5 Opening Kitchen Gadgets Improved by Design Expert | Epicurious

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Is the Coco Jack the best way to open up young coconuts? Can it be improved? Design and usability expert Dan Formosa takes a look at some common kitchen opening gadgets, rates them, and attempts to improve their designs.

    Check out all the gadgets here:
    Coco Jack: amzn.to/2O6IX04
    Clever Egg Cracker: amzn.to/2LBoRcD
    Nutcracker: amzn.to/32JxuYc
    Handy Can Opener: amzn.to/2O5HqHy
    Jar Opener: amzn.to/2O5DczB
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    5 Opening Kitchen Gadgets Improved by Design Expert | Epicurious
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  • Epicurious
    Epicurious  Month ago +295

    Try out the gadgets for yourself!
    Coco Jack: amzn.to/2O6IX04
    Clever Egg Cracker: amzn.to/2LBoRcD
    Nutcracker: amzn.to/32JxuYc
    Handy Can Opener: amzn.to/2O5HqHy
    Jar Opener: amzn.to/2O5DczB

    • Isaac Pham
      Isaac Pham 20 days ago

      Disagree on his assessment that a jar opener needs different products for different sizes. A strap wrench is already the ideal jar opener.

    • Green Black
      Green Black 27 days ago

      How is this fancy nutcracker better than a regular nutcracker?

    • True JimJam
      True JimJam 28 days ago

      oh, boy more unitaskers! good job getting so many views on literal junk

    • how to drive a Tardis?
      how to drive a Tardis? 29 days ago

      I just love this guy he's so good

    • Simon Park
      Simon Park Month ago

      Epicurious I manufacture a jar opener for dycem , that is a jar opener not that rubber band

  • Jaezelyn Chang
    Jaezelyn Chang Hour ago

    jar opener actually works really well, love dan and he may be a gadget expert but he was wrong this time

  • joao paulo andrade

    the handy can opener is a great help for those who lost an arm.

  • Alexei10011
    Alexei10011 5 hours ago

    him: "there's no real reason to buy this"
    me:*scrolls back to when he cracked an egg by hand and got shells in the bowl and failed to separate the yolk*

  • Radtack
    Radtack 5 hours ago

    “That took a bit more work partly because my left hand wasn’t whacking as hard as my right hand”

  • YAJY `
    YAJY ` 6 hours ago

    Why use the jack if you have arthritis just dont eat it

  • Kalimba Hamilton
    Kalimba Hamilton 6 hours ago

    4:57 when he’s a grower not a show’er

  • [J.P] _
    [J.P] _ 9 hours ago

    Look ma he can’t open a coconut 😂

  • abingleyboy
    abingleyboy 10 hours ago


  • CJH200iiWii
    CJH200iiWii 13 hours ago

    7:45 I’m sorry but NO ONE cracks an egg like that, absolutely no one.

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 14 hours ago

    That egg cracker I know I was not the only one who saw him put an egg shell when use if his hand

  • Celinnn
    Celinnn 14 hours ago

    7:30 come on, I've never seen someone being so bad ad seperating the egg yolk and egg white 😂

  • Pear
    Pear 14 hours ago

    He’s really bad at cracking eggs

  • ccfBTW
    ccfBTW 17 hours ago

    The egg cracking speedtest was bs

  • xokhayl mc
    xokhayl mc 18 hours ago

    I think he should compare the gadget with both normal use and disabled/oil/left handed test. Taking the example of the egg opener I think it's difficult to do cleanly for someone with a grip problem. Plus, my grandpa can't open any jar without a jar opener, he would rate it a 5/5

  • daneth noy
    daneth noy 18 hours ago


  • howninja gt
    howninja gt 19 hours ago

    The last one is perfect for left handed person

  • Amiel Faker
    Amiel Faker Day ago

    How was ruining the yolk and barely separating it 13 seconds and better than the actual gadget?

  • Thomas The Cat
    Thomas The Cat Day ago

    Please tell Dan that i would die for him

  • Asian Guy
    Asian Guy Day ago

    My mom cuts coconuts in like 5 minutes with a “typical knife” 😂

  • milady70
    milady70 Day ago

    Kinda late in the game but if anyone is considering the can opener make sure the batteries get changed regularly. My grandmother had one and the batteries died mid open. It was INSANE getting it off the can again. Also I am pretty sure it didn't work if a can had a pop up lid which most do nowadays.

  • Lunar Ink
    Lunar Ink Day ago

    Hold up hold up

    thAtS a COcOnUt????

  • Kyalla and Loki
    Kyalla and Loki Day ago

    oh this is somehow is useful

  • Pride
    Pride Day ago

    If you are a healthy person with working hands, it would be sad for you to own any of these. For every task at hand there is a cheaper option, or at least an option that can be aplied for more than one task.

