Nvidia Is Hinting At A Nintendo Switch revamp

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Is the Nintendo Switch going to get a new console version this year? Nvidia is hinting that this maybe the case. Let's discuss.
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Comments • 696

  • I’m using tilt controls!

    I can’t wait $8,890 for a new switch that has a 144p screen and a massive dock that almost as big as my CRT tv. I also can’t wait to play centipede and pong at a frame rate that is basically a slide show. I am so happy!

  • Creamapod Games
    Creamapod Games 4 months ago

    Woah, this dude lost weight. Last time I remember seeing you, you were as big as a ballon. Good job bro.

  • Zoomin
    Zoomin 4 months ago

    Broke boi switch coming

  • I Control My Fate
    I Control My Fate 5 months ago

    "Cost reduced"? I hope that doesnt mean cheaper and lower quality, because i was thinking about getting a switch

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos 5 months ago

    Hope it's true, I want to buy a switch, but waiting for a new revision

  • Matt Wolf
    Matt Wolf 5 months ago

    If it's a Switch Mini, it needs to be out by the time Pokemon comes out.

  • BEE 123
    BEE 123 5 months ago

    The Switch is great...keep the videos coming.

  • Tinbeef
    Tinbeef 5 months ago

    You have to talk about the switch. Pc gaming is dead

  • カーソン
    カーソン 5 months ago

    I have pc master race friends that think the switch is garbage. I love my switch and I might even buy a pro model of it. I had one of those friends turn down a switch for $150 because “the hardware is weak”. I just don’t get it

  • KazeEternal
    KazeEternal 6 months ago

    The language is very specific. Second generation is a hardware internal revision. Best you can expect is better battery life from better hardware performance. Maybe even running at a higher frame rate in portable mode as an option while undocked. That could make an influx in sales in this ags 101 level upgrade.

  • Henry Rivera
    Henry Rivera 6 months ago


  • Mr. Memer
    Mr. Memer 6 months ago


  • ssfbob456
    ssfbob456 6 months ago

    Nintendo already said it's not happening www.google.com/amp/s/www.techtimes.com/amp/articles/242308/20190426/nintendo-no-new-switch-model-announcement-at-e3.htm

  • danny vazquez
    danny vazquez 6 months ago

    People wont be happy and at this rate people will see the switch as the inferior console

    • ounocat
      ounocat 5 months ago

      danny vazquez A Switch revision won’t match the power of next-gen so its going to be inferior power wise no matter what. That’s just something you have to accept with the hybrid approach.

  • Danny Richie
    Danny Richie 6 months ago

    Not every Switch owner is a Soy Boy but every Soy Boy is a Switch owner.

  • TheSilverWolf1998
    TheSilverWolf1998 6 months ago

    Maybe it could just be a pro dock with a co processor to upscale resolution and framerates

  • Iambent
    Iambent 6 months ago

    Rumor has it the world is flat

  • Jack James
    Jack James 6 months ago

    I really hope so

  • Black Rose Duelist
    Black Rose Duelist 6 months ago

    All ppl talk about is switch an gamestop

  • Ron Z.
    Ron Z. 6 months ago

    It’s the Nintendo Switch 4K, dummies.

  • dra6o0n
    dra6o0n 6 months ago

    AMD: We're in PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Two...
    Nvidia: We are in the Switch!

  • Alexander Xtc
    Alexander Xtc 6 months ago

    "something is coming soon, either kid friendly switch or switch pro" x 4 minutes 33 seconds

  • Rescue Rabbit
    Rescue Rabbit 6 months ago

    So should I wait to buy a switch? Cause I was going to buy one soon.

  • BenJi Whoever
    BenJi Whoever 6 months ago

    Holiday 2019 - *Switch Mini* + *Pokemon Sword / Shield Bundle.*

  • stretch90
    stretch90 6 months ago

    New switch hardware will probably come out during the holiday season with pokemon.

  • yousaidwinglikeabirdswing

    if a rumour exists there must be some truth in it?? "Rich is an android"

  • M R
    M R 6 months ago

    Nintendo's latest comments suggest the hardware is staying put through E3 but we could just as easiy get a revamped Switch/Switch Mini this fall - all that matters is the thing(s) are out in time for Christmas

  • Fruit Cat
    Fruit Cat 6 months ago

    If they are going to make a pro it would likely not use a mobile chipset if they want it to play high end games I'm trying to hold out for the mini as I have a PS4 for high end games.

  • nintendians
    nintendians 6 months ago

    maybe for the mini, if they still use the same spec. as the regular but make a bit smaller. for the "pro" version might be next gen. to ps5 and xbox anaconda via it's dock until 2022.

  • soyUsernameWasTaken
    soyUsernameWasTaken 6 months ago

    Oh look, review switch usa just posted another video.

  • Selvaraaju M
    Selvaraaju M 6 months ago

    Switch pro.. will have additional features like 1080p less bezel screen, streaming, battery improvment and no design changes bcoz joycon size should be fitted.
    Switch mini : same current switch capabilities with non-removabale joycon and no dock coming with pack.
    My suggestions

  • Janez Krnc
    Janez Krnc 6 months ago +1

    Well... a whole lot of people and analysts was wrong about switch succeeding as well.

  • Z3rostar
    Z3rostar 6 months ago

    it's a bigger battery and a brighter screen.
    That's all I can say.

