• Published on Nov 21, 2016
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    Funniest encounters I've had on traffic stops!
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  • officer401
    officer401  3 years ago +904

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    • Soap Box
      Soap Box 2 months ago

      I wish to God I would have met a cop like you when I was a kid and got in trouble they ruined my life for over a decade.

    • brendametube
      brendametube 2 months ago +1

      Dodge Forever I agree… This is the first of its kind that I have ever seen and it’s awesome! This officer is on fire with this cause and idea! Extremely effective and entertaining too.
      It’s ore than common sense going on here. It’s Wisdom.

    • Mike Serrano
      Mike Serrano 2 months ago +1

      X deputy and officer here I very much enjoyed finding you today..until now I thought I was alone in my conquest to not only serve and protect but to also entertain and train young minds shape futures ..use my dry sense of humor to diffuse dangerous situations..loved you! 20z7..aka Michael

    • Bekki Cracknell
      Bekki Cracknell 2 months ago

      Your videos are awesome. I’m in school for police foundations and your videos are giving me a lot of pointers.

    • y2king32
      y2king32 3 months ago

      God bless you brother I appreciate you

  • Danshapo
    Danshapo 21 hour ago

    We need more cops like you

  • Charlie Van
    Charlie Van 5 days ago

    Officer 401, I’m having trouble joining the forum. Can you or any other member help direct me. Yes I followed the link in blue and I keep getting (this account has been suspended). What to do?

  • Raymond Chandler
    Raymond Chandler 5 days ago

    Awesome attitude! Need more cops like this guy!

  • Tony Beckwith
    Tony Beckwith 9 days ago

    TroyBoi 🔥

  • Ramon Vega
    Ramon Vega 12 days ago

    They should clone this officer,

  • François Dillinger
    François Dillinger 12 days ago

    Got a lot more than a laugh or two from me.

  • Iamatruckdriver1
    Iamatruckdriver1 14 days ago

    Hey there left lane driver, you're not passing so why are you hanging out in the left lane.

  • Taylor Reynolds
    Taylor Reynolds 17 days ago

    This guy is great

  • Indianafirefighter
    Indianafirefighter 20 days ago

    This boi 100,000 until February of 2032

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson Month ago

    So the moral of the story is if you want to get out of an arrest just shit yourself.

  • Anastasia Onishea
    Anastasia Onishea Month ago

    Don’t do face reveal because idk you might you lose your job for willingly letting them go? I really don’t know

  • Cyber
    Cyber Month ago

    Great stories

  • Tovel Smith
    Tovel Smith Month ago

    Here in Washington state, where weed is supposedly legal, Law Enforcement in Washington has told me that they have had more problems with people smoking weed and driving, than drinking and driving...

  • the cool guy
    the cool guy Month ago

    3:40 thanos hand

  • Weston Ney
    Weston Ney Month ago

    Now he makes awesome face reveal videos every week! 😂 Love these videos! Support your police!

  • Devin Houle
    Devin Houle Month ago

    Heroin is a plant so is coke and they ruined my life. Soooo maybe

  • Mike Crotsley
    Mike Crotsley Month ago

    I applaud you sir for that last story, If more of that happened these days instead of making ya’ll tax collectors,it would reduce the amount of small crimes, and at very least improve the public outlook while possibly make the job safer

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown Month ago

    I grew up in the NYC in the NYCHA public housing projects. When i was 16 years old i was riding my bike in front of my building and a cop car pulls on the side of me and a cop grabs my arm. He asks how old I am and then proceeded to say I am too old to be riding a bike on the sidewalk and how he has to issue me a 75 ticket. I just turned 16 like 3 months prior. I told the officer I didn't know the projects was considered a sidewalk. I have been riding my bike for ever in them. He said ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Long story short I couldn't pay it on time so a warrant was issued and not that follows me everywhere. I'm 30 years old now and I am about to start a police academy and I could never ever see myself giving a 16 year kid a criminal court summons for something so innocent. So I commend you for letting the kids with the marijuana stomp it out and sending them on their way. I am saddened each and every time I have to get a disposition and explain the situation. It truly is ridiculous.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Month ago

    Georgia here my car got searched at school and they found a pocket knife in it in rural Georgia about 8 out of 10 trucks would of had a knife in it well cop arrest me with possession of a weapon on school grounds at the age of 17 it was a felony and I got hauled off to jail luckily the da saw it and threw the case out I wish more cops were like you yes it was in my car but I would of never hurt someone with it or took it out of my car

  • Tom Greenough
    Tom Greenough Month ago

    An officer with common sense and a heart.

