Susan Collins Reaps What She Sowed

  • Published on Feb 15, 2020
  • Susan Collins’ own state turns against her leading up to her reelection. John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, and Kate Josephs break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook: TheDamageRep...

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    "PORTLAND (WGME) - There is mounting pressure on Senator Susan Collins from Mainers opposing the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Senator Susan Collins calls it bribery.

    More than $1 million has already been pledged online, from 42,000 people, many of them Mainers, who oppose Kavanaugh's nomination.

    "This campaign is a demonstration of how strongly Mainers feel about the threat that Brett Kavanaugh would pose on the Supreme Court," Amy Halsted of the Maine People’s Alliance said.
    "Lincoln County Indivisible," a Midcoast group, paid $6,000 for full page ads in three newspapers, calling for Senator Collins to stand by her word not to support a nominee who showed hostility to Roe v. Wade.

    "We're here today to deliver one of them to Senator Collins so that she can see that we are really, really trying to reach her to say no on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh," Kate Josephs of Lincoln County Indivisible said.

    An hour later, letters from concerned Mainers and clergy were delivered to the senator, opposing Kavanaugh over fears he will end healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions."

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  • The Damage Report
    The Damage Report  Year ago +105

    What are your thoughts on Susan Collins' reelection chances? Leave a comment below.

    • Catalina Sanchez
      Catalina Sanchez Year ago

      Susan Collin is a hypocrite

    • manuel morales
      manuel morales Year ago

      she is going down in flames, lol

    • Gaz TinTin
      Gaz TinTin Year ago

      The Titanic has a better chance of survival !!!

    • Nightstone
      Nightstone Year ago

      If one follows politics closely, Susan Collins buried her chances of being re-elected when she refused for new testimonies and evidence to be allowed in the Senate impeachment trials; and I bet she knows it. I doubt she will run for re-election.

    • Roxx Bee
      Roxx Bee Year ago


      I am amazed that you can actually use the terms "honesty" and "Trump" in the same sentence without your head spinning around 360 degrees like Regan from The Exorcist. Kudos to you for your intestinal fortitude, I would not be able to do it.

  • Edward Sim
    Edward Sim Year ago +16

    Susan Collins has got to go. What a liar, and we are through with her games.Get rid of her.

  • Enceladus Moon
    Enceladus Moon Year ago +29

    I hope that Collins is voted out of office, she had let her supporters down.

    • Average Joe
      Average Joe Year ago +1

      Enceladus Moon her supporters are republican and she made them happy by the way she voted. Look what happened to Romney. He is pretty much out of the Republican Party for doing the right thing which is probably best for him as he is an honorable man and no longer belongs around that type of people.

  • MVE
    MVE Year ago +16

    Come on Mainers, kick this traitor Susan Collins out!!!

  • Joseph Spacone
    Joseph Spacone Year ago +20

    I live in Maine, and I can’t wait to vote against Susan Collins.

    • Dans Earway
      Dans Earway Year ago +1

      I’m a Mainer. That’s how you say it. “I live in Maine” can only mean one thing.. “I’m originally a Masshole but I live in Maine now.”

  • Ghost Mama
    Ghost Mama Year ago +15

    Collins should be held accountable as well as many other republicans. They need to be voted OUT of office! The corruption needs to be STOPPED!!

  • Dj Martin
    Dj Martin Year ago +18

    Susan Collins is full of BS. She needs to be voted out.

  • ursaltydog
    ursaltydog Year ago +17

    She took a calculated risk to stride the fence... and she got knocked off..

  • karend169
    karend169 Year ago +33

    She pretends that she is concerned. But we know that is fake.

  • Starlink in Maine
    Starlink in Maine Year ago +16

    When I write to Ms. Collins, I get back a canned response that shows nobody read my request. Bye Bye Susan

  • Teddyballgame
    Teddyballgame Year ago +16

    I am from Maine. I stopped voting for Sen. Collins when she voted for the Iraq war.

