Inside SpaceX's Moon Lander: The Lunar Starship

  • Published on Jan 24, 2021
  • Imagine touching down on the moon with 100 tons of equipment and supplies? Here's how we decked our Human rated concept for Elon Musk's Lunar Starship, by smallstars and @ErcXSpace
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    For a comparison of the 3 Lunar Lander options NASA paid over 900 Million dollars in 2020 to develop go here:
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  • Marieu6
    Marieu6 Year ago +298

    Lunar Starship has been chosen.. let's see what it will really look like on the interior..

    • Lauren Thomas
      Lauren Thomas 7 days ago

      @scott alan I was thinking the same about Dave. 😂

    • Lauren Thomas
      Lauren Thomas 7 days ago

      @dave blueballz hahaha 🤣

    • oldbloke135
      oldbloke135 7 months ago

      @George Cole Space doesn't weigh anything. What made previous spaceships uncomfortable was lack of it.
      I think it is quite likely that the "furniture" will look modern and stylish, because I would imagine it will be a plastic material that can be easily recycled for later use in a 3D printer. If they have to take raw material for a future moon-base up anyway, then they may as well make into something nice until it is needed! They won't be bringing any of it back.

    • Christopher Roquemore
      Christopher Roquemore 8 months ago

      @MorningLightMountain Once Lunar starship is on the moon with its gravity, those stand-in showers would be feasible.

    • bkahuja123
      bkahuja123 8 months ago

      I really want to find out how to book a seat on this starship.

  • Yorck Hagenbuch
    Yorck Hagenbuch Year ago +20

    Incredible amount of space in this huge spaceship, almost like Star Trek. Fascinating. More of this, please.

    • Trevor Woodley
      Trevor Woodley Year ago +1

      Just shows what an egotistical asshole Bezos is to dare to gum up the works by suing NASA, when the retrograde National Team design doesn't even approach SpaceX's utility, power and capacity.

  • Sonderax
    Sonderax Year ago +201

    SpaceX do have a dedicated team for the Lunar SS. I think SpaceX will keep working on the Lunar SS. Its good for a Moon base

    • James M DeLuca
      James M DeLuca 6 months ago

      @allineedis1mike Think the boring co. for smallish underground habitats.
      BTW: small nukes needed for power. With multiple delivery systems to divide the load, a thorium molten salt reactor seems like a perfect fit for moon and mars. Both places have known quantities of thorium and uranium for fission fuel. I think salts should be available there as well for locally mfr'd reactors. Small earth built msrs should be considered for start-up use. Bored waste may contain valuable materials for other construction projects.

    • James M DeLuca
      James M DeLuca 6 months ago

      How about a zip line for quick desents?

    • Cody Uchiha
      Cody Uchiha 6 months ago

      @AllINeedis1Mike they’ll most likely built most of it on earth and assemble it like a giant lego piece, kinda like how they did with the ISS. This would be an easier option by far..

    • Dale Thelander
      Dale Thelander 11 months ago

      @smallstars Moonbase Alpha ended up lightyears away from Earth.
      Yeah, I watched that series on first run.

    • censor tube
      censor tube Year ago

      I don't doubt they have teams of people cranking out cgi, practical space craft on the other hand ....

  • Stinger NSW
    Stinger NSW Year ago +5

    Concepts are always great and you and ErcX have produced food for thought! I am sure SpaceX will deck out any Starship with the streamline features and functionally like Dragon but of course to a larger scale. It would be great to know if SpaceX are working on these now! As always, enjoyed the video and the work you both out into them ♥️ 👍

  • Framryk
    Framryk Year ago +82

    Great video! Nailed the animations, love the Cybertruck, nice touch! I hope they go for suit ports to protect against lunar dust. Would also be a shame to get that beautiful white interior dirty!

    • sealy3
      sealy3 Year ago

      After the mud room is repressurised the moon suites can be vacuumed cleaned with a (vacuum cleaner and dust filter system)
      And the electrostatic dust can be degaussed with a degausser.
      You could also use a water sprayer system to clean and concentrate the dust to the floor of the mud room where it could be collected with a wet dry vacuum.
      The water gets recycled to be used again.

