Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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Comments • 1 350

  • Andrea Codoshian
    Andrea Codoshian 2 hours ago

    "Repeat 99 more times" the fk I won't...
    The only reason I'm going to spend that much time making one dessert is if my husband finna fk the shit out of me for it 😂
    *Don't @ me*

  • emma nancy
    emma nancy 17 hours ago

    The crepes WTF it's kind challenging and time consuming they better taste like heaven tho

  • kymaster123
    kymaster123 23 hours ago

    Sure, let me just grab me *104* eggs from the fridge, and my *15* cups of milk

    LUISROCKS 2.1 23 hours ago

    These aren't challenging they just take forever to make

  • Glade Glades
    Glade Glades Day ago

    Some of the comments are nasty....just enjoy the videos....This is not an English class

  • Hannah Comerford

    Title:challenging desserts
    First recipe step: use box cake
    So sooooooo challenging

  • Kannu Singh
    Kannu Singh Day ago

    No professional chef would ever use a cake mix!

  • Dippy_DoT_Mann
    Dippy_DoT_Mann Day ago

    **sitting on your counter, casually eating all tha t fancy cheesecake you prepared**
    I'll grab my mask, and if you get this, you get to keep your organs.

  • R. T.
    R. T. Day ago

    This music has me tripping on mushrooms bruh. Garlic Mushrooms.

  • baked beans
    baked beans 2 days ago +1

    Challenging dessert recipes that will gain you weight

  • Oof Rapid
    Oof Rapid 2 days ago

    Yea well 2nd I’ll tell u it’s not for me

  • James Ogunlade
    James Ogunlade 2 days ago +1

    the first one is so easy and can I point out to the store bought cake mix

  • Evie Princess
    Evie Princess 3 days ago +2

    Legit lying in bed with the flu being like “ooh I could make that”

    CARROT 3 days ago +1

    So chef how many eggs in your recipe
    Chef: *yes*

  • Ruasonid
    Ruasonid 3 days ago +1

    Imperial units.


  • The Sage Masters
    The Sage Masters 3 days ago +1

    Yo does anyone have the exact name for this music, cause I know for a fact I’ll keep replaying this video just to hear this beat again

  • Angie Alvarez
    Angie Alvarez 4 days ago

    I don’t understand how she bake the cake with ice cream for 40 minutes and cut into it it was still frozen how?

  • Angel Galaxy
    Angel Galaxy 4 days ago

    What is this music though

  • Somaditya Sinha
    Somaditya Sinha 4 days ago

    Apparently Gordon Ramsay blended his laptop then smashed it with a hammer while this video was playing on it

  • cyropyro
    cyropyro 4 days ago

    100 Layer cake... HAHAHAHAHA nope.

  • Talisha Turner
    Talisha Turner 4 days ago

    I'm so hungry but still watching this 😭😭

  • Arshya wadhwa
    Arshya wadhwa 4 days ago

    I dare someone to finish onr slice of that crepe cake

  • Eric Humphries
    Eric Humphries 5 days ago

    Who the fuck has the time to make that 100 layer monstrosity

  • Blossomness Studios
    Blossomness Studios 5 days ago

    That mirror glaze cake had way too much white chocolate. Nasty.

  • Shivani Bhat
    Shivani Bhat 7 days ago +2

    128 eggs?? Seriously Tasty?

  • Pearly
    Pearly 7 days ago

    That second recipe though!! 🤯

  • Sanisha S.S
    Sanisha S.S 8 days ago

    Great video!!

