Markiplier Makes: NAIL ART

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Ever wanted to know how to make NAIL ART?! WELL WE'RE HERE TO TEACH YOU!!
    Ethan ►
    Tyler ►

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Comments • 6 836

  • Michelle Salazar
    Michelle Salazar 3 hours ago

    *E* *W*

  • DistinctSkizzy -_-
    DistinctSkizzy -_- 4 hours ago

    It’s gonna be 97 degrees today.
    Me:Hey mom are we going to the pool today?
    Mom:Nope we’re going roller skating!

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower 5 hours ago

    Why does Ethan own such dope shirts, honestly tho haha.

  • Hearteyes 147
    Hearteyes 147 7 hours ago

    Mark: I'm gonna say it. I don't care you broke your elbow.

  • ThatTechDude
    ThatTechDude 10 hours ago

    Seems Ether's improv. classes are really paying off.

  • Mocha The cat
    Mocha The cat 14 hours ago +1

    Poor Tyler

  • Silverlight 522
    Silverlight 522 16 hours ago


  • Gwenevere Hodgson
    Gwenevere Hodgson 16 hours ago

    Anyone else wanna see the boys do henna tattoos on each other?

  • dead person
    dead person 16 hours ago +1

    Cristine is proud of Ethan,
    She's very dissapointed of mark. 😂😂

  • creepy375
    creepy375 18 hours ago +1

    HOLO + nail polish=Simply Nailogical

  • Xx_RockPotato_xX
    Xx_RockPotato_xX 19 hours ago

    1:42 - Ethan the highschool teacher.

  • SomeRedHeadedChik
    SomeRedHeadedChik 19 hours ago

    Now all they need is Mark Makes Hair Art. lol

  • John Doe Poop
    John Doe Poop 22 hours ago

    JaMeS cHarLRs

  • GreatnessGamers
    GreatnessGamers Day ago +2

    10:37 marks face... you'll thank me later

  • Ash_Wolf222 : ]
    Ash_Wolf222 : ] Day ago

    Ethan has so many names he has Heapass,Ether and who knows what else

  • Cornelius Fitzgerald

    Ethan nailed it

    Get it 😏😉

  • TheCameronMaster464

    Aren't you supposed to use UV light to dry it?

  • Jon the Wolf
    Jon the Wolf Day ago

    Tyler: *I'm on Twitch*

  • Destiny Nantroup

    I want these types of video again

  • Tanya Garduno
    Tanya Garduno Day ago

    I love Tyler's shirt!

  • Kid Trunks
    Kid Trunks Day ago

    5:42 KILLED ME.

  • Alacat 8976
    Alacat 8976 Day ago +1

    Take a look at simply nailogical's channel.
    She's pretty good at nail art!

  • Violetschell02
    Violetschell02 Day ago +1

    Amy: you need multiple colors to marble
    Mark: *ignores amy* I think I need multiple colors to marble

  • tord larrson and angel garcia

    5:42 girls when they are getting ready for pom XD

  • Roxy The Proxy
    Roxy The Proxy Day ago

    8:37 what the hell was that???

  • Roxy The Proxy
    Roxy The Proxy Day ago +1

    0:27 damn dropping a Tom Holland level spoiler there, huh, Ethan?

  • Vivian Vetzel
    Vivian Vetzel 2 days ago +1

    BEHOLD! Their ship name shall be ETHER

  • InZOMBIac Teddi
    InZOMBIac Teddi 2 days ago

    I first started off dying of laughter because of Ethan's history of nail art and crying of laughter in the end because of Mark with his nail art xD lmao

  • popcorn tinthe2nd
    popcorn tinthe2nd 2 days ago

    The should make flip art next or pottery just to see mark and ethan turn full on ghost pottery scene

  • matthew someone
    matthew someone 2 days ago +1

    Mark: this is ether
    Me: *dying of laughter*

  • Sensen Jo
    Sensen Jo 2 days ago

    Mark received a very underwhelming blow job ft. some spitting by Ethan and Tyler

  • Ram 2500
    Ram 2500 2 days ago

    mark makes muffins with cream

  • Ariana Wilson
    Ariana Wilson 2 days ago

    All the holo sexuals are dead

  • Taya Connolly
    Taya Connolly 2 days ago

    I searched it up

    it IS Ambidextrous, so that means I am Ambidextrous hmmm

    Fuck off Tyler


  • Sharilyn Kingbird-Samreth

    Here's a suggestion for a video Markiplier Makes: A Sandy Vagina

  • UnholyJinx
    UnholyJinx 2 days ago

    That moment you are watching this video as you’re doing your nails as well and look at your nails as judgement and think to yourself “yeah .... I could have done better than that...” while looking at everyone else’s and think again “ never mind they look better than them lol .”

