Why This Club Have Had The Most Underrated Transfer Window! | #ContinentalClub

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
    It's been a busy month for transfers but which club's business has gone under the radar?!

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Comments • 236

  • Flamin Ace
    Flamin Ace 13 days ago

    You said inter have had one of the worst transfer windows. Make up your mind.

  • Rami Sebit
    Rami Sebit 16 days ago

    U people’s presentation and heavy UK 🇬🇧 English is making this videos hard to understand. Please use more TIFO type of presentation.

  • Emmanuel Stanley
    Emmanuel Stanley 16 days ago +2

    There is no way that Real are finishing ahead of atletico have you seen the two teams in pre-sea son Atletico is finishing second

  • Khaya Ntuli
    Khaya Ntuli 18 days ago

    Conte not better than Jose

  • lisa martins
    lisa martins 27 days ago

    have you seen that photo-shoot he did with Wanda? Jesus!jumble sale

  • Cole Miller
    Cole Miller 29 days ago

    If they could get him for under 60 mil Icardi should go to Bayern. Hardly a drop off from Lewi in terms of goals and there's no way he could upstage a club of Bayern's stature.

  • hadyn milton
    hadyn milton 29 days ago +1

    Bale for Icardi? Thoughts? No fee just swap, both class players, both probably be happy to leave.

  • hadyn milton
    hadyn milton 29 days ago

    I hate how much shade you give the Milan teams, grew up loving those teams.

  • Ashok An
    Ashok An Month ago

    #ContinentalClub Who is the best and worst owners/president in premiere league?

  • Jeremy Roach
    Jeremy Roach Month ago +2

    Icardi to Lyon would be great

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago

    Icardi to Dortmund??

  • Pablo Rodriguez
    Pablo Rodriguez Month ago

    What do you use for looking at player stats?

    • Big Stani
      Big Stani Month ago

      Pablo Rodriguez whoscored, statsbomb and understat

  • zak blanchard
    zak blanchard Month ago

    Walker-pieters is so underrated by Football Daily

  • Dan Paz
    Dan Paz Month ago

    Even in FIFA I can't sell f*cking Icardi!!!

  • omkar varudkar
    omkar varudkar Month ago +3

    Icardi to Bayern?
    They need a striker and icardi is better than Werner

  • Josh Davo
    Josh Davo Month ago

    Class lads👏🏻

  • Bishal Mishra
    Bishal Mishra Month ago

    Icardi to china or mls

    • Bishal Mishra
      Bishal Mishra Month ago

      @MrBark45 man not looking for a fight. At this rate I think he will be going to the mls or china. That's what I meant. Cheers 😊

    • MrBark45
      MrBark45 Month ago

      i will literally fight you

  • Adam Ashmore
    Adam Ashmore Month ago

    Surly Ajax getting €130/40 million for to 2 players and gettin promes for peanuts and keeping hold of van der beek and zyich

  • ThatBritishPanda
    ThatBritishPanda Month ago +1

    Icardi should leave his wife and then settle things at Inter

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter Month ago

    Inter getting sensi and barella on loan surprised me so far this window

  • Dkmo94
    Dkmo94 Month ago +2

    Valencia are having a supremely underrated summer

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour Month ago

    Honestly I think sarabia is a bit overrated.

  • k hawk 9
    k hawk 9 Month ago

    It's pronounced ha lllair

  • daniel Butt
    daniel Butt Month ago

    Bruh! Calm down

    XXX TEDDYCION Month ago

    Maybe a swap deal between ManU and Inter for Icardi and Lukaku

  • Adithya Narayanan
    Adithya Narayanan Month ago

    Icardi should probably fuck off to China

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Joel really doesnt know much

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts Month ago +30

    Piemonte Calcio have had the best window so far imo

  • Waffles For Days
    Waffles For Days Month ago

    Lukaku and quality should not go together in the same sentance.

    Icardi should go to China or the MLS. Nobody wants him hopefully him ending up in a league that is way below he`s quality could make him a bit more humble.

