• Published on Apr 5, 2021
  • Hey guys!
    In today's video, watch me and Carl move back into my ‘mucky’ mansion. This is such a lovely house but I’ve had such bad luck here! With Carl by my side I know we can turn this into such a lovely place together and make good memories here❤️
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Comments • 70

  • Uk Dilemma
    Uk Dilemma 5 hours ago

    Karl is so good for you Katie. He's amazing. So good to see you smiling again. Love you girl. Do your house up. Its a beautiful home. Karl will help you. He adores u

  • brettolicow
    brettolicow 6 hours ago +1


  • Zoe Brooks
    Zoe Brooks 6 hours ago

    I think it's going to be absolutely amazing when it's done and u have Carl with you helping u I think u two are amazing together btw xx

  • Shannan Watton
    Shannan Watton 6 hours ago

    Don't know if you will see this but I'm a single mom starting my cleaning business and I would come and help clean and tidy and graft in the garden that pool could be beautiful I don't mind getting to the nitty gritty I need a new plan being stuck in for months home schooling my anxiety and depression been bad this would be amazing to help you in your project xxxxx

  • thurstable 1
    thurstable 1 7 hours ago

    You look so much better with short dark hair! I’ve moved twice and not got the same bed, well same anything to do with my ex but it still affects me. Sometimes you just have to cope with what you have. Time heals.

  • Eye On Antisemitism
    Eye On Antisemitism 17 hours ago

    Go back to your house make it beautiful moving Youve got a beautiful husband now and live your life out there

  • Pickleplzzz
    Pickleplzzz 18 hours ago

    I think once it's repaired and lovely fresh etc.. it will look beautiful fresh new memories xx

  • Lauren Mullarkey
    Lauren Mullarkey 18 hours ago

    I would love to be let loose and clean and organise that house!!😍😍

  • Phoebe weller
    Phoebe weller 20 hours ago

    this house is beautiful, id love to see what you can do with it xx

  • Lorna Levi shoeswomen
    Lorna Levi shoeswomen 22 hours ago

    katie u should get in touch with gypsy queen she has on tix tox she does a lot of cleaning tip google her she's really good

  • Paula Jardine
    Paula Jardine Day ago

    I come help you clean it out. Love doing clean out. 👍😊

  • Paula Jardine
    Paula Jardine Day ago

    Why you hate the house so much

  • Jay Moar
    Jay Moar Day ago +2

    So much surgery looks so gross now.

  • Robot Overlord
    Robot Overlord Day ago

    Your partner seems like a sincere fella.

  • Ray Mun
    Ray Mun Day ago

    I think, do the house up, sell it and move to somewhere new. Bad memories stay with you forever, where as somewhere new will bring you peace of mind. Follow your heart 👍❤

  • Jade Kray
    Jade Kray Day ago

    Why do she not live there anymore ?

  • SairR53 H
    SairR53 H Day ago

    Definitely keep it ☺️ it has so much potential and could be a beautiful home for you all x

  • Chris Cars
    Chris Cars Day ago +1

    It will be another shit hole after you have been it it for six months

  • picklesrule69
    picklesrule69 Day ago

    Completely empty the whole house, then began to paint everything white, rip out the kitchen n bathrooms. Fresh start 😌

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    Sell it Katie ,start afresh.

  • Original Luckus
    Original Luckus Day ago

    Hes right white wash the lot and bring all your natural floors up and varnish them then you have a fresh base move forward from there .

  • Jessica Erin
    Jessica Erin Day ago

    This is such a great video! Carl is an amazing partner to you and it’s so good to see you smiling! Keep the house, re do it, fresh paint fresh start! Xx

  • Heidi Lovelock
    Heidi Lovelock Day ago

    Beautiful home,, you should keep it and get the kids to help you design each room so they love the house again...

  • Josh Dickson
    Josh Dickson 2 days ago

    I would love to design a house like this would just need someone that knows how to put the pen to paper to get it done coz I’m no rich lol just have an eye for the things also if u have a bad spirit do not sage it’ll make it worse!!!