  • Michael T
    Michael T 6 months ago

    Where there's smoke, there's most definitely not always fire. Even metaphorically.

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewin 6 months ago

    If they release a Switch Mini without a Pro version, I will be VERY upset...

  • Cars And Zombies
    Cars And Zombies 6 months ago

    Honestly, Id love a Switch pro to mostly use as an emulation/home-brew powerhouse on the go. The switch has made amazing strides with emulation but beefier specs would help immensely.

  • Nintendonian777
    Nintendonian777 6 months ago

    They need to fix the Joy Con Drifting Issue.

  • Rogerio Andrade
    Rogerio Andrade 6 months ago

    Taking a look of what Nintendo did in the past with its portable consoles, and considering that the Switch is a hybrid, it's reasonable that Nintendo may release a new version of the Switch with, at least, better battery life and more internal space in the future. And maybe a CPU with slightly best performance.
    I'd say that anything beyond that would be economically unfiasable. It just makes no sense to launch a "mini" or "kid friendly" Switch because the device itself is already small and kid friendly enough. Those iterations would just kill the personality of the product and make it lose important features.

  • R3n3gad3
    R3n3gad3 6 months ago +1

    *thumbnails yells at nintendo to reveal something*
    Didn't the title suggest another company to work on them souly?

  • Biz Hacks
    Biz Hacks 6 months ago

    ok how is Nvidia going to pull that off with the switch

  • minifridge
    minifridge 6 months ago

    This channel has the goofiest comment section.

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle 6 months ago

    I mean this could be it just a big prank on the fans I know where date of mine yet so there could be a few fake clues in there

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle 6 months ago

    When we first noticed references to a new architecture for the CPU well data mining the operating system, that was probably a few weeks to a month into physical prototype testing.
    A pro would probably be similar to a devil unit, but I don't know what they would do for the mini, they can't really shrink it that much without shrinking the battery

  • Loumy Volmar
    Loumy Volmar 6 months ago

    Dude your weight loss is amazing. Congrats

  • Matthiasrj
    Matthiasrj 6 months ago +2

    First time on the channel. Here's my feedback from an outsider's perspective: a guy saying for 4 minutes that some suited guys are speculating on Nintendo releasing a revised version of the switch. That's it. No tangible evidence, no new information, just heresay paired with some 101 common sense. If 2.6K (thumbs up) people find that quality content, wait until they discover books. Their minds will be blown.

  • Jayson Kitson
    Jayson Kitson 6 months ago

    Ill be fucking fumed if a switch pro comes out i just bought one

  • Rey Zephlyn
    Rey Zephlyn 6 months ago +1

    Starting in which April?

  • Andrei botea
    Andrei botea 6 months ago

    "Where there's smoke, there's fire." You just made a lot of mortal kombat 9 fans laught

  • CovertBrony
    CovertBrony 6 months ago +1

    And then Nintendo would come out and said "It's just a prank bro".

  • Shadow Stryker
    Shadow Stryker 6 months ago

    If you build it they will buy. Just reveal it.

  • dragonfistX200
    dragonfistX200 6 months ago

    This man love for the switch is almost as great as his love for cucumbers...almost

  • Tidepool Clipper
    Tidepool Clipper 6 months ago

    While a Switch Pro could happen some day (even if it would still be under-powered and be riddled with paywalls); Nintendo already stated they are not releasing any new variants or updates THIS year.

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson 6 months ago

    Nintendo lite: you can now download up to two games on it at a time.

  • octo cam
    octo cam 6 months ago

    well i dont blame you rich the switch is revaloutionary
    its one of my favourite consoles

    • Tidepool Clipper
      Tidepool Clipper 6 months ago

      It is an under-powered gimmick with paywalls slapped on it; one of the biggest mistakes Nintendo made alongside the WiiU.

  • Ryluri white
    Ryluri white 6 months ago +2

    You know every console ever had multiple revisions of the same hardware.? This could just be a new model number and nothing else.

  • MetallicBlade
    MetallicBlade 6 months ago +1

    Too little, too late again for Nintendo (looking at the Wii-U). And they're wondering why they only get old re-releases and watered-down ports (that are already lowered graphics and frame-rate-wise for consoles).

  • Crazed 357
    Crazed 357 6 months ago +1

    Shield tv v3 here we come

  • Jason Negrón
    Jason Negrón 6 months ago +1

    They probably wont say anything to not affect the sells of the mini and original one. With a "pro" version people who bought the mini and original will buy it again, but if people know they will just wait for the "pro" version.

    • Jason Negrón
      Jason Negrón 6 months ago

      @Tidepool Clipper The Switch mini would be what the 2DS is to the 3DS, and the "Pro" would be the New 3DS. In my opinion the switch is the replacement for the 3DS even if they initially said it wouldn't replace it.

    • Tidepool Clipper
      Tidepool Clipper 6 months ago +1

      Switch Mini would be a Switch in name only; and at that rate, they might as well just make a new DS family member.

  • BruceCampbell0886
    BruceCampbell0886 6 months ago

    The Switch is an amazing console. I'll buy every iteration of it as long as they're substantial upgrades. Upgrade the Tegra chip to something faster, increase internal storage and add a damn microphone!

    • Tidepool Clipper
      Tidepool Clipper 6 months ago

      Very funny. It is almost the same as the WiiU.

  • Lifa Dysi
    Lifa Dysi 6 months ago +1