Discontinued Chocolate Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • Were these chocolates discontinued for a reason? We’re about to find out! GMM #1482
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Comments • 4 271

  • Amini moose
    Amini moose 19 hours ago

    The fact that I'm 28 and have heard of none of these is making me aware of how small of a town I really am living in.
    Also, I've had banana chips, and I get the feeling that the smell and taste of banana would get stronger over time as they do with those.

  • M’aiq the Liar

    When a piece of chocolate is older than you

  • Mellchiril
    Mellchiril Day ago

    This could double as a 'try not to feel old' challenge

  • Lauryn Stewart
    Lauryn Stewart Day ago

    Americans say reeceessee we call the Reece’s.... Americans are weird

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson 2 days ago

    1:12 buddy looks like a old change

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 3 days ago

    Steve1989MREinfo ate a piece of hardtack that was 156 years old.. from civil war era. 1863.. was still edible.. just hard as a rock.

  • Cameron Turner
    Cameron Turner 3 days ago

    Lol man had a fit about the people getting his chair mixed up

  • EDP445’s Lysol Value Pack

    Rhett cursing szn

  • cody bo
    cody bo 3 days ago

    2:23 coffeenut is still available in my town and is amazing

  • mich myers
    mich myers 4 days ago

    Rhett says ass at 12:54

  • Jarno Zondag
    Jarno Zondag 4 days ago

    Today we eat a 29 year old. That's it's done!

  • Stephanie Huesler
    Stephanie Huesler 4 days ago

    Once you taste Swiss chocolate, all American chocolate will taste like it's 10 years old. ;-)

  • Abel SM
    Abel SM 4 days ago

    I don't really like bananas either

  • Deathrun C
    Deathrun C 4 days ago +1

    6:57 well Link, thats how it works, we usually gotta wait till they pass the age of 18 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Tae Kook
    Tae Kook 5 days ago +4

    still nobody:
    Link: hhwhite

  • How many?
    How many? 5 days ago

    Link is such a baby

  • ghost the juicy gamer boy Sadberry

    You need some spice

  • Klara Stern
    Klara Stern 6 days ago

    she says 'eat me'

  • kuda
    kuda 6 days ago +1

    man nut M&M

  • QuickClipsClick
    QuickClipsClick 7 days ago

    First time I heard rhett say ass lol

  • TheGamer Bros
    TheGamer Bros 7 days ago

    Diabetes in a nutshell

  • Tylo Levendal
    Tylo Levendal 7 days ago

    You lied!!!! 30??? It's twenty niiieeene

  • Logan Thompson
    Logan Thompson 7 days ago

    I'd like to see them get WWII Hershey's Tropical if they haven't already

  • Gage Hartley
    Gage Hartley 7 days ago

    I love the slightly changed “y’all ready for this” in the beginning to avoid copyright 😂😂😂

  • billyr21080
    billyr21080 8 days ago

    You guys should do a weird food combination video like pickle peanut butter sandwich peanut butter and mayo hot dog with marshmallow fluff. These are all real things haha

  • Taylorsauras Rex
    Taylorsauras Rex 8 days ago

    Coffee but stayed and it's my absolute favorite

  • Jeffrey Peng
    Jeffrey Peng 8 days ago +1

    Dump the chocolate down his throat!

  • Ricky Kimbrough
    Ricky Kimbrough 11 days ago

    milkyway farms right down the road mr mars owned it

  • 12OB 31
    12OB 31 11 days ago

    When did they start cruseing

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 12 days ago

    Josh should make these new again

  • RedRocky 227
    RedRocky 227 12 days ago

    U lied it's 29 year old chocolate not 30

  • Md Sazzad Hossain Mahmud

    I love chocolate and mint.

