UPGRADE (2018) - Official Red Band Film Trailer


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  • Brayan Canova
    Brayan Canova 14 hours ago

    Discount Tom hardy

  • SkippingLegs
    SkippingLegs Day ago

    Wow, keen!

  • The Uncut Critic
    The Uncut Critic 2 days ago

    Deadpool+ John Wick= Upgrade

  • Chris B
    Chris B 2 days ago

    Day one we there.

  • Above Beyond
    Above Beyond 2 days ago

    Holy shit, hardcore Henry prequel

  • Crimson Triage
    Crimson Triage 2 days ago

    This movie is pure schlock and I love it

  • kmacwills
    kmacwills 2 days ago

    What is that song???????

  • Pontius888
    Pontius888 2 days ago

    Wick meets Hardcore Henry meets Ironman. Cool.

  • Roderick Hare
    Roderick Hare 2 days ago

    This film looks fucking awesome

  • DGilVids
    DGilVids 2 days ago

    This wasn't on my radar before, but it just shot up my most wanted list. Thanks, Jeremy!

  • David l
    David l 3 days ago

    This trailer is amazing
    edit: More than amazing

  • Christoph Swierczek
    Christoph Swierczek 3 days ago

    Shut up and take my money!!

  • Scene Nuthinn
    Scene Nuthinn 3 days ago

    If anybody is wandering, the song is LOSERS - Chainsaw

  • Lori Axe
    Lori Axe 4 days ago

    If only KITT from knight rider had a human host?.... Take my money already!

  • Tyler Bateman
    Tyler Bateman 4 days ago

    Freal June one? That's so close

  • Freethinking Влади́мир

    Corny modern day acting and tropes. Too bad because the implementation of the "cyborg" is frigging well done.

  • Ghoul Academia
    Ghoul Academia 5 days ago

    This reminds me of “Be more chill” 🤔 still excited af tho

  • nate10000123
    nate10000123 6 days ago

    Fuck yea Tom Hardy and Blumhouse.

  • Jeevan M
    Jeevan M 6 days ago

    This looks awesome

  • parshooter2in2
    parshooter2in2 6 days ago

    Second gun in hand kill of the month... Not as good.

  • D1agram
    D1agram 7 days ago

    Budget Tom Hardy

  • Crunk Playa69
    Crunk Playa69 7 days ago

    I like violence in my movies but it needs to be done with some creative attention and be more than just mindless visual effects. This is the department where I believe Hardcore Henry, Logan, and John Wick failed immensely. Action movie fans like myself enjoy these movies but we're not in it just for the violence, we're fans because we enjoy seeing justice being served -- especially when it's justifiably graphically unforgivably brutally viciously deserved. It's why people watch satisfying video montages. Logan, John Wick, and Hardcore Henry's repetition of shooting anonymous guys who the audience knows nothing about fails to deliver on a higher level of satisfaction because it lacks the emotional investment. This is why Deadpool was a far more successful film, the bad guy got EXACTLY what he deserved and it was satisfying to watch. I hope Upgrade will be more than just a meaningless montage of sub par violence and gratuity, I hope it takes it to the next level where good action films are made.

  • Gunj Chowwiwat
    Gunj Chowwiwat 8 days ago

    Wow! Action so cool man!

  • Rob u blind
    Rob u blind 8 days ago

    THIS LOOKS BADASS!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheAutistWhisperer
    TheAutistWhisperer 8 days ago

    That looks rather good.

  • Seppe Sorbello
    Seppe Sorbello 8 days ago

    Anybody getting a Deus Ex vibe here?

  • Harley Laolao
    Harley Laolao 9 days ago

    Wait, this isn't Tom Hardy.

  • ArielleNavarreteMusic

    An original superhero(-esque) character and story? Not some sort of reboot or sequel to something? In 2018? what is going on in here on this day?!

