As House Democrats move forward on drafting articles of impeachment, Trump dimisses inquiry

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • In Washington, House Democrats are in the final stages of preparing articles of impeachment. President Trump once again dismissed the inquiry on his way to Florida, where he'll speak at an event Saturday night. Natalie Brand reports.
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Comments • 2 136

  • S Anderson
    S Anderson Month ago

    We know he doesn't read but does Trump actually know what a 'hoax' is? This is about whether politicians can follow the rule of law - who serves the people (the civil service) and who helps themselves (Trump and sons). I can't believe that you, America voted for this person, but then I remembered, you voted for an actor as well.

  • Bonnie Nall
    Bonnie Nall Month ago +1

    DEMSQUATS ARE DUST. When you have political jerks being accusser, lawyer, investigator, judge, and jury with the opposite site not being represented.... they break constitutional rule. DEMS have just displayed the worst on TV. DISGUSTING AND GLAD WHEN GONE! Hillary is the Cause of this all folks. SHE STARTED paying crooks and spies First! Shes the mother Hubbard that needs behind bars

  • ralph lee
    ralph lee Month ago

    This Signals The End of the "Democratic Party" as They know it. The Last Real Democrat Died With JFK. Since Lyndon Johnson On There Have Been Nothing But Vote Pandering Liberal/Progressive/Socialists. We The People Of The USA Have Had Enough Of Their Self-Serving, Liberal Elitist Garbage. Trump Will Win Big In 2020. GO TRUMP !!! MAGA !!!

  • Indomitus Veritas
    Indomitus Veritas Month ago

    WOW what a shock...... that came out of nowhere....... only took 3 plus years .......

  • JD Lee
    JD Lee Month ago

    Democrats know they are going to get trounced in 2020.
    Good Luck on impeachment with Jerry Fatler!!!!

  • Aron Jackson
    Aron Jackson Month ago

    Well, this should divert our attention from the important stuff like chemtrails, poisonous water, poisoned food, deadly pharmaceuticals, deadly vaccines, brainwashing our children, ECT. Job well done. ✔

  • Bjørn Felle
    Bjørn Felle Month ago

    Sylvia Garcia looks like trump in disguise

  • President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020

    i corrected the title for you:
    As House Democrats move forward on drafting articles of impeachment, Trump obstructs inquiry,...

  • Alliance
    Alliance Month ago +1

    Even though the impeachment hoax will pass the U.S. House of Congress, it WILL NOT pass the U.S. Senate of Congress.

  • UncannyGameNerdz
    UncannyGameNerdz Month ago

    If you watched the hearing with the Democratic law professors, none of them had any valid fact of him abusing power. Even Tully, sorry I butchered his name gave an explanation for why the demacracks are the ones actually abusing power.

  • Richard Weschitz
    Richard Weschitz Month ago


  • Rener Oslo
    Rener Oslo Month ago

    " Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment... "
    Trump: " Stop talking and I dare you to do it. "
    Me: He is right, just do it if you can.

  • jones
    jones Month ago +1

    "Abandon all hoax, ye who enter here."
    ~~ Donnie's Inferno

  • van le
    van le Month ago +1

    i am Vietnamese. i totally support Trump. the whole asia will support Trump. pelosy democrats is doing very bad thing against Trump. very very bad stupid selfish action against Trump. only Trump can make china bankcrupt and disappear from east sea. china uses american money to build military bases in east sea and they try to kick america out of east sea. and Trump is doing greatest things for asia and the World. east sea must belong to every nation.

  • lee harry
    lee harry Month ago +1

    A lot of hot air by the desperate Democrats. When God appoints a man like Trump, his enemies are just knocking their heads against the Wall. Watch my prophecy. Trump will serve out his full 2 terms and USA will prosper under his Presidency.

  • Bella Dancerella
    Bella Dancerella Month ago +1

    I wonder what states will vote for democratic president race in 2020?

  • Josephat Kibet
    Josephat Kibet Month ago

    Democrats are fraudulent

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    Trump is DISMISSIVE... The man is Narcissistic.. Everything is about him. He doesn't care about the American people.