    • James Hartung
      James Hartung Year ago +1

      @nastystang113 he was asked about the truck being used on the moon, shortly after he introduced it, he said no, that it is too light & something to do with the atmosphere and gravity , he said it will absolutely be used on Mars, With few modifications ... I got the feeling that was his intention all along with it...

    • John Eagle
      John Eagle Year ago

      @nastystang113 I just thought the same thing.

    • nastystang113
      nastystang113 Year ago +2

      @James Hartung Where did he say that? You really think the Cybertruck is lighter then the Lunar Rover from Apollo?

    • James Hartung
      James Hartung Year ago

      Elon said the truck isn’t heavy enough for the moon

  • 10esseeTony
    10esseeTony Year ago +38

    I don't think too many of us would mind 90 to 120 seconds of sponsorship, my friend! Your content is quite often worth a few extra minutes of our time! Thanks for all the many informative vids!!!!

    • Jay Patel
      Jay Patel Year ago +3

      Yeah put the ads in the end of video not middle and we'll be good!

    • Kamal Ali
      Kamal Ali Year ago +3

      Agree. More important to keep content flowing.

  • Devin Dykstra
    Devin Dykstra Year ago +8

    Your videos are always so entertaining and informative. I really hope the algorithm picks up on some more of these gems.

  • clem rock
    clem rock Year ago +1

    Great work!!! My favorite thing about starship is envisioning what the interior will look like and you guys are nailing it.

  • Rob Shuttleworth
    Rob Shuttleworth 4 months ago

    Thanks, really good presentations.
    Where did you get the templates for the floor plan? Does SpaceX share any actual CAD files?

  • Ben Yacobi
    Ben Yacobi Year ago

    This is awesome - thanks for putting together this great video.
    Apologies if I missed this but how do astronauts (or even vehicles) get from the hatch to the surface?

  • Floripa Bengals
    Floripa Bengals Year ago

    Amazing designs and animation, and really quality content. I enjoyed a lot. What about the internal space and oxygen, will there be enough oxygen for the whole space ship?

  • Nick Wittkamp
    Nick Wittkamp Year ago +1

    Keep it up with the vids! You're killing it dude. Love these interior shots

  • Oliver Pettingill

    Excellent high-quality content, I really love these videos!
    I have a few thoughts. the Med bay definitely needs to be as close to the airlock as possible for quick access as soon as astronauts return from an EVA. an EVA is most likely when issues could arise so it has to be easy to get to from the airlock.
    The ladder tube will need to have a winch at the top to allow for cargo transfer between levels. Astronauts will not be able to carry much on their backs as they climb a ladder and there will be tons of rocks, science equipment, space suits, and everything else that will have to be moved around. I also think floor space will be used more efficiently if this tube was as close to the side as possible, not in the center. this way the winch won't be in the way of the docking port and can be permanently fixed. The taper at the top would be the limiting factor of how far to the side it could be moved, but Elon had some cryptic tweet a while ago that starship might become less pointy (?) so this might change.
    I think every level should have storage below removable panels on the floor. I assume the same philosophy will be used as on the ISS where every flat surface is used, now obviously the ceiling cant be used in gravity, but using the floor as storage, plumbing, life support can be useful in zero-g and in gravity.
    I think the mechanism for the airlock door retracting down is too mechanically complex and not the most useful. I assume it was designed to be similar to the hatches on the ISS? it would be much simpler to have a single hinge either on the top or side and the airlock hatch swing outwards. this way, for example, the cyber truck/rover won't have to drive over it and risking damage.
    I see the 2 black lines below the hatch for the crane system, I presume these would be external I-beam's to guide the lift up and down? as another option, it could be simpler and lighter to have guide wheels on the lift platform as it is lowered/raised by a winch system that is deployed through the top of the airlock hatch. you didn't explain how this could work in your design so I am not sure if this is what you were thinking?
    Another thought, there should be a ladder going from the surface to the hatch as redundancy for astronauts to climb up in the case the lift is broken. maybe this could be a deployable ladder only used when there is an active EVA, but that wouldn't be as safe as a fixed ladder.
    Again, excellent work on this video! This is all constructive criticism, not bashing your design in any way. My ideas probably arent right either, but I would like to know what you think about them.

