• Published on May 22, 2019
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  • Adam Orme
    Adam Orme 4 days ago

    Can someone please explain what the ‘hint’ at 0:03 is about? I hope it’s what I think it is...

  • Yelisey_24
    Yelisey_24 15 days ago

    17:07 spreading - is the word ur looking for

  • Lizerrd 10
    Lizerrd 10 22 days ago +1

    I love Killing Eve I have watched all of this season and it’s so good 😂 also love you Joe and Dianne! ❤️

  • SandraOlufsen
    SandraOlufsen 22 days ago

    What a beautiful flower place 🙈

  • marias big apple
    marias big apple 23 days ago

    I think Joanne are planning to go on tour. Their own show!

  • Zara-Louise Taylor
    Zara-Louise Taylor 29 days ago

    I love you Joe i follow you in Instagram, TheXvid and Facebook (does that deserve a shoutout?) *hint hint*

  • Wil Nicholas
    Wil Nicholas 29 days ago

    Dose byron still live with joe

  • Henry Cresswell
    Henry Cresswell Month ago

    Talk about global warming so people do sump thing about it????

  • Poppy xoxo
    Poppy xoxo Month ago

    Hey, I'm new to you tube and i would really appreciate it if you subscribed to me!

  • Sama Al Lami
    Sama Al Lami Month ago +1

    I Iove ur glasses they are the same as mine :)

  • ZakAshChan
    ZakAshChan Month ago +1

    My guess is... A child.

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago +1

      Lol no. She denied it. And when you're pregnant you can't drink alcohol and they were drunk by the end of that video. Dianne also signed a new contract for Strictly so obviously she's not pregnant. Use your brain sometimes...

  • Britt
    Britt Month ago

    When she said “my feet are swell” I thought: alright Dianne way to compliment your own feet😂

  • Moejii -
    Moejii - Month ago +1

    U talk about flowers too much Joseph find a new subject

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago

    Joe: And they've got some ......

    Joe: Cooooool!

  • Isabella Olim
    Isabella Olim Month ago

    joe and dianne should play bitlife

  • Abby Saunders
    Abby Saunders Month ago

    i’ve just finished watching killing eve and it’s incredible!! one of the best shows i’ve watched and jodie comer is amazing!!

  • heyyitsesme
    heyyitsesme Month ago

    Is Joe going to Australia to meet the parents?!?!!

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago

      They are going to Australia for Christmas

    • Scarlett Rose
      Scarlett Rose Month ago

      He's going to meet them next month when they come to the UK ☺

  • Jog Mog
    Jog Mog Month ago

    And btw I subed and liked cuz with the video u sent me, and the amount of fan I am. AND cuz u are awesome

  • TH Production Yorkshire

    After seeing you getting another Voice Over Job, Getting Clothing Merchandise and now getting a TheXvid Award for doing In The Pan Channel I think you should be doing a PodCast like The Ricky Gervais Show. As a thought.

  • Becky Seymour
    Becky Seymour Month ago

    What's more beautiful than a rose?
    You ❤️❤️ Omg can you two get any cuter 😍😍😍

  • Sasha Tait
    Sasha Tait Month ago

    I'm calling it now... in the pan merch

  • TH Production Yorkshire

    I saw you briefly on BBC Chelsea Flower Show program (but just Briefly) with Dianne looking around, where as in this you show everything you have seen. Great Job showing what's what.

  • Ellie xo
    Ellie xo Month ago +1

    Bet you’re going to get your own TV show

  • Ellie xo
    Ellie xo Month ago

    13:16 🤣🤣😭

  • Hannah Lockyer
    Hannah Lockyer Month ago +3

    Did anyone notice the chocolates dianne gave to joe were the ones which joe got dianne for Easter 😂❤️

  • Susan Bryant
    Susan Bryant Month ago +1

    Her mum and dad

  • Hannah Samantha
    Hannah Samantha Month ago +5

    I want Dianne and Mark collabs! They’re both so funny and clumsy 😂

  • That Anglophile
    That Anglophile Month ago +1

    Hmm...the video is 20 minutes long, and I only have 4 minutes to watch it
    *Challenge Accepted*

  • frank bevan
    frank bevan Month ago

    Joe: we need a everything
    Diane : don’t do it

  • One Day
    One Day Month ago

    Where are the boys? Byronnnn, Josh, Connor, Jack, Mikey, Caspar, Oli... no collabs, holidays?