  • jooled2u
    jooled2u Year ago +20

    Vote her out. Not going to change. Sh'es a manipulative liar!

  • James Baker
    James Baker Year ago +16

    Susan Collins is just PATHETIC; and needs to be voted out of office!

  • Charlie Caltagarone
    Charlie Caltagarone Year ago +26

    Since she couldn't hold Trump accountable for his crimes... Then she needs to take the fall for him

    • Charlie Caltagarone
      Charlie Caltagarone Year ago

      @Science is Real I know people are getting numb to his crap. People need to stay focused and "Remember in November" blue wave

    • Science is Real
      Science is Real Year ago +1

      That was probably one of the most feckless things ever said. “I think Trump learned his lesson”

      It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad in the fact that she was actually saying it seriously and coming from a position of power.

      Little by little day by day, we are all getting numb to the constant unrelenting attack on our laws, ethics and dignity.

  • Wez Log
    Wez Log Year ago +18

    Politicians like her should be removed from office. Don’t forget to VOTE!

    • Ilean Coleman
      Ilean Coleman Year ago +1

      Yes indeed

    • Steven Grotte
      Steven Grotte Year ago +1

      @Rob Dillon TRUMPANZZE BULLSHIT, we can donate money to whoever is running against collins even though we cannot vote in MAINE because we live in another state.

    • Rob Dillon
      Rob Dillon Year ago

      Susan Collins is great and honest

  • Irritating Indiana
    Irritating Indiana Year ago +14

    Good for you, calling her out.

  • Anjalena
    Anjalena Year ago +17

    I'm in Orono, Maine and I've been waiting for this campaign since she pulled that shit with Kavanaugh. I called her office and told them that she'd made a bad miscalculation and I would be doing my best to pull her out of her seat this November. And I'm still riled up and ready to vote! For Bernie and Against Collins.

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell Year ago +13

    She needs to be replaced in 2020, by a democratic Candidate that will help her state...

  • s jones
    s jones Year ago +11

    That woman is pathetic. She made excuses for the supreme court confirmation and now she made a excuse for a corrupt clown in the whitehouse. She need to go away for good.

  • Nclrwst
    Nclrwst Year ago +13

    Susan Collins should have never been part of the equation; as she no longer has the capacity to make realistic choices.
    Her decision should have been made by her legal guardian.

  • Sean Heupel
    Sean Heupel Year ago +9

    I hope and trust Democrats will be out in force to vote, this November.

  • Nicholas Fox
    Nicholas Fox Year ago +17

    Hopefully Collins will be history after the next election and maybe then she will have 'learned a lesson.'

  • PC Shazaam
    PC Shazaam Year ago +9

    I'd like to hear what she has to say now that she has heard what he REALLY learned from all this. (That he is indeed above the law)

  • mercoid
    mercoid Year ago +16

    It all boils down to one thing. She’s a two-faced coward. Sometimes three or four faced..., whatever it takes I guess.

  • Bob W
    Bob W Year ago +15

    Another example of why term limits are needed...

  • rldenny2
    rldenny2 Year ago +10

    I know that Susan Collins has learned from her recent accessory to impeachment acquittal role and she has my thoughts and prayers for her looming retirement. This former Mainer living in Belgium will assuredly absentee vote for her retirement bon voyage.

    • Brainbot Jezebel
      Brainbot Jezebel Year ago

      Was living in Steven Kings horror wonderland really that bad?

  • Karen Stewart
    Karen Stewart Year ago +19

    Susan Collins is Disgraceful!!! Get rid of her!!!

  • Jacqueline s
    Jacqueline s Year ago +17

    When she voted out she will have learn her lesson.

  • Will Storm
    Will Storm Year ago +11

    She is far to the right and while she makes good noises yet always slides where the party tells he to vote. If you vote for people who never vote with their conscience your vote is wasted. Excellent example of why term limits should apply.

  • Plan Ahead
    Plan Ahead Year ago +19

    We will vote her out in Maine 2020!