  • nuster dom
    nuster dom Month ago

    Democrats were just railroaded 1) this was a setup by GOP 2) Gulilana went to Ukraine the Sting 3) The democrats fell for the TRAP impeach Trump 4) Trump GOP are happy they bit 5) Trump acquitted by the Senate 6) Putin Free Russia didn't do it Ukrain DID and last FBI got stung by a ruthless trap Trump Wins

  • Miles North
    Miles North Month ago

    GOP-led Senate should immediately file
    a motion to dismiss upon getting the
    impeachment case from the House. All
    it takes to pass is a simple majority, 51-49.

  • Miles North
    Miles North Month ago

    Just like they did with the Kavanaugh confirmation, deranged leftists will harangue Senators during the impeachment trial - but the level of interference/obstruction will be off the charts. It will be the essence of jury tampering, but not reported like that by the MSM.

  • Richard Gonzalez
    Richard Gonzalez Month ago

    All president elect Trump has to do is demand for Adam Schiff 's phone records,when did he talk to the Wiesel blower and you please) Vin. I sure hope the democrats don't put Trump on suicide watch.

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone Month ago

    This is not just Hong Kong. There is a change going on around the world. France, UK, USA are also being disarmed by their tyrannical politicians - disarming and enslaving the once Free People.
    The working people of the world are being captured and herded like cows by using secret trade deals.
    Each of us have an intrinsic money value on our working lives to the FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths) which you know as the Cabal.

    But they have to disarm you first, before they can enslave you with a low wage and high taxes until you die or are no-longer useful - which means you will be purged to the street or jail...unless you have relatives that will take you in.

    Here in the USA....we clearly observed the Democrats push to arm their working buildings with AR 15 rifles.
    The same Democrats pushed hard to disarmed all children's schools which was the exact same tactic that Hitler used to disarm and enslave Germany.

    The bad law that the USA Democrats pushed was called THE GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT, and it communicated to all budding psychos within the psycho component in each city - that our children's schools are easy access, target rich killing fields....for psychos to engage in their psychotic plan to seek out the easiest Democrat Disarmed venue in the city.

    And after each attack and dead schoolchildren beginning with Sandy Hook and all the schools attacked to this day over 80 schoolchildren and teachers dead...... After each attack, the Democrat leaders stood on stage and said nothing about arming children's school as the Democrat Buildings were armed.

    No.....These tyrannical Democrats stayed with the Hitler plan tactic - and demanded the guns of good citizens after each Democrat Disarmed school was attacked and children murdered.

    Vote and replace all Democrat Politicians in 2020 !!!!

    A quote by Cicero in the year (43 B.C) while he was addressing the Roman Senate:

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot
    survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable,
    for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves
    amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling
    through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
    For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar
    to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he
    appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He
    rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night
    to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so
    that it can not longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared."

  • Vote Republican
    Vote Republican Month ago +3

    Articles of “lack of True evidence and deliberate creations of falsehood”.

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton Month ago

    Please allow me to point an accusatory finger at those that
    are not willing, able or honest enough to appear on televison without any false
    enhancements, that can only lead to fudged news reporting and spin, with
    journalistic trust being tossed out the window, along with faked up blond dyed
    hair or of any manufactured hair shade known to man, along with altered
    opinions designed to please win friends and supporters for some ill-fated
    cause, note that I did not even mention The President. And now a few words from
    our alternate sponsor, ‘Friends, are you feeling tired and sluggish, then do I
    have some snake oil for you’…to be continued…

  • Dale Walker
    Dale Walker Month ago

    Better Hurry Libnuts > The Senate trial, Horowitz, Barr, Durham, and Trumps huge declassified drop is coming soon ! ........... Whats that you say ? Stay Tuned Idiots ..... LOL ! This is going to be EPIC !

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Brad Sherman, Daniel Goldman, Norman Eisen, Elliot Engel, Noah Feldman, Michael Gerhardt, Pamela Karlan, Ambassador Sondland, Ambassador Yovanovich, Colonel Vindman, Charles Kupperman, and Zev Parnas. This is looking like a j3w c0up.

