Vines that cured my lisp (You laugh, you lose!!!)

  • Published on Aug 5, 2020
  • I thought vines were funnier than TikTok... and now I'm not so sure.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin  Year ago +1126

    More of your favourite content, me watching other people content and not laughing.
    Yer da.

    • 🫒  yeah son
      🫒 yeah son Year ago

      Pay respects to Limmy.

    • Sarah Hay
      Sarah Hay Year ago +1

      I’ve watched the intro 20 times now, thank you

    • I am GOO
      I am GOO Year ago

      Yer da

    • Shuuk
      Shuuk Year ago

      Ciarán i found your channel, sucking love u mate just watched so many of your videos keep uploading man!

    • Jamie Oxley
      Jamie Oxley Year ago

      Yer da

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson Year ago +2152

    This could quite possibly be the best intro of all time.

  • Leo Guidi
    Leo Guidi Year ago +228

    It’s not pronounced ‘ya da’. It’s pronounced ‘yir da’. Promptly followed by the immortal phrase ‘sells Avon’
    -a real Glaswegian

    • jamiechalmerss
      jamiechalmerss Year ago

      no a glaswegian but am fae scotland and can confirm this but personally i go fir yer da

    • Leo Guidi
      Leo Guidi Year ago +3

      Corrupted Disorder you don’t go for the maw. They’re your pal, you can’t kill them

    • Corrupted Disorder
      Corrupted Disorder Year ago +6

      Yer maw is a far superior than Yer da

    • ryan banks
      ryan banks Year ago +9

      i personally go with yer da

  • seerpou
    seerpou Year ago +109

    came here for a lisp cure, left with a lisp. clickbait is an understatement

  • Spacie
    Spacie Year ago +5

    The pure look of disappointment on his face after a vine doesn't make him laugh is so strong that even I feel ashamed, and I didn't even send in a clip 😞

  • j0hnnyqUango
    j0hnnyqUango Year ago +23

    anyone else think that ciarans lisp is oddly pleasing to the ears tho

  • Sigma Grindsets
    Sigma Grindsets Year ago +402

    Ciarán's editing is criminally underrated.

  • Jocelyn Studios
    Jocelyn Studios Year ago +12

    I felt like I personally hurt Ciarán when he got rick rolled

  • Poop
    Poop Year ago +9

    *When a long intro feels short because of how epic it is*

  • Adelle_ Brett
    Adelle_ Brett Year ago +24

    the fact that he said way to go Karl instead of way to go Paul is shocking and I will never look at him the same ever again.

  • Leann 426
    Leann 426 Year ago +1

    That intro gave me my much needed daily dose of serotonin, thank you Ciarán.

  • maxisagay
    maxisagay Year ago +744

    The opening 20 seconds alone deserve a like tbh

  • Bubblez
    Bubblez Year ago

    You have reached a pinnacle of top notch TheXvid humor, sir. I appreciate your service 🖤

  • Sian Chivers
    Sian Chivers Year ago +2

    This should be his intro every time, love this type of energy

  • Chantel Dunn
    Chantel Dunn Year ago

    Watching Ciaran dance, jam out and play air piano for the intro was everything. I could watch a full 10 min of that.

  • Grace Adams
    Grace Adams Year ago

    The intro got me 😂👏🏼 when you typed ‘ the vines will be here soon.. sorry. ‘ I was chuckling 😂 and the I was trying to catch my mouth off guard 😂😂 Love your videos Ciarán 🙋🏻‍♀️🖤

  • Jacob Catling
    Jacob Catling Year ago +422

    Let's be honest no one has ever watched a ciaran carlin video and not laughed, he never fails to make people laugh

    • trix o
      trix o Year ago

      @Jacob Catling how so ?

    • Jacob Catling
      Jacob Catling Year ago

      @trix o sorry but you're being rude to someone that is creating for us

    • trix o
      trix o Year ago

      @Jacob Catling you said he never fails, however someone disapproved this because they themselves did not laugh. Then you called the unlikable just because they don't have the same humour as you? Very childish, however I'm assuming you are a child from how you interact with people. Even if you are going theres no need to be rude to people across the internet.

