Infinite Crisis Open Beta Launch Trailer

  • Published on Mar 14, 2014
  • A taste of what's to come as the online game hits open beta.
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  • EazyETM406
    EazyETM406 4 years ago

    ummm what does flash fight for

  • Jojo Kotronopoulos
    Jojo Kotronopoulos 4 years ago

    The song plz !!!

  • Cinerax
    Cinerax 4 years ago

    Que pedazo de trailer ;)

  • Morxivenom
    Morxivenom 4 years ago

    I am The DockLord! and i think Batman is lame! h8te all you want! i dont care! I HAVE DUCKS!! KWAAAAAQCK

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith 4 years ago +4

    What is the name of the song used??!!!

  • ToaofDeath1
    ToaofDeath1 4 years ago +3

    What is the song name?

  • okb0ss
    okb0ss 4 years ago

    where do i find the music in da vid?

  • Jaeger Prime
    Jaeger Prime 4 years ago +2

    So beautiful... :,-(

  • Alex Winchester
    Alex Winchester 5 years ago

    I wish they put this kind of effort into a movie

  • LEEE 777
    LEEE 777 5 years ago


  • Athenagamingzone
    Athenagamingzone 5 years ago

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  • Çınar Demir
    Çınar Demir 5 years ago

    This trailer is just epic, wish the game was too...

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 5 years ago

    please Let me know if you find the theme song of this trailer

  • Lazereye57
    Lazereye57 5 years ago +2

    I feel i have heard the soundtrack somewhere before. Anyone got a clue what it is called and if it is an original soundtrack or if it has been used somewhere before?

  • Tayzonday95
    Tayzonday95 5 years ago

    1:09 This Is GOTHAM!!!

  • AdamHartGaming
    AdamHartGaming 5 years ago

    0:14 hopefully his face is alright

  • dlwwhockey1594
    dlwwhockey1594 5 years ago

    The joker is such a sick supervillain... I love watching 0:37. Too bad the game isn't really like that

  • Lev Adrenalin
    Lev Adrenalin 5 years ago

    I want these graphics in the game...

  • Dj Exquisite
    Dj Exquisite 5 years ago +2

    Guys Guys even though Batman and Superman fight no one will win because they are like brothers. Batman or Superman would just walk away from it.
    C'mon now.

    • DarkRedbird
      DarkRedbird 4 years ago +1

      Guys, stop fighting, really. Everyone's beat everyone for at least once. It's how comic books work. WW beat the entire JL once, Superman beat the entire JL once, Green Lantern pretty much beat the entire superhero community once, Flash beat everyone and their mother by simply fucking up the timeline, and so on. People have kicked their asses over and over again, don't try to argue about who beats who, argue about who works better with who, and what do you like about their interactions.

    • Victory Surge
      Victory Surge 4 years ago +2

      @Hugh Wang Superman beat Batman and Green lantern at the same time in Justice League war, and that is canon

    • Hugh Wang
      Hugh Wang 4 years ago

      Batman beat superman in The Dark Knight Returns 2

  • EndOfAllHope
    EndOfAllHope 5 years ago

    a full team of 5 just to take down Doomsday? that guy needs a nerf

  • Костя Староверов

    When this game comes out?

  • Jav15 Millo
    Jav15 Millo 5 years ago

    nobody know this song ? wow this is awesome because this song is brilliant

  • Hey!
    Hey! 5 years ago +3

    Make A Movie Damitt!!!

  • The Auditor
    The Auditor 5 years ago +9

    There are so many DC related CGI mini movies why don't they just go ahead and make a full length one already it would dominate the live action Marvel movies.

    • ibringit987
      ibringit987 4 years ago

      @vx jay your kidding? Arrow is basically a rip off of batman

    • Lykangroux
      Lykangroux 5 years ago

      Except it won't because the filmic cancer known as Christopher Nolan would get his fingers on it and ruin it just like he did Batman and Superman.

    • Qx Ponix
      Qx Ponix 5 years ago

      i recomend watching Arrow. I actually prefer him to batman

  • micheal johnathan
    micheal johnathan 5 years ago +9

    Someone get the soundtrack to this ASAP

  • MrHEC381991
    MrHEC381991 5 years ago

    It's a shame half of these cartoons and games aren't as good the live action movies.
    Some crazy millionaire(whose a DC fan) should pot a bit of cash to make one of these justice league films just for fans but we can all dream I guess..

  • ArtisticLegoFilms
    ArtisticLegoFilms 5 years ago

    is it just me or do green lantern, batman and a joker look like midgets? idk its just me, still look BA

  • KingTheodoreSP155
    KingTheodoreSP155 5 years ago

    I wonder what deathstoke is fighting for? He always seeks impossible missions to test his skills against the best. He won against wonder women but loses against batman, exept 1 comic i saw. Is he fighting for money or for challange?

