UPGRADE (2018) - Official Red Band Film Trailer


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  • Dante Wesley
    Dante Wesley 8 hours ago

    This sooo reminds me of Bloodshot

  • MisterrQuentin
    MisterrQuentin 3 days ago

    This movie is awesome

  • SirHarry
    SirHarry 4 days ago

    it says june 1st but here in europe there's no release yet and it's mid july

  • Great Stuff
    Great Stuff 5 days ago

    1:30 Stem he's got a knife ! 😯😬😎

  • Rhys Clark Film & Media

    these guys are making a spawn movie

  • Circle Jerker 67
    Circle Jerker 67 7 days ago

    i never asked for this

  • Derde TİRYAKİ
    Derde TİRYAKİ 7 days ago

    filmi izlemiş kadar olduk.

  • Sumeet Panigrahi
    Sumeet Panigrahi 10 days ago

    666K views! Woot.

  • Felix Beltran
    Felix Beltran 10 days ago

    Has anyone actually seen this movie!?

  • Kris Lam
    Kris Lam 15 days ago

    finna get a nice AI in movies

  • Rich Orange
    Rich Orange 16 days ago

    i'm in sheffield uk ..who wants to go in August 2018 ?

  • El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco 18 days ago

    Fuck this movie

  • Geek Amazon
    Geek Amazon 19 days ago

    the PUNISHER meets JOHN WICK !! opens tomorrow

  • Activated II
    Activated II 19 days ago


  • A.G
    A.G 21 day ago

    tom hardy looks different

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 23 days ago

    Give this 2018 film a Japan and Hong Kong theater release. They'll love it, guaranteed. Subtitled for Asian audiences. Simple.

  • Logan Star
    Logan Star 23 days ago

    I loved it...

  • Report Economics
    Report Economics 23 days ago +1

    Why I am being reminded of "Venom" here?

  • Ivan McBleedy
    Ivan McBleedy 25 days ago

    If you interface with your Alexa you will be able to do this too

  • tolchok89
    tolchok89 25 days ago

    1:30 - 1:34
    "He's got a sword!!"
    "You idiots! We've ALL got swords!"

  • psgabby
    psgabby 25 days ago

    can't find this movie in any theaters near me and I live in a major city wtf

  • VEGA 11.4
    VEGA 11.4 25 days ago

    Shut up and take my money!

  • The Akira 15
    The Akira 15 25 days ago

    What is that car model calld in 0:15?

    • SeanNotConnery
      SeanNotConnery 17 days ago

      The vintage car is a Fifth Generation Thunderbird with a modified air intake, the other is a fictional self-driving vehicle.

    ALI ESSA 25 days ago

    Looks cool and fun.

  • Luke Carter
    Luke Carter 25 days ago

    Im afraid I can't do that david

  • asyiq amani
    asyiq amani 26 days ago

    it's time for some upgrade .

  • The Freshmaker
    The Freshmaker 27 days ago

    discount Tom Hardy

  • Joel Michaelson
    Joel Michaelson 28 days ago

    Whatever happened to rated R

  • steven stewart
    steven stewart Month ago


  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley Month ago

    UPGRADE = best action flick this year. 🍺😅

  • SoulDaddy33
    SoulDaddy33 Month ago

    8.9K sick, twisted people who find value in this crap. And actually spend money for it.
    That's a bummer, man. And yes, that's like, my opinion ... man.

  • Ryan Mair
    Ryan Mair Month ago +1

    Does anyone know where this movie is being released? It says it was released june 1st but its not playing anywhere in canada.
    US only limited release or something?

    • SeanNotConnery
      SeanNotConnery 17 days ago +1

      I believe so. The movie only had a 5 million dollar budget but I believe it comes out on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download formats in mid September.

  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea Month ago

    If you've watched this trailer, you've now seen every kill in the movie.

  • Peter Venkman
    Peter Venkman Month ago

    fuckk yeah!

  • R6-D2
    R6-D2 Month ago

    He's a Bad Mother Fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fife007
    fife007 Month ago +1

    Stem sounds like Vega from Doom!

  • Eddie Deng
    Eddie Deng Month ago

    i just saw this movie. Its lit.

  • Ramesh Prabhu
    Ramesh Prabhu Month ago

    holy fcuk!!
    that's brilliant!!

  • Dr ew
    Dr ew Month ago

    Daaaang Leigh I didn’t expect this

  • LeadAnchor
    LeadAnchor Month ago

    Saw it! Loved it! Fucking awesome, plus got to talk to Leigh Whannell :D Hope he does more awesome genre films like this!

