Discontinued Chocolate Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Were these chocolates discontinued for a reason? We’re about to find out! GMM #1482
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Comments • 5 065

  • Lasagnasticks
    Lasagnasticks 21 minute ago

    The way Link says “Crème de menthe” hurts my soul

  • Katrina Grimm
    Katrina Grimm 3 hours ago

    Link - You say Reece’s wrong.

  • Cristian Lopez
    Cristian Lopez 6 hours ago

    Wait they said 29 year old chocolate but the thumbnail said 30

  • michykeys
    michykeys 9 hours ago

    I once got into some chocolate at my grandma's house it was supposed to be dark chocolate but it was white all the way through. I'd ate a few b4 she caught me.

  • Annie max
    Annie max 22 hours ago

    I loved chocolate Altoids!
    I never understood why they discontinued them.

  • Outspoken Egyptian

    They should lie to themselves by saying that chocolate gets better by age!😂

  • Jordan McGuire
    Jordan McGuire Day ago


  • mooneyman
    mooneyman Day ago

    He said ass

  • Ifrit Daemonside
    Ifrit Daemonside 2 days ago

    Personally I love old chocolate with the white stuff on it. Send that was boggs chocolate to me.

  • TheTitan2025
    TheTitan2025 2 days ago +1

    Rhett really wanted to say something @ 0:44 but thought "I'd better keep it PG" XD

  • Abe Mrofchak
    Abe Mrofchak 2 days ago

    The chocolate covered Altoids were the best. and R.I.P. Wade Boggs.

  • RevisedProfanity
    RevisedProfanity 3 days ago

    New La Croix flavour “A 12 year echo of Banana”

  • Randomeness 1235
    Randomeness 1235 3 days ago

    Rip link. Death by chocolate syrup. (/X.x)/

  • Julio Marzo
    Julio Marzo 3 days ago

    they have a blue one

  • TheGreenElephantGirl

    Did no one notice that rhet said ass?

  • john hilt
    john hilt 4 days ago

    I want to know how much their annual income is..lol the life.

  • Jacqualynn Wireman
    Jacqualynn Wireman 4 days ago

    I love the chili nut. I had all 3 m&ms when they were out and chili was my favorite

  • Manny Frost
    Manny Frost 4 days ago

    Where did the Lionel Ritchie album go🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Superapearmy
    Superapearmy 4 days ago

    What brand is that paisley shirt

  • theturquoisetiger 82
    theturquoisetiger 82 4 days ago +5

    about the M and M's they have recently just made3 new flavors of peanut m and m's one if which is jalapeno. -March 18, 2019

  • Blood_Dripper01
    Blood_Dripper01 5 days ago

    That's funny my name is Reese and my favorite candy is Reese's peanut butter cups

  • PeachSoo
    PeachSoo 5 days ago +1

    "If Wade Boggs can drink 64 beers on one flight i can have a piece of his old ass chocolate" - Rhett

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C 6 days ago

    I can't help but imagine Rhett freaking out now every time I see his face

  • Redwill04
    Redwill04 6 days ago

    Im glad all these chocolate bars are legal

  • matt kovarik
    matt kovarik 6 days ago

    Arnge darn

  • sartorian for life
    sartorian for life 6 days ago

    i remember the m&ms omg the coffee were good

  • rhoan taylor
    rhoan taylor 7 days ago

    We sell altoides in canada still

  • Otis Horne
    Otis Horne 7 days ago

    Duuude lol collectors items

  • Crying Cat
    Crying Cat 7 days ago

    1:14 Link is sometimes so disgusting

  • Emily Hazlewood
    Emily Hazlewood 7 days ago

    Link, you are saying it wrong cause that's French, it's Crème Menthe!!!!!

  • UltraGayInHD
    UltraGayInHD 7 days ago +1

    12:51 oh god oh frick rhett how could you use such language

    • Outside Vlogs LED
      Outside Vlogs LED 7 days ago

      🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️he’s a grown adult he can say whatever he wants

  • Josh Kingh
    Josh Kingh 7 days ago

    Plz post on the og rhett and link channel,i miss your old videos,your skits and songs

  • J DMI
    J DMI 7 days ago

    They have a cool channel but they are way to clickbaity.

  • J DMI
    J DMI 7 days ago

    Honey nut was the best!

  • Halla Martin
    Halla Martin 8 days ago

    I just found Jalapeño M&Ms at a gas staion on Disney property in Florida.

    • Halla Martin
      Halla Martin 7 days ago

      Josh Conn I agree they don’t seem very appetizing.

