Jake Gyllenhaal Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
  • Jake Gyllenhaal ("Spider-Man: Far From Home", "Brokeback Mountain") stops by to play with pups while answering fan questions about everything from joining the MCU, to working with Tom Holland, to settling who would win a fight between Deadpool, Wolverine, and Mysterio...and plans a very special gift for his friend, Ryan Reynolds.
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    Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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Comments • 4 079

  • Boudicca
    Boudicca 23 minutes ago

    Jake - great actor. Puppies way too cute. Super combination!

  • Abee Shaw
    Abee Shaw 4 hours ago

    Please make interview with Tom Hiddleston while playing with puppies , he is a really cool guy.

  • Kevin Nohl
    Kevin Nohl 13 hours ago

    Donnie darkooo

  • Marcus LeeP
    Marcus LeeP 13 hours ago

    Very nice...Too cute....The little puppies are too cute...

  • Sam
    Sam 18 hours ago


  • nahe laya
    nahe laya Day ago


  • Fatima Webster
    Fatima Webster Day ago


  • Ruchir Rawat
    Ruchir Rawat Day ago

    Plot twist : those puppies are made with drones making images in the air

  • Elida Moan
    Elida Moan 2 days ago +1


  • omri cabaza
    omri cabaza 3 days ago

    man i LOVE this guy. he's the sweetest

  • Odd ALI
    Odd ALI 3 days ago

    Every time I look at him I think Donne darko

  • whi†e mans whore
    whi†e mans whore 4 days ago

    self care is watching this video for the 100th time

  • Zaneta London
    Zaneta London 5 days ago

    He is so cute!!!. I'm dying ♥️

  • Vanessa Estrada
    Vanessa Estrada 5 days ago

    3:39 What are you doing* 😂

  • Thomas Reese
    Thomas Reese 6 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • z m
    z m 7 days ago

    RiP sweater

  • Hazzie Vengeance
    Hazzie Vengeance 8 days ago

    Those videos should be called ''The distracting challenge.''

  • To Many Memes For Me To Read

    My friend _Ryan_ !!!

  • Chaimaa Chayoume
    Chaimaa Chayoume 9 days ago +1

    That moment when you wish you were a puppy

  • Tracy Liang
    Tracy Liang 11 days ago

    that sweater does so much justice for ur body but not enough so just take it off thank y

  • sobolesia 123
    sobolesia 123 11 days ago

    ...more puppies...

  • kaye phillips
    kaye phillips 12 days ago

    Puppies and Jake Gyllenhaal! it's like the best dream!

  • Jesse Flores
    Jesse Flores 12 days ago

    The zodiac

  • bashavusta
    bashavusta 12 days ago

    why am i just now seeing this??? 🤗

  • Alejandra Drianp
    Alejandra Drianp 16 days ago

    Soyamioficialjake es mi misterío mi novio

    JENNY MIX WORLD 17 days ago

    Wow!! So very cuties puppies I love it, I'm new here

  • Mili Bonillo
    Mili Bonillo 17 days ago

    idk if they are filming the puppies or jake's arms... i know what i would film

  • Glaucia Rabelo
    Glaucia Rabelo 19 days ago

    I love puppies😍

  • Rosaline ._.
    Rosaline ._. 20 days ago +1

    0:21 happy 1st of October

  • souptroophat Esplin
    souptroophat Esplin 21 day ago

    Buzzfeed aren't you gonna say hes racist at some point

  • Karolina Nowak
    Karolina Nowak 22 days ago

    Jake : This Sweater is destroyed , it's done
    Or it's the new rage , Puppy-ripped sweater
    Me : Muhahaha i love U Bro

  • Laurence Dardonville
    Laurence Dardonville 22 days ago

    Je suis ravie, que lui acteur, succes, associations puppy, c genial, IL faudrais ➕ d acteurs qui se preocup des amour, de chiens chats. Good

  • Melinda Farina
    Melinda Farina 22 days ago

    Ahhhhh perfection

  • Lea Steckenborn
    Lea Steckenborn 23 days ago

    This is like the most adorable vid I've ever seen

  • Isabella Pagani
    Isabella Pagani 23 days ago

    Eyes matching the sweater

  • doomscyte
    doomscyte 24 days ago +1

    is this all just an illusion??

  • greattvshows452
    greattvshows452 24 days ago

    But . . . where did the 3rd puppy go . . . ?

  • Sahar Sahar
    Sahar Sahar 25 days ago

    Imagine being this pretty!

  • Marti- Bu
    Marti- Bu 25 days ago

    señor como puede ser tan lindo?

  • Brie the ok Gamer
    Brie the ok Gamer 25 days ago

    Please do thirst tweets about Jake gyllenhaal

  • KamylaDolan
    KamylaDolan 25 days ago

    y’all should do this with simon cowell, he loves dogs

  • Saray Sánchez
    Saray Sánchez 25 days ago

    No puedo con la hermosura de este hombre

  • Juliana Alves
    Juliana Alves 26 days ago +1

    Okay I'm crying

  • Jade Velvet
    Jade Velvet 26 days ago

    It's hard not to laugh when he's answering a question then he pauses whenever the puppies do something😂😂😂

  • Smol PotatoYT
    Smol PotatoYT 29 days ago

    I love he keeps saying "this sweater is distroyed" 😂

  • Dani
    Dani Month ago

    No one:
    Jake: tHIs SwEAteR iS ruINEd

  • w4r3dgo
    w4r3dgo Month ago

    Would any of you who read this comment agree if I said that the only downside to this video is that it’s a Buzzfeed video?

  • Solomon The Great
    Solomon The Great Month ago

    Every interview should be like this, except for that eating hot chicken stuff cuz' dog might eat a bit of it.

  • birdie
    birdie Month ago

    can’t tell who’s luckier- jake or the puppies 🙃

  • saryn toews
    saryn toews Month ago

    Jake: i hate deadpool

    not even a second later.

    jake: tO mY fRIEnd RyAn

  • Texas
    Texas Month ago +1

    I knew you speak dog language .. Recreationally You are dog wearing man suit..🧐🤯🤫

  • Krystal Draws
    Krystal Draws Month ago

    I love how by the end to the video the puppies go from playful to calm xd

  • DirtyJuvenile
    DirtyJuvenile Month ago

    Jake “Jarhead” Gyllenhaal playing Ray “Fishbowl” Mysterio?? Huh?? Huh?? How do you go from Jarhead to Fishbowl??

  • Jenea Gutierrez
    Jenea Gutierrez Month ago

    He is so beautiful ❤️

  • Daybreak96
    Daybreak96 Month ago

    OK, but How The F*CK have u not done a puppy interview with Chris Evans yet??? Have you Seen the man with dogs??? Give the people what they want!!!

  • ErAmGr 62
    ErAmGr 62 Month ago

    Hope you didn’t like that sweater
    RIP the olive green sweater

  • Libra Hoshino
    Libra Hoshino Month ago

    If I was a superhero, gorgeous men with puppies and/or kittens would be my kryptonite.

  • Stick-It Productions.

    I want to get famous just so I can get this interview...

  • Lauren Wynne
    Lauren Wynne Month ago

    the fact that Chris Evans hasn’t done a puppy interview yet is unacceptable and devastating. PLEASE make that happen


    He’s adorable