I only ate GAS STATION food for 24 HOURS! | Krazyrayray

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • Hey!! FOOD CHALLENGE TIME! I only ate GAS STATION food for 24 HOURS! What challenge should I do next?
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    I only ate GAS STATION food for 24 HOURS! | Krazyrayray
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Comments • 1 766

  • Iyona Hopkins
    Iyona Hopkins 35 minutes ago

    plis do not

  • Agatha Ong
    Agatha Ong 7 hours ago

    WARNING:you can't use your phone or record at the gas station cause there might cause a bomb!

  • Zaydx
    Zaydx 14 hours ago

    Her:”reads about a guy dieing of nachos at seven 11 Also her: gets it😂🤣

  • Sofie
    Sofie Day ago

    8:12 she is so dramatic it’s like geez why don’t you just pick them up and eat some of the food that you bought (like the pizza) instead of wasting everything.

  • Nichol Evans
    Nichol Evans Day ago

    Eat purple food

  • Samera
    Samera Day ago

    The fact that I know the guy from 7-11 is hilarious, I work at the gym near that 7-11 and I’m always getting coffee from there.

  • Emily Kowalski
    Emily Kowalski 2 days ago +1

    I’ve watched this video like 5 times 😂 lol
    I love this video and this channel

  • Jinyeet
    Jinyeet 2 days ago

    If your from Korea it would have been easy

  • Siena Nazli-Cheng
    Siena Nazli-Cheng 4 days ago +1


  • Miglė Adomūnaitė
    Miglė Adomūnaitė 5 days ago

    No one:
    Her: *ew* *EW* *eW*

  • _XxxWolfiexxX_ Stuff
    _XxxWolfiexxX_ Stuff 5 days ago +1

    Coffee ☕️ coffee ☕️ coffee coffee ☕️ coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

    CRYING ONOIN 5 days ago

    What an annoying personality and bad eyeshadow

  • Kylie Van Cooney
    Kylie Van Cooney 6 days ago

    why have i watched this video like 17 times???!!!

  • Tea Just Tea
    Tea Just Tea 7 days ago

    She sounds like those girls in middle school who get school lunch just to talk about how gross it is and not actually eat it.

  • Blaze Wingz AJ
    Blaze Wingz AJ 7 days ago

    eWeW what is this stuff! I WANT MY CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!

  • Destinee Sule
    Destinee Sule 8 days ago +1

    No hate but why do you show inside your food before you eat it 🌯🌭🍕🍟🍔

  • Ashlee Puffer
    Ashlee Puffer 8 days ago

    The man actually did die he was a father of two

  • Jamie-Rose Taylor
    Jamie-Rose Taylor 8 days ago

    7_eleven like eleven in stranger things
    Will,eleven,Mike,max,Lucas,dustin,Jonathan,nencie,sheave,Barbara,et plus encore …

  • Vale Esco
    Vale Esco 8 days ago

    I think u had to put the burrito with the wrapper

  • shorty _vlogs
    shorty _vlogs 9 days ago

    She is to picky

  • Foxy PoXy
    Foxy PoXy 10 days ago

    I love ur mom she’s so funny

  • Patience Smith
    Patience Smith 11 days ago

    You should do I only ate Starbucks for a day

  • Dominique chambers
    Dominique chambers 11 days ago

    Try those I tried those things before and they were so tiny they were so tiny but they were under filled it was delicious cuz I got to walk by the gas station all by myself haha haha haha

  • Sassy Sisters
    Sassy Sisters 12 days ago +1

    OMG I absolutely love your vids ❤️ please notice me 😊

  • Camila Medina
    Camila Medina 12 days ago

    why are you so picky

  • The Odd Headgechog
    The Odd Headgechog 12 days ago

    When you got your slurpee at 7 eleven.

    You didnt get cherry.
    Alexi is sad.

  • Mah Anselmo
    Mah Anselmo 12 days ago


  • Kieron Lee
    Kieron Lee 13 days ago

    “ it’s for a project “ = CLASSIC EXCUSE!!👏👏😂

  • Strawberry_potatoe
    Strawberry_potatoe 13 days ago

    For some reason,I like watching this video over and over again. I just like 24 hour challenges!!