  • deblove 2468
    deblove 2468 13 days ago

    Who really watches this in the morning 😃 like if you do and like if you don't ( keep being awesome Rhett and link😁😁)

  • eggroll _thief
    eggroll _thief 13 days ago +1

    2:53 good poetry

  • cyanity101 Deémon
    cyanity101 Deémon 14 days ago

    "but with the face"

    *"O H G O D"*

  • Markus SodaStream
    Markus SodaStream 14 days ago

    How the music called that plays when the giant Bar comes in

  • Alexander King
    Alexander King 15 days ago

    The modern jalapeño peanut m&ms aren't half bad. The spice is mild and the jalapeño taste is kinda funky with peanut taste, but otherwise pretty good. I want to try the coconut ones too

    D4RK 5TORMS 15 days ago

    This video got really weird really quick haha

  • Jets 24
    Jets 24 16 days ago +1

    The premise of the wade boggs bar should be brought back but with current sports stars

  • Soulja Cowboy
    Soulja Cowboy 16 days ago

    Why on earth would a candy-making company named M&M make something that isn’t really candy? Candy is a food with lots of sugar in it that is very sweet in the taste but the chili M&M’s aren’t sweet, they are spicy.

  • melody parra
    melody parra 16 days ago +3

    " that have May have been my tooth"
    " I just gleeped myself"

  • melody parra
    melody parra 16 days ago

    Hot nuts hot nuts come and get your nuts

  • itsmemario 007
    itsmemario 007 16 days ago

    Link, spitters are quitters! xD

  • Redakz
    Redakz 17 days ago

    mans said "REESEES cups" instant dislike

  • Rayota
    Rayota 19 days ago

    Steve1989: *heh*

    CHEETAH-VIRUS Xi 19 days ago

    Should try expired MMRE's
    chocolate in them are packaged better

  • Jackson Carpenter
    Jackson Carpenter 21 day ago

    I remember those chocolate altoids!!

  • Lesley Gomez
    Lesley Gomez 22 days ago

    I remember the chocolate altoids mints growing up 😅 best thing ever lol

  • Lady TekNo
    Lady TekNo 23 days ago

    Everyone's favorite sports star...
    I thought for sure you guys were going to say BRUCE JENNER!

  • Summit HuxX
    Summit HuxX 24 days ago

    "If you can eat dirt, you can eat old chocolate." I cannot argue that logic...

  • That Random Weirdo
    That Random Weirdo 24 days ago

    I used to worry about Rhett and Link getting food poisoning, but I think they're actually immune by now

  • Panda Dabs
    Panda Dabs 24 days ago

    Apparently yall haven't tried the reese's crunchy cookie it's the best candy since reese's first released their amazing PB cups!

  • Lauryns Roxter
    Lauryns Roxter 25 days ago

    I don’t get why no one just freezed these chocolates to preserve them 🤷‍♀️

  • Tina Jackson
    Tina Jackson 26 days ago

    im still mad that the chili nut flavor didnt win!!!!! the coffee nut was good but the chili nut was the BEST

  • Toxic Businessman
    Toxic Businessman 26 days ago

    Orange holding spice makes sense because chili peppers are red but habanero peppers are orange/yellow

  • Katelyn Crenshaw
    Katelyn Crenshaw 26 days ago

    CHOCOLATE COVERED ALTOIDS😍😍 they are so nostalgic please bring them back

  • Vegan Big Mac Combo Wid a side of Grass

    In australia there will be at least four limited MnM’s every year

  • Laura Lyon
    Laura Lyon 27 days ago

    Love love love your guys fashion!

  • Monico Garcia
    Monico Garcia 27 days ago +1

    Y’all stop saying reesee cups

  • Thrasher And Marcotte
    Thrasher And Marcotte 28 days ago

    Is no one gonna comment on the opening of the vid

  • Don DeSilva
    Don DeSilva Month ago +1

    Chocolate Altoids were my favorite when they were around.

  • Jake Stewart
    Jake Stewart Month ago

    Links a puss pop. Grow a pair

  • Ciara-Jade Johnson
    Ciara-Jade Johnson Month ago

    as someone who has cleaned up after boggs drinking, he only drinks about half a beer, and then he starts another. He puts away a lot of liquid but its not like you think

  • Shyenne Light
    Shyenne Light Month ago


  • Ryan McQueen
    Ryan McQueen Month ago

    “Get the clicks!”