  • Doni sukmawandani
    Doni sukmawandani 9 days ago

    wow wow wow

  • Nathan Dewey
    Nathan Dewey 9 days ago

    Looks great! Love the camera work and the action. But, I hope the dude with the gun hand isn't important because I just saw where and how he dies.

  • Kur0Gaming
    Kur0Gaming 9 days ago

    I need this chip for my grandpa, a virus hit his spinal cord in 2011.

  • Jens Stowesand
    Jens Stowesand 9 days ago

    Yall ready for some nitpicky shit? So when he’s stabbing that geezer after STEM takes over his functions, to me it looks too choppy and cliche, of stem was going to effectively attack wouldn’t stem make sure the rest of his body was moving in the right way to give him maximum strength? Like how an uppercut is all in the shoulder and hip movements, a downward stab like that would be stronger with shoulder and even leg movement. But yeah looks good ngl

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  • David Martin
    David Martin 9 days ago

    ill have an upgrade.

  • Carium
    Carium 9 days ago


  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo 9 days ago

    Aaahahaha... ok, that was unexpectedly hilarious to watch. I might enjoy that! Even though this is really just like "Chuck - The Movie".

  • Hall Network
    Hall Network 9 days ago


  • Will Crespo
    Will Crespo 9 days ago

    Yooooooooo!! 🔥

  • PsychoDieter91
    PsychoDieter91 9 days ago

    I can’t even tell anymore if I am genuinely excited about this film or just because it stars a straight white male for a change.

  • Abhay Ramakrishnan
    Abhay Ramakrishnan 9 days ago

    Parasite anime hybrid?

  • Argha Deep Saha
    Argha Deep Saha 9 days ago

    That's some deadpool killer shit. Loved it.

  • RollingxBigshot
    RollingxBigshot 9 days ago +5

    Hahahaha BANG BANG BANG
    Hahahaha BANG BANG BANG

  • BalthaCzar The Extraterrestrial


  • Rohit Kudatarkar
    Rohit Kudatarkar 9 days ago

    What music is used in this trailer

  • Saw Larunce
    Saw Larunce 9 days ago

    😂😂this movie, can’t wait.

  • Ravedaze
    Ravedaze 9 days ago

    Six million dollar man or RoboCop ?

  • BlankSpace
    BlankSpace 9 days ago

    So iron man without the Suit

  • Daniel Perkins
    Daniel Perkins 9 days ago

    Well this looks awesome

  • Free to play Gamer
    Free to play Gamer 9 days ago +2

    Is this a comedy?

  • Dylan Cox
    Dylan Cox 9 days ago

    I’m pretty sure I visioned this movie in my head when I was high

  • andrew ross
    andrew ross 9 days ago

    hardcore henry blood dragon

  • PS4Addiction
    PS4Addiction 9 days ago

    Prometheus guy?

  • Greg Schoen
    Greg Schoen 9 days ago

    Looks great!!!

  • Tobias Orion *rFitz*

    Thank You!

  • American Ninja Productions

    Dr Octopus anyone? 👀👀

  • Justin long
    Justin long 10 days ago

    Love how the AI ask permission

  • maggot4lifesic
    maggot4lifesic 10 days ago

    Looks ridiculous but bear chuckles too

  • Jay StCloud
    Jay StCloud 10 days ago

    Reminds me of Hardcore Henry, but it looks legit

  • Mandy's World
    Mandy's World 10 days ago

    I wanna see this

  • Sulay Breaux
    Sulay Breaux 10 days ago

    RoboCop much

  • OsKBLaZe
    OsKBLaZe 10 days ago +1

    Take note Hollywood.. this is how you do a trailer. Great job well done 👍🏽

  • Xeno-Engine FX
    Xeno-Engine FX 10 days ago

    Is there a UK release date? Looks amazing!!

  • Hayat Mir
    Hayat Mir 10 days ago

    Black ops 3 anyone 😂😂

  • K8Nena9
    K8Nena9 10 days ago

    This looks sick needs more promo tbh!

