10 Awkward Military Photos That Can't Be Unseen


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  • Cole Grigsby
    Cole Grigsby Hour ago

    Andrew Jackson

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart 3 hours ago

    Cpl Desmond Doss US Army WWII

  • Carson Carson
    Carson Carson 19 hours ago


  • Andries Krugel
    Andries Krugel 7 days ago


  • Karen Tensfeldt
    Karen Tensfeldt 10 days ago

    I would choose my great grandfather I never met him I’m the kid my great grandfather fought in WW2 and got a Purple Heart I saw one of his medals and I wish I could meet him

  • Flynn Ryder
    Flynn Ryder 11 days ago +1

    Simo Häyhä. I would ask him 'what did you feel when you fired your first shot?'. And he would say ' the recoil'.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 14 days ago

    Chesty Puller

  • BrotherRain
    BrotherRain 18 days ago

    American Revolutionary Army General Nathanael Greene. Without him, there stands a very good chance we'd still be a part of the UK... A simple seafood meal, by the Atlantic Coast, maybe in Newport, RI, not far from his birth place. He was Gen. George Washington's right hand.

  • Don  Bishop
    Don Bishop 23 days ago

    I would choose the warlord Muhammed, who later became a prophet with an evangelical sword. Would love to learn how he reconciled the religious roles with the warlord role.

  • Drew Donovan
    Drew Donovan 23 days ago

    I wish I could eat with Stalin

  • Seth Burns
    Seth Burns Month ago

    Every one who was in the war they are all heroes

  • Chenell Anderson
    Chenell Anderson Month ago

    Alexander the Great, I'd want to know about his father and him.

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson Month ago

    Dinner with George S. Patton...............................

  • lucky rick
    lucky rick Month ago

    Snitzhel and Adolf!

  • tj johnson
    tj johnson Month ago

    Geo Washington and down home BBQ ribs and talk about the 2nd American revolution

  • Ark Vyas
    Ark Vyas Month ago

    Subhas Chandra bose
    And tacos

  • Getting It In
    Getting It In 2 months ago

    definitely Patton

  • Danya Good
    Danya Good 2 months ago

    Boring and uninteresting

  • SunriseLAW
    SunriseLAW 2 months ago

    what a waste of time. don't watch this shit.

  • improvised racing
    improvised racing 2 months ago

    I would have dinner with Hitler so I can kill is ass myself.

  • Lukas Larsson
    Lukas Larsson 2 months ago


  • Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar 2 months ago

    Erwin Rommel, Blucher or Napolean Bonaparte.

  • snickers McGee
    snickers McGee 3 months ago

    Yes ma'am

  • It’s ya girl Savagepotato

    The two tanks wouldn’t be harmed by that their not cars

  • Nroke1
    Nroke1 3 months ago +1

    Does Jesus Christ count? He was a great leader, and people at the time thought he would be military.

  • anil bhat
    anil bhat 3 months ago


  • Corporal Lukman
    Corporal Lukman 3 months ago

    Off I go with Hitler,probably eating German steak

  • P
    P 3 months ago

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ofc

  • Shane Wilson
    Shane Wilson 3 months ago

    I'd chomp down burgers with Brian the Slightly Above Average. He was Alexander the Great's unfortunate cousin who rose in the ranks to the level of Aide to the Assistant Latrine Digger in Alexander's army. He was awarded the Legion of the Soft but Golden Bog Roll for actions above and beyond the call of Doody.

  • Vikas Saahil
    Vikas Saahil 3 months ago

    General MC Arthur

  • Zachary Vawter
    Zachary Vawter 3 months ago

    5:54 its made out of plastic

  • Ron Just Ron
    Ron Just Ron 3 months ago

    General George Washington - it would be fascinating to hear how he felt about our young fledgling country and his hopes and fears for it.