  • Emma Heathcote
    Emma Heathcote 2 days ago

    Carl is so good for you and is keeping you grounded. You’ve come so far and you’ve got your sparkle back. That in its self is everything ♥️

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 2 days ago

    I think you should do the house up and sell. Doesn’t matter how nice a house is - If it attaches negative thoughts for you it would be a shame to go backwards . X x

  • Kacie Green
    Kacie Green 2 days ago

    This house could be amazing! Definitely do it all up. Paint it all white & new flooring and new carpets. Vlog it all 🤍🤍 so nice to see you happy x

  • Russell Greenham
    Russell Greenham 2 days ago

    Bash it down and start again!! Let a property developer take it for the land and you will be quids in. Reply to me and we can move forward with the plans ASAP.

  • Sheila Liburd
    Sheila Liburd 2 days ago

    Get stacey to help you 🌹

  • Latasha Copeland
    Latasha Copeland 2 days ago

    Katie I love the house get it fixed up its worth it!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • ste wills
    ste wills 2 days ago +2

    Just call it a day you washed up tart.

    • E M
      E M 2 days ago +1


  • Lorna Levi shoeswomen

    get someone to help you someone who is just starting out who wants to make a name for themself to help u

  • Anna Louise
    Anna Louise 3 days ago

    I absolutely love you Katie x I have a stepdaughter with autism and you are such an inspiration for me xxxx so much love for you

  • Angel Mason
    Angel Mason 3 days ago

    Oh! I am so glad! It is going to be a crazy endeavor but you have Carl by your side this time around! I cannot wait to see the finished product and you all happy in your home. Riding horses, swimming! But definitely Sage the place first! Get all that negative juju out! 😉😉😉💜love you Katie, Carl and the Fam!

  • Zee Khan
    Zee Khan 3 days ago

    Seriously wanna series seeing the house renovated. Different themes in every room it would look stunning. Good luck and all the best 💕

  • Halle Brady
    Halle Brady 3 days ago

    I think Katie that you bought that house with your hard earned cash and brought your kids up there.. why throw it all away just because the men in your life were slimeballs?! That is YOUR HOUSE and selling it just gives tells them slimeballs that they've won and took your hard earned house away from you. OWN IT, DO IT UP AND LIVE YOUR HAPPY NEW LIFE IN A HOUSE YOU BOUGHT ALL BY YOURSELF!! 💓💓💓

  • margaret ellix
    margaret ellix 3 days ago

    I'd listening to carl redecorate the house and I adore your short dark hair 😍

  • Elaine P
    Elaine P 3 days ago

    There is no point you being in a house where you have bad memories , no matter how nice it can look if you are always going to feel negative energy it’s pointless. Carl won’t have the same bad vibes as you as he never had the memories you and the kids have. I’m sure he means well and is being positive but you have to do what is right for you. If buying a new house is something you and Carl are both paying for then he is as important as you and the kids, his opinions are valid. If your buying it then his thoughts might be nice but totally invalid lol

  • Kelsey X Queeny
    Kelsey X Queeny 3 days ago

    I would definitely movie out. U don't need the bad luck with it or memories. New house updated new beginning

  • Rachael Clarke
    Rachael Clarke 3 days ago

    He is so loverly

  • Chloë Hunt
    Chloë Hunt 3 days ago

    New subbie xx

  • Cheryl Pritchard
    Cheryl Pritchard 3 days ago

    Well done kate so happy for you u can make your house a home again and with carl by your side u can do it like he said white paint new carpet im with u you go girl xxxx❤

  • Patricia Roberts
    Patricia Roberts 3 days ago

    Katie I think its a lovely house...start giving it love tlc..x

  • dolly dimple
    dolly dimple 3 days ago

    I think either put it right&then sell it&move on with Carl fresh start&memories to be made with him.
    Or bulldoz it&re build on the land.
    I think there maybe to many bad memories in that house, just a thought.😉

  • Chloe Morrison
    Chloe Morrison 3 days ago

    Fresh coat of paint and flooring and it will look like a different house xx

  • Alfred Alfredo
    Alfred Alfredo 3 days ago

    I wouldn’t move back either to my old house with crap memories 💯NEXT

  • Alfred Alfredo
    Alfred Alfredo 3 days ago

    I meant before sell it. What was I writing

  • Alfred Alfredo
    Alfred Alfredo 3 days ago

    You should see me how I’m getting into gear when I’m packing and moving house gosh I’m very speedy 😃I do no food coffe and music I can do 8 hrs without stopping. I have moved house 12 x in 17 years

  • Heather Grundy
    Heather Grundy 3 days ago

    I’ll design a room for you! 😋❤️

    • Heather Grundy
      Heather Grundy 3 days ago

      @bilisha coli I wouldn’t be paying for any of it but I’d design it for free just for fun 🤩

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli 3 days ago +1

      And she is broke....oh start a go fund me page

  • mr T
    mr T 3 days ago

    The house is just too good to sell . You are so lucky to own such a great property and it has all the space you need. Clear it out, tidy up and bring a great team in to interior design and document on TheXvid . What about Ashville and partner up?