  • #MC Savage
    #MC Savage Month ago

    We need cops that talk to people about consequences. It was awesome you did that. Lots of people don't know the laws

  • Martin Glaz
    Martin Glaz Month ago

    Dude . . . you are f'ing great! Subscribing now!

  • nancy mcglinn
    nancy mcglinn Month ago

    You are awesome!!!!!

  • na na
    na na Month ago

    Lmao 😂...abducted by 🛸
    The river dance😂🤣🕺🏻👣🕺🏻👣
    Heart warming, smart, and funny. SUBSCRIBE!🙌🏽

  • Andrew Victor
    Andrew Victor Month ago

    This is the kind of officer we need tens of thousands of Great attitude Sir.

  • Brighty Bulger
    Brighty Bulger Month ago

    I tell ever officer I come in contact with about this channel they think I'm tryna be funny. This is one of my favorite channels of all time.

  • AddaXX
    AddaXX Month ago

    And now he’s 580k

  • Nicole Denver
    Nicole Denver Month ago

    Seven hundred dislikes from seven hundred self righteous jerks, the lord won’t let them off for anything as they feel you shouldn’t let ppl off for smal things.

  • Menua Naz
    Menua Naz Month ago

    I wish I can can pulled over by this cop every time

  • Adam Lemaster
    Adam Lemaster Month ago

    Ok got ya. I just gotta shit myself.. get outa jail free card lol.

  • Josh Dent
    Josh Dent 2 months ago

    What's the song in the beginning called

  • Eric Levine
    Eric Levine 2 months ago

    The old 'cover yourself in s**t' trick still works?

  • Pansexual Athiest
    Pansexual Athiest 2 months ago

    I love seeing cops with common sense and who realizes a plant isnt worth someones life. respect

  • Mike Hillen
    Mike Hillen 2 months ago

    The last one reminds me of this chest cam where some LEOs pulled over a group of boys (not sure for what) and the sergeant was like "if each or you gives me 50 push ups, you're free to leave", not quite as hilarious but I found it entertaining

  • Lisa Mowbray
    Lisa Mowbray 2 months ago

    U are a great cop and pretty funny

  • Bboop Flores
    Bboop Flores 2 months ago

    Omg!!! An officer I really like and respect one with brains, heart like a human. Blessing to you we should have more like you. May God always protect you and your family. 🙏💝

  • Stephen Ryder
    Stephen Ryder 2 months ago

    Well, this is the kind of cop I was - trying to breathe a little compassion and humanity into a sometimes very tough job dealing with some of the worst people on earth. But at the same time you're encountering cannibals (Yes, real cannibals,) necrophiles, copraphiles, Romanian Gypsies, unemployed diplomats and transexual ballarinas, you are dealing with adventurous kids, ordinary young people with ordinary problems and the elderly who need your patience and understanding. Trouble is, some department chiefs are just mean-spirited, ignorant and ultra right-wing, as was one of mine - and you get in trouble for any kindness or acts of common decency you attempt to perform.

  • surfbug1
    surfbug1 2 months ago

    Ok I'm subbed. Such an honest way about you....really really nice! And yeah don't reveal yourself so you can keep on giving good content. Thanks! Big Al

  • John anonymous
    John anonymous 2 months ago

    Come on dude we aren't trying to listen to you talk we want to see it for ourselves

  • Elinars
    Elinars 2 months ago

    Hey man! There is an opinion that police would better working conditions and be able to provide better service if it is privatized. What do you thing about this idea?

  • Dawson Newman
    Dawson Newman 2 months ago

    Hey @officer401 I'm currently in the Air Force as security forces. I plan on doing LE in Georgia but have some questions. If you have an email or something I could email to you I'd appreciate it

  • Dogassedugly man
    Dogassedugly man 2 months ago

    Fuck you tape worm suckers.

  • Dogassedugly man
    Dogassedugly man 2 months ago

    Of weed, fuck you!

  • Dogassedugly man
    Dogassedugly man 2 months ago

    What a waste...