    A lot of the stuff you see the military doing, such as the Chinese soldiers all leaning on one another, is to teach reliance on one another. I served in the US Army as a Forward Observer and my job was to go behind enemy lines, locate targets and call back to the field artillery unit, Naval support and even Air support if needed, and have them blow the crap out of whatever it was I was looking at. We worked in teams, my self the Observer and my radio operator and we had to learn to rely on one another in every thing.

  • annoying troll
    annoying troll 3 months ago

    colonel Sanders

    he is a colonel so it counts

  • Thoth dawhite
    Thoth dawhite 3 months ago

    Tuthmoses the third.

  • Oh no no
    Oh no no 3 months ago

    I would want to be at the last supper

  • The Game King
    The Game King 3 months ago

    Hitler so that i can kill him

  • jennifer warden
    jennifer warden 3 months ago


  • blaze 4 the win
    blaze 4 the win 4 months ago


  • Phillips Montgomery
    Phillips Montgomery 4 months ago

    Gen Colin Powell

  • Jaime Olguin
    Jaime Olguin 4 months ago


  • Austin Neilson
    Austin Neilson 4 months ago

    Winston Churchill and it would be a nice dinner

  • balasaheb kadam
    balasaheb kadam 4 months ago

    George Patton

  • Bubba Clingan
    Bubba Clingan 4 months ago

    The last one is hallarios

  • Allen Blum
    Allen Blum 4 months ago

    There have been many good suggestions for great military leaders. I would be torn between Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf and Chester Nimitz. Nimitz served from 1906 to 1947. His impact on US Naval strategy is unmatched. Today, 10 Nimitz-class nuclear aircraft carriers are in active duty. Schwarzkopf put together a devastating campaign in 1991, leading a coalition of 35 nations(!) After five weeks of arial and naval bombardment, the ground campaign was completed in 100 hours!

  • Choff C
    Choff C 4 months ago

    Robert E. Lee

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 4 months ago

    Major smedly butler

  • april cruz
    april cruz 4 months ago

    genghis khan

  • Ronald A. Beckles
    Ronald A. Beckles 5 months ago

    Hannibal over a lavish

  • Sean Bruggemann
    Sean Bruggemann 5 months ago +1

    Adolf Hitler

  • Rex2D2
    Rex2D2 5 months ago

    Five star general Nimitz is who i would eat with

  • Marisa Puebla
    Marisa Puebla 5 months ago


  • Dale Andersen
    Dale Andersen 5 months ago

    Audie murphy

  • Rick Landry
    Rick Landry 5 months ago

    snieprs dog,

  • Cody Slayer
    Cody Slayer 5 months ago

    Timothy Murphy, the original sniper.

  • Papa Joseph Stalin
    Papa Joseph Stalin 5 months ago

    i want to be with hitler yes *HITLER*

  • Siward Beorn
    Siward Beorn 5 months ago

    NO CONTEST! John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar

  • TheRedPandaGamingSWE
    TheRedPandaGamingSWE 5 months ago

    Desmond Doss hamburgers

  • Joe Bowles
    Joe Bowles 5 months ago

    George Patton

  • Thomas Sundberg
    Thomas Sundberg 5 months ago

    General Patton for sure

  • Kazuhiro Yuki
    Kazuhiro Yuki 5 months ago

    As you expected from China tank😂😂

  • Wow I’m a Meme
    Wow I’m a Meme 5 months ago


  • biker
    biker 5 months ago

    Billy Bishop . anything he wants , and talk about the Red Baron

    REAPER 5 months ago

    For me would be I think the Army Special Operations Command CG from the XX.

  • Pokin deBear
    Pokin deBear 5 months ago

    Retarded lowbrow narration - and no, the military does not call Farmer's when they have an accident.

  • Tony Alexander
    Tony Alexander 5 months ago

    Stormin' Norman, so I could ask that son of a bitch why he turned his back on us DS/DS Vet's !

  • mountainguyed67
    mountainguyed67 5 months ago

    Captain Kirk.

  • foufoufun0
    foufoufun0 5 months ago

    Tanks are insured?