  • Michael Dudley
    Michael Dudley Year ago +14

    Amazing! Seeing this makes me feel for the first time in my adult life like I'm living in the future I thought I'd be in when I was a teen in the 70's!

    • Miki Cerise
      Miki Cerise 4 months ago

      @Colin Jersa Oh, has it landed on the moon already?

    • Colin Jersa
      Colin Jersa 4 months ago

      @Miki Cerise well I can say this statement has aged poorly now

    • Miki Cerise
      Miki Cerise Year ago

      Don't worry, there is still time to cancel it. Bezos, Boeing, ULA et. al. and the American senators on their payroll will see to that, as they always have.

  • Gabriel Gertel
    Gabriel Gertel Year ago +1

    Me encantó el video. No encontré explicaciones en español de como será y este video ya lo explica todo. Muchas gracias!!!!!

  • Wasatch Wind
    Wasatch Wind Year ago +5

    This looks incredible. The thing I love about it is it makes it feel more close and real.

  • Lunniy Korabl
    Lunniy Korabl Year ago +1

    As always you provide valuable insight into the future and what it might look like.This really sparks the imagination

  • videolabguy
    videolabguy 10 months ago

    I love this program. Have watched it many times. I love your renders. But, imagine that in reality, every bit of space inside the Lunar Starship will initially be packed nearly solid with supplies. Not as spacious as you show. Being a hoarder myself, this sounds more comfortable for me anyway.

  • switchmuso
    switchmuso Year ago +76

    As enjoyable as an episode of The Expanse! Appreciate the ad-free environment.

    • Leonard Tillmann
      Leonard Tillmann Year ago

      @switchmuso The youtube algorithm loves ads

    • switchmuso
      switchmuso Year ago +4

      @Spy2SA As he says, they are maintaining a freeze on ads during the video.. I think this helps maintain the flow of the video, and will ultimately be more profitable than viewers turning away at the first ad.

    • Spy2SA
      Spy2SA Year ago +4

      But judging by the kind of quality of work this channel does, I think they deserve to get some 'compensation' like ad revenue for their work.

  • tubularAp
    tubularAp Year ago

    Great renderings. Keeping the space suits, with the inevitable Moon dust, outside of any interior is most important.

  • Steve Pashley
    Steve Pashley Year ago

    Thanks for another great video. Like others the capacity of the Starship is mind-blowing.. Please keep up the great work

  • Nic Ansuini
    Nic Ansuini Year ago +25

    I LOVE this concept! 😍

  • Muuip
    Muuip Year ago +1

    Great presentation, great visualizations!
    Thank you much appreciated! 👍

  • Reggie B
    Reggie B Year ago

    You did a really amazing job with this episode I loved it

  • rodrigo
    rodrigo Year ago +164

    the lunar starship will have gravity most of the time, so designing it as a "building" makes the most sense

    • Quokka
      Quokka 8 months ago

      Given that the first mission will stay for 7 days and that a round trip would be about a six days and on orbit refuelling would take several days to a week. So probably less than half the mission will experience gravity.

    • Jesse Brennan
      Jesse Brennan 9 months ago

      Theres only two ways for it to have gravity spin or constantly accelerate starship will do how do you figure it will have it most of the will only have gravity in two places earth and moon

    • Ahchx
      Ahchx Year ago +1

      @WestPhillyDave thanks for the laugh! hahahah, but for real, dont be so angry, i know some people cant understand even the most basic topics, im sorry if i offended you because you already know about the gravity thing and you just where being funny.