    • trix o
      trix o Year ago

      @Jacob Catling No.? Who are you to tell me what to do. Telling me to leave is quite rude dont you think?

    • Jacob Catling
      Jacob Catling Year ago

      @trix o Leave

  • Kate Duckworth
    Kate Duckworth Year ago +13

    Imagine being Ciarans girlfriend sat behind the camera watching that intro

  • XxCosmicFrostxX
    XxCosmicFrostxX Year ago +21

    Cirarán should be the fifth e-boy, you can’t change my mind

    • XxCosmicFrostxX
      XxCosmicFrostxX Year ago

      Nancy V nooo not memeulous he’s my favourite :((

    • N Violet
      N Violet Year ago +1

      boot memeulous and replace him with ciaran if you ask me, that boy is so quiet in their vids you hardly even know he's there

    • Milli B
      Milli B Year ago +1

      well 4th now 😔

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago +1

    I've rewatched the intro about 15 times now. Easily the best minute of 2020 by far.

  • Jack Hirst
    Jack Hirst Year ago +2

    Honestly he's the funniest lad on Internet 😂

  • Mastaneh Vahidi
    Mastaneh Vahidi Year ago +117

    The “I tried to catch my mouth off guard” had me laughing for an unnecessary amount of time

    • Kate Duckworth
      Kate Duckworth Year ago +4

      It had me laughing for so long that when he started talking about belly laughing I was still pissing myself which just made me laugh harder... everything hurts, please send help

  • TMNick
    TMNick Year ago +1

    I come back here every now and then just to watch the intro! It’s pure gold 😂

  • Scott
    Scott Year ago +9

    You didn't have to clarify that you'd never said "Yer da" before Ciaran, we all knew. Anyway, yer da. Scottish Vines YLYL edition pleeeaaasssee. Sincerely, a Scottish person.

  • AJ Richardson
    AJ Richardson Year ago +1

    This guy cracks me up every time 😂🤣

  • Mediogre
    Mediogre Year ago +8

    Alternative title: Ciaran takes 11 minutes to figure out that he's depressed

  • joonsbonsai
    joonsbonsai Year ago +851

    *“I don’t have any sort of condition, or at least it’s undiagnosed”*

    • Conor Millar
      Conor Millar Year ago +4

      Milly Porter what’s your disability diabetes ?

    • T P
      T P Year ago +1

      Milly Porter 😢😢😢😢😢❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

    • Inazarab
      Inazarab Year ago +18

      @Mills Porter You are not morally superior because you can't take a joke

    • Mills Porter
      Mills Porter Year ago

      haha disabilities are soooo funny...

    • buttercup
      buttercup Year ago +19

      The only comment Ciaran likes, and it’s his own quote lmao love him

  • r0meos.distress
    r0meos.distress Year ago +14

    ciarán really loves wii sports doesn’t he

  • Bridget Decker
    Bridget Decker Year ago

    I applaud you Ciarán, not many people would have the courage to show off their awesome dance moves like you do on the internet, and they were spectacular, your editing skills are also so good!

  • Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz Year ago

    I haven’t laughed this hard of a TheXvid video in soooooo long for real ciaran you’re underrated

  • Craige Cole
    Craige Cole Year ago

    I love that the intro technically started at 1:00. That was incredible

  • Rocket To Mars
    Rocket To Mars Year ago +383

    Says he's crouching like a ninja...but all I see is Andy Serkis crouching as Gollum

  • Cameron Howard
    Cameron Howard Year ago +1

    Just found you from Happy Hour, been sat watching your stuff for like two hours but this intro had me in actual tears 😂😂 keep going man 🤘

  • Isla Roberts
    Isla Roberts Year ago +9

    Sometimes I wish I had a beard so I when I’m disappointed in someone I can rub my hand over my beard and look away so they can’t see the disappointment in my eyes, but they can FEEL it.

