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Comments • 80

  • S Phung
    S Phung 4 hours ago

    15:18 is where the broken door/wall is if anyone is looking

  • psy06
    psy06 2 days ago

    lol these guys doing 100kg like i am just doing a 20kg bar..

  • Eli Judkins
    Eli Judkins 2 days ago

    Eddie spit all over the lace in the first like 30 seconds of the video.

  • Mattien S
    Mattien S 4 days ago


  • Thellbro
    Thellbro 4 days ago

    HAHAHA...I’m getting a washboard stomache from laughing!!!

  • Radiant
    Radiant 5 days ago

    Eddie has never been great when it comes to carrying stuff and then moving with them.

  • Mimi Pain Warrior
    Mimi Pain Warrior 5 days ago

    Sounds like he's been huffing sulfur hexaflouride. Sexy though

  • Mimi Pain Warrior
    Mimi Pain Warrior 5 days ago


  • Trovador Ramos
    Trovador Ramos 5 days ago

    The beast of static power...

  • Alan Ward
    Alan Ward 6 days ago

    Eddie struggling to keep up with these

  • ヒューズスティーブン

    Luke's voice literally sounds like a lion's roar with every word!

  • rivercarper01
    rivercarper01 7 days ago

    @3:20 isn't 200kg = 440lbs???

  • Tyson Madding
    Tyson Madding 7 days ago

    Tom is the next gen strongman once he realizes how fucking great he is ....he still hasn't tapped into a quarter of his potential

  • AlexLuthore
    AlexLuthore 8 days ago

    Why is Eddie using a hand held buffing wheel to massage his delt?

  • sickofthis368
    sickofthis368 8 days ago

    This is an older video I'm watching, but I always think to train like a Saiyan from DBZ. they don't stop until they have no more and they pull shit from their asses. Train like you're pulling that 1000+ dead lift and you almost hit SSJ1!

  • Mc Hammer
    Mc Hammer 8 days ago

    0:24 that spittle

  • Martin Dahl
    Martin Dahl 9 days ago

    Stay hydrated guys! Haha, good ending.

  • Soldado de Dios
    Soldado de Dios 9 days ago

    Please use also KILOGRAMS for your metric people. Thanks

  • Baz Irvine
    Baz Irvine 9 days ago

    Behind closed doors he sounds like M. Jackson.

  • Baz Irvine
    Baz Irvine 9 days ago

    Fucking hell there's two of them!!

  • marc pellicer arbona

    sub because of this:

  • marc pellicer arbona

    15:15 That is what we came for

  • Erebretherium Colossus

    Jesus Christ he sounds like Shrek after taking steroids

  • Vijay Janardhan
    Vijay Janardhan 11 days ago

    Eddie is 6ft 3. And yet almost everyone he trains with in the gym is comfortably taller than him.

  • Addison Ford
    Addison Ford 12 days ago

    No one gonna talk about the BROKEN WALL?!?! Just me then? Okay.

  • dirty_dna
    dirty_dna 14 days ago

    That wall would have been stronger if it had stayed hydrated.

  • Dan Acklin
    Dan Acklin 16 days ago +2

    The amount of work done in that session. I'm just getting back into working out and doing probably 1/100th the amount of work and I'd still spew my guts out from exhaustion 😂

  • david harrop
    david harrop 17 days ago

    eddie hall you are the man brother wish you were in new zealand

  • Eric Kokin
    Eric Kokin 18 days ago


  • Justin 355
    Justin 355 18 days ago

    Whats he doing at like 5:00 with the buffer?

  • Gold_hades_
    Gold_hades_ 21 day ago

    Eddie please visit South Africa ❤️ I’m from London but moved to a South Africa when I was 10 and now moved to Australia last year so I was 15 when I moved to Australia and wish you could visit South Africa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • OoogaBoog
    OoogaBoog 23 days ago

    Always appreciate the conversions for us backwards 'muricans. Thanks!

  • PrototypeAndz86
    PrototypeAndz86 24 days ago

    Big Metallica fan Ed?

  • Steve Wharram
    Steve Wharram 25 days ago

    Swear them boys made 180 look easier than Eddie did!

  • Kuro Redmen
    Kuro Redmen 25 days ago

    why does this remind me of my High school weight class were every one was a twig and I was bench pressing 250 Ibs and and all the twigs were looking in awe. I didn't even have a spotter because the twigs in my class could barley lift 102 Ibs on everything and the PE teacher was too fat to even get up!

  • Pastor David MacLellan

    packing tape? at least you could have used duct tape. haha

  • Wotan Hate Machine
    Wotan Hate Machine 27 days ago

    Guys are warming up with my max...

  • Stuntman Mike
    Stuntman Mike 27 days ago

    Metallica in the background, and casually walking around with a buffing machine, meant for titanic’s propellars. Just a normal day

  • luthmhor
    luthmhor 27 days ago

    I think around the 2:54 minute mark they have the wrong weight. Eddie is doing 10 plates and they have that it is 200kg or 420lb, and then they show the same weight for the stoltmans, but there are only 8 plates with 2x(25?)lbers on it as well. I think Eddie would have been doing 495lb.This is assuming the big plates are 20kg (45lb)

  • Hercules Brofister
    Hercules Brofister 27 days ago

    Why randomly use a voice changer on 1:49

    SLFYSH 28 days ago

    Surprised to see you doing dips, given that they are a good exercise I like, but have stopped doing them because of the stress on the shoulders. They force the joint apart and out of joint.

