Edmen Shahbazyan on the UFC fast track, being managed by Ronda Rousey | UFC 244 Media Day | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Oct 31, 2019
  • UFC middleweight prospect Edmen Shahbazyan chats with ESPN MMA’s Ariel Helwani at UFC 244 Media Day about his fight vs. Brad Tavares and enjoying the pressure of being on the UFC’s fast track. Shahbazyan discusses what it’s like to be managed by Ronda Rousey and where he thinks a win vs. Tavares puts him in the middleweight division.
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Comments • 94

  • Alex Ikilikian
    Alex Ikilikian 3 days ago

    Wow this the golden boy... a beast with a good vibe! 😎❤

  • Dav Mkr
    Dav Mkr 29 days ago

    Edmen Shahbazyan the Golden Boy is Ready for the UFC BelT

  • Derek Calunsag
    Derek Calunsag Month ago

    Down the track he will need to leave that team to make it big

  • guy Location
    guy Location Month ago

    He is a star.. He is like Chuck liddell in a young body.

  • Aram Kortian
    Aram Kortian Month ago +3

    Gazan aper

  • araspel 2007
    araspel 2007 Month ago +2

    Ferous , insane dude..

  • Derek Scott
    Derek Scott Month ago


  • Top10MetalSongs
    Top10MetalSongs Month ago +3

    Guy's a beast. Just can't imagine it going well for him in the long run, considering the people around him, but let's see.

  • LS AE
    LS AE Month ago +3

    Go Edmond do ur thing my man.

  • BigDaddyM
    BigDaddyM Month ago +6


  • Bryan Benz
    Bryan Benz Month ago +13

    This guy is gonna have the smoothest ufc career, money wise, having Ronda as a manager? who couldn’t ask for a better manager. People could hate on her but she’s got connections.

    • Trouser Troll
      Trouser Troll Month ago

      Yeah. She also won a gold 🏅 medal when she was a homeless teenager. The game just evolved and she was part of it.

  • Andy Avila
    Andy Avila Month ago +3

    This dude looks young af!

    • Andy Avila
      Andy Avila Month ago

      @Eri Avila whats up fam!

    • Eri Avila
      Eri Avila Month ago

      @Andy Avila sabe last name as me

    • Andy Avila
      Andy Avila Month ago

      @Nick Campbell wow same age as me. What a fucking stud

    • Nick Campbell
      Nick Campbell Month ago

      He is hes only 21 3 first round kos in the ufc

  • epicmonkey555
    epicmonkey555 Month ago +4

    Love the energy!

  • Torque
    Torque Month ago +1

    shahbyzan vs uriah hall next

  • NeonGreen Ninja
    NeonGreen Ninja Month ago +1

    Nice interview on both sides, Ariel is best in the game . and so is Edmen Shabazyan .

  • Nationalism Above All
    Nationalism Above All Month ago +3

    This kid is a fooking beast

  • R M
    R M Month ago +24

    Lol he acted like I would for a job interview

    • Big C
      Big C Month ago

      R M so accurate, 10/10

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago +2

    Edmonds dope highly skilled

  • Steven Mucciaciaro
    Steven Mucciaciaro Month ago +8

    Edmen, you have such good energy. Keep that same energy yo' :) Good luck.

  • Thanos
    Thanos Month ago +24


    • Trouser Troll
      Trouser Troll Month ago +1

      Yeah. I like this kid. Hopefully coach Edmond doesn't ruin his career like everyone else.

    • Charles
      Charles Month ago

      He for sure lacks some head movements and we all know why lol

    • Fanky Roll
      Fanky Roll Month ago +1

      you cold mane!

    • arturo salazar
      arturo salazar Month ago +1

      Thanos dam!! I just commented the same thing before I saw yours.

  • Jacob Glenman
    Jacob Glenman Month ago +4

    I have a feeling this Edmen guy gonna be the next prospect in UFC
    He looks good n in shape , on top of that MF got STRONG mindset 💯

    • MASRR
      MASRR Month ago +1

      And only 21

  • David King
    David King Month ago +1

    This guy lost to Darren Stewart and got a bullshit decision smh

  • Sung y
    Sung y Month ago +4

    Glendale armo represent!!! This win will be huge. I wish they would go a little slower cuz of his age but he’s been walking through guys so what choice do they have. I hope this is the start of a championship run. Edmennnnn!

  • aiefoneten
    aiefoneten Month ago +4

    This guy is a middleweight?? He looks 120 lbs

    • Lahye 1972
      Lahye 1972 Month ago

      He is 6’2” and walks around 210 to 215 lbs. He is a big kid.