    • One Day
      One Day Month ago

      Random Person oh cool, that explains it lol

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago

      Byron is in South Africa for 3 months and Caspar is in L.A.

  • Emma Moon
    Emma Moon Month ago


  • sheetal ullal
    sheetal ullal Month ago +1

    Just unsubscribed both of ur channel....cz too many videos with ur gf...the world knows that u got a gf.... I mean where's the old joe...ur not funny anymore

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago +2

      @sheetal ullal of course it matters. I'm a fan of his and I want him to do well and get the highest views possible. And I'm not mad at the couple videos because I absolutely love Dianne and tbh I do enjoy the vlogs with her more.

    • sheetal ullal
      sheetal ullal Month ago

      @Random Person Forget I'm ain't getting any money for commenting though so I should stop cz it's not gonna bother me now that I've unsubscribed

    • sheetal ullal
      sheetal ullal Month ago

      @Random Person see that's the point I'm talking about 😂😂😂 does views matter to u?? But it does for him

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago +2

      @sheetal ullal but the videos with dianne get better views 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • sheetal ullal
      sheetal ullal Month ago

      @Random Person And that comment was to make joe know about it not to ask your opinion...☺️☺️ So relax

  • Matěj kolář
    Matěj kolář Month ago


  • Manda_MWM
    Manda_MWM Month ago +1

    Killing Eve is amazing! Literally one of my top 3 favorite shows ever! Jodie Comer is brilliant!!

  • Mary Carole Baker
    Mary Carole Baker Month ago +2

    That's couples goals: Dianne all beautiful in her dress and heels, Joe all handsome in his suit, strolling through a garden show, sharing dreams for the future. I always feel so positive when I watch the two of you together.

  • Amday13
    Amday13 Month ago +1

    Joe you need the makeup eraser cloth from Sephora! Gets all makeup off with just water! So good!

  • Frankie New
    Frankie New Month ago +2

    Anyone else notice Joe picking up things Dianne says? ‘Go on’ ‘Coo-ool’ So funny! X

  • collette
    collette Month ago

    I LOVE killing eve. If you like it so much you should also read the books, they are also great.

  • bella parkinson
    bella parkinson Month ago

    Omg guys joe didn't say "I'm not a daily vlogger" 😮😀😀

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business Month ago

    After months of watching Joseph’s vlogs I finally twigged that when Byron’s song comes on in the outro it plays “goodbye and take care”
    He’s saying goodbye

  • Olivia Johnson
    Olivia Johnson Month ago


  • Molly Davies
    Molly Davies Month ago

    any one else dying when joe mentioned art and crafts for the kids? no! Just me then

  • Tairrie Harper
    Tairrie Harper Month ago

    Killing eve is amazing !!!!!!

  • emma mayes
    emma mayes Month ago

    Love Killing Eve! Amazing show!

  • Philp Fam
    Philp Fam Month ago +1

    ‘Put your feet up relax’
    Me:mothherrrr where’s the ovaltine???

  • Marcie Law
    Marcie Law Month ago +3

    Omg they’re preggers

  • Hazle Weatherfield
    Hazle Weatherfield Month ago

    reminds me of the episode of "the office" where Gareth Keenan is getting the phone calls about "will you bring the toys".

  • Gracie Summers
    Gracie Summers Month ago +1

    She takes his cloths 😂🥰💗💗💗💗

  • abi Daly
    abi Daly Month ago

    I love you so much 👍👍👍👍

  • Natasha Asaf
    Natasha Asaf Month ago +8

    This is how many people love Dianne in his vlogs

  • Ian Hopkins
    Ian Hopkins Month ago +2

    Really enjoyed killing eve cannot wait for series 2

  • Kim King
    Kim King Month ago

    I love killing eve I am up to date

  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago

    What Glasses Is Joe Wearing And Where Can I Get Them From?