  • Tom C
    Tom C Month ago

    The Democrat's Trump-Russia collusion HOAX was/is a COVER for THEIR actual actions to help Russia!
    1) Burisma owner [Mykola Zlochevsky] was/is RUSSIA ALLY!
    2) Top Putin aids (Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov), reported sources for Clinton campaign/DNC paid for Steele dossier!
    3) Ukrainian who helped Hillary via Manaford and Steele dossier was PAID BY RUSSIANS! (Serhiy Leshchenko)
    4) The Obama-Biden-Clinton (2008-2016) admin immensely HELPED Russia, via promised and delivered "flexibility" on missile defense, New Start nuke treaty, Putin-loving Iran deal, Uranium-One deal (allowed Russia to take ownership of 20 (TWENTY) percent of our (USA) uranium production!)
    5) Slashing OUR (USA) military to near shambles!
    6) Denying desperately requested military assistance to Ukraine...during initial Russia invasion of Crimea!

  • ЯУАИ Joseph
    ЯУАИ Joseph Month ago

    I don't think its right to indulge in Money in the way our country does in our Cities we Play with our lives because be keep walking into their trap. They get rich and stay far away from their mess while they make us dwell in it. Then they try to say that we did it to ourselves because we took the money. But what they dont know is that they look like Theifs, Murders, and Liers. They Suppress the Citizens of their own country and Wip them with the Wind of their Messed up Ways of Greed and we get punished because of their Debt!

  • Noah Galliway
    Noah Galliway Month ago

    He released the phone call what the f**k are you guys talking about

  • old magician
    old magician Month ago

    My old addage - Watch CBS,----- CBS!!

  • tom my
    tom my Month ago

    Donald has spent his entire life cheating in order to appear to us as a 'WINNER'. still not working

    • Steve Xyz
      Steve Xyz Month ago

      Reality says otherwise ..Gas is 2$ in Iowa..thx Trump. everybody that drives a car is happy...Trump always wins.. He is powerful, wealthy, has a smoking hot wife.. and beat Hillary like a rented mule.. envy doesn't look good on you.

  • old magician
    old magician Month ago

    All these lefty Demnonrat's heads are going to explode when the Senate shuts this impeachment down, show us who the real criminals are, and Mr. Trump gets re-elected in 2020!

  • PK Cazadores
    PK Cazadores Month ago

    Trump will be fine, obviously the Republican Senate isn't going to remove him, and his numbers show it is extremely likely he will be elected again in 2020. He shouldn't even respond to comments about it with the media. He can literally just ignore it, and it will go away. It is just click-bait for the media. Whether they pass articles or not doesn't matter, removal was dead on arrival.

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung Month ago

    America elected Trump to destroy the swamp, not to make peace with the swamp.

  • Miles North
    Miles North Month ago

    Hearsay "testimony" isn't even allowed in small claims court!
    And the entire Dem "case" relies on hearsay. Normal/federal rules of evidence disallow hearsay so Senate trial shld be very short - if those rules are followed (which they shld be).

  • David Bach
    David Bach Month ago

    Ten incidents of justice obstruction, one of bribery, one witness intimidation, and lots of abuse of power. There is plenty of reasons to impeach. Of course there are about 13,000 lies.

    • Dj Hergert
      Dj Hergert Month ago

      I thought it was like 12 instances of POTENTIAL onstruction. You guys should be embarrassed at how dumb you are. If Mueller really thought TrumpbObstructed why didnt he say "Trump is guilty of X, Y, Z but because he is the President we can not indict.
      The OLC guidelines state that you can not indict a sitting President. Nowhere does it say that you cant accuse him of being guilty. Look what happened during the Clinton Impeachment. The Independent Counsel Ken Starr put in his report that Clinton was guilty of committing 11 felonies. If Mueller thought Trump was guilty he could have done the same thing but he didnt because he wanted to whip morons like yourself into a frenzy without actually having to stick his neck out there and make a definitive call. So because Muellers team was a bunch of dishonest cowards the DOJ stepped in and did his job for him.