    • foufoufun0
      foufoufun0 5 months ago

      That's what I thought. He was talking about tank insurance in the video. What kind of insurance company would insure military equipment?

    • mountainguyed67
      mountainguyed67 5 months ago

      No. The military pays for repairs and liability.

  • Kat Whelan
    Kat Whelan 5 months ago

    Augustus Caesar or Hitler

  • ROKDAWG McKenzie
    ROKDAWG McKenzie 5 months ago

    I also wouldn't mind having a meal with whatever dog has sniffed out the most survivors in one job. THAT would be a great meal and post-meal playtime. I'd make it a steak dinner for the guy/gal.

  • ROKDAWG McKenzie
    ROKDAWG McKenzie 5 months ago

    I would have dinner with Auguste Escoffier, the father of modern gastronomy...and you bet your ass he would be cooking whatever he wanted to for us.

  • David Richmond
    David Richmond 5 months ago

    i want to have dinner with tsar peter the great

  • Glenn Riviere
    Glenn Riviere 5 months ago

    It would be Robert E Lee and General Patton. For dinner it would a 5course meal with a fine bottle of French wine. Then I would ask them what they think of what gone on in our country to dayaand also ask them how they would have handle to war in Iraq.

  • Egharevba Eghosa
    Egharevba Eghosa 5 months ago


  • Weed Smome
    Weed Smome 5 months ago

    I have to be Spartacus over wine and beef

  • Rick
    Rick 5 months ago

    Carlos Hathcock

  • GCMonty1
    GCMonty1 5 months ago


  • Richard Dymock
    Richard Dymock 5 months ago

    General Patton

  • cory rowan
    cory rowan 5 months ago

    please don't try to cadence again..... and winston churchhill, and as far as the tank crash goes, it would be towed, and repaired at the closest u.s. military base

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 5 months ago

    Erwin Rommel

  • Mr. Tiger
    Mr. Tiger 5 months ago


  • Mitchell Mills
    Mitchell Mills 5 months ago

    Vlad Dracul, he would have steak tartar, I'd have mac and cheese.

  • Victoria Sindelar
    Victoria Sindelar 5 months ago

    Good old 🍔 for dinner

  • Victoria Sindelar
    Victoria Sindelar 5 months ago

    I would have dinner Adolf Hitler

  • Victoria Sindelar
    Victoria Sindelar 5 months ago

    The Antique Computer is a terminal

  • Steve Terry
    Steve Terry 5 months ago

    Alan Turing, without whom ww2 could have gone on for a couple of more years, with millions more dead

  • sandman sevenseven
    sandman sevenseven 5 months ago

    Genus Khan he was a man with nothing but ended up ruling half of Asia, the Chinese even build the great wall to try and keep him out !

  • David Kostos
    David Kostos 5 months ago


  • JT S
    JT S 5 months ago

    I would have dinner with Hitler, and congratulate him on his success and tell him to keep up the good work!

  • Alexander Francois
    Alexander Francois 5 months ago

    general Eisenhower

  • NotToday, Sportsfans!
    NotToday, Sportsfans! 5 months ago


  • Josh Randal
    Josh Randal 5 months ago

    Chesty Puller

  • Juan Vargas
    Juan Vargas 5 months ago

    The fighting five Sullivans

  • Franky Salazar
    Franky Salazar 5 months ago

    Terrorist squirrels🐿️ 😂

  • tk1687
    tk1687 5 months ago

    Stonewall Jackson - the meal would be prime venison backstrap, black eyed peas, cornbread, gravy and and rice. And his left arm would also be invited.

  • Mocha225
    Mocha225 5 months ago

    George Washington. I would talk about MURICA

  • LL LL
    LL LL 5 months ago

    Otto Skorzeny

    UNCLE BUZZ 5 months ago


  • michael yearout
    michael yearout 5 months ago

    Mine would be General McAuthor

  • Reinard Raharto
    Reinard Raharto 5 months ago

    I will go dinner with Adolf Hitler

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