Eddie vs kin0531 - Grand Final - Hearthstone Masters Tour Bucharest

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Eddie and kin0531 face off in Grand Final of the Hearthstone Masters Tour Bucharest!
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Comments • 47

  • Games with david
    Games with david 23 days ago

    Wanna see more hearthstone content ?, go to my channel and see the video when i got blessed by the rnjesus, or go to my twitch, and follow me to see new content first

  • Wander 92
    Wander 92 24 days ago

    Genio eddie! Muy merecido. Gran jugador

  • Aidan Garrod
    Aidan Garrod 25 days ago

    ooo my two favourite British casters. You say potatoes I say Shaman.

  • RV AWU
    RV AWU 25 days ago

    Wait so why at 27:40 Eddie say oops? Looked like a good play

  • Kalin Tonchev
    Kalin Tonchev 27 days ago +2

    Can you please fire the guy that pronounces Shaman-Sheimun.... Thank you.

  • Bboy 3:16
    Bboy 3:16 27 days ago +5

    1:53:53 for awkwardness you can feel.

  • Moritz Neidhart
    Moritz Neidhart 27 days ago

    play 4 mana, evolve both minions twice instead of the hares

  • orinpax1
    orinpax1 27 days ago +3

    I cant believe that eddie won that shaman game. Absolute insanity in the gameplay here!

  • Carlos DeMare
    Carlos DeMare 27 days ago

    I don't know why people say esports commentators and competitors are awkward.

  • Román Guichandut
    Román Guichandut 28 days ago +1

    Kin played game number 1 perfectly. Blizzard needs to stop those bs rng cards. Eddie won just because that random lava burst and the empowered hero power

    • Roland Heinze
      Roland Heinze 27 days ago

      Yes because the warriors 8 board clears are completely fair

  • Asuna Existe
    Asuna Existe 29 days ago

    só jogasso namoral, esse jogo é irado demais gosto muito, o cara derruba o troféu man la no fim pqp asideia man kakakak

  • Kaabal Cruser
    Kaabal Cruser Month ago +1

    kino plays really really bad

  • Ronaldo Mello
    Ronaldo Mello Month ago +2

    Cadê o canal em Português com Tesdey e CIA, Blizzard? E podia divulgar melhor o calendário das competições.

  • Pentogram 123
    Pentogram 123 Month ago

    Why the booties over their shoes??

  • 장진홍
    장진홍 Month ago +2

    There were too many mistakes that couldn't be made in the final. Even after watching this video, I wonder if this game is worth 100 million won. Of course, the right elements of luck must intervene to make games fun, but I don't know if they are suitable for games with prize money. Many people say they don't see much difference between the legendary class people and the grandmaster, but I'm sure you can tell from this clip.

  • Fancy MHS
    Fancy MHS Month ago


  • SiN
    SiN Month ago +1

    You earn 150$-300$/year from every serious player and then this plastikshit?
    shame! shame! shame!

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang Month ago +1

    well played

  • mariotaz
    mariotaz Month ago +2

    First Pokemon trophy falls apart and then hearthstone

  • turtle g
    turtle g Month ago +3

    thats bad luck, most likely blizzard is going to hit hard when blizzcon :D die blizzardddd

  • Dark Gedi
    Dark Gedi Month ago +2

    I miss Admirable 😞

  • Alessio Vidal
    Alessio Vidal Month ago

    It’s not made in China, the trophy is made out of two separated elements. It didn’t break, Just slipped out of thr pedestal.

  • Billchuck007
    Billchuck007 Month ago

    I almost thought I was watching somebody stream Bloodborne that last game!

  • END6987
    END6987 Month ago +5

    Must be made in China.

  • Iris Waldenburger
    Iris Waldenburger Month ago +3

    48:00 Surprised the casters didn’t even notice that the bloods broke the highlander deck and cards....

  • Jamie Carr
    Jamie Carr Month ago +2

    Why does Raven mispronounce Shaman on purpose?

  • Iris Waldenburger
    Iris Waldenburger Month ago +2

    Shaaaaaaamahn, not Shaymen!

  • Rodrigo Inglada
    Rodrigo Inglada Month ago +6

    Kino played the first game perfectly until the penultimate play, that hit with collider just to keep microbots wasn't necessary. And that rush lackey on microbot.... He already have bern the game controlled, but understimate shaman damage potential and go agressive, this cost the game for him If he keeps the lackey on hand he could Elysians + Rush clear the board, stop fadige and win.

    • Iris Waldenburger
      Iris Waldenburger Month ago +1

      Rodrigo Inglada and righteously so he lost. All he had to do at that point was to not take any unnecessary damage. That cost him the tournament

  • Tim Bouman
    Tim Bouman Month ago

    Great games!

  • Unbelievable Uwe
    Unbelievable Uwe Month ago +1

    Hearthstone as Hard as chess? Omegalul

  • Kaos
    Kaos Month ago

    Every time sottle says sure I wanna punch him in the face says it every game multiple times😐 annoying af 😡

  • Hydralisk
    Hydralisk Month ago +101

    1:54:19 MADE IN CHINA

  • Siwon Yun
    Siwon Yun Month ago

    홍콩 프리~

  • Haoxu Wang
    Haoxu Wang Month ago +3

    Great first game
    Please no politics in future

    • Clayton McKee
      Clayton McKee 28 days ago +1

      @Haoxu Wang Nope. I was mocking your comment so i used the poor grammar that you used.

    • turtle g
      turtle g Month ago +2

      @OinkyBob he is from china, the butthurts burn feeling by comments.

    • OinkyBob
      OinkyBob Month ago +3

      @Haoxu Wang You okay buddy? No one cares.

    • Haoxu Wang
      Haoxu Wang Month ago

      @Clayton McKee in THE future, dude are you also illiterate ?

  • Anubis Santos
    Anubis Santos Month ago

    Hearthstone is great play.
    Hearthstone es un gran juego, es una lastima que su propia comunidad sea tan toxica y en lugar de preocuparse por jugar solo buscan fomentar el odio hacia Blizzard.

    • Arnoldo Acosta
      Arnoldo Acosta Month ago

      Hearthstone is indeed a great game
      that doesnt make Activision-Blizzard a good company