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  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    Christopher Nolan at Cannes - by Georges Biard
    J.J. Abrams at Star Trek Beyond Japan Premiere - by Dick Thomas Johnson
    IMAX Theater at Paragon Cineplex - by Khemkhaeng
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  • Borys Barski
    Borys Barski Day ago

    boy i use 576i

  • PixelMiners
    PixelMiners Day ago

    CD | Dink Thifferent

  • Chris Anthony
    Chris Anthony 3 days ago


  • Strazdas
    Strazdas 3 days ago

    watching 4k youtube video on 1080p screen just means natural antialiasing. You should force youtube to do that.

  • Strazdas
    Strazdas 3 days ago

    The main problem with digital pixelization was a shitty cartel agreement between TV manufacturers. The CRT screens already could do above 1080p screens but then HD formats took a dive, including the redefinition of HD to include 720p somehow.

  • ATVER Gaming
    ATVER Gaming 5 days ago

    My monitor:8K
    My GPU:5K

  • Steven Gleave
    Steven Gleave 6 days ago

    Looking thick Captain D

  • Masticina Akicta
    Masticina Akicta 8 days ago +1

    AH 4k and 8k, ...
    There is a relationship between how far you are from the screen, how big the screen is and how much details you can see. I am watching a 24" 1080p screen. If I want 1440p, which for gaming is a nice resolution it makes sense if I switch to 27" but not bigger. Why? Because of how far I have to sit away from the screen to see it all. Actually, a 24" 1440p screen would make more sense. It would mean I still can sit in the same position and see the full screen.
    So let's talk 4k, I think many people who have a 4k screen hardly notice the difference compared to 1080p, not because the screen isn't better. It is, but because they are sitting way too far away to be able to see all the pixels. So in many cases, those pixels just mush together and all that extra detail... is done by the time it reaches the viewer's eyes.
    If you EVER buy a 4k screen, do the research and buy one big enough for the situation of viewing.

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris 9 days ago

    It’s depressing when you eyes literally can only see 4K.

  • Chance
    Chance 10 days ago

    Caaptain Resolution xD

  • Ninjxxitty
    Ninjxxitty 10 days ago

    i think 8k would make it easier for film editors to access the video in more drastic and harsher ways without ruining the resolution. im sure everyones been in that spot where editing a photo or video to your desire has lead to really poor quality. you try to recover any quality possible with thinks like sharpness and contrast. smooth over the image and hope noone notices. but you wont need to recover your edit as often or as drastic with 8k videos/images. :) just my opinion.

  • Ninjxxitty
    Ninjxxitty 10 days ago

    personally i think higher resolutions are great for photographers photo editors etc etc. the zoom on the finer details is honestly kinda magical. if theres something to even look at in that depth. i recommend looking at 8k galaxy pictures tho. very fun :)

  • Ninjxxitty
    Ninjxxitty 10 days ago

    tried watching an 8k video about some space thing. i wasnt surprised to find out my internet (maybe computer as well) couldnt handle loading it all in realtime lol

    FERAL GAMING 11 days ago

    Your vocals and your video are out of sync in this video.

  • God of Pizza
    God of Pizza 11 days ago +1

    No one:
    Android users: 0:00

  • Matt Nes'heim
    Matt Nes'heim 11 days ago

    Doesn't it get hot wearing those gloves all the time? And how is your band Green Day doing?

  • София Букланова

    Да о каком 1080 речь? У меня монитор 1366 на 768 точек

  • Evan M
    Evan M 12 days ago

    Do the bowling robot video

  • y33t0 burr1t0
    y33t0 burr1t0 13 days ago

    The beginning sounds like the max headroom incident. Can you try to find a way to undo that effect and apply that to the intrusion?

  • DistrackXmusic
    DistrackXmusic 14 days ago

    0:00 - 0:07 that is horrifying

  • Island Princess
    Island Princess 14 days ago

    All the good stuff is gone except captain D

  • onni koskinen
    onni koskinen 17 days ago

    Im watching on 380p

  • Pawelnougoed
    Pawelnougoed 17 days ago

    Am I a barbaric for only watching 360p /480p

  • Doug Ensel
    Doug Ensel 19 days ago

    I feel like you would know that color film is composed of dye clouds. The silver halide crystals get completely removed during the bleaching portion of the C-41 process.

  • Ben
    Ben 20 days ago

    Who else checked to see the quality on this vid😂

  • jankkhvej
    jankkhvej 21 day ago

    I am watching on a 4k screen

  • Doni Dozh
    Doni Dozh 22 days ago

    2020: 16K movies in VR

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon 22 days ago

    (2:51) - "Age- - Dee" ?
    Sorry Cap'n.

  • Mxnsourbeats
    Mxnsourbeats 23 days ago

    0:00 android users be like

  • cgreen339
    cgreen339 23 days ago

    Random question, does mr flare have another episode coming out anytime soon?