  • Betzaida Cruz
    Betzaida Cruz 2 days ago

    Be nice to Taylor XD

  • * McManus
    * McManus 2 days ago

    do more dammit

  • Shaezartsy
    Shaezartsy 2 days ago

    HoLO ...Ethan hunty... no

  • anime_lover246
    anime_lover246 3 days ago

    thank you tyler for making me look up "mixed handed" and now i know that i am mixed handed, thank you

  • Max The kid
    Max The kid 3 days ago

    Tyler's death stare though literally just sitting there and staring and it's kind of creeping me out

  • NoVa YT
    NoVa YT 3 days ago

    Mark: I think I really nailed the symmetry on this one.
    Everyone else: ba dun tcccccc

  • ACwatchesVids
    ACwatchesVids 3 days ago +1

    Just like the Pablo before him 😂😂😂

  • father dark art
    father dark art 3 days ago

    mark, i absolutely beg you to make Russian black bread

  • Phuong Thao Nguyen
    Phuong Thao Nguyen 3 days ago

    Wow! Right in my birthday :D

  • Hailey Decker
    Hailey Decker 3 days ago

    Okay one what the hell am I watching 2 Mark I think you need help blowing your nails where you just need help in general

  • BatBrat 411
    BatBrat 411 3 days ago

    Mark dropping the Q-tip into the bottle of nail polish remover made me laugh more than it should have. 😂

  • ГSn00pyD
    ГSn00pyD 3 days ago

    I can't stop laughing: 8:36

  • Jordan McDaniel
    Jordan McDaniel 3 days ago

    🅱️imply 🅱️ailogical

  • Broken Brooklyn
    Broken Brooklyn 3 days ago +1

    Take a shot every time you hear “ WHAT IS THIS?”

  • Kayla Hall
    Kayla Hall 3 days ago

    Who else said "I" 😂

  • Obi Wan
    Obi Wan 3 days ago

    Hey Mark! Can you do a Markiplier makes with pasta?? I think that would be really cool!

  • Abigail Jeong
    Abigail Jeong 3 days ago +1

    10:03 it’s actually not that hard 😂😂 I used to do normal nail polish now I do gel

  • Jamless Jiminie
    Jamless Jiminie 3 days ago

    I'm so depressed I missed this

  • Blanca Ochoa
    Blanca Ochoa 3 days ago

    Why don’t they judge anymore

  • CJW7002
    CJW7002 3 days ago +2

    definition of democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. IN WITCH IS NOT A FAILURE OF A GOVERNMENT

  • Cheez-it Chan
    Cheez-it Chan 3 days ago

    Im here joined by ether-

  • PopcornPortrait
    PopcornPortrait 4 days ago

    The funny thing is that I have a few of those exact nail polishes

  • A Pixie Kid
    A Pixie Kid 4 days ago

    fingers have fingertips but toes dont have toetips, but yet you can tip toe

  • Leisha
    Leisha 4 days ago

    tyler is my life honestly such a mood

  • ItsMeCelina
    ItsMeCelina 4 days ago

    Markiplier makes Cupcaaakeeessss??????????

  • Lol Rekt
    Lol Rekt 4 days ago +2

    Was anyone else just watching ethan flipping the nail scratcher thingy
    When the other 2 were fighting

  • Gmario Gaming
    Gmario Gaming 4 days ago

    10:33 Ethan look like he went brain dead

  • CasualDylan
    CasualDylan 4 days ago

    Why does Ethan sound like a gay 9 year old when he drops a roast?

  • Bell's
    Bell's 4 days ago +1

    4:11 me at my physics test

  • King Whyvern Dragoon
    King Whyvern Dragoon 4 days ago +1

    It’s keratin, the stuff your hair is made of, basically you have colored nails all over your body.