  • ChrisMck
    ChrisMck 5 years ago

    When batman came out of the shadows and the word "justice" was showing I was like "oh hell yes..."

  • BROO666
    BROO666 5 years ago

    my god these game trailers and cut scenes from these superhero games are 10x better than any big budget movie,would be amazing to see a movie that looks this good and idc if its cgi/computer animation like this,its better than the shit that comes out

  • Victory Surge
    Victory Surge 5 years ago +8

    Superman looked so fucking badass

  • Conow Yi
    Conow Yi 5 years ago

    I don't know, does DC really want to risk ruining the name of one of their most popular issues with an AOS game?? I'm not much of a gambler when it comes to success of games, but I'd call the possibility pretty shallow...

  • Narek Grigoryan
    Narek Grigoryan 5 years ago


  • Christopher Lamboy
    Christopher Lamboy 5 years ago

    What's the name of the music in the background (if there is one)?

  • Shawn Scientifica
    Shawn Scientifica 5 years ago +4

    Lex Luthor: Law and Order, at any cost necessary!

  • Fares Mhaya
    Fares Mhaya 5 years ago

    Dat moment, when you know that the word "Justice" will be shown when Batman shows up.

  • DarkOakMaster Samurai
    DarkOakMaster Samurai 5 years ago

    So bad it's not on iPad

  • Man_of_Tomorrow
    Man_of_Tomorrow 5 years ago +20

    I don't care what people say (aka Marvel) but DC is the best.

  • Mondo Santos
    Mondo Santos 5 years ago

    The song is nice

  • Noah Jackson
    Noah Jackson 5 years ago

    They should have made Wonder Woman in injustice look like this.

  • Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo

    I'm imagining how batman ended up winning the discussion when naming the Justice League....

  • Devils_Atonement
    Devils_Atonement 5 years ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the trailer?

  • Mike Vázquez
    Mike Vázquez 5 years ago

    Infinte Crisis.... Batman's Dead

  • Kevin Cano
    Kevin Cano 5 years ago

    So Dc universe with another name?

  • Dormir Não Da XP
    Dormir Não Da XP 5 years ago

    Whats music?

  • Jose Fonseca
    Jose Fonseca 5 years ago

    Not as good as dc universe online trailer

  • Kar-El the Terran
    Kar-El the Terran 5 years ago +2

    Looks good, cannot wait to play, but Dc needs to focus on a Superman game, or at least a JLA team adventure game like Justice League: Chronicle.

  • Arjun Daru
    Arjun Daru 5 years ago

    The trailer looks fantastic but the gameplay itself is mediocre. Not as much versatility as say, DC Universe Online. I kind of expected more out of the game

  • Edward Pichardo
    Edward Pichardo 5 years ago

    Poor Gotham.

  • Yobama
    Yobama 5 years ago +2

    lol no aquaman

    • DarkRedbird
      DarkRedbird 4 years ago

      @Zyeon Lucio Aquaman is OP as shit in comics, only thing is people say he sucks, but they've never read anything about him. THAT is funny lol.

    • Zyeon Lucio
      Zyeon Lucio 5 years ago

      @dragonfighter4171 Aquaman is op as shit in the game

    • dragonfighter
      dragonfighter 5 years ago +2


  • Deadleaves
    Deadleaves 5 years ago

    we got some nasty shit right here

  • Miles Kilo
    Miles Kilo 5 years ago

    All the character designs are sick in this game. Especially Joker.
    Except Aquaman.

  • Drachen
    Drachen 5 years ago +12

    Still get chills every time I watch this.

  • Professor Slidenhizer
    Professor Slidenhizer 5 years ago

    Super Man!!!! EPIC!!!!!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  • Topjaw3
    Topjaw3 5 years ago

    Where's Aquaman in this cinematic?

  • daniel sambo
    daniel sambo 5 years ago

    somebody know the name of music? please

  • yanbino
    yanbino 5 years ago

    when Dc finally gets smart about the "justice league" movie, i think it could be a lot better than the avengers but then again the avengers 2 looks to be developing nicely

  • Jay B15
    Jay B15 5 years ago

    Epic trailer

  • bar21995
    bar21995 5 years ago +9

    Epic trailer as a whole ,but batman doesn't look good

    • juan manuel mercado grimaldo
      juan manuel mercado grimaldo 5 years ago

      i totally agree with wizz bang, this is the real batman from the comics, This batman is totally inspired by the comics the new 52, I also hate when people think batman has to be like the batman of the nolan's movies, This videogame kept (and respect) the true essence of the character.