    • WestPhillyDave
      WestPhillyDave Year ago

      @Ahchx WOW, I can smell your brain working overtime or is that Elon's "Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires"?

  • Ant C
    Ant C Year ago

    Your renders are incredible! Thanks for the content

  • cedric eric
    cedric eric Year ago +1

    I'm officially I love with starship esp as a lunar lander
    It is so big it's the spacecraft of the movies
    It may carry space force guardians

  • Casey Spain
    Casey Spain Year ago

    Thanks for the video! It seems like hauling six raptor engines up and down for each moon sortie is wasteful. Also, do the side mounted thursters use the main fuel tanks? I think we are missing a ton of details on this monster.

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings Year ago +2

    I loved your animation! This gives a fresh perspective than what most animations I've seen so far on starship's interior. Nice job!

  • Shmu
    Shmu Year ago +4

    Awesome video! I was so excited for the full render to come out and you guys really understand how to design an interior for living in space.

    • Bernie Schiff
      Bernie Schiff Year ago

      @Shmu A lot of innovative work has already been done. The movie 2001 had a lot of good design ideas for low gravity spacecraft interiors. The Aries lunar passenger ship shown in the movie has an interesting kitchen food prep area. Don't forget the zero gravity toilets and showers.

    • Shmu
      Shmu Year ago

      @smallstars Haha no formal training is needed! I love talking about interior designs of spacecraft. I suspect SpaceX is gonna want to make Starship as home-y and comfortable as possible. I’ve mentioned to another channel that was doing an interior design that maybe we should move away from the Crew Dragon interior style and go with like fake wood panelling or make things beige inside. Astronauts probably don’t want to think about the harshness of space and the design shouldn’t feel cold and lifeless. I like that you guys left a lot of communal space and also some areas for privacy. Might make sense to shift the decks around so that if there’s a medical emergency they can basically get someone help ASAP. But man that dining room feels very much like the Nostromo I LOVE IT!!

    • smallstars
      smallstars  Year ago +2

      😅 Thanks! I was a bit concerned because we have no formal training, so Erik X and I put our heads together and did bunch of brainstorming for the interior plan.

  • 54egg
    54egg Year ago

    Beautiful models and animation. Would you need the sea-level engines on lunar starship?

  • CastFromTheHip
    CastFromTheHip Year ago +1

    Excellent work, thanks for putting this together.

  • Space Bruce
    Space Bruce Year ago +1

    Cool interpretation, subscribed.
    For the visualisations, I think they'd be a little easier to follow if you rendered them with a wider FOV to take in the layout better and lingered on points of interest for a moment rather than tweening from point to point.

  • Egest Kallashi
    Egest Kallashi Year ago +1

    Great stuff as always! I hope Elon does not give up on the moon even if NASA drops Starship as one of their lunar landers.

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Year ago +1

    Absolutely awesome visual content... one of the best presentations I've encountered....and I've encountered ALOT !!! BRAVO !!!

  • professordeb
    professordeb Year ago

    That’s very cool and so well done! What I wonder is how do they get down to the surface? Is the Moon buggy lowered in an elevator on the outside? Can’t do it internally with fuel tanks and engines below!

  • Nacho Pascual
    Nacho Pascual Year ago

    Amazing video as always! Only issue I have is the galley/eating area. I think that maybe having two tables with four seats, so that people can see and talk to eachother would probably be better for morale, and even work. We are social creatures and, while looking at the moon's surface is definitely cool, I believe that for long-term missions, the social and psychological aspect is more important!

  • odobro
    odobro Year ago

    good content, great creator, interesting topics, cool merch, the list goes on

  • Otpyrc Ralph Pierre

    Science "fiction" is becoming Science History!
    You, my friend, are part of that.
    Excellent videos.
    Keep'em coming.

  • Pancho
    Pancho Year ago +1

    I LOVE these videos. Keep it up.

  • Andre B.
    Andre B. Year ago +1

    If Elon can have his own crew for the moon mission he can have a robot to prepare a landing pad so the next Starship will be a real one... The moon is a very interresting place to have a fuel station. I like your presentation of the moon Starship.