  • Joshua Rumbolt
    Joshua Rumbolt 10 days ago

    Oh... That isn't Tom Hardy, kind of relieved.

  • Wes Whitworth
    Wes Whitworth 10 days ago

    This looks like the 21st century version of the Six Million Dollar Man.

  • Leslie Willis
    Leslie Willis 10 days ago

    Tom Hardy’s doppelgänger is badass too 👌🏻😍

  • ANTi
    ANTi 10 days ago

    Song : Losers - Chainsaw

  • TheEnfo
    TheEnfo 10 days ago

    Got to admit thats pretty awesome!

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 10 days ago

    Looks badass!

  • Norton672
    Norton672 10 days ago

    Looks very cool!

  • Charles Delivuk
    Charles Delivuk 10 days ago

    Fuck yeah!

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 10 days ago

    bit spoilery

  • UserInterface00
    UserInterface00 10 days ago +2

    When Vision dies in Avengers Infinity War, he finds a new job and is caster as JARVIS in UPGRADE.

  • b
    b 10 days ago

    Looks so fucking dopo can't wait

  • !/
    !/ 10 days ago

    I feel like I need to go to church

  • Ross Leeson
    Ross Leeson 10 days ago

    Man blumhouse are smashing it.

  • Marzuky Yusuf
    Marzuky Yusuf 10 days ago

    Black Mirror the Movie

  • Wolf Live
    Wolf Live 10 days ago

    Im a graphical person who gets sick when they see blood. Imma throw up all in the theater. But it'll be worth it 😵😵😄😄😄

  • Wolf Live
    Wolf Live 10 days ago

    2:11 what the fuck

  • koolerpure
    koolerpure 11 days ago

    It’s sad when this tech is close to being possible to a degree but humanity being the plague it is will ruin what is a life saving tool for one of war and greed

  • Jonathan McGillivray
    Jonathan McGillivray 11 days ago

    "Stay down man" 😨

  • jmon24ify
    jmon24ify 11 days ago

    I thumbs down because of that annoying loop at the end

  • Crazy A1
    Crazy A1 11 days ago

    "Permission granted!"
    "Thank you" 😊
    (Cue badassery)

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 11 days ago

    Jarvis meets Cyborg

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 11 days ago

    Jarvis meets Cyborg

  • Mohd Hisham Ahmad
    Mohd Hisham Ahmad 11 days ago

    The story is about the same as any other's revenge type of movies. But having an AI to operate his body and does all that moves.. wow.. this is very unexpected! A must watch movie indeed!

    MR. SOCIALLY AWKWARD 11 days ago

    Not gonna lie this movie looks pretty badass

  • Liz Smith
    Liz Smith 11 days ago

    Yes 🖐️

  • brandon nemeth
    brandon nemeth 11 days ago

    Logan Marshall Green is a straight up god and this looks amazing

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown 11 days ago

    Fuck yeah!

  • Eric W
    Eric W 11 days ago

    This movie looks very cool

  • Ryann iV
    Ryann iV 11 days ago

    I feel like a trailer shouldn't be more than a minute long, because otherwise they're basically showing you the whole movie...

  • Zubair Desai
    Zubair Desai 11 days ago +1

    John wick 3015

  • zef side
    zef side 11 days ago

    How good does this look.!

  • Lou Dozer241
    Lou Dozer241 11 days ago

    Holy SHIT, this looks awesome.

  • Khalil Pontikes
    Khalil Pontikes 11 days ago

    This looks awesome

  • Junior Regis
    Junior Regis 11 days ago

    I want what he got

  • Prina
    Prina 11 days ago

    I seriously LOVE BLUMHOUSE creativity or not they actually try to make scary films and not remakes

  • The Gamer Show
    The Gamer Show 11 days ago

    Can't wait... but thanks for ruining the part with the bad gun with the gun in his hand getting taken out!