"I've Always Been Pro Gun" - Richard Ayoade Agrees With Donald Trump | The Last Leg

  • Published on Feb 27, 2018
  • The Last Leg team talk about Donald Trump's pro gun views, and Richard Ayoade makes a case for guns?
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  • Odette X
    Odette X 5 days ago

    What's the worst that could happen if guns were banned? How about you ask all those women who've been kidnapped raped and murdered? I bet they wished they had a gun. Also, the notion that giving guns to *law abiding* teachers is dangerous is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  • TheRedTomahawk
    TheRedTomahawk 11 days ago

    Fuck gun control.

  • Steil
    Steil 15 days ago

    When people in other countries say USA needs to fix their gun laws
    Response: "It's none of your business"
    When USA thinks another country needs something fixed
    Response: Bombs away!

  • jd alexander
    jd alexander Month ago

    This show is the worst liberal cock sucking trash I've ever seen

  • Mutton Rolls
    Mutton Rolls 6 months ago

    Do these idiots realise that america has way more gangs and criminals who will continue to use illegal firearms

  • D Gallagher
    D Gallagher 6 months ago

    This is the comedy equivalent of Stephen Hawking entering a reception science class. Ayoade is LEAGUES ahead of the others it’s almost sad.

  • Rob
    Rob 6 months ago

    Brilliant. He's so brilliant.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 6 months ago

    how about we make everything made of cushions so no one will be hurt. fool proof plan

  • Thegigafliga
    Thegigafliga 6 months ago

    Areas with higher gun ownership have lower crime rates

  • Tickleshits
    Tickleshits 6 months ago

    first 10 seconds. fucking golden already.

  • sheeple overlord
    sheeple overlord 6 months ago +1

    i have posted this in so many places its unfunny...
    No, gun controle wont always stop deaths
    1929: The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929-1953, 20 million dissidents rounded up and murdered.
    1911: Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Christian Armenians rounded up and exterminated.
    1938: Germany established gun control. From 1939-1945, 13 million Jews and others rounded up and exterminated.
    1935: China established gun control. From 1948-1952, 20 million political dissidents rounded up and exterminated.
    1964: Guatemala established gun control. From 1981-1984, 100,000 Mayan Indians rounded up and exterminated.
    1970: Uganda established gun control. From 1971-1979, 300,000 Christians rounded up and exterminated.
    1956: Cambodia established gun control. From 1975-1977, 1 million educated people rounded up and exterminated.
    In the 20th Century more than 56 million defenseless people were rounded up and exterminated by people using gun control.

  • Caitlin Laing
    Caitlin Laing 6 months ago

    i find it crazy and my problem is i had a black teacher and if a police officer walks in trying to shoot a shooter and see especially a black man with a gun we all know how that will end
    (obviosuly it would be similar if it was a white teacher holding a gun but we all now it would a lot worse for a black one)

  • Zharif Othman
    Zharif Othman 7 months ago +1

    ayoade dropping dimes all day😂😂😂

  • Chris M
    Chris M 7 months ago

    No, you dumb fuck. We do not do strict gun laws, that is our fucking country's stance. It is part of our culture, no matter how many European-inspired teenagers want to end our country's individualism. Have fun with you knife regulations, London.

    • Sneaky Pete
      Sneaky Pete 7 months ago +3

      How many kids have to die before you retards change your fucking gun laws? Or is killing kids just your “country’s stance” too?

  • Aswin Krishna
    Aswin Krishna 7 months ago +1

    Fake statistics

  • Aswin Krishna
    Aswin Krishna 7 months ago +3

    To understand guns here's a simple way. Having a gun is the same as having a condom with you always. You better have it and not use it than to be in a need to use it and not have it with you

  • Faith Ting
    Faith Ting 7 months ago +1

    That mad max joke was so funny yet so sad at the same time

  • Son Of Hibbs
    Son Of Hibbs 7 months ago +1

    It’s also a really scary thing to be walking the streets of London and get hit by a car and killed by a person seeking to kill.
    It’s not the weapon, it’s the intent.

  • Son Of Hibbs
    Son Of Hibbs 7 months ago

    Worst case scenario if people don’t have guns: the people have no ability to defend themselves against a government out to kill them.
    For example, my grandmother during the war, witnessed regular everyday people taken from their every day lives, marched to a newly dug trench and shot. THIS is why gun ownership is important, and this scenario alone. The people were defenseless against those who sought to kill them. If you beleive this is unlikely to happen again, you’re already one step closer to having it done to you. Criminals love the trusting type, and not for their kindness, but for being an easy target.

