Fox Kids Review Bloopers

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • Man did we get the giggles this day. Also we try Lucky Frosted Cocoa Trix, and the results may surprise you.
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Comments • 530

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 2 days ago


  • KTM B
    KTM B 22 days ago

    I love this.

  • Andrew Lowe
    Andrew Lowe 28 days ago


  • David Rich
    David Rich Month ago

    4:55) Tamara sounds like a tea pot whose tea is boiling.

  • T.G.W .M.C.
    T.G.W .M.C. 2 months ago

    Critic got addicted to cereal.


  • Skylandsdefender 03
    Skylandsdefender 03 2 months ago

    I wonder how fun it is to work for The Nostalgia Critic

  • gamer gal
    gamer gal 3 months ago

    Can u review liberty's kids

  • Hobo Man's Mansion
    Hobo Man's Mansion 3 months ago

    Are you sure you guys won't high while doing this?

  • Trey Walker
    Trey Walker 3 months ago

    This seems like such an awesome, loving work environment. You assholes, warming my heart and shit.

  • Bryson 101
    Bryson 101 3 months ago

    Me and my friends actually went out to make lucky frosted cocoa tricks

  • NEGA! sans
    NEGA! sans 4 months ago


  • Some guy who likes memes

    *P* *O* *O* *P*

    WHATWHATWHAT XZ 5 months ago

    Stay in milk don't do school and drink your drugs

  • Randal Graves
    Randal Graves 6 months ago

    I kinda want the spider man shirt.
    But I don’t need it.

  • Sarah McMann
    Sarah McMann 6 months ago

    I wouldn’t be surprise if the cereal came to stores on 4/20

  • The great Gold gamer
    The great Gold gamer 6 months ago

    what's Tamra on?
    and can I have some????????

  • SMB Productions
    SMB Productions 6 months ago

    You guys should do vlogs you guys are hilarious and fun even when your not acting

  • van8ryan
    van8ryan 7 months ago

    9:40----Good Lord, I laugh every time Heather makes that face (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!)

  • The Weird Dr.V
    The Weird Dr.V 7 months ago

    The cereal I do alot, because what can I say i!I'm weirdly crazy

  • StevieWho
    StevieWho 7 months ago

    I could listen to Tamara laugh forever, it's so infectious. just the sound of pure unabashed glee.

  • Camilo Garcia Ylasaari
    Camilo Garcia Ylasaari 8 months ago

    It puts the "die" in "diabetes"

  • Benjamin Jauregui
    Benjamin Jauregui 8 months ago

    what store should i buy diabetes the cereal

  • Handsome Chan Kemp
    Handsome Chan Kemp 8 months ago

    4kids will comeback shows that are going to be on 4kids: really me, the amazing world of gumball, Martha speaks, hip hop harry, wordgirl, the oddbods, power rangers jungle fury, power rangers wild force, power rangers Dino force brave, power rangers turbo, dragon booster, cars toons, the mighty b, random cartoons, back at the barnyard, the high fructose adventures of annoying orange, moolah beach, the haunted mask, the save ums, peep and the big wide world, toddworld, spongebob squarepants, Thomas and friends, boo!, Barney, Sesame Street, Martha speaks, lazytown, backyardigans, pocoyo, mister maker, pinky dinky doo, wow wow wubbzy, word world, Peppa pig,

  • Joseph Womer
    Joseph Womer 8 months ago

    *Pauses at **2:47*
    Loving that Legend of Zelda Poster.

  • Candy Bara
    Candy Bara 8 months ago

    Please have more bloopers please

  • QuincySkullLord
    QuincySkullLord 8 months ago

    damn i want some of that cereal :D

  • Nuisance Music
    Nuisance Music 8 months ago

    Inspirational, sensational, Spider-Man shirt, very sugary sweety cereal without milk goodness, mistakes made that no one could breathe after dying of laughter, phenomenal performances that only the crew at channel AWESOME can provide... not enough bloopers anywhere else... these messages were brought to you by Life Alert... there for you when you can’t be for yourself... jk I’m not sponsored by them figured I’d use a reference from a video I made in high school lol (only the end of it) but no seriously Doug and the gang I love your content and want to do similar things of my own nature and fondness. I love your videos even if I love the movies you make fun of because hey... it’s just that funny, life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about doing what you feel is right, fun, courageous, satirical, what you love, and perseverance. Thank you guys for years of laughs and keeping me sane despite your insane humor lol

  • Roman Kotas
    Roman Kotas 9 months ago


  • Aurelian
    Aurelian 9 months ago

    So this vid reveals something we never knew about one of the cast members: Tamara Chambers is Diabetic.

  • Christina Flibotte
    Christina Flibotte 9 months ago

    Tamara couldn't eat the cereal. Lucky her. I'm pretty sure just LOOKING at that cereal gave me diabetes...