  • melbsteve
    melbsteve Month ago

    Pissed myself laughing. Love it so much i will see it on Monday.

  • Disloyal Moon
    Disloyal Moon Month ago

    Looks great, first look I thought that was Tom Hardy,

  • Steph Albizuris
    Steph Albizuris Month ago

    Came out June 1st. Producers from Get out. This movie would had made more money with more advertising and with a different main character. Looks good

  • WrecklessEating
    WrecklessEating Month ago +1

    This film was amazing. Go see it!

  • Rodolfo Cortez
    Rodolfo Cortez Month ago +2

    Impressive they were able to make this on $3 -$5 million budget.

  • Samarah Davis
    Samarah Davis Month ago

    I just watched that movie today

  • Vengeance Gaming
    Vengeance Gaming Month ago

    I heard this movie is so fuckin' good.

  • Luther Arciga
    Luther Arciga Month ago

    This was an excellent movie.

    VXBEWITHME Month ago

    Venom + JARVIS

  • video
    video Month ago

    THIS IS SO SHIT. why do you people even like it??

    • SeanNotConnery
      SeanNotConnery 17 days ago

      because people have the freedom to choose what they enjoy

    • Wang Yi-Kai
      Wang Yi-Kai Month ago

      video the story is not bad, the main character is good to show the conflict, and the end is pretty amazing. So what is your reason comment like this

  • The Giant Cadastral

    *I m A Fu CKI n g N inJ A*

  • NeO-Player One
    NeO-Player One Month ago

    I AM IN

  • Mindy Saini
    Mindy Saini Month ago +1

    On the 9th of June, I was treated to a special free movie screening of the upcoming sci-fi film "Upgrade" starring Tom Hardy look alike Logan Marshall-Green.
    A film that's grounded in a near futuristic setting of Melbourne (name never mentioned in the film, but it was filmed here in Melbourne), an old-school mechanic Grey Trace who hates technology, and his technology-loving wife Asha encounter a gang of thugs after visiting a reclusive and infamous client Eron, leaving Asha dead and Grey a quadriplegic. Eron surgically implants a biomechanical enhancement to allow Grey to walk again using a newly developed computer chip called STEM, which mixes elements of the classic sci-fi loves of "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "Robocop" into a unique twist of the concepts. In what seems like a typical trope of the sci-fi genre, it only ever draws inspiration from a number of film concepts and genres we all know and love, and enhances the film into a dark and gritty revenge story that will leave you smiling in throughout.
    "Upgrade" is probably one of the biggest surprises of 2018 so far due to the fact I remember them filming a very prominent car chase scene in my town (filmed over at least two days and I nearly forgot about it), and with how Leigh Whannell incorporates the dark and gritty humour of "Death Wish" and the classical futuristic elements of "Robocop" and various sci-fi films. He blends the two into a entertaining techno-thriller piece with a humorous and solid lead performance by Marshall-Green, who balances out the action and humour in the most sarcastically entertaining way.
    I would write a more in-depth review of this film, but I don't want to spoil anything. For a budget of $5-7 million, Whannell and Blumhouse Productions (who you'll all remember for their works on "Insidious" and "The Conjuring" films) transforms this b-grade film into an 80s nostalgic experience of classical sci-fi films with a unique twist. I guess you could say it is an Upgrade of the genre. It stands apart from the rest for this reason and is definitely worth the watch. I feel this is the kind of film that will one day cultivate a cult following due to its uniqueness. You won’t be disappointed! Comes out July 14th in Australian cinemas.
    My score for the film is 9/10.

  • deraktdar
    deraktdar Month ago

    I thought it was going to be a movie about the pimp from Idiocracy.

  • Revo Ambadar
    Revo Ambadar Month ago

    this is dope!

  • Paul Ciurej
    Paul Ciurej Month ago

    This looks mad..

  • mondaye03
    mondaye03 Month ago

    This movie was good. I liked the ending, but all the good parts are in the trailer.

  • Gandalf
    Gandalf Month ago +1

    If Cr1tikal gives it a 95% then it must be fucking good!

  • Jenifer Irwin
    Jenifer Irwin Month ago +2

    This is the only youtube ad I've ever actually clicked on while in another video. Grats, makers of this movie, you got me interested, and this movie is gonna be AWESOME

  • H Alva
    H Alva Month ago

    Oh, It's the fake tom hardy!

  • Just-Ice20
    Just-Ice20 Month ago

    2:30- 2:43

  • Just-Ice20
    Just-Ice20 Month ago


  • Quinn Bennett
    Quinn Bennett Month ago

    Please stop! I can only get so erect!