  • Kate Harding
    Kate Harding 13 days ago

    U kinda look like Veronica Wang🙂

  • •Iris love •
    •Iris love • 13 days ago

    I was reading the comments and she said Ugh I just hate the cheese *looks down at comments* sees sales saying.. °-°

  • Recruit Me someone
    Recruit Me someone 14 days ago

    7 eleven in Chicago is way better frl Feel bad for yah

  • Julissa Rueda
    Julissa Rueda 14 days ago

    You are so picky

  • Freya Gallagher
    Freya Gallagher 15 days ago

    “im really picky when it comes to pizza”

    2 seconds later...”if I could eat anything for the rest of my life it would be PIZZA!

  • besh
    besh 15 days ago +2

    “Man dies from gas station nacho cheese”
    *proceeds to eat it*

  • Cosplay person :D
    Cosplay person :D 15 days ago +2

    When you’ve never been poor:

    Is ThAt EvEn TuRkEy?

    Yo, I used to live off that stuff XD

  • claudia avila
    claudia avila 15 days ago +1

    The nachos look really disgusting 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Abduallah Fjfjdkemffj
    Abduallah Fjfjdkemffj 15 days ago

    I like good food

  • WolfiePotato245
    WolfiePotato245 16 days ago

    i feel u about the cheese on pizza XD

    CHEMARIN TWINS 16 days ago

    You and your mom are so pretty

  • Nicole Campos
    Nicole Campos 16 days ago +2

    I’m shocked that she didn’t go to quick trip ☹️

  • Maja Pehar
    Maja Pehar 16 days ago

    Her mom is so annoying. She is in a midlife crises. She has the same makeup as Sirray (the makeup of a 20 year old) and she is so picky and behaves immature. ("O my God" and things like that. Also the sandwich wasn t that bad. Sirray is young and I expect from her to be immature. But her mom is so annoying trying to be young and in the trend.

  • Alisha Raj
    Alisha Raj 16 days ago

    Omg Sarai is such a picky eater I actually am too but I would eat that pizza she wasted

  • •Tea Leaves•
    •Tea Leaves• 17 days ago +1

    I always get the biggest slurpie cup

  • Jonathan Chappelle
    Jonathan Chappelle 17 days ago

    2020 anyone

  • Yesenia Sandoval
    Yesenia Sandoval 17 days ago

    I am new to ur yt and i fell like ur a picky eater that is me

  • Wolfie-ASMR
    Wolfie-ASMR 17 days ago


  • Wolfie-ASMR
    Wolfie-ASMR 17 days ago

    That is literally how I eat my pizza

  • Jasmine Purewal
    Jasmine Purewal 17 days ago +2

    This video should be retitled "9 minutes of wasting food"

  • Rainbow time Violette
    Rainbow time Violette 17 days ago

    I love yu

  • Harmony Horrocks
    Harmony Horrocks 17 days ago +1

    Rich people
    EW *Spits out*
    Me *Eats nachos and likes it*
    EW I have like cheese in my nails
    Me *happy to get food fast and leave and enjoy it even if its gross*

  • kenadee Proctor
    kenadee Proctor 18 days ago

    Eat chipotle for 24 hours

  • Fiona Mc Laughlin
    Fiona Mc Laughlin 18 days ago

    I loved watching this vid it was really good and amazing!!
    Like if u agree!

  • •PixieGamer• chan
    •PixieGamer• chan 18 days ago

    Not gonna lie but your a picker eater

  • Elvis Olivera
    Elvis Olivera 18 days ago +1

    U should Roll a dice and see what kind of fast food u land at and eat it

  • Sarah The unicorn
    Sarah The unicorn 18 days ago

    I'm sick🤮🤢

  • Sarah The unicorn
    Sarah The unicorn 18 days ago


  • Vaeh Green
    Vaeh Green 18 days ago

    I love the flamin hot asteroids

  • Katelyn Sullivan
    Katelyn Sullivan 18 days ago +2

    Is this how ‘rich’ people act in gas stations...

    KAZUHIDE SAITO 18 days ago

    So sassy