Andy Ruiz REACTS to Anthony Joshua adding NEW trainer, speaks of possible trilogy & Face off words

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Interview by 🎤: Steven Cureno III
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Comments • 18

  • ilondonmodel Alias
    ilondonmodel Alias Month ago +1

    2X Heavyweight Champion of the world AJ Anthony Joshua, Ruiz ain't getting no rematch as he didn't deserve a 3rd fight

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz Month ago

    Kick his Trump hating ass AJ

  • boom boom
    boom boom Month ago +1

    To all u. K fans tune into DAZN.... Lol we don't get that

  • KphexTwin00
    KphexTwin00 Month ago +4

    AJ takes this one.

    • KphexTwin00
      KphexTwin00 Month ago

      @fattnick , yeah.

    • fattnick ,
      fattnick , Month ago

      @KphexTwin00 lowkey..disappointed but aj was looking sharp

    • KphexTwin00
      KphexTwin00 Month ago

      @RLS RLS he boxed really well tonight.

    • RLS RLS
      RLS RLS Month ago

      no excuses

    • KphexTwin00
      KphexTwin00 Month ago

      Yous should have listened.

  • inster will
    inster will Month ago +2


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  • Sam Mayhew
    Sam Mayhew Month ago +1


  • James Burrell
    James Burrell Month ago +10

    Let's all hope that AJ wins otherwise PBC will line up average fighters and hold more belts hostage.