TOP 100 Funniest SENIOR QUOTES of 2019 | Alonzo Lerone

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • Official “TOP 100 Funniest SENIOR QUOTES of 2019” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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Comments • 5 445

  • Alonzo Lerone
    Alonzo Lerone  5 months ago +2558

    what would your senior quote 2019 be? lol

    • irakli todadze
      irakli todadze 5 hours ago

      Because her name was Delilah...

    • 쁘띠쁘띠쁘띠?
      쁘띠쁘띠쁘띠? 2 months ago

      I'm going to high school next year but when I get to my senior year, I'll put the quote on the yearbook. "Get a dictionary! - Alonzo Lerone"

    • Amanda Warren
      Amanda Warren 2 months ago

      Bye felicia

    • Alicia Byrd
      Alicia Byrd 2 months ago

      That's what

    • A-dub 64
      A-dub 64 3 months ago

      "Move Faster Pokey" -protonjon

  • I am Focuz
    I am Focuz 35 minutes ago

    Hey there delilah what’s it like in new york city

  • SnowyFN
    SnowyFN 3 hours ago

    Some small brains like BITCH THE HOES IS CALLED DELILAH

  • Hannah Perkins
    Hannah Perkins 4 hours ago

    6:02 that’s what she said *insert the office laughing*

  • Hannah Perkins
    Hannah Perkins 4 hours ago

    5:12 I’m in the middle of the brattiest twins at my school. Their names are Emma and Lucy, and I hate them because I sit in between them in chior and they yell at each other and hit each other while I sit in between them and they hit me and yell in my ears

  • Courteney Holmes
    Courteney Holmes 5 hours ago +1

    Hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York City?😂

  • Rachel Disk
    Rachel Disk Day ago

    "Goodbye y'all! I'll rememeber you all in therapy!"
    -Plankton, Spongebob.

  • hell yas queen
    hell yas queen Day ago


  • Tasha Lozano
    Tasha Lozano Day ago

    how many nguyens are there ?

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover 2 days ago

    That’s what -she
    It means That’s What She Said

  • SSunflowe rr
    SSunflowe rr 2 days ago

    The Delilah one with ‘No I don’t know what it’s like in New York City’ is from a song. Google it you uncultured swine

  • AbbyTheOfficial
    AbbyTheOfficial 2 days ago

    The New York one was a song

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda 3 days ago +1

    I'm a freshman, but have decided to make my quote "i'm gonna boycott life"

  • bianca taylor
    bianca taylor 3 days ago

    i swear im a surgeon
    - me

  • Greg Morrell
    Greg Morrell 3 days ago

    Valdemort 😂😂😂

  • Brianna Pierce
    Brianna Pierce 3 days ago

    She’s saying I don’t know what it’s like in New York cause of the song hey there Delilah

  • Thiccc McLard
    Thiccc McLard 4 days ago

    Mine will be: Aight I’m out

  • Danielle Hall
    Danielle Hall 4 days ago

    When I went to dicks they put on my hat "I pleasure myself with traffic cones".

  • Ruby The Wild White Lioness

    She said "No, Voldemort is not in my headwrap" because in the first Harry Potter book, there was a professor who had Voldemort on the other side of his face, wrapped in a headwrap.

  • Josh Roque
    Josh Roque 4 days ago +5

    Like me if you kee seeing Nguyen

    • XeroreX
      XeroreX 2 days ago

      Josh Roque what

  • Changer101
    Changer101 5 days ago

    Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City?

  • McKenzie N
    McKenzie N 5 days ago

    15:40 hey there delilah what's it like in New York city I'm a thousand miles away but-
    Finish the lyrics

  • Jazzy Animates
    Jazzy Animates 7 days ago +1

    What I want my senior quote to be..
    "You may not be gay, you're sure as hell ain't straight" ~Jazzy

  • Jaz Meadows
    Jaz Meadows 10 days ago +1

    Alonzo: please don't tell me my armpits are sweaty!
    Me:. Your arms are sweaty ;)

  • Isabella Hernandez
    Isabella Hernandez 11 days ago

    thats what- she is thats what she said lol
    No i dont know what its like in new york city" her name is Delilah

  • DogPotterhead426
    DogPotterhead426 12 days ago

    "That's what", she said. :))

  • Cassidy Duni
    Cassidy Duni 12 days ago

    I stole my quote from a Robin Williams movie.
    "If you were right, I would agree with you."
    Robin Williams--The Awakening

  • Saron Fenta
    Saron Fenta 13 days ago

    4:52 anybody else pause it and count?