  • LO17
    LO17 Month ago +3

    Just like to publicly announce that Hamill’s shoes are offending my eyes

  • Jochen Vlaeminck
    Jochen Vlaeminck Month ago +1

    Do you even know how atletico play? The wingbacks make overlapping runs all the time, they are an essential part of the team, juanfran was a winger before joining atletico

    • Jochen Vlaeminck
      Jochen Vlaeminck Month ago

      Jack Ryan nope don’t want to sound smart, just want to remind you in what way atletico play. Also Simeone molds bad defenders into good defenders so no problem there in my opinion

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan Month ago

      @Jochen Vlaeminck so ya want to be that specific so try to seem smart? Yeah lad they're called wingers because that's the way they line out, anyway, this is irrelevant. Atm the trippier signing is bad because he's going into a defensive counter attacking team. He is not a good defender and he is not mobile what so ever, so its a bad signing right now, he can prove me wrong during the season, but I highly doubt it

    • Jochen Vlaeminck
      Jochen Vlaeminck Month ago

      @Jack Ryan mate wingers? Atletico their wingers go more to the middle of the field, they play in a diamond, with the fullbacks bringing the overlapping run

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan Month ago

      @Jochen Vlaeminck and you asked them do they know how athletico play? 😂😂 everything went through Griezmann last season and the year before and koke chioed in with a bit of creativity but, Athletico are a defensive, counter attacking team, creating goals come from their wingers and strikers.

    • Jochen Vlaeminck
      Jochen Vlaeminck Month ago

      @Jack Ryan arias was one of the worst defenders in the eredivisie, we need attacking wingbacks to create goals

  • Scopper Gabon
    Scopper Gabon Month ago

    Hamill, start plugging your channel, you coward.

  • browny2990
    browny2990 Month ago +4

    Icardi to Newcastle they would take him fans might chin him but think he could get his career back on track there

    • Ryan Rheaume
      Ryan Rheaume Month ago

      Too bad mike ashley would never pay that kind of money for him lmaooo

  • Paolo Tabone
    Paolo Tabone Month ago

    Sorry to be a bit pedantic but Barella was bought for €45 million (£35 million ish). So they really over payed, especially when Milan bought Krunic for €8 million with 5 goals and 7 assists - more than triple Barella's output

  • Daniel Roodt
    Daniel Roodt Month ago

    Icardi should go to Leipzig, if Werner leaves

  • Mujtaba Khan Petro
    Mujtaba Khan Petro Month ago

    Icardi to westham

  • Nathan Ünlü
    Nathan Ünlü Month ago

    I would take icardi at Fenerbahce tbh 😂

  • Keith Walwyn
    Keith Walwyn Month ago +11

    Neymar to juve is ur guys made up transfer experiment

    • Mr.Scrub
      Mr.Scrub Month ago +2

      Keith Walwyn who’s Juve I only know Piemonte calcio

    • Miguel Magalhães
      Miguel Magalhães Month ago

      Keith Walwyn yea thought the same

  • Alfred- R3Cal
    Alfred- R3Cal Month ago +10

    Frankfurt should sign Icardi as they lost haler and jovic and could afford him seen as they have got 100mil for their 2 strikers

    • nasra omar
      nasra omar 25 days ago

      @Daniel Victor Ronaldo. Jovic. Mertens.

    • nasra omar
      nasra omar 25 days ago +1

      They can not deal with his tantrum and requires very high wages that Frankfurt can not afford

    • Daniel Victor
      Daniel Victor Month ago

      Honestly if we're talking about Calcio centre-fowards, Immobile is a better choice.

