Key moments from the Trump-Putin press conference

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin answered questions in Helsinki on Monday. Trump refused to back US intelligence agencies on their findings on Russian interference in the US presidential election. Trump declared the US and Russia's relationship to be strong, while Putin dodged questions on rumoured compromising material he held on Trump, and gave him a commemorative football
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Comments • 1 135

  • Matt Ball
    Matt Ball 3 days ago

    Key Moments from "Guardian" lol

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 6 days ago

    I still cannot get over this. After all this time, and trump is doing his biddings in plain sight.

  • wolfenstein _97
    wolfenstein _97 6 days ago

    Would have been weird if as soon as he tossed the ball it explodes

  • Nouamm
    Nouamm 7 days ago +9

    "Does the Russian Governement have any compromising material on president Trump or his family?"
    Putin: *chuckles*

    • White Marlin
      White Marlin 5 days ago

      *Putin* - Vhy Comrade ! The only small thing we have is Pres Trump and beautiful Moscow Hooker Pissing on each other , while Mrs Trump was with child . Like you Americans say " Big Deal" right ?

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 12 days ago


  • pimpninja1985
    pimpninja1985 14 days ago

    Democrats are cancer.

  • Jacob Sørensen
    Jacob Sørensen 15 days ago

    T’y hus du gt

  • Creed Justice
    Creed Justice 19 days ago +1

    The puppet and the puppet master

  • LongLiveBuckethead LongLiveBuckethead

    Is the evil plan to create a shitload of new jobs?

  • Pedro Pereira
    Pedro Pereira 29 days ago

    "Putin has been very strong and powerful"

  • _thya _aiz
    _thya _aiz Month ago

    Hahahaha 👎 lier💯💯 🙉.

  • Ploh Soe
    Ploh Soe Month ago +1

    Best two presidents ever.

  • Rihards Super
    Rihards Super Month ago

    Tramp is idijot

  • Werawat Wisitudonkan

    Trump promised to make American Great and he get elected. But from what I see until now, he has been making Russia greater than any leaders in Moscow ever done before.

  • Pappa Putin
    Pappa Putin Month ago

    HACKING ? Who ?

  • Aleksandar Todorović

    Možete vi Ameri Putinu samo kurac da popušite,govnari jedni!

  • Alibaba Blackthorn
    Alibaba Blackthorn Month ago

    President Putin of the United States (CAPO DI TUTTI CAPITAL) and vice President Donald Trump. Underboss

  • ꧁ •『BLAcK Vɪя͢ʊ͋S͚』•꧂

    Putin Like:
    Trump comment:

  • Hajri Iljazi
    Hajri Iljazi Month ago

    Me be ne izdamo prijatesvo

  • Hajri Iljazi
    Hajri Iljazi Month ago +1

    Ja poznam znam treba da mi objave 5 cifre hej ni malo 500 tisoč za koshulju

  • Hajri Iljazi
    Hajri Iljazi Month ago +1

    Vi gospodje ja sem markus plačujem me be 500 tisoč evrov na drin

  • Momma Baer
    Momma Baer Month ago

    Hilary colluded with russians

  • You Tube Az
    You Tube Az Month ago

    Trump loser 😂😂😂

  • X - Force
    X - Force Month ago

    it skips the part was putin was asked if he helped trump in the election and putin answers "yes"

  • J Lajeunesse
    J Lajeunesse Month ago

    Impeach Trump !

  • I like Bread do you like Bread? Huh?

    1:27 can anyone tell me what servers is he talking bout

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez 2 months ago

    I think Putin was giving him a soccer ball as a sign of a kind gesture Bc maybe he really enjoys soccer? imo

  • TheCreebecois
    TheCreebecois 2 months ago +1

    Why did cameras go off from 0:35 to 0:41?

  • Redback Shanto’s
    Redback Shanto’s 2 months ago

    Boss Putin. USA best dream Journalist has been fails to ???

  • Albert Correia
    Albert Correia 2 months ago +1

    I could have Russian dressing, does that make me a spy?

  • Bailey Wattron
    Bailey Wattron 2 months ago

    Bannon said Trump looked like a beaten dog.

  • robert pineau
    robert pineau 2 months ago +3

    I hope putin gives MR Trump another Term.