    • Amelia Takau
      Amelia Takau Year ago

      Vote her out. She is lying like trump all the time. Out out out vote her out

    • dee MAVERICK
      dee MAVERICK Year ago +1

      Please do and thank you very much.

  • Monty Bailey
    Monty Bailey Year ago +13

    Her position is weak and she will lose for not acting as a deterrent to an authoritarian.

  • Mario M
    Mario M Year ago +10

    Let her lose her spot. She'll learn her lesson

  • Eden Pagani
    Eden Pagani Year ago +16

    "It's exhausting!" She nailed it. All the calling and writing and begging. It's like watching a reality show... actually worse because it's our lives.

  • Merrilyn Garceau
    Merrilyn Garceau Year ago +17

    How did she get elected. She speaks and acts like my 90 year old gram. She seems so naive and not someone I would ever vote for someone as a Senator.

    • Steve -O
      Steve -O Year ago +1

      This is the typical republican actions. They are all like this, look a moscow mitch, old feeble minded fool.

  • Brownie314
    Brownie314 Year ago +17

    Has Susan Collins learned her lesson? That's the real question

    • Frances Thompson
      Frances Thompson Year ago +2

      I will not vote for her this time around ! I agree with all said in this video.

  • Remy N.
    Remy N. Year ago +13

    If you have to protest against the politician you voted into office, then that politician needs to either resign or be fired.

    • Remy N.
      Remy N. Year ago +2

      @Grey Matters Agreed.

    • Grey Matters
      Grey Matters Year ago +2

      Remy N. We have no choice but pay attn bc each Senator affects all 50 states. She’s awful. I see an independent winning.

  • Suspended Animation Designs

    Hey Susan Collins! When you do what's best for you instead of what's best for the people, the people will get rid of you because that's what's best for them. BYEEEEEE!!!!

  • Deborah Spradlin
    Deborah Spradlin Year ago +11

    I don't trust her. She's lied before too many times.

  • old wrench
    old wrench Year ago +15

    Vote her out

  • Snow White
    Snow White Year ago +14

    Susan Collins and Moscow Mitch must Vote out..

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard Year ago +16

    Get her out !

  • dlamancha
    dlamancha Year ago +15

    Get rid of Collins NOW! Vote Blue!

    • Charles Gadigian
      Charles Gadigian Year ago +1

      Every person need vote blue and take over all 3 branches

  • Open Social
    Open Social Year ago +8

    How is her logic: Trump learned his lesson - not enough to disqualify her for reelection? If Trump in her view, committed what he was accused of, she had to vote to impeach and remove. Simple. You don't get to break the law and defy the constitution and then say oops, I'll do better next time.

  • Cheryl Gowen
    Cheryl Gowen Year ago +22

    I am from Maine and have supported Collins in the past. She simply stopped representing us; and turned to condescending, ridiculous explanations for her Trump votes. When she voted for the tax bill, she said Mainers just didn’t understand all of the good things in the bill for Maine??? She completely berated us over the Kavanaugh vote and betrayed ALL women; and now the impeachment crap she put us through......If I never have to hear about her “concern” again, it will be too soon. Voting for Sara Gideon!

    • Sean Oxton
      Sean Oxton Year ago +1

      If you supported that Kavanaugh sham, you a truly idiotic and vile person.

  • Connie Selvera
    Connie Selvera Year ago +10

    Hopefully Collins and 98% of the GOPS Senators will be voted out soon. Moscow Mitch's wife will try to buy them off as she did in Alaska this time!

  • John Pelosi
    John Pelosi Year ago +9

    Gosh, this lady resembles Kathy Bates so much! Great message in any case.

  • Steven Robbins
    Steven Robbins Year ago +18

    OMG! I can't stop thinking about how much this woman, Kate Josephs, looks like the actress Kathy Bates. I

    • Steven Robbins
      Steven Robbins Year ago +1

      I’m glad to know that it wasn’t just me! 😆😆🤣🤣

    • neuromantoo
      neuromantoo Year ago +3

      Me too and I absolutely love Kathy Bates.