  • blindjustice
    blindjustice 7 months ago +1

    I'm sure the people who get killed at mass shootings dont wanna get shot either. But ya he's totally right not having a gun while getting shot at is way safer cuz he would "prefer not to get shot". The killer has a 100% chance of not getting shot if no one has a gun but him. What are they gunna ban guns from cops because they "dont like" their odds of the police actually hitting the shooter? Good guys shoot bad guys because the individual using the weapon matters. Drugs gotten from your drug dealer will most likely harm you. But get the right prescription from you doctor and it could save your life. It would be insane to blame the substance itself! Like guns they can be used to help people or hurt people. Guns cant distinguish between good or bad people, the person shooting it can. But in the right hands that person can stop mass killings; and thats a fact that people making vague leftist talking points about gun control can never fully understand.

  • cristop5
    cristop5 7 months ago

    Marksmanship and gun combat training for all teachers.
    Kevlar vests for the little 'uns.
    All bases covered.

  • kaxn
    kaxn 7 months ago +1

    Calling U.S police officers highly trained is an insult to most police forces.. How long is their education now, 6 weeks ?

  • TheBelegur
    TheBelegur 7 months ago +1

    I don't think Europeans will ever understand that America isn't Europe and we don't want to be. Americans have a Constitutional right, the 2nd amendment, to keep and bear arms. Also, America has a tradition of owning and be proficient with firearms.

    • TheBelegur
      TheBelegur 7 months ago +1

      @Sneaky Pete Taking guns away from law abiding citizens does stop criminals and crazy people. The Sun reports stabbings in Britain are at an all time high: www.thesun.co.uk/news/5251268/london-stabbings-2018-clapham-shepherds-bush-crouch-hill-kingsland-hammersmith-greenwich-latest/

    • Sneaky Pete
      Sneaky Pete 7 months ago +1

      Switzerland also has a tradition of owning guns but kids aren’t dying en mass there are they.

  • Whyte Buff
    Whyte Buff 7 months ago +1

    I'm british, pro-gun. Just wondering if any other Brits are?

    • Sneaky Pete
      Sneaky Pete 7 months ago

      Whyte Buff I am but my stance is pretty much anti-gun. I want a firearm in my home but US gun laws are just fucking awful.

  • adam millican
    adam millican 7 months ago

    Hell of a click bait

  • aguycalledpeter
    aguycalledpeter 7 months ago

    "Or you could just tighten up gun laws" said by someone who clearly doesn't do any research, because then they'd know how tight gun laws can be.

  • Alice Brazier
    Alice Brazier 7 months ago

    the last statistic is terrifying

  • El Americano
    El Americano 7 months ago

    if we gave up our guns the redcoats would return with their inbred queen and terrible tea stained teeth

  • Jaghùnd
    Jaghùnd 7 months ago

    Isnt LOndon now the acid/stabbing capitol now? Personally I'd rather be shot.

    • Sneaky Pete
      Sneaky Pete 7 months ago

      Jaghùnd If even 100x as many acid attacks and stabbing occurred in London the US gun problem would still be DEMONSTRABLY worse.

    OSCAR DENTON 7 months ago

    Ironically, he’s sort of right

  • Mysteryskatin
    Mysteryskatin 8 months ago +1

    Yes Britain, please tell us how banning guns stops mass violence.

    • Jonny Hewitt
      Jonny Hewitt 3 months ago

      Happy to, but we can't post pictures in crayon you'd understand

  • Elizabeth Houser
    Elizabeth Houser 8 months ago

    The worst case scenario is what has happened is in the cities with the strictest gun laws, criminals are well armed and law abiding citizens aren't. One of the IT episodes in which Moss and Roy got involved witb some criminals, the criminals had guns in the UK !!!. If politicians were as concerned about school children as they are about themselves schools would be as protected as other government buildings. But then the gun control idiots would lose one of their propaganda pieces. If schools were as well protected as celebrities they would lose one of their greatest moronic ranting points. If the USA ever stoops to the level of Europe by restricting the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution we would be in the same shape as Europe with the insane migrant problem. More than one nefarious head of state has said that they wouldn't invade the USA because every citizen can be armed. Why don't you put forth your opinions on Switzerlands allowing, even encouraging, their citizens to be armed?

  • pr omi
    pr omi 8 months ago

    I love him.