  • DannyW03
    DannyW03 Year ago +1

    His reactions are funnier than the actual vines

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago

    I like how he questions his life choices after every meme.

  • Kelsey G
    Kelsey G Year ago +119

    I haven’t laughed out loud like that in a long time. Lost it at “what the F**k is this”

  • zosia
    zosia Year ago +1

    that intro was something i didnt know i needed. thankyou ciarán.

  • Cindygr8ce
    Cindygr8ce Year ago

    I think Ciaráns decent into madness is finally complete and its hilarious

  • Emilie Walsh
    Emilie Walsh Year ago +10

    The aspect ratio being off on the lovely “Vines that cured my lisp” was a beautiful touch.

  • She's Dark Inside

    I had to rewatch the beginning 3 times. Love your dancing!!

  • James Hanks
    James Hanks Year ago

    Ciaran somehow you make second channel content amazingly funny, please make main channel content it would be elite

  • Cynthia Cecil
    Cynthia Cecil Year ago

    All I want for my birthday is to have this man over for a bonfire and beers lol it would be a damn good time guaranteed I am sure 😂

  • Abbie Dack
    Abbie Dack Year ago

    My new favourite channel - such a good sense of humour 🤣

  • chlo Taylor
    chlo Taylor Year ago

    It’s 1am and I am crying at that intro🤣 he hit that whip so hard🤣🤣

  • Chris Ayon
    Chris Ayon Year ago +201

    Doctor: laughter is the best medicine
    Ciarán: ...

  • Pauline
    Pauline Year ago +2

    ciarán laughing at my favourite vine (sand guardian) feels good

  • APM
    APM Year ago

    Really want ciaran to get to 1 mill this year, he deserves it

  • pixie
    pixie Year ago

    i laughed so hard in the first minute and a half that i cried

  • SPINNER3108
    SPINNER3108 Year ago

    The opening and ending were top works of a comedic genius

  • Jamie Barker
    Jamie Barker Year ago +53

    I genuinely think ciaran is one of the most underrated youtuber I mean the intro explains it all

    • JackJohnComics
      JackJohnComics Year ago +1

      And the I have no condition or at least it’s undiagnosed

  • awsten knight’s golden fork

    *my parrots started screaming before ciaran could attempt to make the second noise-*

  • S J
    S J Year ago

    Randomly clicked on your video, watched the intro, was in fits. You've gained a subscriber!

  • Sarah McDaid
    Sarah McDaid Year ago +1

    Ciaráns reactions are funnier then the vines

  • Hannah
    Hannah Year ago

    The grass & foot one got to me 🤣

  • joe roberts
    joe roberts Year ago

    That intro topped all of willne's 😁

  • Redrk
    Redrk Year ago

    i gotta respect how hard he went in on that dance

  • Robin den Boer
    Robin den Boer Year ago

    Ciaran, get someone to watch the videos along with you if you want belly laughs. I rarely laugh out loud when alone, but I was in severe pain a while back by simply watching some dumb YT shit posting with a friend

  • Holly Jones
    Holly Jones Year ago +3

    That's the most un-Scottish yer da I've ever heard 😂😂

  • Anna K
    Anna K Year ago +53

    The sheer disappointment at the rick rolls is such a mood

  • Sienna
    Sienna Year ago

    I’ve watched back that intro so many times 😂😂

  • Lauren Willis
    Lauren Willis Year ago

    So much effort in the intro and I’m here for it 😂😍😭

  • valerie
    valerie Year ago +6

    dont feel bad bro, even rick astley got rickrolled this year so

  • RJ Kuldeep
    RJ Kuldeep Year ago

    I lost it at 3:33 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cameron J. Smith
    Cameron J. Smith Year ago +146

    Dear Mr Carlin,
    When is William Lenney going to start paying you a decent wage for your immense talent?

  • Traci N
    Traci N Year ago

    Your editing is some of the best on TheXvid seriously.

