Owner Breaks Down Into TEARS After Gordon Rips Into His Restaurant | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
    Decor that hasn't been touched for 30 years isn't a good sign.
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  • Nicholas Le
    Nicholas Le 54 minutes ago

    I like that old lady

  • Lili
    Lili 2 hours ago

    Poor Jeff
    Seams like
    Such a sweet guy

  • Sxrdn
    Sxrdn 2 hours ago

    god damn pussy grow up and if you don’t wanna hear facts close the restaurant like how dumb can you be soft ass snowflake

  • Naim Anglada
    Naim Anglada 10 hours ago

    "Come on stop crying grow up you fucking pussy" thats fucked up dude

  • ThirdPE
    ThirdPE 11 hours ago +1

    I feel so bad omfg

  • Sheng Jie
    Sheng Jie 11 hours ago

    Ramsay if you are sure you didn't like it then why did you even eat it

  • Sheng Jie
    Sheng Jie 11 hours ago

    papyrus from Undertale : Did you like my spaghetti. Ramsay: no! It taste like shit! *Starts crying PAPYRUS*
    Sans to Ramsay you are going to have a fucking bad time asshole

  • Karl Andrei Castilla
    Karl Andrei Castilla 12 hours ago

    Gordons a Monster

  • Wijaya Tanoto
    Wijaya Tanoto 12 hours ago

    i felt bad

  • Jahnee Redding
    Jahnee Redding 15 hours ago

    Bro Gordon I thought we were friends but making people cry heck no 😭

  • Chloe Missy Masanguid
    Chloe Missy Masanguid 18 hours ago

    gordon is clean freak

  • Moon
    Moon 21 hour ago

    I feel so bad for him he started to cry I would be like Gordon Ramsay get ur little a*s out of here u b**ch

    • Moon
      Moon 7 hours ago

      Bcz I don’t want to d*mbass

    • Yeetus Defeetus
      Yeetus Defeetus 12 hours ago

      You can't even curse....

  • Y Q
    Y Q 21 hour ago

    Wow, seems that those characters and the whole place's came out from a Lynch's film.

  • XXXCrazyKingXX X
    XXXCrazyKingXX X 21 hour ago

    Rich people6:52

  • XXXCrazyKingXX X
    XXXCrazyKingXX X 21 hour ago

    Stop breaking the suft 1:07

  • Chef Emmie
    Chef Emmie 22 hours ago

    Gordon is rude, u could at least deliver ur opinio n a little nicely.

  • Logan Rodriguez
    Logan Rodriguez 22 hours ago

    I feel bad now

  • Rachel’s Channel
    Rachel’s Channel 23 hours ago

    Gordon is a fucking asshole he could of explain his opinion in a nice way like he thinks everybody has to be like him and how he cooks like fr tf!!🙄😒🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

    • Rachel’s Channel
      Rachel’s Channel 5 hours ago

      Yeetus Defeetus no really I knew that but no one asked you to reply bitch

    • Yeetus Defeetus
      Yeetus Defeetus 10 hours ago

      @Rachel’s Channel there is this thing i call a reply. youtube has a button for it.

    • Rachel’s Channel
      Rachel’s Channel 12 hours ago

      Yeetus Defeetus well no one asked your opinion periottttt

    • Yeetus Defeetus
      Yeetus Defeetus 12 hours ago

      Trash opinion, the other 35 thousand people would disagree. Gordon is the best. Period.

  • Cats 82736
    Cats 82736 Day ago

    I felt so bad

  • -cxcxmber
    -cxcxmber Day ago +1

    “I hate cleaning. To me it’s just a four letter word”
    Me-“c...l...e...a...n... that’s five letters-

  • itss jesss
    itss jesss Day ago +6

    5:31 me waking up Monday knowing I have to go to school😂😂💀

  • Marcelo Santos
    Marcelo Santos Day ago +1

    How I wish Gordon went to my school and tried the school’s food .

  • LOL Tv
    LOL Tv Day ago

    This guy are not postive

  • A Dumb Boy
    A Dumb Boy Day ago +1

    I feel bad for Jeff since he’s acknowledging that he is taking blamed for the poor restaurant. His brother doesn’t seem to care.

  • Mr SecuPupps
    Mr SecuPupps Day ago

    "Fuckin', grow up you pussy.."
    "... ;-;"

    "FuCc yOU."

  • Jethro Menez
    Jethro Menez Day ago

    Crying for something it shows he love his job ang cooking..
    Godbless you jeff.