  • Sean Last
    Sean Last 9 months ago +1

    I can't tell if their hyper or drunk lol
    also I love the making of's they make me happy.

  • Bob the Tomato
    Bob the Tomato 9 months ago

    Stay in milk ▶️🥛◀️
    Don’t do school🚫👨🏻‍🏫🚫
    Drink 🍸 your drugs💊💊💊
    Rob 1:51

  • ChristianGirl20
    ChristianGirl20 10 months ago

    Doug beats Malcom with hat, Tamara "This is nice" 😂😂

  • DaKruger Toch91
    DaKruger Toch91 10 months ago

    I could see Pinky from Pinky and the Brain saying “YOU RUINED THE GENIUS OF POOP!!!” XD

  • DaKruger Toch91
    DaKruger Toch91 10 months ago

    Malcolm has issues, Tamara has giggles, and Doug has diabetes. :)

  • Mya Maola
    Mya Maola 10 months ago

    0:00-2:47 Lucky Frosted Cocoa Trix

  • chelsi irvine
    chelsi irvine 10 months ago

    these guys just have too much fun don't they :D

  • CookiesandGaming
    CookiesandGaming 10 months ago

    Greatest part is at 7:28 with Tamera.

  • guymine123
    guymine123 10 months ago

    How they do this all in 1 week I have no idea the amount of takes per video must be unbelievable

  • The Golden Gamer
    The Golden Gamer 10 months ago


  • pasco 1
    pasco 1 10 months ago

    More bloopers!!!

  • jack oliver
    jack oliver 11 months ago

    I want him to do this again but with Nickelodeon's shows

  • timmity tommithy
    timmity tommithy 11 months ago

    I love these guys 😂

  • Stef Sears
    Stef Sears 11 months ago

    I wish they showed bloopers of them tickling him for saying that he loves his dad. lol

  • Captain Levi
    Captain Levi 11 months ago +1

    *Tamara can't have it because she'll die*
    Poor Tamara missing out on some awsome cereal ☹

  • Sam Silberman
    Sam Silberman 11 months ago

    I got that reference

  • silverdaleks1
    silverdaleks1 11 months ago +1

    3:59 POOP!..... XD

  • Jared Genesis
    Jared Genesis 11 months ago

    Tamara has a nice ghetto booty. I'd bounce that shit up and down while watching fox kids

  • Stitch underground
    Stitch underground 11 months ago

    Its nice to see that everyone is having fun while making these episodes!

  • Kye Wilson
    Kye Wilson 11 months ago

    Walter is actually a good addition to this crew I think we need to see more of him

  • Nolberto Roa Pulido
    Nolberto Roa Pulido 11 months ago

    That's what I call: "Part of a full breakfast"

  • quag311
    quag311 11 months ago

    This was better than the actual video.

  • KEVA1701
    KEVA1701 11 months ago

    I must try this cereal combination!

  • stonecoldku
    stonecoldku 11 months ago

    From the same people that brought you Cavities the Cereal comes the only cereal that comes with a warning from the Surgeon General. Diabetes the Cereal. They didn't show you the back of the box but it is just a picture of Wilford Brimley giving you a dirty look.

  • *GUSTtoDUST*
    *GUSTtoDUST* 11 months ago

    Oh my god.the digimon gun skit was hilarious

  • Michael Randol
    Michael Randol 11 months ago

    Digi-lethal weapon Xmas 😲😨😱 ill see you later agumon much later starts sobbing onto agumons picture lol

  • deathsia
    deathsia 11 months ago

    Because these outtakes CLEARLY SHOW US how unfairly treated and harassed the cast, crew, and female actors are.... Christ that whole bulshit controversy with Channel Awesome was so stupid! Just some stupid bitch who most likely worked with them in the past, got pissed because she was never noticed and/or that an actress like Tamera got the lead role when she didn't and many years later in some harebrained attempt, tried to ruin the site's rep.

  • Mariorox1956
    Mariorox1956 11 months ago

    It’s funny how the two people who basically ate milky piles of sugar are somehow still less giggly than Tamara.

  • Welcome To My World
    Welcome To My World 11 months ago

    Remember, stay in milk, don’t do school, and stay in drugs.

  • Kye Wilson
    Kye Wilson 11 months ago +2

    Even though there's shit going on at channel awesome I can't get mad at Doug

  • cool cat777777777
    cool cat777777777 11 months ago

    Remember, stay in milk, don't do school, and drink your drugs.

  • TheNorfilas
    TheNorfilas 11 months ago

    That was the most wholesome bloopers episode I've ever seen! I hope you'll post more of these in the future, I truly enjoyed it.

  • just a guy
    just a guy 11 months ago

    Is that Miles Morales?