  • CallSign Dusty
    CallSign Dusty Month ago

    Hi joe I've got a challange for u if it up for it?????

  • Andrea Blanco
    Andrea Blanco Month ago

    Where are joes glasses from, I love them

  • Laura Davidson
    Laura Davidson Month ago

    They're going to get a new house aw

  • Darcey B
    Darcey B Month ago

    “You wearin my linkin Park jumper?” Might be my favourite sentence ever 😂😭

  • Leslie Huynh
    Leslie Huynh Month ago

    hoping Project Joanne is Joe and Dianne playing SIMS

  • Uma Poole
    Uma Poole Month ago

    Dianne: " What's more beautiful than a rose?"
    Joe: " You. "

  • CallyC
    CallyC Month ago +9

    Joe: I Used to Punch Flowers 🥊🌷

  • Trushi Jethva
    Trushi Jethva Month ago

    I’m so excited for the announcement!!! I am kinda concerned that Dianne’s feet swelled up after the wine 🍷!!! Love you lots ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Han Graham
    Han Graham Month ago +8

    Would definitely recommend that you go to the doctor and the issue about your feet swelling up after drinking wine checked out just to be on the safe side

  • Shakib Hussain
    Shakib Hussain Month ago +2

    Count how many time Joe says errr...
    Also Joe if u carried on for 1sec u could've passed the 20 min mark

    GEORGE EZRA FAN Month ago +4

    Can't be the only one who thinks the clue is leading up to Dianne being pregnant

  • Megan Scott
    Megan Scott Month ago +4

    Maybe thief gonna have kids

    • Megan Scott
      Megan Scott Month ago

      Oh yeah good point

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago

      She already denied in on instagram. And they were drinking wine. If you're pregnant you can't drink alcohol. And also she signed a new contract on Strictly so no chance of her having kids now.

  • Amy Scott
    Amy Scott Month ago +1

    Film Dianne watching IT for the first time..... I feel like that'd be hilarious XD

  • Morgan Driver
    Morgan Driver Month ago +1

    I LOVE killing eve!! Its so intense and Villanelle is such a funny serial killer

  • Tessa Strijker
    Tessa Strijker Month ago

    Killing eve is a great series!

  • Cm Punk
    Cm Punk Month ago

    Has this kid got aids

  • Cm Punk
    Cm Punk Month ago

    Sad sad little boy

    • Gayle
      Gayle Month ago

      You are aren't you 🙄

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago

      And you are a sad sad little troll

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith Month ago

    I didn’t know you had a cooking Chanel or that Diane has one! X

  • Robbe Sinnesael
    Robbe Sinnesael Month ago +2

    It's gonna be a baby ;)

    • Robbe Sinnesael
      Robbe Sinnesael 22 days ago

      @Random Person sure, if that makes you happy, go with it

    • Random Person
      Random Person 22 days ago

      @Robbe Sinnesael I know sarcasm when I see it. This wasn't sarcasm. Just pure stupidity.

    • Robbe Sinnesael
      Robbe Sinnesael 22 days ago

      @Random Person go look up what sarcasm means , you're going to make the world a better place :D

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago

      Idiot 🤦🏼‍♀️ Obviously not.

  • Joanne Suggwelp
    Joanne Suggwelp Month ago

    so proud of you too xxxxxxx

  • Lane Crescent
    Lane Crescent Month ago +2

    Killing Eve is bloody awesome 💜

  • Kimberleen
    Kimberleen Month ago

    Pretty sure diane lives with joe

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago

      She's been living with him since she came back from Australia in December

  • gemma nicole howard
    gemma nicole howard Month ago +3

    I have a week off work starting on the 10th June. To start work on my garden. This vlog has put me in such a creative gardening mood 😍😍😍