    • safe
      safe Month ago +1

      Do you really think they would drop all of that one icardi though and do you really think icardis ego would allow him to do that

    • Daniel Roodt
      Daniel Roodt Month ago

      I like this

  • Jason Sender
    Jason Sender Month ago

    Forest clearly

  • Uugjihnji Ugyuhjhjk

    Where the fuck is Pato

  • Frogborne
    Frogborne Month ago

    Icardi's terrible attitude is a perfect fit for a club like Chelsea

  • liam knox
    liam knox Month ago +13

    Icardi should just piss everyone off some more and go to AC Milan would work now with Giampaolos 4-3-1-2 system

  • Hood Hero
    Hood Hero Month ago

    If inter wang lukaku so bad , United should ask for 65 million plus naingolan yeh he’s old but having him there could improve our midfield

    • Azaan 101
      Azaan 101 Month ago

      United should ask for brozovic plus cash or offer lukaku and cash for skriniar

  • Tate Sherman
    Tate Sherman Month ago

    The only club that would take Icardi is Inter

  • Andrew Liu
    Andrew Liu Month ago

    Icardi to china

  • R C
    R C Month ago +4

    With Trippier it'll all be down to his integration, especially with the language. Could be a sound signing, but never understood why vrsaljko left

    • Lelouch vi Britannia
      Lelouch vi Britannia Month ago

      He is injury prone and someone doesn’t like his attitude or work rate and he prefer to attack more than defending

  • Peacefull Revolutionary

    Is it just me or is Pato the only non bias presenter on this channel hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Alex Thornton
      Alex Thornton Month ago

      Peacefull Revolutionary I think pato is biased. For example he hates AC Milan. Plus he’s really biased towards clubs like Spurs

  • R C
    R C Month ago

    Inter still to finish second in Serie A. Under 10 points to Piedmont would be a great achievement

  • Sebastian Rodriguez

    We got Tripps for 25m I think that’s good if he can produce any decent results. We spent so much money this summer I’d like to see a push for second place of a good run in the champions

  • R C
    R C Month ago +7

    #notsohottake - Chris and Joe's trouser choice = unacceptable. Joe, you're not at a rave nor a PE teacher, Chris - i never wish to see your groin in denim leggings ever again - it's nearly 2020 not 2013

    • Mustafa Said
      Mustafa Said Month ago

      R C Dougie dresses like a hobo

    • R C
      R C Month ago

      #hottake, Dougie, James and Cieran the best dressers in the joint. #biteme

  • Ezechiel Louis
    Ezechiel Louis Month ago +1

    Do you guys think that Lukaku is really better than Icardi, because it doesn't make sense to me.

  • Graziano Etiene
    Graziano Etiene Month ago +12

    Chris: Ceballos can do it all!

  • Self Made
    Self Made Month ago

    icardi is two millions time better then lukaku as a player

    • Self Made
      Self Made Month ago

      @Lelouch vi Britannia stats speakes louder we will see we will see

    • Lelouch vi Britannia
      Lelouch vi Britannia Month ago

      Conte disagrees and lukaku will score a lot of goals in Italy

  • Vice Ćuška
    Vice Ćuška Month ago +24

    Joe: 'Not a massive consumer of European football.'
    Translation: never watched a game of football that isn't PL (domestically)

  • Cameron Arnold
    Cameron Arnold Month ago +1

    Wolves should take a gamble on icardi so they have a mix of attack plus icardi is better than any options they have it would also show the intent of there ambitions

  • sergioantoniomestas

    Icardi to Olympiakos

  • Michael Barrymore
    Michael Barrymore Month ago +1

    Football daily should start a new series called fun or fine transfers

  • Supradeep Reddy Alamuru

    Trippier is very underrated. He sure had a not a bad season but his mistakes were looking very significant because his teammates were so good. Like Vertongen, Alderwierald are worldclass and he is compared to other RB like Trent Alexander Arnold and Kyle Walker.

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan Month ago

      He can't defend for shit😂😂

    • Lelouch vi Britannia
      Lelouch vi Britannia Month ago +1

      Tripper is shit he had good World Cup and has been shit since and Walker ain’t that good

  • Supradeep Reddy Alamuru

    Mauro Icardi to china in January. Only place he is playing anywhere is china. Mark my words.