  • David-Michael Young

    I'm getting really excited about STARSHIP. I hope that I see this come to a reality in my lifetime. Thanks for creating and sharing. Great job! DM.

  • Zach Bernstein
    Zach Bernstein Year ago +1

    This is crazy. Cant wait to see what they actually do on the moon when they get there again.

  • Charon Stone
    Charon Stone Year ago

    Really cool, man ! I wish I had the skills to do such 3D stuff.
    Just a few minor suggestions, why did you not put stairs ? Stairs make so much sense, and that empty tube in the middle is scary dangerous ! Ladders are dangerous. You need stairs, or if you want ladders they must connect just two levels at a time.
    And in the meal/living area, you should include a nice big round table. Its good for meals, socialising, playing games, working etc.
    I would not put the beds on the same level as the living area, but in a quiet place, like at the top. You can move the storage anyware.

  • MrFRDW
    MrFRDW Year ago

    great video, but i wanted also know how they get on the ground of the moon
    with a lift or a ladder? would love to see an animation for it

  • Owen Sward
    Owen Sward Year ago

    one of the reasons for the integrated airlock space suits is to limit the amount of fine toxic lunar dust that enters the vehicle so I might suggest a different airlock where they enter the loading and unloading area through their suits.

  • Dean Lawson
    Dean Lawson Year ago

    Very Cool video dude!
    So many advantages with the Lunar Starship lander. I eagerly look forward to seeing this awesome craft used regularly to ferry Astronauts from the Lunar Gateway and the surface of the moon!!
    Keep it up! Nicely done!

  • Rod Anderson
    Rod Anderson Year ago

    It will be VERY interesting to see what design SpaceX finally chooses. I'm sure they will consider the efforts that you and others make -- and it will save them a lot of very valuable time. Much of the Cybertruck's utility is a direct result of the numerous suggestions made by Elon's fan base when Elon requested their input.

  • PB Star Wars
    PB Star Wars Month ago

    I personally believe that when the astronauts land on the moon, landing the Lunar starship would feel like if they were landing the proposed moon lander that the Apollo astronauts would have used for the Direct Descent option. Basically I believe that the starship is just two big, and that anything on the moon should either have a mixture of digital and tactile or just tactile controls.

  • G.A. C.
    G.A. C. Year ago +1

    As a ten-year-old I watched Neil place his foot on the moon. On that dau, people imagined everything and anything that was to follow. But then, all went silent. Then came the NASA distractions. Now, more than five decades after Neil's small step, we as a human race are where we should have been in the 1980's. So much time to make up for, but here we go!

  • Brandon West
    Brandon West Year ago +2

    I feel like there’d be a lot more scientific or lab equipment for research an experiments and definitely some sort of whole body exercise equipment like on the iss to help keep their body’s healthy and in shape for whenever they come home and experience full gravity again.

  • David Williams
    David Williams 9 months ago

    Nice, slick, modern design, of course its a rough sketch, but looking forward to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Well done!

  • Collin Lamont
    Collin Lamont Year ago +21

    Who here after NASA chose SpaceX for Moon Lander?

  • Kamal Ali
    Kamal Ali Year ago +1

    Thank you for this. Could you tell us why is there not more urgency in planning missions to map distribution of water on the Moon: what form it is in and how it can be extracted? I would assume that would be one of the most urgent achievements we need to do this sustainably. Or , for SpaceX, do they have planned any missions involving ISRU etc?

    • Jude Dornisch
      Jude Dornisch Year ago +1

      The entire reason for a polar landing is water. That is the drive behind the entire Artemis design. A survey mission is scheduled for this year and more to follow.