  • Vote to Count
    Vote to Count Year ago +14

    Susan Collins is on her last leg trying to repair what she did to women with the Kavanaugh vote, and now voting "no" to remove Trump. Maine, VOTE HER OUT!

  • Marlena Forbes-Reidy
    Marlena Forbes-Reidy Year ago +22

    Susan Collins needs to be voted out now!! She’s useless. After the Kavanaugh incident I lost total respect for her as a woman 👩

  • Andy Samoore
    Andy Samoore Year ago +9

    She is right...Trump sure learned a lesson.... his power is absolute.

  • Arcus Puffious
    Arcus Puffious Year ago +25

    We are NOT voting Susan Collins back in office!! She totally failed our State.
    Bye Bye dumb Suzy we are sure that you will learn your lesson once we kick you out!

  • Cheryl Pounds
    Cheryl Pounds Year ago +10

    I listened to her "defense" of voting to acquit Trump in the impeachment trial. OMG, she sounded so stupid. Trump made her to look like a fool. And she walked right into it. She has no chance now. It's over for her. If I could ask her one question it would be, was it really worth it?

  • TTV5
    TTV5 Year ago +18

    I think she nails it. Susan Collins will do or say anything Mitch McConnell commands her to do, but will make a BIG SHOW about her completely pretend decision making process.
    Both in the Kavanaugh hearing and in the impeachment case, there was just no doubt for me anymore that the was gonna vote pro-McConnell.
    She's not a moderate, just another attention-seeking politician.

  • Dean Oldfield
    Dean Oldfield Year ago +7

    She rightly has the biggest targets on her back. Take her out! She's a failure on all levels!
    She should get an Oscar for her performance in political theater!

    • JLS
      JLS Year ago

      HUGE target on her back and well earned. Nothing but a McConnell/Trump suck off.

  • Bryan Bowen
    Bryan Bowen Year ago +11

    She's the worst kind of politician - one that gives the full on faux passion and empathy when she needs to then immediately sticks the knife into everyone who believed in her at the first opportunity.

  • Grady Hall
    Grady Hall Year ago +13

    She needs to go away

  • Nelson Vega
    Nelson Vega Year ago +8

    I truly hope that Susan Collins hang up her books of lies and become a regular citizen

  • Bart Wilkerson
    Bart Wilkerson Year ago +11

    Im concerned,i find it troubling
    Her favorite answers to trumps criminal behavior

  • Norma Souza-Brien
    Norma Souza-Brien Year ago +31

    It’s really sad to see a woman vote to confirm a Supreme Court Justice who is a sex predator, a drunk and a gambler, it was rather disgusting.

    • L D
      L D Year ago

      @Stewart MacLean Seriously??!! tRump talking points that say nothing!

    • Stewart MacLean
      Stewart MacLean Year ago

      Out of your evidence to support any accusations

    • Paul T Sjordal
      Paul T Sjordal Year ago +2

      She's a conservative. According to conservative morals, being a sexual degenerate is a good thing.

  • Buffy smith
    Buffy smith Year ago +12

    What the heck is the matter with her . I guess she does not want to be re-elected. She is so flaky why would you want her to represent your state?

  • UC Vibes
    UC Vibes Year ago +11

    Vote the GOP bums out of office!

  • drsuperhero
    drsuperhero Year ago +10

    I live in the Collins target market here in Maine. While I think she is at risk I have yet to see an active online, TheXvid, Facebook or even traditional mailing ad or campaign. Maybe the DSCC is keeping their powder dry but I think the DSCC needs to start dumping money into unseating her.

  • wreckcelsior
    wreckcelsior Year ago +5

    Need more groups like this.. not just holding senators (of both parties) accountable, but making it known that they are doing so. Making a public declaration that you are going to monitor any politician is, unfortunately necessary, but a big deal. It's like consumer advocacy; if you say out loud to the masses that you are going to boycott a product, they prick up their ears.


