WillNE and Memeulous Open Pokemon Cards

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • I bought 345 surprise pokemon cards off amazon and this is what I got...
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  • Asleep Finnaly
    Asleep Finnaly 2 days ago

    You guys are lucky my school teaches us how babies were made in the 2nd grade!

  • Potato Luna
    Potato Luna 3 days ago +1

    George turning red when he can't read something is literally adorable.
    7:10 Awwwwwe he sounds so upset 😭😭😭

  • Freddie HUCKSTEP
    Freddie HUCKSTEP 4 days ago


  • Hugo Bell
    Hugo Bell 10 days ago

    Memeulous is dyslexic apperently but all three of them think holos are shinies ,:)

  • Gacha cookiez speadpaintz

    Auto correct is wrong I put Pokemon down and it made it pokimon ;-;

  • Gacha cookiez speadpaintz

    I have hardly any and I've been collecting for a year you may be thinking poor me wanting pokimon card but not getting them.

    Well your wrong there trash and I don't want them so I only have a few ( look down more if you like pokimon cards )

    This was a joke it just came into my head and put it in the comments...

  • Sam Spinks
    Sam Spinks 17 days ago

    The last one is worth 10 grand!!!

  • ThePhantom 352
    ThePhantom 352 17 days ago

    Open actual packs pls

  • AvidPlays
    AvidPlays 18 days ago

    You got ripped off lad

  • Mr. Pringles2
    Mr. Pringles2 18 days ago

    Can u do yu gi oh card plz

  • Potater Person :3
    Potater Person :3 20 days ago +1

    What’s the song playing in the outro?

  • Space Marine
    Space Marine 20 days ago

    Lol 62k likes

  • Scorchik11
    Scorchik11 20 days ago +1

    Shamen is mythical not legendary. Mythical is event only while legendary can be caught in game (this does not make shiny legendaries such as shiny solgaleo mythical, they remain legendary as they are just different forms)

  • Holy Hole
    Holy Hole 21 day ago

    There’s 62k likes where’s part 2??? lol

  • vibes fxrever
    vibes fxrever 22 days ago

    george were is my take one rip one video

  • Stormy
    Stormy 22 days ago

    Face reveal or u gey

  • Potato Spud
    Potato Spud 22 days ago +2

    James: breathes
    George and will: WE GET IT YOU WENT UNI !!!

  • Im just here
    Im just here 23 days ago

    Quality content.

  • TheCaitlynandLibby Show

    This just makes me wanna buy loads of Pokemon cards to open by myself as I have no friends

  • Freya N
    Freya N 24 days ago

    Randolph would not approve

  • The Viper
    The Viper 24 days ago


  • miranda
    miranda 25 days ago +2

    Memeulous: *Mispronounces pokemon name*
    WillNe: DYSLEXIC

  • Orange Platypus
    Orange Platypus 26 days ago

    it looks like you haven't played pokemon it looks like will and james plays more pokemon

  • DIAHF_Connor_B
    DIAHF_Connor_B 26 days ago

    Kangaskan! Will: big fat bastard

  • t0xic_Assas1n
    t0xic_Assas1n 27 days ago +1

    This is so British

  • The slime Salad
    The slime Salad 28 days ago

    Those Pokemon cards were awful

  • Funkopop104
    Funkopop104 28 days ago

    61k likes. Rip time

  • Freash Fw
    Freash Fw 28 days ago

    Nooooooo uuuuuuu

  • Luminous Edge
    Luminous Edge 29 days ago

    Big up James Marriot on the cam

  • Ben matthews
    Ben matthews 29 days ago

    Maxmoefoepokemon 2

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 29 days ago

    7:41 There's A Bloke In The Background

  • Solar
    Solar Month ago +1

    At this point memeulous will just do a face reveal because he cba putting his mask on while recording 😂

  • Haribo 244
    Haribo 244 Month ago

    We want the rip game jk I DONT CARE

  • Rat Queen Mizzagardia

    George is wholesome and will & james is just poking fun at it

  • unkown
    unkown Month ago


  • Rufy Eggy mix
    Rufy Eggy mix Month ago

    I lowkey feel bad for James

  • Max Agnew
    Max Agnew Month ago

    This is painful

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson Month ago


  • Delta 01
    Delta 01 Month ago

    This Is So Fun Because They Know More Then One Thing About Pokemon

  • Delta 01
    Delta 01 Month ago


  • Archie Dutton
    Archie Dutton Month ago

    They got 61k time for the sequel

  • Wil Hanley
    Wil Hanley Month ago +3

    Those “shinies” are holographics

  • Felix Petshops
    Felix Petshops Month ago

    I need to know what the outro song is called-

  • Luciee Jayne
    Luciee Jayne Month ago

    Petition for george to by glasses that go all the way over his ear

  • Richard Bucket
    Richard Bucket Month ago +1

    Opening *Pokemon* cards
    Sees Pikachu

  • Rose the cat
    Rose the cat Month ago

    I got a rare pokemon card and got like 9 quid for it

  • aurara
    aurara Month ago

    No one:
    Will: AhHHAHAHHhahhhhh

  • Teniel Sullivan
    Teniel Sullivan Month ago

    If James is so clever how come he spent 27 grand on something he don’t use.

  • Isabelle Randall
    Isabelle Randall Month ago

    will george ever get a hair cut

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson Month ago +3

    Waiting for will to make a diss on Memeulous about how dyslexic he is

  • LuxyActually
    LuxyActually Month ago +2

    ... Why does Will just want to rip cards???

  • Witteria
    Witteria Month ago +2

    Isn't anyone gonna talk about retarded memeulous 6:38 ? 😂

  • matt Edwards
    matt Edwards Month ago +2

    Will was trying to rip up cards for months before he got to the yu gi ohs

  • SmirkyTrick
    SmirkyTrick 2 months ago

    WAIT A MINUTE! This aint MaxMoeFoe

  • ThatGirlZuliet
    ThatGirlZuliet 2 months ago +1

    Will decided when to play "flip one, rip one," but with George's Yu-Gi-Oh card, lol

  • SkinnyHomo
    SkinnyHomo 2 months ago

    your meant to put some free dubstep on when you open a rare card mate

  • Sparklypegasus 2000
    Sparklypegasus 2000 2 months ago

    If you want good cards get hidden fates boxes or tins

  • Mac Soma
    Mac Soma 2 months ago

    Bru its like everyone who cares about pokemon are probly like "OMG YOU DISRESPECTED THE POKEMON REEEEE!!!!"

  • That1solaryeet Yt
    That1solaryeet Yt 2 months ago

    This channel is *CLAPPED*