HEATED DEBATE - Is The Premier League Getting WORSE!?

  • Liverpool running away with the Premier League title while many big clubs like a Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal are consistently stumbling. True Geordie asks is the Premier League on the decline?

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  • Ben
    Ben 22 hours ago

    If Chelsea had 0 injuries, they would be better than Leicester

  • kgb duck
    kgb duck Day ago

    11:33 lawrence caught blantently lying again..... at the start of the season he said we was going to drop off and go back to around 80 points

  • Logan Lockyer
    Logan Lockyer 2 days ago

    Can that brown cunt in the Nike never come back to Kick Off please. What a twat

  • CabbageFN YT
    CabbageFN YT 3 days ago

    the camera man had a nightmatre

  • mohammed ullah
    mohammed ullah 3 days ago

    This idiot said lacazete, pepe, and ozil are quality. Fucking deluded.

  • Dom
    Dom 4 days ago

    How about these lot stop moaning, start actually going to games of football and support their teams instead of slagging them off all the time.

  • georg
    georg 14 days ago

    The current Leicester team is "overall" better than the 2016 team, but it lacks the exceptional talent of Mahrez and Kante.

  • Simen Guldberg
    Simen Guldberg 17 days ago

    2 months on, only City left in the CL..... I know Chelsea is in the CL but they basically out

  • buttplugs and mastadons 1988

    No it's no longer dominated byv1 club

  • Pewdiepie 1
    Pewdiepie 1 25 days ago

    The blonde guy is a fucking idiot

  • FarawayTundra008
    FarawayTundra008 26 days ago

    I think it’s a lot of things
    1. Big clubs ruined by horrible boards Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are all being destroyed by their stupid board members and owners that couldn’t care less
    2. Almost 0 quality defenders: because there is only a handful of talented defenders in the world now, it becomes an even playing field for everyone and games are decided simply on who can put away more chances against the opponents brain dead defenders
    3. Everyone costing waaaay too much money making it impossible for anyone to “rebuild” that needs to so teams that become average end up staying average like Arsenal
    That is why the league is so bad now

  • Andrew Kavanagh
    Andrew Kavanagh 27 days ago

    stop shouting over each other unwatchable

  • P Browne
    P Browne 28 days ago +1

    Lawrence always finds a way to make everything about Liverpool?

  • Danny Guetti
    Danny Guetti 28 days ago +1

    Are you sure Sheffield United can’t beat Liverpool. I mean they just got beaten 3-0 by watford

  • vihaan kanungo
    vihaan kanungo Month ago

    i think rorry is correct

  • Harry savill
    Harry savill Month ago +1

    Probably gonna take a few years for the poorer teams at the bottom of the league such as Bournemouth, Watford, Brighton, Norwich, Southampton for the bigger championship sleeping giants such as Leeds and forest to come and make the league what it once was

  • Rasmus Rod
    Rasmus Rod Month ago

    Arsenal: probably the best team they have had for the last 10 years, but are poorly coached
    Chelsea: individually one of the best teams they've had the last 10 years, but poorly coached
    Leicester: the best team they have ever had, better than the title winning team
    Liverpool: without a doubt the best team in the PL era
    Man City: were the best team in the PL era until Liverpool took over, and have only gotten better players since, just not getting the results
    Man U: probably the best team they have had since SAF, but poorly coached
    Spurs: Probably the best team they have ever had, individually, but not getting the results
    Sheffield: the best team they have ever had
    The rest of the league: has gotten better and better. Better players, better managers.
    The "bad" teams have gotten so good that they can compete with the big teams, but Liverpool are just on another level, and nobody can compete. If you put this Liverpool team into the 09/10 season instead (just an example), they would probably be even more points clear

  • PressureAudio
    PressureAudio Month ago

    I can't believe someone in the UK is wearing a Kaizer Chiefs shirt (my club), shout out to that dude💪🏾😁

  • M Azzopardi
    M Azzopardi Month ago

    The Premier League is the best it's ever been, all 20 teams have money to get good players in and every team is hard to beat but Liverpool and City have great systems, great coaches, great players and have spent heavily on top of that which allowed them to maximise in every department for the last couple of years. The quality outside the top 2 or top 1 is not bad but it's closer than what it was previously because not only have the Wolves, Leicesters and Evertons caught up with the European places but even the promoted teams play technical football, on the front foot and have the quality to get results. City's and Liverpool's dominance has been helped by the traditionally big clubs like United, Arsenal and Chelsea being in transitional periods. An English team has made the Champions League final for 3 consecutive years, last year's final was contested by 2 English teams. That is not a coincidence, English football is the standard at the moment.

