESSIONAL CHEF, SO HARD, 12/10

  • Sára Mészáros
    Sára Mészáros Month ago

    Like 20 seconds into the video: use cake mix 😂😂😂 Is it that hard to mix flour with cocoa, sugar and baking powder?

  • Shajitha thavayil
    Shajitha thavayil Month ago

    *Tries to make it.Ruins it professionally.Still sticks to instant ramen.*

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s Month ago

    Ah yes, I love gordon ramsey's huge twix cake, a classic

  • Mohamed Abdelazez
    Mohamed Abdelazez Month ago

    the last recipe was absolutely amazing!!

  • Furno
    Furno Month ago +1

    Remember that one time when the top chefs put oreos in boxed cake mix

  • Furno
    Furno Month ago +1

    Imagine spending most of your budget on eggs to make one recipe

  • Andrea Shore
    Andrea Shore Month ago

    Am i the only one who just watches these and next attempts to make any of it

  • Vanessa Orejel
    Vanessa Orejel Month ago

    I'm just here for the music lol WHERE CAN I FIND IT!! 😭😭

  • Hatice YILDIRIM
    Hatice YILDIRIM Month ago

    1:08 WTF?

  • Jessicrazy
    Jessicrazy Month ago +1

    For recipe 2, it feels like a LOT of milk. (Even though it's crepes.)

  • super_sad
    super_sad Month ago +1

    We're really calling a bundt cake, made with premade boxed cake, with some cream cheese and Oreos in it "professional"?

  • spanish_regime_4hundred

    Love the music. What is it called?

  • RinRin
    RinRin Month ago

    That crepe cake would 100% make me want to kill myself.

  • Hrishab Raj
    Hrishab Raj Month ago

    That mirror glazed cake was........😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  • Rose Bear
    Rose Bear Month ago

    *What a waste of eggs.*

    • Leilani Kailani
      Leilani Kailani Month ago

      you know how many eggs they used for that one cake.

  • Lil Bo
    Lil Bo Month ago

    ok but the song? drop it😫

  • Jalenna Allison
    Jalenna Allison Month ago

    And it at least took you hours to make 100 layers