  • Grace Mills
    Grace Mills Month ago +1

    Joe has turned into a right softie now he has dianne, I absolutely love it 🥰🥰

  • BertAndErnie93
    BertAndErnie93 Month ago +4

    Diane might be allergic to wine or something if her feet swell like that, I’d keep an eye on that Diane, just incase xx

    • Han Graham
      Han Graham Month ago

      BertAndErnie93 yeah I thought the same

  • Keri Masters
    Keri Masters Month ago

    Joe I use Simple wipes to get my make-up off and they get all my eye liner off x

  • Maggie Jones
    Maggie Jones Month ago

    Definitely an in the pan cookbook

  • EllaVision
    EllaVision Month ago +2

    you know you’re getting old when you enjoy plant shows🤣 also anyone else think Dianne is preggers? ❤️❤️❤️

    • EllaVision
      EllaVision Month ago

      Dazer1972 oh well i know they’re not ready anyway was just joking

    • Dazer1972
      Dazer1972 Month ago +2

      EllaVision she said on instagram she isn’t also she was drinking wine 🍷

  • Gymnastics Life
    Gymnastics Life Month ago +3

    Dianne: what’s more beautiful than a rose
    Dianne:yes right answer
    To cute

  • Cecilia XO
    Cecilia XO Month ago +1

    Dianne : what’s more beautiful then a rose?
    Joe : you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Dianne : Good

  • ElouiseP
    ElouiseP Month ago +6

    'This is my childhood dream, right here *zooms on Diane*' So freaking cute!

  • Jasmine Elliott
    Jasmine Elliott Month ago

    ReMemBeR I Am NoT a DaiLY VlOgGeR

  • Kathi
    Kathi Month ago +2

    Joseph...try out the nivea eye makeup remover👍🏻Dianne, get that feet up🦶🏻

  • Matt Caw
    Matt Caw Month ago

    3:10 youngest people there 😱

  • isabel Geddes
    isabel Geddes Month ago +3

    soak those poor feet in Epsom salts and ginger root dianne

  • magaly galle
    magaly galle Month ago

    Congratulations on (almost) 200 000 subscribers! 🎉🎆🎈

  • HeyItsSadie
    HeyItsSadie Month ago

    AAYYYEE!!! Joe did not say he was not a daily vlogger!!!!

  • Allison
    Allison Month ago +7

    Dianne's Aussie accent has been coming out a lot more in the passed few vlogs its nice to hear :) great vlog Joe, looks like you had a great day!

  • Dorothy Gillbanks
    Dorothy Gillbanks Month ago +11

    i only started watching Joe again after watching him do Strictly Come Dancing and i just have to say that Joe is a happier person since he got with Dianne it seems that Dianne bring out another side of Joe and its a good side as well..........

  • Brooke Pay
    Brooke Pay Month ago +2

    Killing Eve is the best. I loved it. I can’t wait for series 2. Xxx

  • Amelia Rushworth
    Amelia Rushworth Month ago


  • Emily Jessup
    Emily Jessup Month ago +1

    Joe use a cleanser and a hot face washer and allll the makeup will come off ;)

  • Zebras 724
    Zebras 724 Month ago +1

    I saw you and Diane walking round the Chelsea flower show on the news and I was shock 😂

  • Marco Baldanza
    Marco Baldanza Month ago

    Hundo percent it's going to be a reality TV show about them.

  • Conorandjackmaynard Biggestfan

    I love you both so much.

  • Flxssie
    Flxssie Month ago

    I feel like the surprise is a proposal

    • Flxssie
      Flxssie 27 days ago

      Random Person maybe they’re already engaged 🤣

    • Jamie Heardman
      Jamie Heardman Month ago

      @Random Person even then it can't be anything too TV related because Dianne is very busy atm

    • Random Person
      Random Person Month ago +1

      It's not a surprise if she knows about it... It's probably something to do with In The Pan merch because they both liked tweets about it. Or maybe something to do with tv

  • Susanne Chicken mom
    Susanne Chicken mom Month ago +2

    I freaking love you both so so much, thank you for brighten up my life!