    KING VICTOR Month ago


  • Ayfayyy
    Ayfayyy Month ago

    CBS, my advise to you... find something more interesting to report and don’t post anymore nonsense about this impeachment process until the final outcome.
    *heed to this & save your channel before it’s too late*

  • Larry Stevens
    Larry Stevens Month ago

    The only way the Russo-Repugnikkkans in the Senate will vote to remove the Orange Bloatus from office is if Frodo Putin issues a directive that they do so - and attaches it to the regular monthly ruble payment he sends to Chinless Moscow Mitch through the NRA laundering apparatus. Probably ain't gonna happen though. So far Trump has pretty much been a faithful lackey to the Kremlin, doing their bidding as an indentured servant in return for the bailout money he accepted from the Russian Mafia back in the days when he was a failed real estate bunco artist squandering the millions his slumlord father bequeathed him. And of course Putin no doubt has possession of the infamous "Pee Pillow" photos.
    There is the possibility that Putin might recognize that Trump's increasingly diminished cognitive abilities might hamper the murderous kleptocrat's plans for continuing to destabilize our republic through manipulation of a corrupt congenital poltroon, and second rate grifter and his CroMAGAtard supporters - a seething minority of racists, stooges and bullies. Trump's mental decline may be a factor that Vlad The Horrible hasn't considered.

  • aztecfighter5
    aztecfighter5 Month ago

    Yeah impeach that idiot

  • Terry Halland
    Terry Halland Month ago +1

    The Democrats And Liberals Corruption Get Exposed..President Trump Is Re-Elected In 2020!

  • torgo4ever
    torgo4ever Month ago

    LOL OMG THIS SECTION IS MY 2019 AWARD WINNER !! The " COVFEFE" was sent by god crowd is crying over misspelling because their cheetoh is on his way down the drain. That' is SO SO GOOD !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... hold on ... hold on .. let me take a bite of my " HAMBERDER" while I wait for Giuliani to get here with the " SMOCKING GUN" !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG YOU PEOPLE ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST !! Good on you , thanks for the smiles !! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • One Fine Day
    One Fine Day Month ago

    Hoax is a 4 different letter word used to describe the situation because Adam Schiff is a Jew.

  • Tex 123a
    Tex 123a Month ago

    Trump is like daylight on a vampire to the Democrats.

  • Nashvillain
    Nashvillain Month ago +2

    *Alternate Title: As House Democrats move forward on drafting articles of impeachment, the American public dimisses inquiry*

  • J G
    J G Month ago

    Prove he did it...

  • fate_f30
    fate_f30 Month ago

    "As House Democrats move forward on drafting articles of impeachment"....401K's continue to grow, unemployment rates drop to an all time low, and housing/ business development skyrocket through the roof...

  • The Mcewen's
    The Mcewen's Month ago

    I love it. . yeah I am guilty. . but the democrats are wasting time and money. .
    He is a waste of America enough said.

  • James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt Month ago

    you're either on the Trump train or you're not - if you're not you'll be run over sooner or later cause there's no stopping it.

  • Benjamin Trif
    Benjamin Trif Month ago

    Anyone think this might start another civil war ?

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow Month ago

    Good thing Trump outed Burisma and Biden before he became president! Or we would have put Someone undeserving of the office!😘

  • Pacific Philippi
    Pacific Philippi Month ago

    Republicans for Impeachment. FINALLY......

  • Captain America
    Captain America Month ago

    This will blow up in the Democrats faces......... shame

  • Thomas Chambers
    Thomas Chambers Month ago +1

    Moving forward to the big vote down in the senate

  • Gerald Riley
    Gerald Riley Month ago +3

    Aren’t impeaching anybody 😂

      LAFOLLETTER Month ago

      Clinton was impeached by Congress, but The Senate ignored it. Meaningless action by the blue team to avoid doing anything useful.

  • tip pullthemnow
    tip pullthemnow Month ago

    Impeach the orange idiot and everyone in his corrupt loop!!!

  • ZheeYoYo
    ZheeYoYo Month ago

    Good grief. This whole thing should be halted complete after the egregious fourth amendment violations. They illegally obtained private american citizens’ phone records without a warrant and without a court order.

  • George Kafantaris
    George Kafantaris Month ago

    The main thing that makes this impeachment different than the others is Fox News -- it does not want to go down with Trump. But we cannot allow Trump to take this country down with him either. As ugly and as painful as it might be, the impeachment process itself will make us stronger. And this will assure that “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

  • L G
    L G Month ago

    why would Trump want to attend and legitimize a kangaroo court. When he can get real justice in the Senate.