  • Alan Hopkins
    Alan Hopkins Month ago

    The league and players are better than previous 'great' teams. The manager and tactics now instigates the quality of the team. If you compared individuals of United 99 to city 2018 on paper United's look.better but city's best team would run them around like amateurs! No offence.. football is just better, faster and more efficient. Beckham is no de bruyne and keepers like ederson and Allison are evolved versions.. van dijk and laporte are evolved versions of the likes of vidic and terry . better footballers overall! Strikers like aguero or wide players like salah or same are more effective than giggs and even scholes who is considered one of the best ever is about as efficient as an average player these days in terms of stats and consitency. I respect those great teams but the great teams now basically squeeze the life out of the lower teams. Football and the premier league is much stronger now!

  • Taariq Saadiq
    Taariq Saadiq Month ago

    9:38 "Attitude Reflects Leadership, Captain" - Remember the Titan. If you're talking about an individual, talk about the individual. If you talking about the team, you have to include the leader. In this case, the gaffer.

  • Mahlatse Seaga
    Mahlatse Seaga Month ago

    Nice Kaiser Chiefs shirt. Great team. Shoutout

  • Till Netthöfel
    Till Netthöfel Month ago

    Question remains: why is Ngolo Kanté still playing 4 Chelsea? Salary must be alright...

  • It'smeJackyG
    It'smeJackyG Month ago

    League isn’t weak, talent distribution is so true. Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal all have inexperienced, weak managers at the helm, whereas other teams like Sheffield, Wolves and Everton all have top managers who know their stuff. Squads are looking better than every all across the board, but if teams are doing well in Europe (all English in both last year), the standard must be different

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan Month ago +1

    I pissee my self laughing at this video

  • HamOnRye Chinaski
    HamOnRye Chinaski Month ago

    The weaker teams are stronger than ever, certainly stronger than bottom teams in La Liga or Italy. Liverpool are having a freak season, it doesn't mean league us weak. The opposite in fact. IF you're not 100%, even if you're City you get beat, unlike Europes other big leagues.

  • Dan Paton
    Dan Paton Month ago

    The Chelsea fan is clueless

  • reesav saha
    reesav saha Month ago

    Too many cooks spoil the broth . Please let a speaker atleast finish their argument before cutting them off.. none of you guys got to make a proper argument/opinion.

    G UNIT SOILDER Month ago

    Premier league has been dogshit this season

  • Jeremy Grant
    Jeremy Grant Month ago

    Statistically everyone except Liverpool is on par with the league average points in PL history. The competitiveness in the top six over the past five years has broken our expectations. The fact that the teams we expect to be strong aren’t strong, combined with season points tallies being exactly as expected points to the league having a high overall quality, as well as big teams being in transition.

  • Dan 15
    Dan 15 Month ago

    I'd have fabinho wijnaldum ( THE most underrated midfielder in world football) and hendo over Chelsea midfield any day of the week,regardless of manager.

  • Mark Crockwell ETA
    Mark Crockwell ETA Month ago

    leiscters success is the fruition of great ownership and investment in players and coaching and rodgers is the icing on the cake you have to respect them

  • Loganwolfen
    Loganwolfen Month ago

    These fools only watched and think football was invented 20 years ago. Should have seen Man Utd, Spurs, Chelsea in the 70s if they think they are worse now. The only reason is other teams are spending to get into top 6 and doing it, also teams go in cycles, look at Villa or forest, regular in top spots then always top 6, then they drop. Before them you dot Leeds and Derby. Now it seems its Arsenal and maybe Man Utd, if they dont get it right they will drop o bottom table too. Only thing stopping that is their money, without the money they would go the same way Derby and Leeds did. If Derby and Leeds had the money like they do now they would never have been relegated

  • frutalse
    frutalse Month ago

    what’s this Chelsea kid’s problem lmao

  • R R
    R R Month ago +1

    Haven’t uploaded a video in nearly a month. Unsub.

  • LaLaLand
    LaLaLand Month ago +1

    Where have you guys gone?