  • Kurt Ashley Bañares

    Atleast he tried his best and didnt give up.

  • Francisco Beatriz Lemus

    Gordon is so mean and he deserve to treat everybody the same as he want to be treated

  • Alina
    Alina Day ago

    At least they did not lash back like some others😐

  • Rosy Kheng Lawt
    Rosy Kheng Lawt Day ago

    Gorden watch your mouth

  • Ok Stop
    Ok Stop Day ago

    Wow 5:31

  • Z Tripix
    Z Tripix Day ago

    Anyone else cry because they felt bad for Jeff?

  • owlygirlrowan
    owlygirlrowan Day ago

    Guy: and that our restaurants were dirty * *cries* *
    Me: I mean he wasn't wrong when he said it was dirty...

    • Beau Caspar
      Beau Caspar 7 hours ago

      Criticism was needed, but criticism can hurt

  • octaviana malita

    Old lady: he is not liking anything . 😂😂😂

  • Paul Varda
    Paul Varda Day ago

    tweedle dee & tweedle dum

  • JR Calbert
    JR Calbert Day ago

    No affence if he is complaining why don’t he do it

  • Clive kerdi Villavicencio

    Why jeff is crying.........Gordon is right his restaurant is awful and disgusting and the colossal pizza is ridiculous awful

  • Admin Upload
    Admin Upload Day ago

    Hire me. I'll clean the restaurant for you :)


    I'm laughing when the two person in the red shirt are fighting and cursing each other,but I'm very sad for them


    I'm a big fan of Gordon but he is being over acting and not thinking that there are many people that can't even eat once a day and almost in every show that he is in if he's not throwing the food he is cursing it

  • Odros#Gaming
    Odros#Gaming Day ago

    why do they look like twins with down syndrome (not joking around my brother as down syndrome)

  • AmvRage
    AmvRage 2 days ago

    What Jim meant by "four letter word" he figuretively said he's lazy. Correct me if I'm wrong on that one.

  • Jeremy Cooper
    Jeremy Cooper 2 days ago

    I feel really bad for the chefs

  • Abdul 02100
    Abdul 02100 2 days ago

    Gordon is so rude

  • Unicorn Dest
    Unicorn Dest 2 days ago

    Am about to cry

  • Yusuf Zim
    Yusuf Zim 2 days ago

    He could also help them why does he think that he is the boss I want to tell some thing cheff Ramsay is a f bit**

  • Yusuf Zim
    Yusuf Zim 2 days ago

    Ok that was too bad

  • Clapoh
    Clapoh 2 days ago +1

    5:33 😂😂😂

  • gacha midwolf 3
    gacha midwolf 3 2 days ago

    The sad guy 😔

  • Evan Hand
    Evan Hand 2 days ago

    Gordon goes to hard some Times

  • XmanSully
    XmanSully 2 days ago

    Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb wtf why bother

  • Shinybytheway
    Shinybytheway 2 days ago

    I respect Gordon but he didn’t have to be a dick when he was explaining the sins to the owner and the other workers!

  • Parker's NBA Videos
    Parker's NBA Videos 2 days ago

    Probably it didn't taste good but the pizza and sandwiched looked kinda good in a messy/disgusting way.
    It's like the kinda food that tastes heavenly when you're drunk and hungry, lol.

  • Unforgiven YT
    Unforgiven YT 2 days ago +1

    Pls Enjoy The Food Every Loves Food

  • ekopuji santoso
    ekopuji santoso 2 days ago

    Bravo mr. Gordon!!😞👍😅 I LIKE

  • Eclipse YT
    Eclipse YT 2 days ago

    i actually feel really bad for the guy crying

  • CountedAnt39033 Vlogs and Gaming

    1 like= respect to the owner because Gordon was saying MEAN things to the owner I feel bad :(

  • FlameOW
    FlameOW 2 days ago

    i like it cause hes not afraid to tell the truth

  • lily wong
    lily wong 2 days ago

    Clean is a 5 letter word you scum.

  • Hiyue Shiro
    Hiyue Shiro 2 days ago

    I lost it when he said “Is that bad?” 🤮
    I wonder how he cleans his house 🤔

  • Sound Of The Wind
    Sound Of The Wind 2 days ago

    Gordan should watch what he says to people, words can hurt people emotionally,.