    • WizzBang1496
      WizzBang1496 5 years ago +4

      He looked exactly like he does in the comics. It's so sad that people think the costume he has in the Dark Knight trilogy is the way he's supposed to look.

  • Super Minion
    Super Minion 5 years ago

    Holy crap that cool

  • Danlod1
    Danlod1 5 years ago

    So I'm guessing the combat is exactly like this right?

  • Ephixa392
    Ephixa392 5 years ago

    Well idk how they coulda made this look more awesome...

  • British Taxi
    British Taxi 5 years ago +2 it needed four superheroes to take down that's unfair

    • jacker thedude
      jacker thedude 5 years ago

      Not really superman is already enough he just is not that violent t fighting

  • British Taxi
    British Taxi 5 years ago

    Why does DC make the best trailers on any game they make??

  • Armando Bustos
    Armando Bustos 5 years ago

    If this is what the man of steel movie 2 will be like then it will be so bad ass.

  • vntr
    vntr 5 years ago

    Joker looked so badass

  • Jacob Jarmuskiewicz
    Jacob Jarmuskiewicz 5 years ago +2

    Aqua Man: I fight for fish! #Nowasteinoceans Other heroes: Lol that's stupid!

    8TAINTEDBYFIRE8 5 years ago

    Where is Green Arrow?

  • King Sims III
    King Sims III 5 years ago

    batman's face tho

  • Johnny Ochoa
    Johnny Ochoa 5 years ago

    what's the song called they play in the trailer

  • BROTERS707
    BROTERS707 5 years ago

    My god this trailer is so beautiful *-* One day Games will have Graphics like this ...One day..

  • Kage Tatsu
    Kage Tatsu 5 years ago

    I love DC and I'm going to get this game, i wish injustice look more like this

    POSITIVELY NEGATIVE 5 years ago +17

    Another DC Universe Online..."oh damn! Look at that awesome trailer!" *The Actual Game* "Oh...damn. Look at those PS2 graphics".

    • Lazereye57
      Lazereye57 5 years ago

      @chin gon you got to be a troll. No one in their right mind would think cod as a best of anything at all.

    • IdkFckIt
      IdkFckIt 5 years ago +1

      @J Bravo did you really just say cod is the best game? in my opinion its the Last Of Us. best game i have ever played.

    • TearProductionDE
      TearProductionDE 5 years ago

      @United Gaming Community You do realise that you can gather information before buying the game? If you go on like " OH HELL NO I WON'T SPOILER THE GAME WITH WALKTHROUGHS OR REVIEWS..:" then it's your own fault.
      SImple example: commercials - what you see on TV =/= what you get when you buy the product.

      POSITIVELY NEGATIVE 5 years ago

      That's why I hate the trailers. They're too deceptive. MMO experts like you guys know that the game will look like shit compared to the trailer. But some random ass guy watching this is thinking "hey that looks cool!" then he wastes his valuable time downloading or buying the game only to find's not even half of what he expected.

    • Tamás Röllig
      Tamás Röllig 5 years ago +3

      @United Gaming Community nobody excepts from the CGI trailer to look like ingame man...

  • Phantom Liberty
    Phantom Liberty 5 years ago

    Yay, another movie trailer.

  • Darius
    Darius 5 years ago

    The game is nothing like this at all 😐😐

  • mexeeN
    mexeeN 5 years ago +20


  • The One and Only
    The One and Only 5 years ago +11

    Justice is Good!!

  • KingdorismHD
    KingdorismHD 5 years ago +2

    instead of making shitty games like these and wasting time on trying to make the perfect batman game. they should just go ahead and make a open world superman, with bad and good decisions, and powerups and learining new abilities. and with multiplayer were you create your own superman and do whatever the hell you want.

    • KingdorismHD
      KingdorismHD 5 years ago

      @ArcanianMageborn second son for example.

    • PixWiz
      PixWiz 5 years ago

      @Aztec King How would realistic game be any fun?

    • jacker thedude
      jacker thedude 5 years ago

      @Aztec King oh

    • KingdorismHD
      KingdorismHD 5 years ago

      i mean to many moba game fans is not. but DC fans such as myself keep expecting a batter game than dc universe.

    • jacker thedude
      jacker thedude 5 years ago

      how is infinite crisis a shitty game

  • Ckoussi
    Ckoussi 5 years ago

    I tought it was a trailer for Injustice 2...

  • WizzBang1496
    WizzBang1496 5 years ago +4

    Why couldn't they have one of Wonder Woman's enemies in it, instead of featuring Doomsday twice? It seemed pretty lazy...