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace 8 months ago

    Guns don't kill people- people with guns kill people.

  • James Treveil
    James Treveil 8 months ago +2

    Have you seen mad Max... Yes it's like Brexit but less entertaining 😂😂😂.
    Man that floored me😂

  • InterstellarStallion
    InterstellarStallion 8 months ago

    Australian criminals just make their own guns lol. homemadeguns.wordpress.com/tag/australia/page/2/

  • Kaitlin Rachel Baumgarten

    As an American, it's weird to see people laughing about it... it's not funny when it's your daily reality. But in a way, it's nice to see people with common sense talk about it

  • generaLRager
    generaLRager 8 months ago

    People need to stop critizing another country where they dont live and have no clue of its culture.
    If you actually want to know any stats, the death by gun stats are slightly skewed in that they count suicides in those figures also which accounts for 30,000 a year.
    The total number of crimes prevent due to open-carry laws far outweighs the negatives.
    Also Trump didn't say Arm Teachers, he said give them the ability to carry, not the same thing, its also really easy to go into a school where you know no one is armed and you have free roam to go about your terror, introducing a gun in schools for those licensed individuals would prevent more deaths than it causes in that any would be assailant has to contend with someone who had a gun and can shoot back.
    The Gun laws are very strict in most places in the US, and if you've actually tried to get a Gun you would all know this isn't just as simple as walking into a shop and walking out with a gun.
    The guns being used are those sold illegally, which whether guns are banned or not will still be readily available.
    Address the cause of the deaths by Guns rather than an inanimate object that without human interaction or involvement cannot kill anyone, its the person behind the weapon doing the killing, its their mental state which is the problem, not that they have a gun.
    If they don't have a gun they'll find something else to use.

  • Quarter Nipp
    Quarter Nipp 8 months ago


  • david burrus
    david burrus 8 months ago

    Police aren't highly trained. They are mostly the bottom of the barrel.

  • david burrus
    david burrus 8 months ago

    Good thing he's the American president and not the a member of the boiled cabbage you cunts call a government.

  • jyuan1999
    jyuan1999 8 months ago +1

    1 man 6 guns, 108% hit rate

  • Clever B’stard
    Clever B’stard 8 months ago

    Funny 😂 very funny indeed

  • thelongwayhome11b
    thelongwayhome11b 8 months ago

    The Brits have become like the rest of Europe and adopted the mentality of slaves

  • Walter Douthat
    Walter Douthat 8 months ago

    are clonkers (clackers in the US) the 2 balls attached by a string? If so they are banned here (US) as well, go figure.

  • John Bull
    John Bull 9 months ago

    What's the worst case scenario if when guns are banned? American gun fanatics rise up and March on Washington- with guns. They've promised to do it!

  • Johnny 2 hats
    Johnny 2 hats 9 months ago

    In the USA, apparently gun crime is higher in regions where they aren't available as readily. Criminals use guns in their crime...but what criminal would want to rob an armed man?

  • TeaAtTwo
    TeaAtTwo 9 months ago

    Richard at 2:19. Here here.

  • Sir woofish
    Sir woofish 9 months ago

    I was worried from the title but greatly relived

  • Kurtis Oxley
    Kurtis Oxley 9 months ago

    Problem is... theres already so many guns there in circulation, it would be useless to tighten gun laws, and impossible to ban guns.

  • Jake Nebel
    Jake Nebel 9 months ago

    Second amendment states the right to bare arms but that don’t necessarily mean that literally everyone in America has the right to own a gun. So you’re born in America and you get a birth certificate and a free pistol? It’s ridiculous that gun control is an issue in that country; they allow anyone to carry a weapon, fair enough that’s how they roll but it’s common sense to to have certain restrictions on them like background check both medical and criminal. Passing these checks and other restriction measures grants an American citizen their right to bare arms as they are an upstanding citizen and crucially of sound body and mind.
    Obviously bad people will still be able to get hold of weapons and violent crimes will still happen but more comprehensive checks when buy weapons are a gun store still keeps with the Second Amendment but there won’t be as much hoopla about gun laws

  • Zee dee
    Zee dee 9 months ago

    sarcasm king

  • James Rountree
    James Rountree 9 months ago

    Meanwhile in england - sadiq khan wants to ban knives because of all the stabbings , you can be arrested for offending someone , it basically illegal to defend yourself if attacked. Id rather the states thanks, britain is dead

  • ChuckE
    ChuckE 9 months ago +7

    "Brexit, like Mad Max, but less entertaining"

  • Leroy Lloyd
    Leroy Lloyd 9 months ago

    Feel sorry for most of the people in the comment section, so wrong it's insane, and I'm not american btw

  • idot
    idot 9 months ago


  • Riddled Tomcat
    Riddled Tomcat 9 months ago

    lol "tighten up gun laws." because criminals follow the gun laws... I wish people knew that the places with the most freedom in gun laws is the lowest in crime.