  • Kane Doolan
    Kane Doolan 28 days ago

    If those guys took sulfur hexafluoride I don't think they'd be audible.

  • Isaac Israel
    Isaac Israel Month ago

    The other two guys smoked eddie hands down in the duck walk, keg combo by more than 10 seconds..what an embarresment!! Lol

  • Caledonian Smurf
    Caledonian Smurf Month ago


  • Gareth
    Gareth Month ago

    Luke should get into voice acting haha

  • Tauno Kekkonen
    Tauno Kekkonen Month ago

    I love how ALL strongmen say that they don't really train bench, and they all rep 200kg nonchalantly.

  • BlackChallis
    BlackChallis Month ago

    we get to the stage where the titainium bars start to bend, then we move onto something stronger

  • MercyReaper
    MercyReaper Month ago

    Luke and Tom are great

  • Patrick Freisn
    Patrick Freisn Month ago

    adhesive tape solves all problems :)

  • Country First
    Country First Month ago

    I say this cause I like you Eddie & all competitors. No Proper Spotters? 400lbs can kill you. I see these youth competitions with spotters that don’t look older than 16 years.

  • Hanz Nigel
    Hanz Nigel Month ago

    What's the background music at 7:00?

  • B Gilbert
    B Gilbert Month ago

    How sore are you afterwards? Is it even a thing anymore?

  • GGiiGGii G
    GGiiGGii G Month ago

    Imagine this 3 bollocks in an conventional gym....running out of 20kg plates

  • Brandon Parker
    Brandon Parker Month ago

    Eddie reminds me of my brother always making the same face expressions. my brother and Eddie sort of look a like.

  • Tim K.
    Tim K. Month ago

    I love it when Eddie take care of his muscles with this polishing machine :-)

  • ntroll 80
    ntroll 80 Month ago

    How can someone just make 200 kg look like nothing dam

  • Ben Douglas
    Ben Douglas Month ago

    15.50 start

  • Raj Gusai
    Raj Gusai Month ago

    140kg bench press easily
    Thats my max deadlift man.😣

  • Siłauderzenia
    Siłauderzenia Month ago

    heavy thick hard tire but also enough weak frame what kind of force thers generated no idea .

  • Liege Lawton
    Liege Lawton Month ago

    When your pal challenges you to a race in primary school 8:45

  • Laeveld Paraatheid
    Laeveld Paraatheid Month ago

    Uhm... I thought they would try roll the tyre. Not fucking carry the damn thing!

  • john grimshaw
    john grimshaw Month ago

    Never criticize these guys through jeolosy, learn from them, they be happy to share their experience with them. Just ask and they will show you the way; don't feel intimidated as they also began from the beginning. Sorry just thought i'd place a comment to motivate those that feel they don't belong with the big boys in the gym 🥴👍

  • Zachy
    Zachy Month ago

    You know its heavy as shit when the bar starts flexing

  • C Barber
    C Barber Month ago

    Eddie, do you think the Velcro belts are better than the buckled belts?

  • EL CID
    EL CID Month ago


  • Peter Csigo
    Peter Csigo Month ago

    Do they have a problem with mathematics in England? It's a Olympic bar which is 45 lbs and a plates are 45 lb. So if you put three on each side that's 315 lb not 308 lb.

  • Conner Broeker
    Conner Broeker Month ago

    Eddie threw it at the wall first

  • Christopher Sadler
    Christopher Sadler Month ago

    At some point, winning will come down to optimization. I think there are some form improvements that can happen, especially with the sandbag carry.
    Disclosure: I'm not a strongman, just a person interested in strength and optimization.

  • Rik Wright Music
    Rik Wright Music Month ago +1

    I know Eddie's only young, but you can just see he wishes he was the Soltman's dad. lol

  • Pintexx
    Pintexx Month ago

    Bruh there is no excuse to be heavier than 400 lbs... unless that weight is purely from raw strength and muscle and that’s exactly what this guy is!

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons Month ago

    Uh.....your kilo-lb numbers are wrong.
    200 kilos is 440, not 420.

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons Month ago

    "nice and f-d-resh...."

  • sterio2
    sterio2 Month ago

    I watched your videos in my dark room for an entire day and legit got permanent damage and can barely see any distance anymore I feel sick but it was worth it Hahahaha kinda :(

  • Kintanti A
    Kintanti A Month ago

    This video saved my grip. I had no clue your pinky had to do with 40% grip. Thank you.

  • FlowzCurvy
    FlowzCurvy Month ago

    Toms a professional artist and the design he did today was ‘thats truly fucked’ top quality😂😂😂

  • vibes
    vibes Month ago

    Never have I thought in my life to see strongman walk on dumbbells

  • tonydacosta413
    tonydacosta413 Month ago +1


  • 86Smally
    86Smally Month ago

    Just imagine the smell in that gym all the protein farts and man burps haha

  • 86Smally
    86Smally Month ago

    Phhfftt I can lift that with one arm at 1:20 oh that’s just the bar