• Published on May 7, 2018
  • We delivered our new song "Distortion" as a surprise digital single just before the kick off of our WORLD TOUR 2018!
    ▶︎「Distortion」8 May, Available!
    【Apple Music - BABYMETAL】
    【Spotify - BABYMETAL】

    【US TOUR】
    2018/5/8 (Tues) Kansas City, MO(Uptown Theater)
    2018/5/10 (Thurs) Austin, TX(ACL Live at the Moody Theater)
    2018/5/11 (Fri) Dallas, TX(House of Blues Dallas)
    2018/5/13 (Sun) Houston, TX(Revention Music Center)
    2018/5/15 (Tues) Atlanta, GA(Tabernacle Atlanta)
    2018/5/17 (Thurs) Charlotte, NC(The Fillmore)
    2018/5/18 (Fri) Nashville, TN(Marathon Music Works)
    2018/5/20 (Sun) Rock on the Range 2018(Columbus, OH / Mapfre Stadium)
    2018/6/1 (Fri) Rock am Ring 2018(Germany / Nürburg / Nürburgring)
    2018/6/2 (Sat) Rock im Park 2018(Germany / Nuremberg / Zeppelinfeld)
    2018/6/4 (Mon) Austria / Innsbruck(Music Hall Innsbruck)
    2018/6/5 (Tues) Netherlands / Utrecht(TivoliVredenburg)
    2018/6/6 (Wed) Netherlands / Utrecht(TivoliVredenburg)
    2018/6/9 (Sat) Download UK(UK / Derby / Donington Park)

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  • Anna Balan
    Anna Balan 7 hours ago

    это просто охуенно ♥

  • Metari Pierre
    Metari Pierre 11 hours ago

    Japanese DRAGONFORCE

  • ballon fly
    ballon fly 16 hours ago

    Top 10 people who could defeat Thanos

  • Christopher Knight
    Christopher Knight 19 hours ago

    This would make a great opening for an anime!

  • Katarina
    Katarina 21 hour ago

    Is this an anime opening? 😱😱

  • Teemu Reijonen
    Teemu Reijonen 23 hours ago

    Pedal to the metal, hope you all the best drummer for live shows \,,/

  • Aℓℓ σf мє
    Aℓℓ σf мє Day ago +1

    I refuse to believe they're 19/20 now I just refuse!

  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve Day ago

    DR value: 0

  • ŋɩɠɧtwaѵҽ pɭaʑa

    This like a anime opening

  • Sylph Whitewing
    Sylph Whitewing Day ago

    this song should be a opening to a gundam series its perfect!!!

  • Stoned TNT420
    Stoned TNT420 Day ago

    What if Yui got like cancer and this song is her fighting it. Trying to fight back it's destructive nature.

    JISHU DRAGS Day ago +1

    Reminds me of Children of Bodom - Trashed, Lost and Strung out.

  • Joseph Schwarten
    Joseph Schwarten Day ago +2

    This song has changed my perception of BabyMetal. Before I felt like they were a gimmick. Now I welcome them in with my Metal worship.

  • Morgan Bennett
    Morgan Bennett 2 days ago

    I just noticed that Yuimetal had a back brace on

    • Morgan Bennett
      Morgan Bennett 6 hours ago

      She got injured on her back that’s why they put her on

    • Ratna Kameswara
      Ratna Kameswara 13 hours ago

      Morgan Bennett what happened???

  • itsyagirlchy 357
    itsyagirlchy 357 2 days ago +1


    • itsyagirlchy 357
      itsyagirlchy 357 22 hours ago

      FreddyYUL : i appreciate your well being . THANK YOUUU

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL 2 days ago +1

      not really a sub-title
      Japanese lyrics with English translation of BABYMETAL - Distortion :

  • Ace Knight
    Ace Knight 2 days ago +8

    I am a 48 year old former American Football player and coach, lifetime metal head, and not ashamed to admit I can't stop listening to Babymetal! Amazing band! On my to do list is see them live at least once before I die, great voices, great music, great videos, AMAZING!

    • Ace Knight
      Ace Knight 10 hours ago

      Ratna Kameswara Thank you brother

    • Ratna Kameswara
      Ratna Kameswara 13 hours ago +1

      Ace Knight welcome to The One brother

    • Ace Knight
      Ace Knight Day ago

      Tawnku Imi-Uru Thank you my friend

    • Tawnku Imi-Uru
      Tawnku Imi-Uru Day ago +1

      I hope your wish comes true, kind soul .

    HINAMETAL ̈ 2 days ago


  • y h
    y h 2 days ago +1

    her voice is amazing !
    BABYMETAL - From dusk till dawn

  • Benyamin Dmc
    Benyamin Dmc 2 days ago +1

    Excelente canción UwU

  • Mayte Perez
    Mayte Perez 2 days ago +1

    esta fabuloso el vídeo

  • Just Rebe
    Just Rebe 2 days ago +1

    Sería genial que viniesen a Argentina 💕

  • Jocelyn Solares
    Jocelyn Solares 3 days ago

    Me encantó está cansion la podría escuchar todo el día 👍👍 es una muy buena cansion 😍 saludos desde México

  • Hector Gonzalez
    Hector Gonzalez 3 days ago +1

    Koba-metal has destroyed... Babymetal.

