UPGRADE (2018) - Official Red Band Film Trailer


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  • Panos karamesios

    This movie is the same like (Chuck the series ) but the chip is more UPGRADE...NOT 2 CORES BUT 18 CORES ...

  • Nigel Nix
    Nigel Nix Day ago

    Just watched it, I was pleasantly surprised. Best sci-fi/martial arts movie I have seen in a while - Robotic Iron Fist, but don't expect a Hollywood ending!

    WILLY Z Day ago

    Not Scary At All.

  • abvxvn
    abvxvn Day ago


  • İrem Kesgin
    İrem Kesgin Day ago

    I see Right now this movie. Fucking awesome

  • P.
    P. 7 days ago

    Watched for 11 minutes. Low budget. Bad acting. Really bad script.

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts 7 days ago +2

    Just watched it, by far the best film ive seen this year! Brilliant

    THE STASH 9 days ago


  • Michel Linschoten
    Michel Linschoten 9 days ago +1

    I watched it and it was really good!

  • Freudian Factor
    Freudian Factor 11 days ago

    2:11 yeah i can sense "saw "

  • 우일식
    우일식 12 days ago

    나도 이런 능력 같고싶다

  • Mr Durden
    Mr Durden 13 days ago

    Whaou very good!!!!! 👍🤙💪

  • HANNIOUI mohamed
    HANNIOUI mohamed 14 days ago

    I hate this trailer, it spoils everything.

  • Barney Schubert
    Barney Schubert 15 days ago

    I just saw the entire thing here makes no sense to buy the movie

  • Dody Yosandy
    Dody Yosandy 18 days ago

    Oh my god !!! He has a knife...
    Venom;"we have a knife too"

  • Cain Bradley
    Cain Bradley 18 days ago

    Tom hardy lite

  • John Wick
    John Wick 18 days ago

    The trailer is better than the movie...

  • blvcknode
    blvcknode 19 days ago

    Look like a good movie but we pretty much saw everything in the trailer...

  • Juan Guevara
    Juan Guevara 19 days ago

    great movie

  • Mahmoud Mohamed
    Mahmoud Mohamed 19 days ago

    We are venom. Sorry, wrong movie.

  • JWC art
    JWC art 19 days ago

    this movie was under rated. not amazing, but better than recent films released.

  • S Sasha
    S Sasha 20 days ago

    What car is it that Grey drives? Just want to know lol

  • Banana - Protocol
    Banana - Protocol 20 days ago

    So happy I have avoided this trailer, they all manage to spoil something these days.

  • TripleTreuViet
    TripleTreuViet 20 days ago

    one of the best movie I've ever watched. very entertaining good pictures, good cast good storyline good ending good twist just really well made. out of ten, this movie is a real 8.5

  • DontGetCaught
    DontGetCaught 21 day ago

    Fake world is less painful that the real world, the lesson that the movie is trying to give thooo love it

  • DontGetCaught
    DontGetCaught 21 day ago

    Watched the movie made the research and got here just to say that something is missing on the film..... a part 2 DAMN this movie is so smooth af and if you only got the budget to advertise this more this would have made it to the top love this movie.....dont forget the PART 2

  • Niko Tarkov
    Niko Tarkov 21 day ago

    great movie. awesome plot twist at the end

  • ywncorp
    ywncorp 22 days ago +1

    the movie was kinda good, the trailer not so. shows way too much for a movie that is only 90min.

  • Toma Kontrimaite
    Toma Kontrimaite 22 days ago

    just watched the movie, possibly one of the best entertaining movies I have seen in a long time, 100 % would recommend

  • Muhammet EFE
    Muhammet EFE 22 days ago

    Bu filmi 5 milyon bütçe ile çekmişler gerçekten inanılmaz hala tüylerim diken diken oldu o nasıl bir sondur, bu nasıl bir senaryodur ve en önemlisi bu nasıl bir zeka ürünüdür :-) Çok etkilendim umarım serisi gelir.

  • Lokin Sethia
    Lokin Sethia 23 days ago


  • Garrett Leong
    Garrett Leong 23 days ago

    Basically just Robocop but with more limbs and less police stuff

  • Drew Mont
    Drew Mont 23 days ago +1

    Watched it! This movie was fuckin excellent

  • Gillian Mahumane
    Gillian Mahumane 25 days ago

    looks awesome!!!!

