• Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Rippley was once just a normal noob in the new world of Fortnite Chapter 2... But the dreaded bully skins attacked and forced him and his friend to become terrible swamp creatures! Rippley's body merged with the Slurp Juice sewage to form a crazy blob monster in this epic origin story!
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Comments • 1 795

  • holasoyalex sans

    Me: mevere *laugh*

  • Gino Ezpeleta
    Gino Ezpeleta 2 days ago


  • kelly Billings
    kelly Billings 3 days ago

    I have snakepit

  • Slothly Works
    Slothly Works 3 days ago

    Well this is surprisingly well made

  • H Rocha
    H Rocha 3 days ago +1

    that blue AR though xD

  • Zain Ahmed
    Zain Ahmed 5 days ago

    What's the names of the alta skins

  • Dreadnöught__
    Dreadnöught__ 5 days ago

    Is that markiplier?😱

  • Faiza Mougharble
    Faiza Mougharble 6 days ago

    Put like now please

  • Mario Master
    Mario Master 7 days ago

    What happen to sam

  • GalacticGamerCat
    GalacticGamerCat 7 days ago

    I feel bad that he got turned into a monster and stuff but honestly the new Rippley is cute he looks so... kawaii???

  • Rippley the Slurp Monster

    I actually was too big to fit in a can.

  • Rippley
    Rippley 7 days ago

    Yes this really happened also miss sam

  • Popzzz
    Popzzz 7 days ago

    Least this is better than kelly....

  • Klixzy Obey
    Klixzy Obey 8 days ago

    Wait wheres the little hole that the default went in

  • Alistar Anello
    Alistar Anello 8 days ago

    im gunna say the n word

  • raoul eno
    raoul eno 8 days ago +2

    I love how when they are talking the mouths don’t move

  • salim tahir
    salim tahir 9 days ago

    I. Am. Pakistani. I. Love. To. Play. Fortnite

  • salim tahir
    salim tahir 9 days ago

    I. Love. Fortnite

  • Conall Bonner
    Conall Bonner 9 days ago +13

    Slurpfish , the most sought after fish
    Mythic goldfish: Am I a joke to you

  • baconboi
    baconboi 9 days ago +2

    ripply be all up like:
    heem e 8nciuswemdewijdujdix

  • Star-tropper 2029
    Star-tropper 2029 9 days ago +1


  • Star-tropper 2029
    Star-tropper 2029 9 days ago +1

    it's not a noob but it's a default ( ;

  • arti dogra
    arti dogra 9 days ago

    Is da title of de vid like when u click on it was that supposed to be sad?

  • SRMB_AgentYT
    SRMB_AgentYT 9 days ago +1

    The noob jonsey sound like a serpent from ninjago

  • Sam Kashif
    Sam Kashif 10 days ago


  • Ahem
    Ahem 10 days ago +1

    Let me guess sam is the red one

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 10 days ago

    How Do They Transform Skins?I Wanna Try!How Plz Respond...

  • Laticia DeCory
    Laticia DeCory 11 days ago +1

    Come out in fornight

  • Laticia DeCory
    Laticia DeCory 11 days ago


  • Laticia DeCory
    Laticia DeCory 11 days ago +1

    This is funny

  • Nick
    Nick 11 days ago

    Why does Ripley kind of sound like Michael from gta?

  • naj wareham
    naj wareham 11 days ago

    vice sounds like rocky balboa

  • Dominical
    Dominical 12 days ago

    4:12 lmao

    Edit: why does he sound like bowser
    Edit 2: when he said BWRËÆWAWAWAWWERERWS i felt that
    Edit 3: I did not steal the second edit
    Edit 4: insert childish joke
    Edit 5: I cringed multiple times while watching this

  • SuperPokemonRaptor
    SuperPokemonRaptor 12 days ago

    What do you use to film like that

  • Adan Corrilo
    Adan Corrilo 12 days ago

    Get a shout out you are a very awesome can I please please please please please have a shout out if you give me a ping it is if I get a shout out I'll be there

  • S. M.
    S. M. 12 days ago


  • Fortnite Beast
    Fortnite Beast 12 days ago


  • TPrX_LiGhTnInG Yt
    TPrX_LiGhTnInG Yt 13 days ago

    Where is sam

  • subscribe 2 pewdiepie
    subscribe 2 pewdiepie 13 days ago

    Notice how rippley is wearing the same overalls as riptide............

    PLATINUM 13 days ago

    What skin where them people at 1:45

  • GoldGamer Plays
    GoldGamer Plays 13 days ago

    Nice movie man!!

  • Jean Padillas
    Jean Padillas 13 days ago +6

    The rippley guy sounds like android 17s voice actor.

  • Radfarious Dx360
    Radfarious Dx360 14 days ago

    Rippley: welcome to Mcslurples
    Fishstick: Fishstick will take 2 number 9s

  • Dee
    Dee 14 days ago

    This big dumb

  • Carrie Bland
    Carrie Bland 14 days ago +1

    The new fortnite season 11

  • Daniel Ortiz
    Daniel Ortiz 14 days ago


  • Kareem Dawood
    Kareem Dawood 14 days ago

    Do a big mouth skin origin story

  • William the gamer
    William the gamer 14 days ago +1

    Wow, I never knew that my theory was right! Jonesy is a snake! And he is working for 'ALtEr'

  • Alfie Pk
    Alfie Pk 14 days ago

    Wait 666k subs soon it’s 999k

  • Olaf
    Olaf 15 days ago

    I love Rippley, he always smiles :)

  • WiseGaming Guy
    WiseGaming Guy 15 days ago +1

    Will there be a Rachel5 origin?

  • mycam97
    mycam97 15 days ago

    I mean not to be rude but I hate fortnite

  • Alec Larue
    Alec Larue 15 days ago

    Zero stars for this video it is so dumb

  • Denis CSS
    Denis CSS 16 days ago

    Plz do more

  • Shermell Goolsby
    Shermell Goolsby 16 days ago

    I subscribed and. Hit the like button and bell

  • PRO ZOE GAMING Beasley

    This was really well done

  • Mason Woodberry
    Mason Woodberry 16 days ago

    is rippley a booger that thrown in the slurp which mutated his body

  • Vince Bertulano
    Vince Bertulano 16 days ago

    What did they do to sam

  • kameron Essix
    kameron Essix 16 days ago

    I have the battle pass

  • El Circulo :v
    El Circulo :v 17 days ago +38

    Ripley: Change da world, my final message, goodbye. *windows 98 sound*