  • suck one czito 04 h

    Maybe everyone is just improving and everyone else is staying the same like arsenal and Chelsea

  • suck one czito 04 h

    Liverpool are just so good that they're making everyone else look bad

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage Month ago +3

    Where are you guys at

  • Thefabregas22
    Thefabregas22 Month ago +3

    Why no kick off live for the Arsenal Newcastle match today?

  • Keith Daniel
    Keith Daniel Month ago

    Brian summed it up perfectly at the end.

  • John Synnott
    John Synnott Month ago

    Love this, lads having a proper go!

  • Jake Best
    Jake Best Month ago

    Rory is waffling in this segment

  • Fahdyun Guough tu
    Fahdyun Guough tu Month ago +2

    I think they just dont understand football

  • Keith Powell
    Keith Powell Month ago

    I think the top clubs (Liverpool and City) over the last two seasons have just raised the bar sooooo high that the rest are all playing for 3rd, 4th etc , a bit like Formula One ....Top three teams , Midfield , backmarkers. It happens in sports were so much money is involved.
    Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain, PSG in France, Juventus and Milan in Italy, Ajax in Holland Munich in Germany.
    The Premier League is a massively competitive league and it's good to see each game as competative from start to finish from 1-20 in the league regardless. Go to France PSG fans have what 6 games a season to challenge them ?? English all day long regardless of whether you think they are sh1te, I think Newcastle fans are expecting way too much without investment don't you !!!???

    • fat cabbage
      fat cabbage Month ago

      Pezzo222 well said. Unless another oil tycoon or a billionaire invests in Germany or France on a different team Bayern and PSG will always run away with it. The German league is becoming like the SPL

    • Pezzo222
      Pezzo222 Month ago +1

      there are differents, you cant compare it with france, germany or spain, the teams in england like manchester, arsenal, chelsea and tottenham have/had the same money power like liverpool, while psg in france, bayern in germany, barcelona/madrid in spain will always spend more and will forever have an advantage against Lille/Lyon/Valencia/Sevilla/Dortmund/Schalke etc

  • Elizabeth Gilbert
    Elizabeth Gilbert Month ago +2

    What is happening to the weekly vids? Not seen anything for a couple of weeks now

    • Elizabeth Gilbert
      Elizabeth Gilbert Month ago +1

      Pezzo222 I was hoping for some shorts after the LFC v Man U match but nothing. Really love this channel so hope it picks up again

    • Pezzo222
      Pezzo222 Month ago

      3 weeks now :(

  • Charlie
    Charlie Month ago

    Rory is probably the worst person on this podcast absolutely deluded man and off base opinions across the board

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage Month ago +1


  • Griff Griffiths
    Griff Griffiths Month ago

    That Aresnal fan is the world's biggest douchbag.

  • Benzies Cha
    Benzies Cha Month ago

    The beardy southern lad...is he in the new Clint Eastwood film?

  • lukasz grzelka
    lukasz grzelka Month ago

    One way to assess how good is premier league is to see the results in UCL. Premier league teams are doing very good over there since 2018, and before that they were doing pretty bad for 5 seasons.

  • Sean Doyle
    Sean Doyle Month ago +2

    We need a new video lads!

  • Vedant Gadhvi
    Vedant Gadhvi Month ago +1

    Make some more videos guys be more active people want some more content

  • Athenkosi Maqoks
    Athenkosi Maqoks Month ago

    Why is Lo-Lo wearing a Kaizer Chiefs top? Pirates for ever.

  • Athenkosi Maqoks
    Athenkosi Maqoks Month ago

    My blood is boiling listening to Rory right now. N'golo is simply the best of all time (yes, i said it) the difference is he is being coached by a kindergartener and he is now winning balls for Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham instead of Hazard, D. Costa and Mahrez.
    And I'm a Chelsea Fan.

  • brown beast
    brown beast Month ago +1

    Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U is PREFORMING worse BUT against better teams. Wolves, Everton, Southampton, Leicester, Man City, Spurs and Liverpool are way better AND have better players. Ad some of the best coaches in the world. Your teams are preforming worse but that doesn’t mean the league is worse. I remember when the best leave in the world was Serie A in the 90s then La league, then Bundesliga. now with out a doubt the Premier leauge as a whole holds the title.

  • Pat Dempsey A
    Pat Dempsey A Month ago

    True Geordie and Rory are right on this one

  • Niso John
    Niso John Month ago

    Big up Lawrence for wearing the Amakhosi colours!