  • Juicy Lucifer
    Juicy Lucifer 26 days ago

    Caberpunk venom

  • Beardy Ry
    Beardy Ry 26 days ago

    Oh m god this looks like Sci Fi of the year,fuck me cool as fuck

  • Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones 26 days ago +1

    just watched the movie..i fucking loved this movie..Bad guys actually takes over at the end..fucking awesome movie..waiting for part 2..

  • Nappy Nappy
    Nappy Nappy 26 days ago

    full film vf version thexvid.com/video/eHv50SaoTfI/video.html

    REG DESNR 27 days ago

    People who still didn't see the trailer..don't do it..go.and watch the whole movie instead..trailer will ruin your movie entertainment! Im glad i didn't watch the trailer 1st..

  • 32 22
    32 22 28 days ago


  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez 28 days ago

    Therelation between the guy and the Ai totally buy me. I hope doesnt turn evil in the end or something like that. And he looks like Tom Hardy!

  • Mohit Jain
    Mohit Jain 29 days ago

    Is this a good movie?

  • Mh
    Mh 29 days ago

    songs so good... what's th name of this trailer song??

      LOSERS BAND 13 days ago

      Mh Thank you. It is Chainsaw by Losers

  • Joy Roy
    Joy Roy 29 days ago

    movie name is upgraded.if i remember correctly.

  • Alika Younes
    Alika Younes 29 days ago

    Nice movie with a philosophical point of view

  • Trigger
    Trigger Month ago +3

    Holy shit this movie was so good such a good twist

  • Nibaly
    Nibaly Month ago

    I just finished to watch it.. Amazing! Great script, great story, great direction. This movie it's a revelation.

  • Ho0d Pharaoh
    Ho0d Pharaoh Month ago

    Looks pretty awesome! Why am I only hearing about it months after it was released?

  • The Fullbring
    The Fullbring Month ago

    This guy is a like a Cyborg punisher meets max steel.

  • Horace Johnson
    Horace Johnson Month ago

    Damn, talk about putting "Johnny 5" in your body....

  • MOBLiiFE
    MOBLiiFE Month ago

    VERY good imo. Just stumbled upon this trailer and it made me want to watch it. So glad I did.

  • ima the one Muse
    ima the one Muse Month ago +2

    SPOILER!!! The ending is sad.

  • Jason Deblou
    Jason Deblou Month ago +1

    Damn that ending.. I was just like WOW

  • Dauda András
    Dauda András Month ago

    -Tom Hard would be perfect!
    -His too expensive after Dark Knight!
    -ok. Call Logan Marshall-Green.

  • SiFTWofficial
    SiFTWofficial Month ago

    Saw this movie recently on digital, loved the crap out of it, definitely support this! Mini review: Story wise, could have been a little more fleshed out. Runs about an hour and forty, could have been a solid 2 hours and added more depth. Other than that, fantastic action and concept. The twists are good and for some may be predictable but for me it wasn't. I really enjoyed this and hope there is a sequel - PS: Anyone got the name of the badass track used in this trailer? I'm still searching for it

  • Chel OroJai
    Chel OroJai Month ago

    1:35 wow increible :0 Creo la mejor escena

  • GolderUltra
    GolderUltra Month ago

    Does anyone knows the song of the trailer ?

      LOSERS BAND 13 days ago

      GolderUltra It is called Chainsaw by Losers.

  • D3ckster 2008
    D3ckster 2008 Month ago

    seriously savage movie, really enjoyed :)

  • D3ckster 2008
    D3ckster 2008 Month ago

    seriously savage movie, really enjoyed :)

  • Bear くま
    Bear くま Month ago


  • loki freyja
    loki freyja Month ago

    Very nice

  • 4 CZNZ
    4 CZNZ Month ago +1

    Such a good movie!

  • Mahendra Rathore
    Mahendra Rathore Month ago +1

    "Stem" is a Digital "Venom"

  • Marsh Harrier
    Marsh Harrier Month ago

    The Blue Beetle movie we never anticipated.