  • mii6619
    mii6619 11 months ago

    I actually want to try that cereal..

  • ExtraEarth 33
    ExtraEarth 33 11 months ago

    2:57 Malcom looks a Vietnam Vet

  • Lachlan Wise
    Lachlan Wise 11 months ago

    I didn't know that Tamara had diabetes !!. what type or kind?

  • zeoalexo
    zeoalexo 11 months ago

    it was here I learned that tamara is diabetic

  • LunarWolf
    LunarWolf 11 months ago

    Critic, Awesome Goosebumps Shirt! Can you give me a ❤ please?

  • TBG
    TBG 11 months ago

    Bruh, this seems like the most fun job ever. I wanna join, but i can’t ;-;

  • Adrian Adder
    Adrian Adder 11 months ago

    Been watching you for ten years man keep it up i miss that guy with the glasses yoo the questions and shit was epic

  • Natasha kat
    Natasha kat 11 months ago

    I know this video would has bloopers because it take than horh to that video was done and is fucking funny these bloopers 😂😂😂

  • SentientSockPuppet
    SentientSockPuppet 11 months ago

    Did you know a gram of sugar is twice as addictive as a gram of cocaine

  • horse14t
    horse14t 11 months ago

    Someone sell that cereal as the cereal equivalent to Munchies!

  • OriginalityPeople
    OriginalityPeople 11 months ago +1

    tamera is adorable as always

  • Lunar Knight
    Lunar Knight 11 months ago

    It's a trap!!!

  • asia kelly
    asia kelly 11 months ago

    Man, you guys are awesome.

  • Career Use
    Career Use 11 months ago

    Now I'm high eating cereal. . .

  • erix33
    erix33 11 months ago

    Why is he acting like the cereal combo has more sugar than other cereals? It literally has less sugar then a bowl of whichever component cereal has the most sugar.

  • Andy Roy
    Andy Roy 11 months ago

    I think my favorite thing out of almost any NC bit is Tamara going “this is our job”

  • King Kryptonite
    King Kryptonite 11 months ago

    Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes IS A THING actually LOL

  • Crakatoot
    Crakatoot 11 months ago

    Pain in the ass diabetics

  • Jose alonzo
    Jose alonzo 11 months ago

    These bloopers are awesome. They must have a crazy amount of fun filming.

  • VCGcosplay
    VCGcosplay 11 months ago

    The bloopers are amazing!! These are my go to pick me ups for a good laugh🤣 ❤

  • carlzson299
    carlzson299 11 months ago

    I think they all let their inner child out during the filming of this.

  • Jaicob Perez
    Jaicob Perez 11 months ago +1

    Do vlogs please

  • Sammy R.
    Sammy R. 11 months ago +3

    "I don't think my mom's going to let me sleep over here anymore..."
    That was such a brilliant ad-lib. Kudos, Tamara!

  • Ronnie P
    Ronnie P 11 months ago +2

    Oh I wish I could have that cereal! Freakin hilarious guys!

    • Kye Wilson
      Kye Wilson 11 months ago

      Ronnie P I think it's real

  • Chromosome Mann
    Chromosome Mann 11 months ago

    #this channel is dead

  • K Wilson
    K Wilson 11 months ago

    I love how much they’re laughing with this one. I love seeing them have fun and not stress

  • GantzIsSloppy
    GantzIsSloppy 11 months ago

    all I can think about is *NARF!*

  • Console Queen
    Console Queen 11 months ago

    Tamara's laugh is contagious!

  • Kristjan Poulsen
    Kristjan Poulsen 11 months ago

    Do a review of night at the museum next

  • Kristjan Poulsen
    Kristjan Poulsen 11 months ago

    I like your goosebumps shirt critic

  • RedisPower
    RedisPower 11 months ago

    Check inside the box for the special coupon deal for 15% off on Novolog FlexPens.

  • Michael Rhett
    Michael Rhett 11 months ago

    I’ve never heard of that cereal, until now. And I can see how much fun you guys have making these videos. Good job.

  • Mario Salcedo
    Mario Salcedo 11 months ago

    hey doug, you know disney has made a series of the three caballeros ???

  • Jonathan Bristor
    Jonathan Bristor 11 months ago

    I've never been more invested in watching someone eat cereal XD

  • D N
    D N 11 months ago +1

    Nostalgia critic : POOP!
    Rip Comedy.......

  • TheEarlyGamer
    TheEarlyGamer 11 months ago +2

    I caught that pun Tamara made after laughing at Doug's Poop line...
    "I ruined it... soiled it" I see what you did there!

  • The Broken Meeple
    The Broken Meeple 11 months ago +11

    Doug's addiction to that cereal is priceless! ........."god that's gooood"! :D