  • Jaybird540
    Jaybird540 4 days ago

    Mark should do a Markiplier Makes with Jacksepticeye

  • Stephanie Berry
    Stephanie Berry 4 days ago

    I painted my nails while watching this... I think I won.

  • Elyssa Shingle
    Elyssa Shingle 4 days ago

    Tyler: *Blinks*

  • Spxcevibes
    Spxcevibes 4 days ago

    The way mark apologized to Amy every time he made a joke lol

  • Gruvia Lover
    Gruvia Lover 4 days ago

    Love this video so very much!

  • Princess Kenny
    Princess Kenny 4 days ago

    Markiplier Makes: Cookies

  • Tony Lanauze V
    Tony Lanauze V 4 days ago


  • Ella Gorrell
    Ella Gorrell 4 days ago

    ok did anyone notice mark’s face at 10:37

  • Rebecca O' S
    Rebecca O' S 4 days ago

    Ethan is such a perfect smol bean

  • Content Snac
    Content Snac 5 days ago

    Ethan paints nails better than i do XD

  • GamerLuna
    GamerLuna 5 days ago

    Terrifying thumbnail.

  • Anaiah Allen
    Anaiah Allen 5 days ago

    Amy: you need to do multiple colors mark
    Mark: mimics
    *instant regret
    Mark: im sorry I'm so sorry

  • Mikaila Gomez
    Mikaila Gomez 5 days ago

    Tyler is so bullheaded I love it

  • somebodysgamin
    somebodysgamin 5 days ago

    11:55 hand simulator IRL LOL

  • Kynidy S.
    Kynidy S. 5 days ago

    I was eating breakfast when I watched this and I choked on my bagel 😂

  • Gamer's Respekt
    Gamer's Respekt 5 days ago

    Markiplier Makes: Makeup

  • Izzynana
    Izzynana 5 days ago

    They should make bathbombs!

  • ArcticWolf
    ArcticWolf 5 days ago

    Ethan NAILED it..heh..I'm sorry

  • Teresa Shafer
    Teresa Shafer 5 days ago


  • Trevinatot Gaming
    Trevinatot Gaming 5 days ago

    I mean mixed handedness is different than being ambidextrous, but nobody cares about my opinion

  • Golden Freddy 22
    Golden Freddy 22 5 days ago

    0:09 you good Mark?

  • loveThem
    loveThem 5 days ago +2

    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Mark: WHAT IS THIS?!?!

    Mark: I'm gonna do the marbling...
    Amy: You need to do multiple colors, Mark
    Mark: yOu NeEd To Do MuLtIplE cOlOrS!
    Mark, not even 5 seconds later: I think to marble you need more than one color...

  • loveThem
    loveThem 5 days ago +2

    you guys don't even know how many times i've rewatched mark's videos just to see the subtitles lmao

  • Hannah Lueken
    Hannah Lueken 5 days ago +3

    As a Nail Artist, watching this just made me laugh 😂👍

  • Hannah Lueken
    Hannah Lueken 5 days ago +1

    I was eating and when Mark called Ethan Ether I choked on my food from laughing

  • Alice Parker
    Alice Parker 5 days ago

    My favorite line is “AWHO MAI GAWD YOU HIT MY ELBOW!!!!”

  • Kënnëdy Hårrëll
    Kënnëdy Hårrëll 5 days ago +1

    Tyler: * exist*
    Mark: DiSqUaLiFiEd

  • Bayleigh Westra
    Bayleigh Westra 6 days ago

    I hope you know I’m actually getting the thumbnail done on my nails thanks for helping me pick it out

  • blu.
    blu. 6 days ago

    was there holo

  • Blake Robb
    Blake Robb 6 days ago

    I feel Ethan when he's filing his nails😂😂 I hate the feeling of it also😂😂

  • BluWolf17
    BluWolf17 6 days ago

    Ethan is Holosexual confirmed

  • Angie! At the Disco
    Angie! At the Disco 6 days ago


  • JohngamerYT
    JohngamerYT 6 days ago

    Mark Charles

  • Lil Skrimp
    Lil Skrimp 6 days ago

    Mark really "Nailed" it on round two