  • avisheh
    avisheh Year ago +1

    I feel like this was all an elaborate scheme to rick roll ALL OF US

  • AngryForTea
    AngryForTea Year ago

    That's 52 seconds of my life I'm never gonna get back 😂😂😂

  • AimeeJx
    AimeeJx Year ago

    The first minute of this video was the best minute of my entire 16 years of life , thankyou

  • Madi
    Madi Year ago +108

    The 7 people who disliked are just angry cuz they dont have ciarans dj skills

    • Madi
      Madi Year ago +3

      One of those people were me

  • Daniel Davies
    Daniel Davies Year ago +1

    That intro was crisper than a freshly ironed shirt👌

  • Sebastian Turner
    Sebastian Turner Year ago

    I need that remix in my life 😂

  • eleanor hogan
    eleanor hogan Year ago

    Yer da. You deserve to have a proper laugh my friend 💖

  • Oof_ Froyo
    Oof_ Froyo Year ago

    1:05 don’t know why I laughed so hard for the 30 seconds after

  • Bibble Bot
    Bibble Bot Year ago +2

    " I don't belly laugh anymore" I think you got depression mate

  • CatPat
    CatPat Year ago

    I'm French and I cried a little bit when you started speaking French Thank you

  • Sometimes Rainie
    Sometimes Rainie Year ago

    as a media student, I LOST IT when he said the 180 degree rules

  • H_K.R
    H_K.R Year ago +1

    3:33 Ciarán sounds like a broken dolphin

  • jewels p.
    jewels p. Year ago +78

    Despite getting rickrolled, I'm so happy you timed the 'who's that Pokemon' one with the ad

  • Liam Miller
    Liam Miller Year ago

    absolutely love the intro!!!!

  • A Random Capybara
    A Random Capybara Year ago +1

    that intro was perfection

  • Kold Koala
    Kold Koala Year ago +2


  • MoonlitTan
    MoonlitTan Year ago +1

    That intro went hard, yes Ciaràn!

  • Spooky Ghost
    Spooky Ghost Year ago +10

    That was officially the best intro to a video that I have ever seen. This even surpassed ImAllexx's Onision video intro.

  • Connor Hatziyannis
    Connor Hatziyannis Year ago +3

    not to flex but i know the "way to go carl" guy and he feels bad that he became a meme

  • I review Bread
    I review Bread Year ago

    Happy to see youre doing your thing man, but I wont lie, I'm missing you big time on fd😭😭

    IUNARIHS Year ago +1

    the vibes of the intro are immaculate

  • M_E_G
    M_E_G Year ago

    That intro 😂😂😂

  • Kostenko
    Kostenko Year ago

    honestly thought ciaran was drunk for the intro lmao

  • wacky
    wacky Year ago +2

    I’d seen that rick roll before so I knew what was coming

  • Dylin
    Dylin Year ago +1

    Ciaran seems to have the same problem as me where he wants to be outgoing but it’s just too tiresome

  • wet knee Houston
    wet knee Houston Year ago +3

    3:32 genuinely sounds like that viral video of the tortoise having sex 😂 brilliant. (Edit, I see he's seen the same thing and edited it in, gg man, gg)

  • hjönk
    hjönk Year ago +205

    doesn't sound like they cured anything

  • Joe quinn 465
    Joe quinn 465 Year ago +1

    Who else thinks ciaran needs way more subs than what he has

  • Aimee Leigh
    Aimee Leigh Year ago

    One of the most underrated channels on the platform 👏

  • Anonymous 2357
    Anonymous 2357 Year ago

    5:47 I went on a skiing trip once and decided I would do this but with snow.
    We didn't even record it.
    Just did it for shits and giggles.
    It was fucking freezing.

  • PaddyFish
    PaddyFish Year ago

    I was laughing before the vines even started

  • Matthew Burnham
    Matthew Burnham Year ago

    This was one of the best intros if not the best intro I have ever seen!!😆

  • Joe quinn 465
    Joe quinn 465 Year ago +2

    4:35 is the best moment of all time

  • Thomas Gaming22
    Thomas Gaming22 Year ago +1

    It’s not pronounced “your daw” it’s “yer da” 😂