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen 2 months ago

    Need to train the rest of the police now that's how it should be we ty

  • Jeron Bradford
    Jeron Bradford 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh! I clicked on this not knowing what to expect, and with just one video, I subscribed!! I gotta hear more! Oh my word, it reminds me of Fluffy the comedian when he got pulled over by an officer!

  • MyBrainEatsEverything
    MyBrainEatsEverything 2 months ago

    I have never seen this channel before, and I was expecting some "list" style reenactments.
    To be honest, I HATE cops, so when I saw it was an actual cop telling stories, I almost clicked off. But I hung out, and was surprised to discover a HUMAN BEING who happens to be a cop.
    Thank you for being a good officer. We need more. LOTS more.

  • Jazmin Chew Rodriguez
    Jazmin Chew Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Wish more police officers think like you, one cop ruined my life just cuz my car stop working and I call I tow, the guy of the tow told me to go in my car because he didn't have space on his car, I didn't know that was illegal and instead of him been in trouble, I was the one getting arrested and everything, and the cop called more cops and they started saying I might just kill someone and have the body on my car....omg......I asked for help in Spanish cuz English is not my first language and stuff its delicate as that I prefer Spanish, so I got told I was gonna get charges for asking for help in Spanish, I had to pay a lawyer which is really expensive just to clear the misdemeanor and when I will try to become citizen that will affect me, plus all the money I had to waste on that.....the cops were laughing at me, I was worried they were gonna hurt my husband who by then recently had surgery, plus I just got fired from work that day , so totally the cops made my day way way worst and now it even may affect my future

  • Stacie Lowery
    Stacie Lowery 2 months ago

    Wish there were more police officers like you. Not sure where u are from ,I'm from New Orleans area and would like to see more professionalism in the officers here in the south, Not all officers are bad, I know a lot of awesome officers, but a lot of them needs training, anger management, and A new job. Thank you for your duty!

  • Shelley Fitch
    Shelley Fitch 2 months ago

    Subbed! Doesn't sending officers out on Aggressive Patrol, which you characterized as letting them do whatever whatever they wanted, kind of encourage them to act aggressively, like your partner did? (The name alone seems kind of threatening.) I have to point out that you told that first kid on the weed bust that how honest he was with you would determine what would happen to him but then, because he was 100% honest with you, you said he ratted the other guy out and that you wouldn't want him on your team! That's kind of a mixed message, don't you think? Anyway, interesting channel and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  • Mob Rules
    Mob Rules 2 months ago

    Thanks for being real.

  • Kim Linthicum
    Kim Linthicum 2 months ago

    That's pretty cool with no doubt! Thank you for letting yourself see that there are different ways to handle situations. These are kids that could grow into men that make a difference in this world for the better

  • June Osborne
    June Osborne 2 months ago

    Good job on the weed!!🤪😍👍✌️😂

  • June Osborne
    June Osborne 2 months ago

    Pooh Pooh. Yuk. I would have let him go too!! Lol 🤪

  • rc crawler guy
    rc crawler guy 2 months ago

    I dnt know who u are but,great job for not charging those kids with 2 ounces...if there where more police who think about these young kids futures,... great Job officer.

  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams 2 months ago

    This video got you my sub. I wish there were more like you!

  • Daniel Deleon
    Daniel Deleon 2 months ago

    Officer401 got code browned!😂🤣

  • Priscilla Lewis
    Priscilla Lewis 2 months ago

    I just came across ur channel! Your to funny and thank u for making my day!

  • Dave Rivers
    Dave Rivers 2 months ago

    ...and now, 2 years later, over 1/2M subscribers. I applaud your handling of the mj traffic stop.
    It brings up a nasty echo though. A picture with text is floating around Facebook. The photo is of a nice young man in a graduation gown. The text describes how 2 citizens made an arrest of this guy as he raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The judge threw out the case because the young man was an amazing athlete. And it would prejudice the guy's future. To which, I say, he gave that future away. What about the woman's future? Where her trust in humanity has been destroyed? What if she got pregnant? The ongoing misery for the victim didn't matter in the face of the swimming record of the perpetrator.
    Back to the mj. Hopefully, these kids turned away from that risky lifestyle. (Which is now somewhat legal in Canada for adults. Weird world.)