    • Lelouch vi Britannia
      Lelouch vi Britannia Month ago

      Azaan 101 Icardi seems like a player Chelsea fans would want as well but if he is leaving this summer is probably going to be to JUVE

    • Lanky Lame
      Lanky Lame Month ago

      This makes sense. Marked!

    • Azaan 101
      Azaan 101 Month ago

      @Lelouch vi Britannia no it won't

    • Lelouch vi Britannia
      Lelouch vi Britannia Month ago

      Azaan 101 they are going to appeal the ban and it will probably be lifted that’s what Barca, Real Madrid have done In the past

    • Azaan 101
      Azaan 101 Month ago

      @Lelouch vi Britannia they can't buy anyone in January

  • Richa Yagnik
    Richa Yagnik Month ago +1

    Icardi could go to psg. Cavani getting old and if neymar leaves he could become a great signing.

  • Simon Herckens
    Simon Herckens Month ago +100

    The trippier signing seems like a FIFA career mode signing 😂

  • In Free Pang
    In Free Pang Month ago +29

    Atleti fan here. Simeone actually likes his fullbacks to bomb forward because the wingers would be pushed inwards

  • Simon Herckens
    Simon Herckens Month ago +4

    In my opinion Haller is even better than Gomez

  • Simon Herckens
    Simon Herckens Month ago +4

    Why is Arsenal paying 30 million for Saliba when they just could've bought Diallo for one more million ?

  • Pedro Quinones
    Pedro Quinones Month ago +2

    Love how Scholes is right above Joe

  • andrew miller
    andrew miller Month ago

    Icardi to Roma to replace Dzeko?

  • The PreGame
    The PreGame Month ago +1

    Icardi to China

  • Daniel Bridgdwater
    Daniel Bridgdwater Month ago

    If icardi goes to spurs that would be so entertaining. And I’m here for it

  • Anthony Riportella
    Anthony Riportella Month ago

    Icardi to Boca Juniors 😂

  • avi pratap Singh
    avi pratap Singh Month ago +1

    Josef before taking a hot take on Antonio Conte commenting how he doesn't watch much European football. Well done buddy.
    Really set yourself up to get abused, I'm assuming he did it on purpose. Maybe stay at FD? Cheers mate

  • Max D
    Max D Month ago +63

    Spurs should sign Youcef Atal best replacement for trippier🏆

    • J G
      J G Month ago +3

      They are bringing through walker pieters

    • Fdq Mstffa
      Fdq Mstffa Month ago

      Yes but I think they will promote their youth setup

  • Alberto Campos
    Alberto Campos Month ago +1

    Icardi should go to Sevilla to replace sarabia!

  • Your Dad Has A Dog Filter

    People moan about Raiola and Mendes, but at least they're good for their players. Wanda just seems pointlessly annoying

    • Your Dad Has A Dog Filter
      Your Dad Has A Dog Filter Month ago +3

      @sanat shetty I feel like she probably just shouts and bases her job on boardroom scenes in movies. I feel like 10 years from now they'll be divorced and Icardi will look like a mug, regretting missed opportunities

    • sanat shetty
      sanat shetty Month ago +4

      @Your Dad Has A Dog Filter Those guys are professionals and are the best at what they do.The only reason why wanda is even an agent is simply because she is his wife.
      How bad your attitude can be if a club president says like he would never like to meet the agent again.

    • Your Dad Has A Dog Filter
      Your Dad Has A Dog Filter Month ago +16

      @Mojebi The move in itself was only bad in hindsight. Mourinho and Zlatan had just signed, it was a new dawn blah blah blah

    • Mojebi
      Mojebi Month ago +1

      So it was a good career decision for Pogba to go Man Utd, as an example?

  • ZC _plays
    ZC _plays Month ago

    Icardi to dortmund and keep alcacer as a super sub?

    • Marissa Bretton
      Marissa Bretton Month ago +2

      ZC _plays dortmund and they’re fans would not like icardi