  • Harry Bishop
    Harry Bishop Month ago

    6 nations ??????

  • MouraThat
    MouraThat Month ago

    Liverpool are just having an amazing season
    Doubt they could do this again

  • MouraThat
    MouraThat Month ago

    Lower teams have got better so very tight at bottom
    Liverpool having an amazing season ( lots of DESERVED luck along the way)
    Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea and spurs all having off seasons
    Leicester would be 7th . Wolves would be 8th and Sheffield would be 9th if that top 6 started playing well

  • Ei
    Ei Month ago

    Teams were laying down or resting players against City the past two years. The opposition has improved and City haven’t been able to grind out results while Liverpool have. That’s it

  • Andrew Graver
    Andrew Graver Month ago

    When's the kick off next on ? Today ??

  • Ruwen Moodley
    Ruwen Moodley Month ago

    Kaiser chiefs 👍👍

  • R R
    R R Month ago

    I disagree. You have to look at Europe to put things into perspective. Wolves, for example, is doing very well in the Europa League. I don’t think the level has gone down, I think it’s gotten more even.

  • Victor Siwaphiwe
    Victor Siwaphiwe Month ago

    Respect to Lawrence for wearing the 50th anniversary Kaizer Chiefs kit 😀 all the way from 🇿🇦

  • Siyawandisa Kenneth

    Khosi nation we are international now love and peace✌✌✌✌

  • Klaus
    Klaus Month ago

    Kante arguably the best defensive midfielder in the world when he won the league titles with Leicester & Chelsea and the World Cup with France started to drop his levels when Sarri & Lampard started moving him from the defensive midfield to further forward. Put 2 & 2 together mate, its poor coaching from Lampard

  • Jim 83
    Jim 83 Month ago

    The strength of a league is judged by the majority not the top couple...
    Imagine thinking the standard of the mid to bottom teams in 95 or 2005 is better than these days 🙄🤣

  • haowhen
    haowhen Month ago

    this is the most useless debate

  • Nayim Miah
    Nayim Miah Month ago

    The players not performance and coaching staff not doing their job has nothing got to do with Liverpool and

  • Nayim Miah
    Nayim Miah Month ago

    That Geordie lad is really annoying he's being very stubborn

  • James Quirke
    James Quirke Month ago +1

    This whole debate is basically a dispute over what they mean by the word 'quality', those who say it's a poor league mean the consistency within historically big club's has faded because they aren't as dominant as in the past.This is true with Utd, Aresnal, Chelsea and Spurs certainly not at their best this season despite having some excellent players- it has to be said they are not performing to their potential.
    Others in the debate are rightly pointing out that there is a reason for this seeming drop in quality among the 'big' teams and that its actually just as much about a general growth and expansion in the quality of players at other side's in the league, it may appear as a poorer quality but it's actually more competitive than ever.
    Improvements at the likes of Wolves, Leicester & ShefUtd have caused the traditional gap to evaporate and make the overall league more even. This along with great coaching, smart investment and brave football philosophies- now means almost any team can beat another on any given day. That's whats been happening with increasing frequency this season.
    Because the overall playing field of the PL has leveled out it makes it far more difficult for teams to gain momentum and be consistent so its now equally more difficult to predict who will finish where in the league.
    This makes what Liverpool are doing this season even more remarkable.

  • Alexander Khlapov
    Alexander Khlapov 2 months ago

    League is better, Southampton would give a fight to any side in Portugal, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Holland and many more, its the quality of all teams is so much better,epl got so much money,all clubs can get great managers and players

  • Alexander Khlapov
    Alexander Khlapov 2 months ago

    Hugh is the biggest fraud but i am 100% with him here

  • Alexander Khlapov
    Alexander Khlapov 2 months ago

    Rory is still high from Chemical brothers video

  • Alexander Khlapov
    Alexander Khlapov 2 months ago

    People always love blowing everthing out of the box, Bush in office-its the end of the World, Dortmund plays Bayern in final of CL, German teams will dominate european football for the next 10 years... City loses to Crystal Palace, Pep is a bad manager... yeah ok guys

  • Tim Durgan
    Tim Durgan 2 months ago

    These lot are worse than drunks idiots in any local boozer

  • Jack Tapp
    Jack Tapp 2 months ago

    Get GregorysGoals on the Kick Off

  • Lupe Veléz
    Lupe Veléz 2 months ago