Our Honest Review of EveryPlate

  • Published on Jul 24, 2020
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  • littleluluscraps

    Amen! Made me so happy that you guys prayed. We have had 2 meals, 3 to go and love it so much so far!! Our special was 5 dinners for 4 people $48. Changes to $108 after this week. They are so versatile with allowing changes, skipping, etc. This is the first meal service we have used. Our serving sizes were not small though. You guys were so cute! I agree it's a good meal and we cooked together also :) tfs!

  • Nephtalie Dujour
    Nephtalie Dujour Year ago +10

    Thank you for this video! I've been researching different meal kits and I think this video helped my husband and I made our final decision! Thank you!! Will be ordering!

  • Olivia Rucker

    This was my favorite review I've seen! 😄 You guys are so awesome and fun. It's like I was hanging out with you all. I would love to watch more of these from both of you!

  • mary vaughn

    Thank you for this! I am waiting on my 1st box to arrive tomorrow and can't wait to try the meals. I love to cook but there are 6 in our family and not everyone wants the same thing for dinner. So it's hard for me to please everyone and I am hoping this will fix the problem. You are right though, the portion size looks small but I think if I add white rice or fries, the kids would be satisfied. Great video and cannot wait to see more!

  • mikerzisu

    I just cooked my first every plate meal ever tonight, and I thought it was pretty good. Figuring out the ingredients is kind of confusing since not everything is labeled in the box they come in. And a slight bit of cooking experience would help, but I am terrible at cooking and it seemed like it turned out okay. For the price, it is worth it especially if you are eating out all the time like I was.

  • A.D.H.D N3D

    I was going to go with FRESHLY but I think you guys sold me on this brand.

  • Vernia Mosby

    I enjoy this meal service, haven't had a bad meal yet. I am not naturally a cook so I am glad the meals are so easy to follow.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    i just bought 10 meals for 30 dollars for their first week discount

  • not enough coffee in the world

    Looks delicious. I am excited to get my first box this week and try it. We ordered meals with 4 servings since we are a family of 4, but my 2 kids are younger and won't eat as much. Mom is excited for a variety of real adult food 😃

  • BloodyHands

    Thanks for this! I just ordered and then looked up reviews. This helped me feel good about my purchase.

  • Donna Wilson

    I've been wanting to try them, but like you I was concerned with serving sizes. This video was very helpful.

  • LaPortia McKinley

    You've convinced me. Thanks for the video. You all deserve a sponsorship for this!

  • Telisa Ramirez

    I like it, good way to teach your tween children how to cook also.

  • First Last

    The shipping would do me in lol. I know it isn't free. Personally Eating out would cost me less. I'm happy for those who tried it, liked it 🙂

  • RJay
    RJay Year ago +3

    I've been using Everyplate for awhile now. Agree, serving size is adequate, not big. Biggest problem I have is how to dispose of the contents of the ice bag. Since it contains more than just water, it's not good to pour down the drain, and I don't want a lot of liquid in my trash can. The bag isn't easily recyclable, either. What do you do with yours?

  • Caleb Vance

    “That’s hope it’s supposed to be cooked” I agree 😂😂😂😂 medium rare is my preference

  • Betty Smith

    Is the cost per meal or per serving? I've noticed that most of these meal delivery services say for instance $9.00 then in small print it states per serving almost all are "serves two" so the $9 is actually $18. Just saying what I've noticed.

  • Syrena Larkin

    I don’t even know what your channel is about but I subscribed because I love your personalities. You two are so cute! God bless you.

  • Halloween Heathen

    I'm trying to decide between Every Plate and Hello Fresh but I feel like Hello Fresh is too expensive.

  • Poop Brain

    “you didnt sponsor this so im gonna mess up the name” 😂😂😂😂😂