  • Hammer
    Hammer 9 months ago

    18% hit rate? I saw an interview where an American said that if a professional was only able to get an 18% hit rate, that is justification for the average person to be allowed automatic weapons with unlimited ammunition because it would require more fire power to hit a bad guy.

  • JxJxJxJx
    JxJxJxJx 10 months ago

    We need to just ban gun violence as soon as possible! Think of the children!

  • Kaiser Wilhem II
    Kaiser Wilhem II 10 months ago

    Worst case scenario of all guns are banned?

  • eLJaybud
    eLJaybud 10 months ago

    The answer is obviously 'more rooftop snipers'

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin 10 months ago

    that was his job

  • JustMirth
    JustMirth 10 months ago

    18% hit rate? Still better than storm troopers.

  • Comment Connoisseur
    Comment Connoisseur 10 months ago

    bunch of brit-bongs in the comment section using statements with no reasoning behind them to no end.

  • Saaj Kothari
    Saaj Kothari 10 months ago +1

    "It's like Brexit but less entertaining" Genius

  • Harfast
    Harfast 10 months ago

    And look at the state of the UK. Moral grandstanding at its ignorant best. If England doesn't go the way of Hungary, Italy, Austria and Poland then it will be run under Sharia Law within the next 50 years.

  • GrandJediMaster7860
    GrandJediMaster7860 10 months ago

    Well....he *was* brilliant with a shotgun! Shooting at thin air in a graveyard, at flying plates and then in a hospital bar 😂

  • Avocado Joe
    Avocado Joe 10 months ago

    "The white board is on freeze"

  • S. Waldron
    S. Waldron 10 months ago

    Absolutely no mention of that guys insanely f*cked arm... What is going on there and why isn't it well covered up? Lop that thing off and get a prostatitis that doesn't horrifying young children, don't dress it up like it's normal.

    • Johnny 2 hats
      Johnny 2 hats 9 months ago

      He's always had the arm, one wouldn't expect it to be mentioned at this point. It's not like he just showed like that for this one programme.

  • Brian Daniel
    Brian Daniel 10 months ago

    Let’s ban guns from schools like we did drugs... The only difference being that it will miraculously work this time and not give way to an already thriving black market.

  • Hi I'm Dad
    Hi I'm Dad 11 months ago

    Allow me to set the scene: It's 4 in the morning, I've been studying for my ACTs and SATs but have now made the fatal decision to go on TheXvid for "just a second". Yesterday was my birthday. I haven't known sleep in quite a few days. I lost my glasses in the aftermath of my party last night. I am delirious. The opening warnings stated that their would be adult humor. I didn't read it like that at first. No. I read "This clip contains slight humor". I thought to myself that's weird. These shows usually contain slight humor at best. How the fuck did I get slight from adult. I'm going to bed now. Love you. Sweet dreams.

  • Minyaw
    Minyaw 11 months ago

    An 18% hit rate is ridiculously high though and I don't mean it in a sarcastic way. People don't realize how difficult it is to hit something, especially with a handgun.

  • It's Maybe Me
    It's Maybe Me 11 months ago

    To everyone who denies the other side has any good points. Youre an idiot. Both sides have good points on being pro and anti gun. If you cant see there are positives as well as negatives then youre an idiot with poor reasoning skills, or you are only listening to one side and dont have all the facts.
    Also statistics can be very misleading. There are stats both for and against your position. It doesnt just go the one direction, and there are people on both sides who pretend statistics only back up their position and the other side is lying. You need to the brains to cut through the the bull, and the integrity to be honest with other people including yourself.

  • carls1959
    carls1959 11 months ago

    The problem with taking guns away from lawful owners, is that there's no way to get the guns away from the bad guys, until after they use them on an unarmed good guy. I would rather that the millions of lawful gun owners be left alone to protect themselves and stiffer penalties be given to criminals. Make prison life unbearable too.

  • 356-993
    356-993 11 months ago

    what they should do is just make murder illegal... because laws always stop bad things from happening.