  • Gillian Krieger
    Gillian Krieger 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the old lady most of all

  • Barney the dinosaur 32

    Gordon is way too mean. this guy is trying his best

  • Ja Ny
    Ja Ny 2 days ago

    I dont know what these two fat ugly kiddos wanted to to do with restaurant. But ok

  • Tamlin Connel-Kinnan
    Tamlin Connel-Kinnan 3 days ago +1

    Gordon is a stupid idiot I feel so bad for the owner

  • Mr.JuanBonn
    Mr.JuanBonn 3 days ago

    I kinda feel bad for the brother, he trying his best.

  • Oh Yeah, Yeah.
    Oh Yeah, Yeah. 3 days ago

    Jim is a asshole but jeff seemed ok.

  • The Gaming Greg
    The Gaming Greg 3 days ago

    I feel so sorry he is trying his best

  • MR.RACCOON and the 3 ratz

    I'm starting to cry from the guy

  • Mfanelo ScareBear Mkhize

    4:39 what's wrong with these guys?😂😂

  • Hero Teodoro
    Hero Teodoro 3 days ago

    Since Jeff cried that just shows he is the ONLY one that actually cares About the restaurant while his brother is just there standing there doing nothing swearing at Jeff for caring about the restaurant

  • Summi Munir
    Summi Munir 3 days ago

    Gordon sucks

  • Kieran King
    Kieran King 3 days ago

    Gordon is so rude because they try there best.

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff 3 days ago +1

    5:31 had me dead laughing 😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅

  • Celebrity Fans
    Celebrity Fans 3 days ago +23

    I feel sad for them..they are adorable n humble....twin..🤪😩

  • Bill Pickle
    Bill Pickle 3 days ago

    Yo I feel sorry for Jeff his crying and everything and I think he needs better people cause his brother doesn’t care about him what do you guy think this is sad

  • Noah Snyder
    Noah Snyder 3 days ago

    Yooooooo lmaoooooo

  • TonyFN
    TonyFN 3 days ago

    I would cry everyday if Gordon didn’t like my food.

  • Sammy Marroquin
    Sammy Marroquin 3 days ago

    The shed is so stupid I feel bad for the brother I don’t know why he doesn’t cook for hiself

  • Daniel Dai
    Daniel Dai 3 days ago

    Clean is a 4 letter word ;)

  • America Central
    America Central 3 days ago +1

    What episode?

  • WorldFamous 4x4
    WorldFamous 4x4 3 days ago +1

    Episode please

  • Jamal Matthew Ladia
    Jamal Matthew Ladia 4 days ago

    Hi Gordon You Should Also Visit Here in Phillipines to taste delicious food❤

  • mister cap
    mister cap 4 days ago


  • New Hacking Fixing Problems

    I felt so bad for them I wonna work for them

  • zayy yyy
    zayy yyy 4 days ago

    5:33 me and my vrother

  • ツPhantom
    ツPhantom 4 days ago

    F u gordan ramsay be more nice

  • Saklad Bang-et
    Saklad Bang-et 4 days ago +5

    Seriously, I cried with this guy, until the ending changed my mood in the nick of time, you know, from tears to Ninooooo!!!

  • Saklad Bang-et
    Saklad Bang-et 4 days ago

    These bros are genuine as compared to the other guys Chef Gordon rammed into.

  • beat gamer
    beat gamer 4 days ago

    Feel so bad😥😥😥😥😥😣😣😣😣

  • simphiwe mkhize
    simphiwe mkhize 4 days ago

    "come on stop crying, fucking grow up you pussy!" lol"Fuck you"

  • Lil Waddles
    Lil Waddles 4 days ago

    I love pizza and I would eat that

  • Fernando Aj
    Fernando Aj 4 days ago

    I don’t like he disrespect people like that especially old people

  • AutoTeNekowolf
    AutoTeNekowolf 4 days ago

    People be feeling bad but Gordan is waking them up, they realized the fault of their restaurant and now they are going to fix it, of course they're open, but it's a wake up call they needed if they want to be successful.

  • Omar jr
    Omar jr 4 days ago

    I feel bad for the old lady

  • Artainer
    Artainer 4 days ago

    I really feel bad for that person cause he cried..

  • Mara Fry
    Mara Fry 4 days ago +11

    Gordon: "When was this last cleaned??" *Proceeds to clean the restaurant*

  • lil gang
    lil gang 4 days ago

    I felt bad for his brother

  • Officialy Meme
    Officialy Meme 4 days ago


    Feel bad for jeff💔

    Soon will your resturant get better