  • carrie boyd
    carrie boyd 8 days ago

    I might have believed this if they hadn’t used cake mix, passed off a candy bar cake as “professional” and didn’t even try Baked Alaska, the only one that had any kind of difficulty was the crepe cake SMDH

  • Yeetyabeans
    Yeetyabeans 9 days ago

    I’m a pastery chief I’m sorry but all of these recipes are easy anyone can do it

  • Avery Lombardo
    Avery Lombardo 9 days ago

    Number 2: pain in the ass cake

  • Huynh Tran
    Huynh Tran 11 days ago

    1 word: croissant

  • Jemima Kerr
    Jemima Kerr 11 days ago

    that scraper thing for the crepes did nothing! it just mage the crepe uneven! cool idea though

  • Jemima Kerr
    Jemima Kerr 11 days ago

    24 eggs for the second one! no thank you

  • Tjong Alie
    Tjong Alie 12 days ago

    Does anyone ever tried the 1st recipe? I'm thinking to make one but I wonder how it taste! I'm afraid it'll taste terrible

  • Captain trash can S
    Captain trash can S 12 days ago +1

    You must have gotten like 3 jugs of milk 10 cartons of eggs and 2 bags of flour like dang

  • Reina Jerdi
    Reina Jerdi 12 days ago

    Shout out to all the people that try making these foods... you guys are very rare 😉😉

  • Felicia Hekala
    Felicia Hekala 13 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey has left the chat

  • Margarita Jahangirova
    Margarita Jahangirova 13 days ago +1

    "professional status"
    15 seconds in: premade cake mix

  • Drop Bear Interactive
    Drop Bear Interactive 15 days ago +1

    who else muted the video due to annoying/repetitive music?

  • Sadie Maher
    Sadie Maher 15 days ago +1

    can u tell me what song was playing?? I wanna know..because I like it. Also your baking is awesome

  • Yazid Missoum
    Yazid Missoum 16 days ago

    what is the title of the song please

  • Shajiya Tarannum
    Shajiya Tarannum 18 days ago

    Very nice recipe

  • Davis Chikaonda
    Davis Chikaonda 19 days ago

    Second recipe? I think the fuck not

  • wait what
    wait what 19 days ago

    Should've put...
    *no chickens were harmed in the making of this video*

  • Amethyst Sonata
    Amethyst Sonata 19 days ago +1

    > happy lil bundt cake

  • Perspective evitcepsreP

    Next time I want to blow all my money on a shit ton of eggs, I'll call up Tasty.

  • Jaye Rolando
    Jaye Rolando 21 day ago

    Y’all must be smoking dick you think somebody going to make the 2nd desert 🤔

  • Mitch Wernlein
    Mitch Wernlein 22 days ago

    Recipe #2: "The food will be flavorful with the sacrifice of your sanity"

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 23 days ago

    That last one is hard.

  • Ton I
    Ton I 23 days ago

    I only have time for that first recipe

  • RD Siddarth
    RD Siddarth 23 days ago +1

    Ain't nobody got time for that

  • charlene judd
    charlene judd 24 days ago

    i got a headache now

  • Bree Tapia
    Bree Tapia 24 days ago

    Hello, would you please try to make impossible cake also named chocoflan, it would be great to have your take on it, c:

  • Priya darshini
    Priya darshini 25 days ago +1

    This was


  • the gorgeous doggy lul

    Pretty sure this is just a baking compilation and they needed a title so they went with the most clickbaity one they could come up with

  • Wolfe03
    Wolfe03 25 days ago

    I remember one of the producers making the 100 layer crepe cake on behind tasty.

  • Hawaii Ball Express
    Hawaii Ball Express 26 days ago +1

    4:00 the guys reaction in the back 😂


    .... I think I'm the only one that hates that " Oh yes " At the end of most of their videos.

  • Claudia Ramos
    Claudia Ramos 28 days ago

    Uauuu !!!

  • Uzma Din
    Uzma Din 29 days ago

    Nobody is going to make that ridiculous crepe cake lol

  • Maria T. Herrera
    Maria T. Herrera 29 days ago

    I feel so bad for the person that had to crack all of those eggs

  • AM
    AM 29 days ago

    You'll also gain something else .....

  • Harith Official
    Harith Official Month ago

    What about put a thick layer of batter in that pan and slice it to make it many? Instead of repeating it 100 times
    Im talking about the one with 60+ eggs

  • NightOdin
    NightOdin Month ago

    Cake mix > professional. Logic.

  • SuperSmith Creations

    The first one always imagines the huge dark chocolate oreo donut with no sugar and the cookies and cream in the middle of it.