  • Sri Endayati
    Sri Endayati 2 months ago

    Fuckin american

  • AsKaNeL tAnKeR
    AsKaNeL tAnKeR 2 months ago +2

    Trump: *DID HE JUST SAID THE F WORD?!?!?!?

  • Bisrry Snowing
    Bisrry Snowing 2 months ago


  • Bisrry Snowing
    Bisrry Snowing 2 months ago +1

    Before nice now horrible computer 💻 eye 👁 s hell lo

  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    How about start a war

  • Brittany Bonnie
    Brittany Bonnie 2 months ago +1

    well guys...guess we need to learn russian

  • captain marvel
    captain marvel 3 months ago

    The president of the year is here ..zzz

  • Vikas Shelke
    Vikas Shelke 3 months ago

    Putin is awsome,

  • 3333sweetie
    3333sweetie 3 months ago +2

    Ever notice how Putin seems so calm, respectful, polite and gentle when talking? That's the definition of a real man. Trump is insecure of his masculinity it seems. Many American men look up to him as a role model for manliness, which is sad.

  • 3333sweetie
    3333sweetie 3 months ago +8

    Putin: The only man who can face-down Trump. When Putin says jump, Trump asks how high?!

    • 3333sweetie
      3333sweetie 3 months ago

      @Ultron-5 Putin?

    • Ultron-5
      Ultron-5 3 months ago +1

      3333sweetie well he is the most powerful man in the world

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 3 months ago

    What I don't get isthat I see alot of trump supporters supporting this and seems like everyone forgot that he walked all of this back by saying he doesn't see why it wouldn't be Russia and instead of what he said was would hack the DNC servers. IDK if Russians all are on here or ppl are that desperate

  • David
    David 3 months ago

    PS That would be Putin, Trump or Xi

    BEN NILSSON 3 months ago +1

    Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamed Donald Trump was kidnapped by Putin, out in the wood! Siberia? I was also kidnapped and Putin shoot me in the throut.!

  • Alexander Vydrin
    Alexander Vydrin 3 months ago +89

    Love and peace between U.S. and Russia

    • White Marlin
      White Marlin 5 days ago

      *Love & Piss* betwix American President & Lovely Chernobyl Hooker

    • Desrae Soutae
      Desrae Soutae Month ago +2

      Here! Here! May the 2 great Nation's come together in Peace and prosperity.

    • DirtyJohn Gaming
      DirtyJohn Gaming 2 months ago +3

      Alexander Vydrin 👍🇺🇸🇷🇺

  • Alexander Vydrin
    Alexander Vydrin 3 months ago

    💗💕💖❤ love ❤💖💕💗

  • Alexander Vydrin
    Alexander Vydrin 3 months ago

    Hey guys, the translation Is oughful, contract ME

  • Roman Kappert
    Roman Kappert 4 months ago +1

    Only if Trump was the half the leader Putin is.

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 4 months ago

    trump doesn't know what to say when Putin is around!!!

  • tim goettsch
    tim goettsch 4 months ago

    mr. president, thank you

  • Prince pal
    Prince pal 4 months ago +1

    Tintin was my favorite cartoon character ,n Putin n Tintin sounds same to me alike the combination of fuel n car👍

  • Mochamad Husairi
    Mochamad Husairi 4 months ago +2

    [ Mr.President Donald Trump and Mr.President Vladimir Putin.]👍👍👍👍😁😋✋✋

  • Nazmiye Ozturk
    Nazmiye Ozturk 5 months ago +4

    😯 T Ü R K İ Y E 😯

  • Archam Karibian
    Archam Karibian 5 months ago +2

    Trump handled the ball situation like a boss!

  • Steven Real
    Steven Real 5 months ago +1

    Great question regarding "compromising material".... DIE... BASTRD

  • Hendy Widjaja
    Hendy Widjaja 5 months ago

    my heroes alive..

  • Omer Sorgucu
    Omer Sorgucu 5 months ago

    Russia Can beat the America

    • Xen0N
      Xen0N 3 months ago +1

      This isn't a war, it's a summit.

  • itge13
    itge13 6 months ago

    so after the question if he has compromizing material why did it take so long for him to laugh since he understands English perfectly clear?

  • Ivonne Lagarda
    Ivonne Lagarda 6 months ago

    That’s fucken crazy