  • Frank Guzman
    Frank Guzman Month ago

    we still have coffee nut in new york

  • Elena K
    Elena K Month ago

    I'm gonna be 29 in July.. Huh..

  • Christoffer Orrmalm Utsi

    I know I'm old to all kids in the world

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago

    Steve1989 eats this chocolate in his sleep

  • Papa Panget
    Papa Panget Month ago

    Never go full Boggs

  • septum punch
    septum punch Month ago

    I knew chocolate altoids existed! I remember eating them when I was younger, but since I couldnt find them i thought it was a fever dream or something

  • Justin Henderson
    Justin Henderson Month ago

    Coffee Nut M&M won the 2016 flavor contest. They’re magical. Espresso infused Peanut M&M. 💜💜💜💜

  • Snerps Channel
    Snerps Channel Month ago

    What about the wonka bar? I miss them.

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C Month ago


  • Ashley Phillip
    Ashley Phillip Month ago

    Wade Boggs is my great-great uncle. No lie. Thank for this :)

    • Oh yeah yeah
      Oh yeah yeah Month ago

      Ashley Phillip they legit said Wade Boggs when I crossed your comment XD

  • Troy Foxworthy
    Troy Foxworthy Month ago +1

    I've had the reeses and the m and ms both I wish to come back. When the reeses was newer and fresh it was good.

  • Hannibal Hyde
    Hannibal Hyde Month ago

    Lol! I'm dying laughing at the old banana reeses and the Wade Boggs Bar..... hilarity! Great reactions

  • Daniel Matters
    Daniel Matters Month ago

    0:03 turn on subtitles *funky electronic music*

  • Matthew Hoad
    Matthew Hoad Month ago

    The beginning of link getting chocolate down his throat was funny. I ❤️ 🍫

    SELF MADE Month ago

    Is there a market for old discontinued candy and food?? What do you guys think??

  • JiveUniform074
    JiveUniform074 Month ago

    Wade Boggs was actually an incredible player tho lmao

  • Joshua Herring
    Joshua Herring Month ago

    Spitters are quitters

  • spareparts
    spareparts Month ago

    @steve1989mreinfo eats 29 year old chocolate on the reg

  • Maria Ros Mejia
    Maria Ros Mejia Month ago

    Might be fake

  • Charley Mashek
    Charley Mashek Month ago

    Elvis Collector Joins the Chat...

  • the boring guy
    the boring guy Month ago

    How to get diabetes 101

  • Cooked Eggo
    Cooked Eggo Month ago

    It says it is 30 year old chocolate I guess it’s just one of those ripoff videos :/

  • Mendy Peters
    Mendy Peters Month ago

    *Link always take a bigger piece*

  • Lex Morin
    Lex Morin Month ago

    Now Link knows what it's like to be a girl

  • Link In The Park
    Link In The Park Month ago

    they’re between 9 and 12 yrs old uhhhhh i fear for my life.....🥺

  • Daisy Elliott-Biddle

    I was so sad the Chili Nut M&Ms didn't win and become a kept flavor.

  • Izaiah Broyles
    Izaiah Broyles Month ago

    1:06 was the end of the Mandingo party that Malcom’s friends wife had in the movie A Haunted House

  • Cameron Duquette
    Cameron Duquette Month ago

    *Laughs in Ashens*

  • Kurtis Kill
    Kurtis Kill Month ago

    All I want is for Hersheys to bring back Hershey's Kissables.

  • Lex Luther
    Lex Luther Month ago

    Can they bring back the peanut butter and nana cups? I want to try it but not expired. Lol

  • Rounak Bhattacharjee

    That was a missed 'always sunny' opportunity

  • Kaleb Morrow
    Kaleb Morrow Month ago

    Gmm: 30 year old chocolate
    Mresteve: hold my beer

  • Elizabeth Stolmeier

    Liked for chocolate mint brigade

  • Bridget Farace
    Bridget Farace Month ago

    I loved chocolate dipped Altoids so much. I was Devastated when they discontinued them.

  • haiziey smoke
    haiziey smoke Month ago

    Hmm seen a porno wit same kinda begging.....