    • Josh Conn
      Josh Conn 7 days ago

      That’s a new flavor and not the same as the Chile pepper M&Ms they were tasting. I’ve seen those jalapeño ones as well, and I have absolutely no desire to try one.

  • Bamex Are cull
    Bamex Are cull 8 days ago +3

    2050 any time travelers?

  • Dean Garcia
    Dean Garcia 9 days ago +2

    Very bias and opinionated subject on eating old chocolate 😏 these neeeerrrrdz 🤦🏽‍♂️ “NAH, This video is wack.” Lol

  • Kenneth Fleming
    Kenneth Fleming 9 days ago +1

    eating 25 year old *milk* chocolate can't be *that* bad
    There is literally probably cheese growing on that chocolate

  • polariginal
    polariginal 10 days ago

    1:16 Ok kids, this is how chocolate is made

  • Chandler Armstrong
    Chandler Armstrong 10 days ago

    I’m allergic to chocolate

  • Klique
    Klique 10 days ago +1

    Wait. The chili m&ms are that old? I was given some like a month or two ago.

    • Mark Lyon
      Mark Lyon 9 days ago

      They're still in stores

  • Caleb Alwayswill
    Caleb Alwayswill 11 days ago

    0:44 Rhett's reaction

  • TAMEDbeast 222
    TAMEDbeast 222 11 days ago


  • FillingSummer Productions

    Is it just me or do you buys also like it that they are less subjects to TheXvid than they were like now that they are kinda sorta cussing

  • Joe Locco
    Joe Locco 11 days ago

    “I’m not swallowing this, first of all.”
    “Whoops ... heh heh heh.”

  • Damianade
    Damianade 11 days ago +4

    Sometimes I worry about these men getting food poisoning and dying, but after 1500 episodes I'm not so sure anymore-

  • Greg Battis
    Greg Battis 11 days ago

    Chili nut m&m's are life. I loved them so much and still miss them.

  • ITsJustPain
    ITsJustPain 11 days ago

    "150$" "The guy was asking a whole lot more before we told him we'd give him a shout out"
    And I guarantee he got them for $80.. maybe $120 at best and then asked Rhett and Link for $400. Shout out to the schuester who sold the Altoids.

  • Ty A
    Ty A 11 days ago +3

    I can't not think of It's Always Sunny when anyone mentions Wade Boggs

  • StAnger11727
    StAnger11727 12 days ago +1

    I remember those chocolate Altoids. Freaking loved them. Was sad to see them go!

  • BeccaRaptor94
    BeccaRaptor94 12 days ago +14

    Rhett's outfit reminds me of Sally's outfit in 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

    • Zan ONeill
      Zan ONeill 8 days ago +1

      I was trying to figure out where I saw it before 😂

  • Marius x
    Marius x 12 days ago

    "And to find out where the WHEEL LANDS"?!?!?! Where is the real Link and what have you done to him?

  • Stef Kempeneers
    Stef Kempeneers 13 days ago

    whats the song called at 00:53?

  • Vickie Rayhill
    Vickie Rayhill 13 days ago

    Holy cow, thats what happened to my beloved Dark Chocolate Altoids? $150 !? Now I am sad seeing them again knowing they are out there, and I cant have them.

  • Thetheninjagummybear
    Thetheninjagummybear 14 days ago +5

    12:51-12:56 I almost spat out my mf-ing food.

  • Jaycee R
    Jaycee R 14 days ago


  • leo tykoski
    leo tykoski 15 days ago


  • AimeeLoL
    AimeeLoL 15 days ago +1

    My grandma had the collectors Elvis Reeses and my grandpa decided he wanted a snack one day and ate it. She was pissed.

  • Bij Grace
    Bij Grace 15 days ago

    Link is fine with dog food and not old chocolate??????????

  • PleasentDddd
    PleasentDddd 15 days ago

    Looks like Link has a chocolate nose bleed at the beginning.

  • Stijn Verstappen
    Stijn Verstappen 16 days ago +2

    Every week in the morning I take a sandwich put peanutbutter on it and put banana slices on it

  • Mia Dancer
    Mia Dancer 16 days ago +1

    Hey guys, great show! love your humor. just fyi, when chocolate shows white it's "bloomed". it's safe to eat but may not always taste very good. Peace! Mia

  • Ely’s Channel
    Ely’s Channel 16 days ago


  • maxie wuskers
    maxie wuskers 16 days ago


  • Michael Rueckert
    Michael Rueckert 16 days ago

    You aren't pronouncing Reece's correctly.