  • Jonathan Moose
    Jonathan Moose Month ago

    This looks great

  • b1shopp
    b1shopp Month ago

    looks fun

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz Month ago

    This movie has multiple action scenes I'll watch these using boxxy software)

  • Jesus Limon
    Jesus Limon Month ago

    Is this movie coming out in Mexico until next year?

  • John R. Timmers
    John R. Timmers Month ago

    Also anyone else realize they put a hexbug on his brain stem?

  • John R. Timmers
    John R. Timmers Month ago

    Honestly thrilled for this. This is gonna be good

  • Kenneth Kamona
    Kenneth Kamona Month ago

    Tom Hardy is in it? I watch!!

  • Sandu Mihail
    Sandu Mihail Month ago

    I tought it's Tom Hardy the entire trailer LOL

  • Miguel Angel Rodriguez

    I came into this trailer with no expectations . . .
    *Sees guy get a knife in the face*
    Holy Fuck Knuckles! Count me in!

  • Matthew Lowery
    Matthew Lowery Month ago

    oh my god this looks insane!!!

  • A Bear
    A Bear Month ago

    Where can I watch it in europe?

  • James Blackwood
    James Blackwood Month ago +2

    A revenge action flick directed by a horror guy.
    You know it's gonna be nasty lol.

  • mrpops09
    mrpops09 Month ago

    Just saw this movie. Kicks ass 9/10

  • Paul Tran
    Paul Tran Month ago

    I thought this was a prequel to the movie Idiocracy about Maya Rudolf's ex-boyfriend

  • Vietnamesse Boi
    Vietnamesse Boi Month ago

    nice gore,nice concept!cant wait

  • Sean Finn
    Sean Finn Month ago

    This movie was fucking awesome!

  • Nagyon Nagy
    Nagyon Nagy Month ago

    fuckin hell

    KPOPFANBOYUK Month ago

    does it remind anyone of this scene from Red dwarf?

  • miliboy0522
    miliboy0522 Month ago

    Great fucking movie

  • d o r a e r i
    d o r a e r i Month ago

    I wanna see it ...

  • dirk bishop
    dirk bishop Month ago

    Great movie!!!! Ending is different. But its a good ending for the movie. In my top 10 of all time. My favorite so far this year. Hoping equalizer 2 is as good as this, because the first equalizer was amazing. Go see this movie at the theater. The fight, death scenes are incredible

  • Lester Suggs
    Lester Suggs Month ago

    This movie can not be found in any theater in my area. WHY?

  • baezaileen713
    baezaileen713 Month ago

    I thought this was Tom Hardy😮

  • Eldridge De Melo
    Eldridge De Melo Month ago

    I'll watch anything by "tOM hARDY"

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez Month ago

    I'll be buying this one.

  • Hugh James-Berry
    Hugh James-Berry Month ago

    i feel like a lot of cool shit was in the trailer...ill still see it though

  • Jean Stanley Emile
    Jean Stanley Emile Month ago

    Is there someone in here who knows which movie theater it is playing in Canada ?

  • AlexReynard
    AlexReynard Month ago

    So, I just saw it. It is *gorgeously* filmed, with beautiful set design and shot composition. The lead guy gives a great performance with legit impressive body control. That said, the story is dumb as rocks. As if you combined a cranky luddite grandpa with the naive idealism of a teenager. It's kinda bad when you can predict the ending within the first ten minutes because, of course, it's one of THESE movies. Plus, y'all stole a LOT from Hardcore Henry.

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Month ago

    Great Movie!!!

  • AtraxMorge
    AtraxMorge Month ago

    Training video for the next mass shooter time to ban movies like these. Enough is enough.

  • Rusty
    Rusty Month ago

    Saw it last night as well. What a great movie! Totally worth it!

  • 65sheilakay
    65sheilakay Month ago +1

    Saw it last night. It was awesome!

  • A Punch Game One Guy

    How can i watch this movie in Viet Nam?

    • Shiffon
      Shiffon Month ago

      mình coi rồi, cũng ok thôi, khoảng 2 3 tháng là có HD liền chứ gì

    • A Punch Game One Guy
      A Punch Game One Guy Month ago

      chán phim hay thế cơ mà

    • Shiffon
      Shiffon Month ago

      A Punch Game One Guy tải về coi :)) phim nay ở Mỹ còn ít rạp chiếu nói gì vn

  • Jay Jameson
    Jay Jameson Month ago

    I got Venom vibe from this trailer

  • Adel The Kid
    Adel The Kid Month ago

    Reminds me of parasyte the maxim

  • Ray緒
    Ray緒 Month ago

    2018 : Android Become Human

  • 21innocentbystander

    what if I told you