    • WizzBang1496
      WizzBang1496 5 years ago

      @TearProductionDE True, but the main characters featured in this trailer are Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They had the whole DC Trinity going so the absence of Green Lantern and Flash's enemies is less noticable than that of Wonder Woman's. For the purpose of previewing the game it makes sense, but it's still a strange stylistic choice.

    • TearProductionDE
      TearProductionDE 5 years ago +2

      @WizzBang1496 Hardly doubt that. I don't recall seeing Sinestro or Zoom... They simply show the current ingame characters (some of them). No point in actually showing characters, that aren't even in the game...

    • WizzBang1496
      WizzBang1496 5 years ago +1

      @TheDarkRedbird Is it? Or is it because they know Wonder Woman's rogues are not well known among the non-comic reader population?

    • DarkRedbird
      DarkRedbird 5 years ago

      Because since they have none released yet in the game, they don't wanna give us spoilers. Or at least, those who play the game, anyways.

  • Daniel Silva
    Daniel Silva 5 years ago


  • Scarfaceism10
    Scarfaceism10 5 years ago

    Replayed superman getting bitch punched like 20 time 😂😂😂

  • Jav15 Millo
    Jav15 Millo 5 years ago

    the name of this song? plsss!!!!

  • Julian Melo
    Julian Melo 5 years ago

    This Batman looks awful!

  • Noxix
    Noxix 5 years ago

    I need to buy a pc just for this game.

  • x511100x
    x511100x 5 years ago +21

    I wish they would give up on games and make a movie with these animations.

    • ArtisticLegoFilms
      ArtisticLegoFilms 5 years ago

      just saying that dc needs to really step up there game not trying to compete with marvel or anything

    • hazza3
      hazza3 5 years ago

      Too expensive and not worth it. Not enough people would want to watch an animated or cgi film.

    • ArtisticLegoFilms
      ArtisticLegoFilms 5 years ago

      yes but this is a film studio with loads of money, and then they could cast people like kevin conroy george newbern etc.. to voice the characters the only problem is the whole mask of phantasm becuz the phantasm didnt do very well at the box office when it came out, but its mostly becuz it was a cartoon

    • Cow Commando
      Cow Commando 5 years ago +1

      probably too expensive. Final Fantasy cost 137 million in '01, Justice League War cost just 3,5 M

    • ArtisticLegoFilms
      ArtisticLegoFilms 5 years ago

      @TheSedinam1 you read my mind after i watched this and the arkham knight trailer epic!! dc is really getting on my nerves they have no problem with making cgi animations and they turn out perfect yet they cant get a dc universe on the big screen? sadness

  • HeartlessXx
    HeartlessXx 5 years ago +3

    I hope the JL film has some sick tag team scenes like that...

    • HeartlessXx
      HeartlessXx 5 years ago

      @TearProductionDE Haven't seen that one, just got a job lol so ill check it out soon

    • TearProductionDE
      TearProductionDE 5 years ago +2

      Watch "Justice League: War" :)

  • Jong
    Jong 5 years ago

    Will this be one of those game with a badass trailer but terrible gameplay?

  • funnymaker098123
    funnymaker098123 5 years ago

    All of u who said batman is crap suck on it coz if u read tge storyline batman is stringer than superman its a fact batman beats up superman at the age if 74 before he retires in the comics when superman works for american gov who go against batman looool retards

  • funnymaker098123
    funnymaker098123 5 years ago


  • SoluriZe
    SoluriZe 5 years ago +34

    Epic trailer too bad the game will be NOTHING like it

    • PixWiz
      PixWiz 5 years ago +2

      It's MOBA, what do you expect it to be?!

    • hazza3
      hazza3 5 years ago

      Pretty much like every single WB Interactive Entertainment game.

    • Richard Rodriguez
      Richard Rodriguez 5 years ago +2

      I play it, It is not, but fun regardless.

  • Fausto Araujo
    Fausto Araujo 5 years ago

    I'm sorry, couldn't stop it. :)

  • Theoldnile
    Theoldnile 5 years ago +3

    I hope they make another trailer with characters from other earths

  • MrImastinker
    MrImastinker 5 years ago +3

    Batman is overrated.

  • Hump Time
    Hump Time 5 years ago

    I dont get it. After the DC Universe trailer, Arkham Knight trailer, and now this. THEY NEED TO DO A FEATURE LENGTH MOVIE. Get your head out of your ass DC.

  • D hxx
    D hxx 5 years ago +2

    I replayed Batman getting pop by the weak Joker like 20 times. xD

  • Eric Corona
    Eric Corona 5 years ago


  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen 5 years ago


  • Cp2chewy
    Cp2chewy 5 years ago

    I fight for cash and sometimes biscuits- but mainly cash!

  • Dice Bone-21
    Dice Bone-21 5 years ago

    Make it for ps4.