  • Nicole Gagnon
    Nicole Gagnon Year ago +15

    I thought this lady was Kathy Bates, LOL.

  • Sam Nugent
    Sam Nugent Year ago +12

    Bottom line she can't be trusted she has to go and so do all the rest of them for the sake of this country and freedom for all

    • Shadow
      Shadow Year ago

      @Dans Earway ..lot of "haha.." Good to laugh of course.

    • Dans Earway
      Dans Earway Year ago

      Trust?.. hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Shadow
      Shadow Year ago

      You first. If you do not live in New Jersey or iowa.

  • Ty Holloway
    Ty Holloway Year ago +7

    Honestly I have zero faith in the GOP base to correct this. ESPECIALLY while trump is around.

  • andii doode
    andii doode Year ago +7

    She's like most of the Republican senators... why is she being held to a higher standard? They should all be held accountable for their hypocritical, spineless actions

  • Carlos Herring
    Carlos Herring Year ago +7

    JUST DO NOT SEE Susan Collins getting re-elected. I feel a CHANGE coming.

  • Camille Potter
    Camille Potter Year ago +7

    Thank you. That was very helpful to hear from someone in Maine who is really "keyed in" into the state's political scene. We, from other states, are really concerned and hope she can be voted out.

  • Tracey Hogan
    Tracey Hogan Year ago +9

    So true. Collins plays both sides as a “I want to hear the facts before making a decision” and “I put America over party as expected”. But she knows what she will really do in the end. She tries to appease both sides and folks see through it. When time and time again you say that you want truth and justice and you’re not being biased but all of your votes are for one side... well then you’re taking us for fools and that kind of pisses us off.

    • Becky Guelette
      Becky Guelette Year ago +1

      Afflicted with jello spine. When mitch snaps his fingers she listens.

  • J. A T
    J. A T Year ago +18

    She admitted on national television that the 45th president was guilty. But she still voted to acquit him to tech him a lesson. 😂🤣😂. VOTE HER OUT!

  • Lisa Kennedy
    Lisa Kennedy Year ago +11

    Collins always tries to play both sides of the fence and I can't wait to have her gone.

  • Nasia Christine
    Nasia Christine Year ago +12

    I’m glad you guys are gonna vote her out you deserve someone to do better by you guys. Just like Ted Cruz in Texas we need to vote these disgraces out.

  • Derion 68
    Derion 68 Year ago +8

    When people show you who you are believe them.

  • Amelia Takau
    Amelia Takau Year ago +11

    Long over due to vote Susan Collins out. She is in for her own interest. Flip flops all the time. Vote Susan Collins out now out out out now

    • Dans Earway
      Dans Earway Year ago

      23+ years and counting. The energizer bunny comes to mind.. she keeps getting elected and elected and elected..

  • Scott Heffernan
    Scott Heffernan Year ago +12

    Weak link? She's an embarrassment like none other.

  • Robert Moralez-Muniz

    This crypt keeper deserves every bad blow that's about to come "it's" way!

  • thomas webb
    thomas webb Year ago +6

    Every time her face hits that camera and microphone, remind her that those lives of civilians and military personnel over there belong around her neck.
    Tell her the public says we can not afford someone in government with your experience making rookie mistakes. Resign today please. People like her and Mueller give Trump and E ticket to ride all day.

    If that's what experience does we need more rookies.

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson Year ago +15

    Send her into retirement

  • Telesia Perry
    Telesia Perry Year ago +10

    Susan Collins ... time to be a grandma and reflect on her dishonest career

    • mia C.
      mia C. Year ago +1


  • Dm Solosky
    Dm Solosky Year ago +14

    Do you think she learned her lesson?

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez Year ago +18

    Vote her out. She doesn't stand for anything but following her bosses orders. She was scared to stand up to 45.

  • Odessa Hahto
    Odessa Hahto Year ago +15

    Sue is old enough to know that you can't teach an old orange dog new tricks.