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli 3 days ago +1

      This could be a beautiful home. Just needs to be loved and brought back to life!

  • pampam471
    pampam471 3 days ago

    Do a competition and pick 5 winners to help with your house.. Your have alot of fun and laughter. Your beable to move back in within no time..

  • Becky Williams
    Becky Williams 3 days ago

    I’d buy somewhere new and start fresh!! Your old house would be nice after a lot of work but I think it’s time to start again somewhere else.

  • Nadia Johnston
    Nadia Johnston 3 days ago

    Put a bit of love back in to it and move in

  • Diane Knowles
    Diane Knowles 4 days ago

    Love your short hair Katie

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue 4 days ago

    a brief of things you like/dislike.

  • Jane Hilton Hilton
    Jane Hilton Hilton 4 days ago

    I ll do the bugger up for ya :)

  • Natalia Northon
    Natalia Northon 4 days ago

    If you don't want it, give it to me Katie I'll take it off your hands for ya lol. That's a beautiful big house, you've just lost heart in it, like Carl said 'just redecorate it and put it back together, give it a 2nd chance. X

  • wicked witch
    wicked witch 4 days ago +1

    Eehh looking for a new home to buy ?? Thought she was bankcrupt!!!!WTF ???😡😡😡

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue 4 days ago

      up with something unique. Start by writing the name mucky mansion on a piece of paper in big bold letters then burn it in the garden...say goodbye... and let it go.

  • Judy Collins
    Judy Collins 4 days ago

    Oh my God! I wish I was in the UK! I would give my right arm, to sort out the interior of your beautiful home. I swear, you would have the most uplifting home if I was doing it. You want your home to be your sanctuary. Somewhere, where you feel safe and just want to get back to A.S.A.P. after a hard day's graft.
    Did you realise how many shades of white there are? Colour comes in through soft furnishings etc. Eclectic pieces of furniture etc. One offs. I'm a small time upcycler. If I was there🤔🤔🤔😭😭😭😭I'm devastated that I can't help you.....
    But, I wish you all the very Best!!! Stick in there Kate .....It really will be worth it roughing it for a little while. Just think about what you will have when it's finished.
    I love the character in your home, throw in a couple of ghosts and your laughing😉never lonely🤣🤣🤣
    Best of luck, Love and Light, Namaste 😇😇😇😇😇Judy

  • Chris Arthur
    Chris Arthur 4 days ago

    Give it a lick of fresh paint and sell it

  • Cass Cassidy
    Cass Cassidy 4 days ago

    I think your bf is right beautiful house paint and carpet it

  • Irma Iqbal
    Irma Iqbal 4 days ago

    Why not Katie ?! Refurbish the house and move back in . You all can start new . It can be very nice house once it’s refurbished. Best of luck ♥️

  • Nikki London
    Nikki London 4 days ago

    Start a fresh if you don't like it sell it 👍

  • Carolyn Murphy
    Carolyn Murphy 4 days ago

    This could be a beautiful home. Just needs to be loved and brought back to life!

  • Gillian Abbott
    Gillian Abbott 4 days ago +1

    And she is broke....oh start a go fund me page

  • Scary ghost Stories
    Scary ghost Stories 4 days ago

    Aw I love that your really positive about the house now ❤️ if you change the downstairs layout a little and decorate completely different and put furniture in different places than you had it last time it will feel like a different house. I can’t wait to see what you do 😘 best of luck Kate x

  • natasha
    natasha 4 days ago

    Cannot wait to see the full before and after vid X

  • Nicola C
    Nicola C 4 days ago

    My brother is painter and decorator in Sussex down road from your home. His currently renovating his new property should defo get him involved

  • Selina Brookes
    Selina Brookes 4 days ago

    So excited, love grand design, maybe you should do the program, would love to see it from start to finish 💓

  • Hannah Leach
    Hannah Leach 4 days ago

    Hire 5 skips, throw away all the past rubbish you don't need, keep little bits of momentos only. You are hoarding too much. Fresh paint, carpets etc and it'll be beautiful family home. I say do it. It's such a waste otherwise