  • James F
    James F 17 days ago

    man. i just was watching that dude who eats MRE's from the 30's (he loves it) and now I'm on this where they are complaining about 9 year old chocolate.

  • James Kim
    James Kim 17 days ago

    You guys cannot be judging the candy if it's good or bad, its old anything that old it's going to be bad.

  • Da Movie Lover
    Da Movie Lover 17 days ago +1

    We have Jalapeno Nut M&Ms in movie theatres in canada. They r soooo good!

    • Mark Lyon
      Mark Lyon 9 days ago +1

      They have them in the US as well.

  • Casey Neitz
    Casey Neitz 17 days ago

    Bring back the baseball one but instead of Wade Boggs make Mike Trout and Bryce harper

  • Doiiey_ NotLogical
    Doiiey_ NotLogical 18 days ago

    Omg i hate old chocolate 😂

  • Ghost Girl
    Ghost Girl 18 days ago

    You should get the Altoid Sours those were the best things

  • xXDjMischiefXx
    xXDjMischiefXx 18 days ago

    Ads on gmm just ruin the vid even more because of the lack of editing in their format

  • Dan Age
    Dan Age 18 days ago

    Reesey Witherspoon? ... Reesey Cups? Nah ...

  • Elizabeth Fiebert
    Elizabeth Fiebert 18 days ago

    0:57 discount jellyfish jam

  • Steve Denny
    Steve Denny 18 days ago +9

    that milk chocolate is so old it's probably turned into cheese chocolate

  • ZaddyGhost
    ZaddyGhost 18 days ago

    0:42 LOL his reaction to "sling it down my throat"

  • sofia
    sofia 18 days ago

    the only reason i know the name Wade Boggs is because of the 2 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes where they try to drink the most beer in one flight in honor of him

  • Vincent Church
    Vincent Church 18 days ago


  • Vincent Church
    Vincent Church 18 days ago

    link at 13:22 tho

  • Toonz Brah
    Toonz Brah 18 days ago

    Don’t eat old pasta though

  • YourDoing2much stop
    YourDoing2much stop 18 days ago

    Link holds his hand like a bish

  • Maddie
    Maddie 18 days ago

    Lol my grandma has a ton of chocolate altoids.

  • Marvinscreed
    Marvinscreed 19 days ago

    I love chocolate chase

  • R3ckless Gamer
    R3ckless Gamer 19 days ago


  • Catfacts PW
    Catfacts PW 19 days ago

    Anyone else remember the chocolate covered altoids?!

  • AR-Gaming
    AR-Gaming 19 days ago

    thanks for not having 15 ads in your videos like everyone else does

  • Jadeybugz
    Jadeybugz 19 days ago

    My favorite discontinued foods are macaroni and cheese potato chips and goldfish cracker flavored nacho macaroni....i just like macaroni...:(

  • cagethelonewolf
    cagethelonewolf 19 days ago

    tbh the team could have easily just remade the candy

  • Makayla B
    Makayla B 19 days ago

    I miss those chocolate covered altoids! My grandma use to always carry them in her pocket. I remember begging her to give me more after I had already had too many!

  • Brooke Carter
    Brooke Carter 20 days ago

    Those elvis peanut butter cups were so bomb tho i miss those

  • Ella Camville
    Ella Camville 20 days ago

    DANG I remember the chocolate dipped Altoids. I'm so mad they're gone.

  • PsiTerror
    PsiTerror 20 days ago

    How many times have Rhett and Link gotten food poisoning in their entire career of this show? I mean really? How're they not dead yet from intenstinal ulcers?

  • pandaplayz stw
    pandaplayz stw 20 days ago

    First time I heard him swear

  • Vix21
    Vix21 20 days ago

    Not that anyone cares but the whiteness is the fat that rose up

  • Gross Sobbing
    Gross Sobbing 20 days ago

    “You have to appreciate every chocolate you get”
    Link: spits chocolate out into trash can

  • Tom Beedall
    Tom Beedall 20 days ago

    I'm sure coffee nut m&m's are still a thing

  • h3h3 Productions
    h3h3 Productions 21 day ago

    Pls go back to old intro

  • EmSims
    EmSims 21 day ago

    Great vid

  • Sean Walsh
    Sean Walsh 21 day ago


  • JackCarregan
    JackCarregan 21 day ago

    By why don’t they look at the expiration dates to determine how old they are? (Most chocolate lasts 6months to a year, so you can calculate how old they are that way.)?