Downton Abbey Trailer - SNL

  • Published on Sep 29, 2019
  • Downton Abbey, the first theatrical release movie you have to rent from the library.
    #SNL #WoodyHarrelson #BillieEilish #SNL45
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Comments • 816

  • Rainbowlo.12
    Rainbowlo.12 2 days ago


  • Confuzed Cookie
    Confuzed Cookie 7 days ago

    wait hold on one of the hashtags is #BillieEilish can someone tell me what the hell Billie has to do with Downton Abbey???

  • EJ XOF66
    EJ XOF66 8 days ago

    The twice murder pig and deep dish pizza got me

  • dinnynosher
    dinnynosher 9 days ago


  • xamurai00
    xamurai00 9 days ago

    On behalf of white people everywhere.. We apologize that there were no Black, Asian or Hispanic English Lords back in 1927

  • UK. Burnt Toast.
    UK. Burnt Toast. 11 days ago

    Hahaha Love it !

  • NightingaleSong
    NightingaleSong 12 days ago

    "The sun setting on white people as a whole."

  • Iwipe Myownass
    Iwipe Myownass 14 days ago

    I would definitely watch this .. make this happen hollywood

  • bunny
    bunny 20 days ago

    I would enjoy this

  • Jeffrey Gillespie
    Jeffrey Gillespie 22 days ago


  • luka shvelidze
    luka shvelidze 22 days ago

    This video is a catostrophi

  • Theresa P
    Theresa P 23 days ago

    "Sun setting on white people..."? Kinda racist! Imagine making a blanket statement about any other race. White supremacism is bad, but so is white race-baiting. C'mon your tolerance!

  • TalkingToMyself
    TalkingToMyself 25 days ago

    Honestly I love just listening to how good or bad the British accents are.

  • Frir10
    Frir10 29 days ago

    Well, it doesn't have a lot of explosions, if that's your thing. It's a british show.

  • Paige Chicklo
    Paige Chicklo Month ago


  • missreds88
    missreds88 Month ago

    Lady Mary: "Whoth?"

  • G. Coleman
    G. Coleman Month ago

    And it's Mostly about Cleaning 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😂😭🤣
    I am in tears!!!!!

  • Anne Rakowiecki
    Anne Rakowiecki Month ago +2

    Lol the way Aidy says, "OF COURSE!"

  • ZeroFox75
    ZeroFox75 Month ago +1


  • Edward Shore
    Edward Shore Month ago

    "And of course, Chicago style deep dish pizza!" - LMAO

  • QuEsT X. BoXiNg
    QuEsT X. BoXiNg Month ago

    I'm a Downton abbey fan and this was hilarious

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi Month ago +1

    so basically nothing happens in the movie!

  • no one
    no one Month ago +3

    If it doesn't have a car chase or iron Man in it, I'm not interested.- all Americans.

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny Month ago

    That IS where mud goes... 😂

  • Qudsia Karim
    Qudsia Karim Month ago

    after ages so much fun to watch such sketch thanks snl stay cool

  • world citizen G
    world citizen G Month ago


  • Pippa Peterson
    Pippa Peterson Month ago

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  • IamToastcrumb
    IamToastcrumb Month ago

    Wait where's Billie eyelash?

  • Ashen Silverlake
    Ashen Silverlake Month ago

    “Little bad cakes!” 😂🤣 I want more little bad cakes, more Kate in this role, and for this to be an actual film! 💕

  • Candidate 90
    Candidate 90 Month ago

    Not funny any more

  • David Lendl
    David Lendl Month ago

    It's funny cuz it's actually a fake advertisement. In the joker there's not so much stuff happening either.

  • Wendy McCoy
    Wendy McCoy Month ago

    My only nitpicky complaint was Mrs. Hughes accent. Other than that it was perfection.

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose Month ago

    Atleast Edith got a huge upgrade since the last sketch

  • Ashton S.
    Ashton S. Month ago

    *Is that Bruno in the thumbnail?*

  • Leena Stark
    Leena Stark Month ago

    OMG I'M DEAD!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • guyyouseewhenyoudie
    guyyouseewhenyoudie Month ago +1

    Tag yourself, I’m Little Bad Cakes

  • Iamail Md
    Iamail Md Month ago

    রিয়াদ খান একটর ০১৯২২৯৫০৯৬৫

  • m a salauddin
    m a salauddin Month ago +1


  • Cynthia Bromund
    Cynthia Bromund Month ago +1

    This sucked

  • kyle abent
    kyle abent Month ago

    Somebody revive MadTV

  • Mars M
    Mars M Month ago

    Did anyone else think Chloe Fineman looked like Grace from Peaky Blinders in this, though?

  • nelda blanco
    nelda blanco Month ago

    Sorry but Nooooo!

  • Admiral Kaizer
    Admiral Kaizer Month ago

    Its funny how they made fun of it when it turned out to be a major box office success given it only had a budget of about 15 million and made over 120 million

  • Thomas Juhász
    Thomas Juhász Month ago

    well, I would watch it

  • Loyaltysmith 135
    Loyaltysmith 135 Month ago

    Come here political adults if your looking for music to listen to on your movie adventures!!!

  • Fanny Pinto
    Fanny Pinto Month ago

    Omg Hahahaha! I loved the movie thought

  • Tammy Ruggles
    Tammy Ruggles Month ago +41

    "Miss. We found...flies."
    "In the air."
    "Good. There they shall stay."

  • Sharon Lynn H.
    Sharon Lynn H. 2 months ago

    Spot on acting portral on Downton Abbey movie: so, LOL hell of funny w/the head Butler sounding like Carton & also Lurch from the Addams Family. DOWNTON Abbey is a massive Castle Estate (I noticed that for the interior & some exterior is film shots on LYNDHURST Castle, Terrytown, NY: it's an Historic Castle Estate that is used for filming. The Classic Dark Shadows movies were filmed there that's the Collins Family Mansion Estate/Lyndhurst Castle Home: it has many Mystery haunts & chills there) ..."of cause the Majesties Royals will go there: laugh out loud hellious!! Great job: SNL. PLUS, saw the new movie Downton Abbey it was superb!

  • Nicky L
    Nicky L 2 months ago

    Julian Fellowes has only ever written one script.

  • Khari Jones
    Khari Jones 2 months ago

    please dont stop the music

  • Erin Feloy
    Erin Feloy 2 months ago

    This is great, but I also greatly enjoyed the movie

  • cynthia rouse
    cynthia rouse 2 months ago

  • D&C TV
    D&C TV 2 months ago


  • Bethany Stephens
    Bethany Stephens 2 months ago

    Cecil sounds exactly like Mary!

  • Heedful Newt
    Heedful Newt 2 months ago +1

    The funny part in here is the fake laughs that they add.

  • Kerry Flora
    Kerry Flora 2 months ago

    Ummm where tf is my Cora

  • Ben Newman
    Ben Newman 2 months ago

    I only watched the first season of Downton Abbey. Considering how frequently people died in that first season, I’m going to assume that everyone is going to die from all of the cleaning.

  • Markus Felber
    Markus Felber 2 months ago


  • SandStorm XII
    SandStorm XII 2 months ago