  • Ak47
    Ak47 Month ago

    who ever choreographed this should be hired for big budget movies

  • Ak47
    Ak47 Month ago

    thanks critikal

  • Mosquito
    Mosquito Month ago

    Great smart and action movie, recommending

  • psygn0sis
    psygn0sis Month ago +8

    It's spelled U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D. The two D's are for a "double-dose of pimpin".
    (Thumbs up if you get that reference)

    • David Curry
      David Curry 7 days ago

      A pimp's love is very different from that of a square

    • TripleTreuViet
      TripleTreuViet 20 days ago

      good one. really should've been the name of the movie

  • wilb.iAm.Music
    wilb.iAm.Music Month ago

    Hope there's a second film...the ending is just crying out for a second movie

  • craig jessup
    craig jessup Month ago +1

    Good movie but as ive said before can anyone make a movie without alcohol in it. I just watched the meg as well and sure enough someone drinking. We know in real life there is an epidemic of alcohol abuse but do we have to see it in every damn movie that we watch. Alcohol is a bad drug that ruins lives and takes many lives and causes countless problems in society. And marijuana is illegal what a joke, marijuana hasnt got nothing on alcohol. It is the alcohol that should have always been illegal.

  • Montrey Redwine
    Montrey Redwine Month ago +1


  • teycir bensoltane
    teycir bensoltane Month ago

    Best sci-fi movie I've seen in years, MUST watch for sci-fi fans. Cult classic grade movie.

  • Blazekingz
    Blazekingz Month ago +1

    Guy looks like tom hardy and the movie looks like venom lol

  • Marios Paparizos
    Marios Paparizos Month ago +1

    bloody hell! It took me 15 mins to realize that i wasnt watching tom hardy.

  • Sanman Parvalkar
    Sanman Parvalkar Month ago

    The review

  • RGB
    RGB Month ago

    one of the best movies ive seen this year. a must watch

  • dony col
    dony col Month ago


    THE GOOD CONTENT Month ago

    So, the guy with the weaponized arm gets killed by his own arm. Cool spoiler...

  • jorge blast
    jorge blast Month ago


  • jorge blast
    jorge blast Month ago


  • Sultan !mzee
    Sultan !mzee Month ago

    Venom ...venom ...venom ...get it ...venom

    TOMISENT Z Month ago

    Must watch

  • Joy Roy
    Joy Roy Month ago

    this movie is awesome trust me. so much better than the trailer.

  • ApexJnr
    ApexJnr Month ago


  • jm_draws
    jm_draws Month ago

    very schlocky...just awesome!

  • Christian Chips Cuarteros

    better than LUCY

  • Foguete400
    Foguete400 Month ago

    Is it Di Caprio's failed clone?

  • Sorin Olteanu
    Sorin Olteanu Month ago

    Mass Effect : Andromeda - Initiation ?! anyone?!

  • sanchit verma
    sanchit verma Month ago

    *We will eat both of your arms, and then both of your legs, and then we will eat your face right off your head. You will be this armless, legless, faceless thing, won't you, going down the street like a turd in the wind*

  • Yassin Cmr
    Yassin Cmr Month ago +1

    Just watched it it was fucking amazing ( spoiler alert ) at the end i was suprised the whole time it was the ai chip fuxking amazing film

  • Dyna Shipp
    Dyna Shipp Month ago

    Downloading simply because the main actor is hot.

  • Muhammad Furqan
    Muhammad Furqan Month ago +2

    This is one of the best Underrated Movie. Really loved it.

  • centras septyni
    centras septyni Month ago

    why they make movies for retards?

  • Cyber Pirate
    Cyber Pirate Month ago

    Wow fk me, knew this was filmed in Melbourne as West Gate bridge was showen and also Monash Freeway as well. Lol
    This is dope!

    RAHUL MEENA Month ago +1


  • Mahdi Mahdavi
    Mahdi Mahdavi Month ago

    Wow! Just imagine that these people were in charge of producing live version of the ghost in the shell!

  • Alex K
    Alex K Month ago

    He looked like Tom Hardy O_o Anyone??

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    OK, that camera work sold be, fuck that's cool.

  • jcpatrick mcclure
    jcpatrick mcclure Month ago +1

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