  • Jack B
    Jack B Year ago +2

    I feel like Starship's #1 use and profit margin isn't tourism, it's going to be carrying larger volume payloads to either build newer, bigger commerical orbital stations (crystals form better in micro/zero-gravity, so there's industrial & pharma use potential there) by both delivering completed modules to be linked, or parts to assemble in orbit for some REALLY big modules to be pressurized later, and to start remodeling the ISS with larger modules piecemeal.
    Picture your AMD or Intel processor being fabbed in orbit, then dumped down the gravity well to consumers instead of from Taiwan at TSMC.

  • Peter J-S
    Peter J-S Year ago

    Very cool stuff. Super excited about eventual moon and Mars tourism!

  • scotty moondog jakubin

    Its gonna be wierd seeing areas of the moon lit up like small cities here on earth !

    • László Balogh
      László Balogh 11 months ago

      @gk It is true, but do not forget our cities not visible from the space because of the windows, but because the street lights. Even if many of the areas in a moon base would be underground, there gonna be plenty of things that can't be. So they gonna have to lit up areas above ground.

    • László Balogh
      László Balogh 11 months ago

      Do not forget in your life you not going to see something like that, because the moon base will be in a crater on the south pole. At least this is the NASA current plan as far as I know.

    • gk
      gk Year ago +2

      Yeah, have fun with the meteors that keep coming down there. With the blood moon you can observe well how many meteorite impacts there are. Just like the earth, the moon is constantly bombarded with meteorites - with the crucial difference that they all hit the moon's surface due to the lack of atmosphere. If you want to build on the moon, then better underground.

    • Aaron Horrocks
      Aaron Horrocks Year ago +3

      Star Trek: First Contact
      Cmdr. William Riker : [looking up at the moon] Wow! Look at that!
      Dr. Zefram Cochrane : Don't tell me you've never seen the moon before.
      Cmdr. William Riker : It's just looks a lot different, that's all. There are 50 million people living on the moon in my time.

    • Kerho Huone
      Kerho Huone Year ago +7

      this is thought is also deeply arousing my interstellar mind!

  • John SpaceCastle
    John SpaceCastle Year ago

    Hi, nice video on the Lunar Starship.
    I wanted to share a concept idea of "plug and play" type lunar/basic starship. I think it would be better for a SpaceX starship design that has segments that can be configured as needed for the mission than the one shape fits all. I like how and why they moved the landing engines up from the bottom on the Lunar version, but I feel the basic single unit design is not the best for this mission need. Why can't they make functional segments that fit together like stages do? That way you can move the propulsion segment to the middle, still keep a small flight crew area with a nose hatch if needed, and then have in the low halve a cargo storage and long term Luna habitat segment near the bottom for easy access on the ground. If more engines are need for the trip to get the unit there, it like another module below the habitat Mod that can be jettison (or leave it in orbit) before landing. The upper Flight Mod and mid engine Mod, can be used as an emergency escape and/leave the surface to back to space. That smaller upper halve could be like a semi truck for the purpose to transport the lower segment to the surface and then return back to orbit (reconnect that engine Mod you left in space) and go back to earth for another segment (habitat, power plant, cargo, etc) and return back to the moon.
    For Mars, you plug many segments together for one main (longer) ship to get there, then they separate in orbit, with some segments landing on their own (cargo or habitat unit with a Mid engine mod), with basic starship element upfront to carry the passages. You could even design a Mod that offers some form of spin again for those longer mission type requirement that could be left in orbit for the return flight later, etc.
    Again, I think the single unit starship is not the best design for going to the Moon or Mars. A functional segment design is best. What's your thoughts at SmallStars?

  • Mark R
    Mark R Year ago

    As far as transporting to and from the moon couldn't we have a station with an elliptic orbit that encompasses both the earth and the moon?
    It might be a slower longer ride but it could cut cost down. As time goes forward we could have several with varying departure and arrival times.
    It would seem to cut down the amount of fuel needed to be lifted off earth.

  • Deadman Racing
    Deadman Racing Year ago

    I really like the idea of retrofitting a Cybertruck to go to the moon as a functional work vehicle that would be crazy.

  • The Cool
    The Cool Year ago

    Nicely done Mike Always enjoy your posts and perspectuve

  • The Ethicist Philosophy Show

    These prequel episodes of "The Expanse" are getting wicked good!