    • Platinum121212
      Platinum121212 Month ago

      You’re blind

    • Carlito Brigante
      Carlito Brigante Month ago

      Weigh ins are tomorrow, tune in on fight night you’ll see the difference

    • Ahmad Abraham
      Ahmad Abraham Month ago

      @MASRR Neil magny is 6ft 3 and he's a welterweight it's the mass that counts

    • MASRR
      MASRR Month ago

      No he doesn't lol and don't forget he's 6'2

  • J G
    J G Month ago +1

    Managed by Ronda Rousey...does that mean he is her boy toy?

    • Christian
      Christian Month ago +1

      Jacob Glenman You’re**

    • Jacob Glenman
      Jacob Glenman Month ago +4

      Your a special kinda stupid buddy 😂

  • Fred Fred
    Fred Fred Month ago +36

    this dude is 10-0 at age 21, no way he won't make it big

    • Rip Lil peep
      Rip Lil peep Month ago +1

      Carlito Brigante bro this guy went to my school like 10 years ago and he works out like right down the street

    • Carlito Brigante
      Carlito Brigante Month ago +8

      Fred Fred He said he wants to be the middleweight champion when he was 12. This guy is MMA to the core.

  • Will Harris
    Will Harris Month ago +4

    Edmen is going to knock Tavares out

  • MmaBoxing KO
    MmaBoxing KO Month ago +37

    Let’s go Edmen! First Armenian UFC champion lets go!!

  • Arthur Khachatryan
    Arthur Khachatryan Month ago +4

    Such a cool guy, wish the best for him but Tavares seems a bit early.

    • Arthur Khachatryan
      Arthur Khachatryan Month ago

      @Mark Walmsley eventually he's going to fight for the title, idk how soon. About weightclass, he might stay at middleweight but cutting will be harder as we see khabib dealing with his weightcut and keeping it in 155.

    • Mark Walmsley
      Mark Walmsley Month ago

      @Arthur Khachatryan another nice gradual step up. Then who? If he beat him then it would have to be one of the top 5 imo.
      What I think is so special about this kid is his age and the weightclass he fights in. Hes 21 and fighting legit middle weights! Usually kids that age are still growing (as he must be) so you see them at lightweight or welterweight. The other young guys who are really big rarely are fighting top level opposition. This kid is still growing, he will be a light heavy in 5 years or less! Imo he's a special talent, he has been training all aspects of mma since he was 9, he is rondas only mma student! He has been around top flight fighters for years and isn't specifically trained in one area. This is what the new breed of mma fighter will be, machines who are all round mma fighters who have been doing it since they were very young.
      I'm certainly excited to see hjm again, even Dana before the fight was letting people know he's one to watch.

    • Arthur Khachatryan
      Arthur Khachatryan Month ago +1

      Mark Walmsley I think Hermanson would accept the fight.

    • Mark Walmsley
      Mark Walmsley Month ago

      @Arthur Khachatryan the question is what can he do now?

    • Arthur Khachatryan
      Arthur Khachatryan Month ago +1

      Mark Walmsley wow, that was very impressive. So happy for Edmen

  • THTDI Inc
    THTDI Inc Month ago +10

    Armenian gangster. Go get him bro.

  • M3NACE
    M3NACE Month ago +10

    Let’s get it brother 🤙🏻 God bless

    • Best Ever
      Best Ever 9 days ago

      @Bad Santa I like Odin.

    • Bad Santa
      Bad Santa Month ago

      Which "God" do you go with? I personally like Zues. The good thing is there are so many to choose from.

  • puntsize
    puntsize Month ago +5

    Brad Tavares is going to beat Edmen, and then steal his girlfriend!

  • Haitian Xu
    Haitian Xu Month ago +18

    Since Kavanagh is Makwan's coach this means both Edmond and Irish Edmond will be cornering at UFC 244!

    • Trouser Troll
      Trouser Troll Month ago

      Too much head move in one place - Khabib to 3 Edmonds

    • artiew87
      artiew87 Month ago +2

      Don't forget about Kiwi Edmond, Israel's coach.

  • neronero
    neronero Month ago +13

    He trains with Rondas Coach Edmond?

    • arturo salazar
      arturo salazar Month ago

      Head movement!!! Head movement!!

    • Mark Walmsley
      Mark Walmsley Month ago +2

      This kid is a beast! He is potentially a champion in the years to come. Very talented!

    • Richard Nascaw
      Richard Nascaw Month ago

      well his family is the answer

    • Devorantem
      Devorantem Month ago +17

      Of course. That's who taught him his incredible head movement.