  • Daniel Goodrich
    Daniel Goodrich 14 days ago

    0:45 I think he was stoned.

  • Gentry Cosgrove
    Gentry Cosgrove 16 days ago

    B-but my computer screen is brighter than my future

  • inigo Montoya
    inigo Montoya 17 days ago

    U suk

  • Jeffrey salceda
    Jeffrey salceda 17 days ago


  • Sage Morales
    Sage Morales 19 days ago

    15:36 Alonzo her name is delilah its a song her there delilah whats it like in her york city

  • Rebecca Sumby
    Rebecca Sumby 19 days ago

    This video 12:25

  • Stav Reuven
    Stav Reuven 19 days ago

    He didn’t get the New York one 😭

  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 20 days ago

    When I’m a senior my quote will be ether
    1. Hey brother
    3. But that’s just a theory

  • Majin Vegeta
    Majin Vegeta 20 days ago

    My name is Jasen

  • weirdlittle preteengirl

    Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City 🌃

  • Amelia
    Amelia 22 days ago

    The delilahs qoute: she said that becase there is a song that goes " hey, delilah whats it like in new york city"

  • sarah larsson
    sarah larsson 25 days ago

    Delilah Said 15:48 ”no, i don’t know what it’s like in New York City
    Hehmmm ”hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York City”
    You’re very much welcome 🥳

  • McKayla Berg
    McKayla Berg 25 days ago

    hey there delilah whats it like in new york city im a thousand miles away but tonight you look so pretty yes you do.

  • Ye Qiu Shrestha
    Ye Qiu Shrestha 25 days ago

    Hail hydra!!- Red Skull

  • Addison C
    Addison C 28 days ago

    Don’t shush me when I’m trying to make a memory Abby lee.

  • wakawaka wa
    wakawaka wa 28 days ago

    trees are family...the leaves that are falling are the deseaced but new ones are grown just like babys

  • GrizzlySlayer 87
    GrizzlySlayer 87 Month ago

    “Joe mama” that would be mine

  • Gacha_Wolf Studios
    Gacha_Wolf Studios Month ago +1

    My quote would be : ”I got abducted by queen peppa pig.”

  • Archimercedes_ B
    Archimercedes_ B Month ago

    Bruh is it just me or did y'all notice that half of the people's last name was Nguyen

  • Iyannah Collum
    Iyannah Collum Month ago

    Theres a song that goes “hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York City”

  • Hijabi Star
    Hijabi Star Month ago

    At 12:40, everyone asks us if we shower with hijab on............. literally everyone

  • Addicted G*59
    Addicted G*59 Month ago

    My senior quote said I'm wearing a kilt lol smh

  • Rach
    Rach Month ago

    "oh my God I'm so bald right now"...sorry Alonzo can't relate x'D poor guy
    hilarious as always :D

  • Sugar Rush
    Sugar Rush Month ago

    MY senior quote would have more than likely been somethin like...

    "No i am not mute, no i am not "super smart" or get straight A's because i'm quiet. I was quiet because i didn't want to be in this Hell hole and was just focusing on getting this over with and minding my own business, now i'm finished. My life was thoroughly wasted, Bye..."

  • Isabella Kuhn
    Isabella Kuhn Month ago


  • Aaron Dominguez
    Aaron Dominguez Month ago

    That was rules, my man. The reason is that he said that there's only 100 character limitation, and it probably reached 100 at the ru part.

  • bryern andrews
    bryern andrews Month ago

    11:29 best one yet

  • claudio silva
    claudio silva Month ago

    Better out then in.
    ps I love your video

  • docwood141
    docwood141 Month ago

    My senior quote is,
    *If Idiots could fly this place would be an international Airport.*

  • Whitney Joseph
    Whitney Joseph Month ago

    17:13 yayy 😭🔥🔥

  • Whitney Joseph
    Whitney Joseph Month ago

    15:25 💕😭

  • Whitney Joseph
    Whitney Joseph Month ago

    12:15 😭😭💀💀