  • Matthew Knewitz
    Matthew Knewitz Month ago

    No one has 100 egged to make anything

  • Alex Dee
    Alex Dee Month ago

    I have a feeling that the clumsy me would not be able to make the hundred-layer crepe cake.
    If ever I do, then I wont be able to cut it perfectly, the layers might just fall off...

  • Batool Zainab Suleman

    What is the music in the video?

  • Zerachiel
    Zerachiel Month ago

    Why does the background music so good tho?

  • makeupforbums
    makeupforbums Month ago

    Idk why I’m so disturbed that the second recipe is so massive

  • TRTMLana Mizuku
    TRTMLana Mizuku Month ago

    Do you need a specific flour butter?

  • Paul Grant
    Paul Grant Month ago

    60+ eggs for a crepe cake. Well, there goes my breakfast for 3 months

  • Jadziah Cortorreal
    Jadziah Cortorreal Month ago

    That's a bold statement which I doubt

  • Savages
    Savages Month ago

    That last one had me drooling 🤤

  • MrBroxMan
    MrBroxMan Month ago

    am i the only one that prefers fresh crepes than cold ones because it tends to be too soft and the crunchy part gone?

  • Shikhar Bal
    Shikhar Bal Month ago

    Last dish made me night night
    Plus it's diabetic dish.

  • MelodicWolf
    MelodicWolf Month ago

    First one: store bought cake batter
    Second one: *buy out Walmart’s egg and milk supply*

  • Bindhu VK Pillai
    Bindhu VK Pillai Month ago

    Those 60+ eggs made me OMG

  • Goldfish Ghosts
    Goldfish Ghosts Month ago

    Convinced that the only professional at Tasty is Rie 🙄

  • thamid ahmed
    thamid ahmed Month ago

    Yo the background music got me dancing

  • Iliana Alejandra Sanchez

    2019? Anyone

  • Chelsea Ajanel
    Chelsea Ajanel Month ago

    Am I the only one that hated that song?

  • my busy life
    my busy life Month ago

    'Challenging dessert recipes' *first recipe uses box mix for chocolate cake*

  • Duolingo Jong-Un
    Duolingo Jong-Un Month ago

    Oh my god
    If you cut the crepe cake into 8 8 pieces-per-cake size (like they did in the video)
    That's 12.5 hecking crepes in one go

  • Brendan Reilly
    Brendan Reilly Month ago

    the crepe dessert looks so boring, and all that effort

    SANNYJ Month ago

    Much clickbait

  • Bawse Of the bawses

    I ain't got the money to buy all that flour and dem eggs

  • Haleemah
    Haleemah Month ago

    Repeat 99 more times. Who has got them for that

  • Haleemah
    Haleemah Month ago

    These look good but I don't think I'm going to use 24 eggs just for a desert

  • Stormy Girl
    Stormy Girl Month ago

    Ok. The crepe recipe is a NO! Waaaaay too much work for me. Almost annoying to watch it. Too big too. Overkill

  • Sarah Minemier
    Sarah Minemier Month ago

    More like Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Give You Diabetes

  • gigi 04
    gigi 04 Month ago +1

    So many eggs for one dessert 😂

  • Čenda Tota
    Čenda Tota Month ago

    Who will ever wanted to fuck with that?

  • Hannah Vu
    Hannah Vu Month ago

    Question: How much time does Tasty have to make a 100 LAYER CAKE!?!?

  • vincentgc1
    vincentgc1 Month ago

    We all need some diabetes in our lives

  • Veselina Veselinova

    Who make Eclairs with marshmallow fluff. Ew

  • Stefan Jovanovski
    Stefan Jovanovski Month ago

    5:41In macedonia and other balkans and turkey i think this is called ekler(еклер)

  • Blue Isthenewpink
    Blue Isthenewpink Month ago

    Repeat 99 times

    Take a break from TheXvid

  • KiddingAce
    KiddingAce Month ago


  • Trevor Dugab
    Trevor Dugab Month ago

    Am I the only one that when it said “that’s only half the batter” you thought in your head oh hell no fuck that?