    • manuel morales
      manuel morales Year ago +1

      Odessa Hahto I am sure she got money to her campaign

  • eternalgamer25
    eternalgamer25 Year ago +11

    I hope she gets voted out

  • Jamie Cinder
    Jamie Cinder Year ago +10

    I could say a lot about her, but here's all I have to say: Maine deserves better than this woman. Maine deserves so much better.

  • Simon 's
    Simon 's Year ago +9

    I'm so glad that people are calling Susan Collins out, he learn his lesson, that something you say about a child, not a 70 year old man and it's said after the punishment for doing something bad, in this case Rump had no consequences thanks to her and the other republicans.

  • 71Viking
    71Viking Year ago +11

    She's a Kathy Bates look-a-lke! lol I hope that GOP reps aligning with Trump have history shame them.

    • larry marler
      larry marler Year ago +2

      You mean person, you. Kathie Bates, the actress? She is a brilliant actress.

  • Luebla Blacknell
    Luebla Blacknell Year ago +8

    No one should feel sorry for sue! It is too late for her to pretend to be the doting/caring grandmotherly type!
    If anything-a witch in lawmaker's clothing!

    • Dorothy Mack
      Dorothy Mack Year ago

      Now that is just totally insulting to witches.

  • Judith Smith
    Judith Smith Year ago +8

    Susan Collins needs to be taken out. Period.

    • Dans Earway
      Dans Earway Year ago

      Do you own a firearm? I may need to red flag you for that violent statement.

  • Kumu Pa'a Lawrence Aki

    I don’t vote for her I am not in her district. Collins is a smooth talker and cannot be trusted. Kavanagh, Trump, Barr are good examples of her mistrusting her.

  • Paul T Sjordal
    Paul T Sjordal Year ago +25

    Collins is just like every Republican "moderate." She occasionally talks like a moderate, but almost always votes like an extremist.

    • Tom MacKay
      Tom MacKay Year ago +1

      Currently, there is no such thing as a republican moderate.

  • Josie Fox
    Josie Fox Year ago +10

    No GOP senator left can possibly be a moderate!! Trump chased the moderates out in year one !!

    • Ilean Coleman
      Ilean Coleman Year ago

      Yes he did. It's a dictatorship. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE

  • Joe Hung
    Joe Hung Year ago +10

    Susan Collins has generated a number of broken mirrors with her face.

  • catherine moore
    catherine moore Year ago +15

    To people of Kentucky Mitchell McConnell need to go the Bill's pass buy the house are still seated on McConnell desk it up to you.
    People of south Carolina lindersy grammar needs to go it up to you.
    Even Republicans who vote to let Donald Trump off need to go.

  • Derek L
    Derek L Year ago +19

    You can do it Maine!

  • Gary Puckett
    Gary Puckett Year ago +9

    They all need to go since they done nothing accept for the rich

  • Brian 48
    Brian 48 Year ago +4

    I knew how she was going to vote when I saw her talking to McConnel during the Impeachment trial. I was willing to bet that she would work out a deal where she could vote for more witnesses so it would look as though she was honest and reasonable but in the end vote for acquittal. Since she was in grave danger of losing her Senate seat she would pull her usual political brownnosing trick of appearing to sound like a reasonable person yet, in the end, her vote would betray that idea. It has worked in the past but it failed this time when she said that she thought that "Donald Trump had learned his lesson". I that was a direct insult to anyone who might have believed her "Reasonable Person" lies. I am an Independent and usually stay out of political squabbles between parties but for the first time ever, I have contributed to an out of state candidate, Sara Gideon. Goodbye Susan Collins!

  • Ash Bowen
    Ash Bowen Year ago +19

    Stop referring to officials as "leaders." They're our representatives. They've seemingly have forgotten this.

  • Herr Frankenstein
    Herr Frankenstein Year ago +7

    How can folks in Maine possibly think that Susan Collins is capable of representing the interests of Maine???

  • Zero Worldbuilder
    Zero Worldbuilder Year ago +8

    Honestly, we NEED her gone, for my future, for your future, for our nation.