  • LazyBones
    LazyBones 2 days ago


  • goose
    goose 2 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this at 3 am

  • Yukari Yoshisaki
    Yukari Yoshisaki 2 days ago

    cant you just jam a knife into the lid of a jar to make it go off super easy?

  • void wanderer
    void wanderer 2 days ago

    now this man knows how to review products all the while making it more interesting with helpful redesign.

  • Super star 500
    Super star 500 2 days ago

    What type of coconut is that?

  • Connster Gaming ✔️

    I mean, Who can open a jar with fricking oil on their hands?!

  • Xyllidin Xb1
    Xyllidin Xb1 3 days ago

    2:40 got em

  • Peter Form
    Peter Form 3 days ago

    Am i the only one who felt uneasy about how he hammered the coco jack on only 1 side

  • Aina Fatimah
    Aina Fatimah 3 days ago +2

    one way you can improve the nutcracker is by installing a clip between the nut holder and the spring. maybe in that way, you can just hold on to one side when pulling the spring

  • Charlye'Charleston
    Charlye'Charleston 3 days ago

    1:26 "at this point I would get a straw... or two... if you have a friend."
    I don't. ='(

  • Alexa N
    Alexa N 4 days ago +3

    I trust this man he seems like he just wants to make life easier for everyone

  • Josepn Denardo
    Josepn Denardo 4 days ago

    2:44My left hand was not wacking as hard as my right hand lol

  • I have a question
    I have a question 4 days ago

    Adding weight could improve all of these

  • Bucket, Charlie
    Bucket, Charlie 4 days ago

    "A straw, or two- if you have a friend." Alas, I don't. One straw it is.

  • Bernie Sanders
    Bernie Sanders 4 days ago +16

    “My left hand wasn’t wacking as hard as my right” sounds like me

  • outshriek
    outshriek 4 days ago

    more videos like this w this guy please

  • NotEmbarrassing
    NotEmbarrassing 4 days ago

    I have a dirty mind.

  • tK_NiTe
    tK_NiTe 4 days ago

    2:41 I hate my dirty mind

  • oliver Winchester
    oliver Winchester 4 days ago

    its late and im crying because this old man just cant open his damn jelly

  • IButanium
    IButanium 4 days ago

    sorry but that speed test was dogshit for the egg, no wonder this guy makes gadgets.

  • chris ingram
    chris ingram 4 days ago

    Redesigned jar opener, draws penis

  • i/am a/cheater
    i/am a/cheater 4 days ago +1

    I can crack and separate an egg with my hand in 5-8 seconds . This products only idiots needs. :)))) WITHOUT THIS GADGETS I WILL DIE IN HUNGER. :))))

  • Reynan Henry
    Reynan Henry 5 days ago

    I have been designing kitchen gadget for 38 years.
    *using coconut jack*
    He seems doesnt understand a simple physic (torque)

  • TcgLionHeart
    TcgLionHeart 5 days ago

    You see where i come from we open coconuts with a cutlass in one cut. Don't believe me? Search Trinidad Coconut cutlass

  • Fesak8
    Fesak8 5 days ago

    Coco *Jaaa- a- a- a- ack*

  • Elizabeth Cember
    Elizabeth Cember 5 days ago

    I feel like the jar opener should've been compared against a square of shelf liner or a rubber kitchen glove.

  • d lp
    d lp 5 days ago

    Why does this look like someone's father trying to get some cash

  • Calakapepe
    Calakapepe 5 days ago +1

    You cant oil the jar opener just cause you're doing an oil test. Smh*
    He put it on his hands and wasnt careful to not get it on the device..

  • Nath Agan
    Nath Agan 6 days ago

    just open the coco with a machete

  • Scott BikeDawg
    Scott BikeDawg 6 days ago

    I had bought one of those can openers. It is completely unreliable. Sometimes it would get stuck trying to open the can or does not stop automatically. More than 65% of the time it would fail for some reason.

  • Tortellini Kattosho
    Tortellini Kattosho 6 days ago

    _J A R O P E N E R_

  • ma rk
    ma rk 6 days ago

    that coco jack saved my life no lie. i love coconut juice

  • Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    Yes yes, more please

    INF1N1TE_ VOID 6 days ago

    The walnut cracker was dumb they’re about the same. You stopped the timer when the walnut was partially out on the left and the right stopped the timer when it was completely out.

  • Yasmin Guzman
    Yasmin Guzman 6 days ago +12

    Did I really just watch a guy talking about kitchen gadgets for more then 16 minutes instead of doing my homework.... yes, yes I did.

  • Дарья Сандалова

    I've been waiting for this man to come back! So cool!