  • Supa Koopa Troopa 64
    Supa Koopa Troopa 64 24 days ago +1

    I'm still watching in 360p

  • pathmada
    pathmada 24 days ago +1

    i like how at 3:13, the windows phone (or google, not sure) runs out of battery, the samsung explodes, and the iphone shatters, all things those types of phones have had issues with at some point

  • Xynnful
    Xynnful 25 days ago

    That moment when a 720p video is blurry in your screen but not in cinemas :(

  • Daniel Fredrickson
    Daniel Fredrickson 27 days ago

    I love the abrupt endings in this series

  • Adderoony Hynter
    Adderoony Hynter 27 days ago

    I'd love to watch this video in about 10 years. It would probably be hilariously outdated. Someone remind me please!

  • Evan Blenkinsopp
    Evan Blenkinsopp 27 days ago +1

    That intro audio reminded me of the Max Headroom TV hijacking...

  • Karanthaneos
    Karanthaneos 28 days ago

    Captain Resolution!

    DERP XD 28 days ago

    Does PewDiePie hire you?

  • ɮǟʀʀʏ աօʟʄӄɨռɖօʍ

    That's the kind of camera on my phone 3.13

  • mugflub
    mugflub Month ago

    Man, you really know your shit.

  • Kaiyuan Chen
    Kaiyuan Chen Month ago +1

    I watched this at 360p

  • PixelMiners
    PixelMiners Month ago


  • Graham McDonald
    Graham McDonald Month ago

    Larger res is handy for being able to crop your footage.

  • Mikael Morrell-Stinson

    Personally, I've always enjoyed color quality over resolution.
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy 1080 and even 2K, after that though, the benefits seems to be diminished.
    However, OLED screens and QLED screens, something that shows deep blacks and rich colors, looks amazing compared to their LCD/LED counterparts.
    If I have to choose between a 4K LED and a 1080 QLED, I'll take the 1080 QLED... The resolution is good enough, and the picture looks stunning!

    • Interpolation 255
      Interpolation 255 Month ago

      That's not color resolution, that's display color quality. It's still 24 bit when viewed on a laptop screen or a giant QLED screen. Its not that there are more colors, its that there is deeper and more defined color when displayed on a better screen.

  • Frostburn
    Frostburn Month ago

    Pause it at 4:15

  • Cedrik_BOI
    Cedrik_BOI Month ago

    5K boi...

  • Aidan Lelliott
    Aidan Lelliott Month ago +10

    Comeon people. Stop complaining that he takes a bit to make a video. Quality over quantity, and MAN he does it well.

  • Chris251Gg Clips UwU
    Chris251Gg Clips UwU Month ago +5

    0:01 pewdiepies video quality be like

  • RUGame 17
    RUGame 17 Month ago

    0:00 when you have an Android

  • Ajinkya Bhushan
    Ajinkya Bhushan Month ago

    I am watching this in 144p

  • Xnoob Speakable
    Xnoob Speakable Month ago

    My phone is 720p and I am happy
    This stupid 8k is frickin' pointless
    I could see myself using 4k if I had a good PC, but not 8k
    And I think 16K is coming soon...
    Why do we need that if it's higher resolution than our eyes can see?

  • jay o
    jay o Month ago

    watched on a crt

  • genericpizzathief
    genericpizzathief Month ago

    0:00 if captain disillusion had an android

  • savindacooray
    savindacooray Month ago

    Where were you all this time in my life ?

  • Nisfinx
    Nisfinx Month ago

    *silver highlight*

  • anton
    anton Month ago

    Please don’t become a youtuber

  • Alive 2007 Videos
    Alive 2007 Videos Month ago +1

    Android users: 0:00

  • Bappo
    Bappo Month ago

    At 3:46 his mouth doesn’t move when he says possible

  • Alexander Wizner
    Alexander Wizner Month ago

    I'm amazed that he would consider capitalistic competition needs to stop--it's the best way to ensure quality, diversity, and efficiency.

  • hillo wassup no username

    What were the film clips used?

  • Eclipsed
    Eclipsed Month ago

    3:23 ayy thats the editor i use

  • Mackenzie Cash
    Mackenzie Cash Month ago

    Just a heads up: this video is missing from your CD / playlist.

  • MathiAs2Pique_
    MathiAs2Pique_ Month ago

  • Vasu Entro
    Vasu Entro Month ago +1

    How many of you are watching this video in *360p* *resolution*
    👇Hit one *like* to say *I'M*

  • Strave
    Strave Month ago +1

    Hey Cap, this video is missing from the CD playlist on your channel!

  • Selmostick Silverstone

    If you upload on yt in 4k(even if you upscale as a creator or downscale as a consumer) you can have something close to uncompressed video

  • Teresa hikes
    Teresa hikes Month ago

    can someone tell me why my gopro footage looks so bad when i upload it to youtube? it looks fine on my computer.

  • ElderlyIron
    ElderlyIron Month ago

    Best understandable explanation I've encountered.

  • Namelessnake
    Namelessnake Month ago +1

    "I'm really bout to give it to yo pickle chin ah boy"

  • Logan Britton
    Logan Britton Month ago

    'Android users' android phones are good.
    'android phones' 0:00