  • InfoScholar
    InfoScholar 6 months ago

    I would like to see a greater explanation of the propulsion systems of the SpaceX Lunar vs Mars projects.

  • Suzanne Campbell RAINBOW

    Well done on the video. I really like the use of the solar panels on the moon, buying stock in the solar industry, once I find out who will be making the panels for SpaceX and NASA.

  • Philip Robicheaux

    Great work smallstars! It's obvious a lot of work goes into your videos.
    I think there will be a significant portion of the pressurized interior that will be required for life support systems and storage.... Though you'd have to think that SpaceX will try to stick with their austere interiors like Dragon and Tesla if possible.... I doubt it will look packed like the ISS with all it's experiments going on. I'd think there would be other vehicles dedicated to that. If they stick with walk in suits the habitat would never be exposed to moon (or Mars) dust as the personnel would never be directly exposed to any and the suits would stay in the "dry dock".

  • Ka Pybara
    Ka Pybara Year ago +9

    Awesome video!! I recommend increasing the Field of View of the camera in the animations next time though. Anyway, thank you for your awesome work

  • InfoScholar
    InfoScholar 6 months ago +1

    My concern is that landing such a massive object on the moon has never been attempted, and, also, never a tall, perpendicular object. The narrow foot of the lunar lander is very worrying. I'm an old NASA fan, and they were sometimes perceived as maddeningly slow, but even as meticulous as they were, lives were lost. I think in the new Space Age, the calculus is, as Musk has said, "Lives will be lost." True, hard but true.

  • John Newton
    John Newton Year ago

    Great video. How big would the machinery for the oxygen, water and fuel extractors have to be?

  • Kia e-Niro Diaries Encore

    Great video. Makes me wonder why not use the Starship as a gateway, just bolt the ion drive on for station keeping. There must be cost savings in standardising on a design.

  • Peter James
    Peter James Year ago

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      @Billy Wong Good point. Hopefully Musk will design his own (superior) take on a space station. Even better, maybe NASA should commission a SpaceX station design; I'm betting they'll hit it out the park.

    • Billy Wong
      Billy Wong Year ago

      "Standard" space station style gateway allow modular expansion. Starship, no matter how good you think it is, is fixed size and dedicated a lot mass and volume to chemical propulsion against gravity, which gateway space station would want small sized ion thruster instead.

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    Nice design, but I suggest to tilt the starship over with equipment brought along and redesign the starship within, on a horizontal plane. Of course assuming that you have another vehicle to get off the moon. These would be great lunar habitats.

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    I think, that you could use the suit-hatch approach, have 1 normal hatch and for example 4 suit-hatches. When you need more than 4 people go out in same time (very rare probably) first four astronauts attach the next 4 for next group. Of course, that would mean that you need to plan ahead who goes when, whose suits are attached etc. but it is much better than risking bringing moon dust every time. In emergency use normal hatch if needed.

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    Moon is much closer and faster to reach.
    Reaching the Moon within days as opposed to months could mean the difference between life and death if there's a problem and we need to send a rescue.
    Mars is much farther away, making real-time or even near-real-time communication impossible.
    Moon only has near-real-time communications, so it will be possible to test autonomous robots and get results faster.
    Mars has better gravity. More than twice the gravity of the Moon.
    Moon has more sunlight but the "days" are 15 Earth days long. Temperature extremes, and unreliable solar power except at the poles.
    Mars is farther away, so the sunlight is much weaker. However, the days are much more Earth-like. Nearly exact, actually.
    Moon has been done. Mars is more of an achievement.
    Mars has better stuff to explore.
    Moon is always about the same distance from Earth. Mars distance varies by millions of miles.

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    What would the strategy be for radiation shielding? Almost any previous design has contemplated the use of regolith, for example as a shielding material. Also note that radiation shielding on the Lunar Gateway is a lot more of a concern than it is on ISS because it not within the Earth's magnetosphere.

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