    • sdiablo0
      sdiablo0 2 days ago +2

      Even if this is true you have to remember that without Koba there would be no Babymetal in the first place.

  • Miché _
    Miché _ 3 days ago

    Nooo what happened with the kawaii outfits? GIVE ME KAWAIINESSS GODDAMMIT

    • Tawnku Imi-Uru
      Tawnku Imi-Uru Day ago

      No offense to you, kind soul, but to actually believe that the evolution in all aspects of BABYMETAL is not realistic. They have grown...changed...both physically as well as musically. I personally think it to be a wonderful thing.

  • You deserve The mean comment

    This is a disgrace to metal

    • You deserve The mean comment
      You deserve The mean comment 18 hours ago

      Tawnku Imi-Uru I’m literally just saying this is a shitty Type of metal because it’s NOT METAL. it’s one of your shitty weeb songs, so gtfo with your “genetics” shit

    • Tawnku Imi-Uru
      Tawnku Imi-Uru Day ago

      You obviously are one of the so very few people that still exist on this planet that JUST DON"T GET IT...It must be such a very lonely world you allow yourself to live in that you willingly subject yourself to such amazingly close mindedness. I feel bad for the genetical deficiencies your parents obviously afforded you. Good luck to you and your endeavors to finally become the top french fry cook at the fast food restaurant you are at this week.

    • AB AB
    • You deserve The mean comment
      You deserve The mean comment 3 days ago

      FreddyYUL lmao this shit is KPOP. I don’t give a fuck about your opinion. Your reply was literally a baby step above “no u” so stfu and go listen to real music not this weeb shit

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL 3 days ago

      Yes, yes you are

  • JamalPatonko
    JamalPatonko 3 days ago

    if Overlord has this song for the opening

  • Draco Scarlet
    Draco Scarlet 4 days ago +1

    Please come to Brazil 😍

  • musku take
    musku take 4 days ago +1

    日本人って面倒臭い BABYMETALがこれから先面倒な日本国内じゃなくUSAやUKに移すべきだ 日本を離れ世界にもう飛び出しても良いと思うぜ 面倒くさい YUIがどうしたとかファッションがどうしたとか 片腹痛い 頑張れBABYMETALの音楽性は間違いない 世界は待ってる

  • IWCG
    IWCG 5 days ago

    Yui-Metal 2:43? is back ? xdddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Salty Skye
    Salty Skye 5 days ago


  • Connor B
    Connor B 6 days ago

    Why isn’t one of there songs an anime opening?

  • Geovanna Sousa
    Geovanna Sousa 6 days ago +2

    Brasil Love Babymetal Forever ❤

  • Gonzalo Jimenez Moguel
    Gonzalo Jimenez Moguel 6 days ago +1

    Come to México please ! I missed the only one concert in Mexico back in 2015 , I would kill to see your live performance

    • Morgan Bennett
      Morgan Bennett 6 days ago

      Gonzalo Jimenez Moguel only the fox god knows

  • una fujoshi jappominkiata sul web

    Yuiiii where is Yuiii???

  • septian maniac
    septian maniac 6 days ago


  • NastyKhan
    NastyKhan 7 days ago

    Any hint what is this song about?

    • NastyKhan
      NastyKhan 3 days ago

      That doesn't sound like a nice place for a sunday walk.

    • Morgan Bennett
      Morgan Bennett 6 days ago

      NastyKhan in a world where "power is distorted through time and space.”

  • Paul Borst
    Paul Borst 7 days ago

    Great song, but why aren't the girls in the official video? I came to see them not a bunch of random models.

  • sanane sanane
    sanane sanane 7 days ago +1

    I love you babymetal

  • FallxnFear
    FallxnFear 7 days ago +1


  • FallxnFear
    FallxnFear 7 days ago +10

    *This is what i wanted to hear in this Generation*

  • Rock N' Roll Forever

    Som delicioso

  • Damiedwa
    Damiedwa 8 days ago

    su metal is baby metal

  • Agastya Dinatha
    Agastya Dinatha 8 days ago

    sadis bosq

  • Animal Mother
    Animal Mother 8 days ago

    An entire video featuring nothing but slow motion tai-chi was a bold(shit) choice.

  • Kosaqz
    Kosaqz 8 days ago

    So maybe 2nd song please?

  • Dark Rook
    Dark Rook 8 days ago

    Love it

  • Al Metal
    Al Metal 8 days ago +1

    When will I see you again?
    You left with no goodbye, not a single word was said
    I had no idea of the state we were in

  • DarienVista
    DarienVista 8 days ago

    New intro song for Attack on Titan Season 3? Also, did Team ICO make the music video? Shadows of Colossus @ :55

  • Ðamien Ømen
    Ðamien Ømen 8 days ago

    We have awesome videos like this but can't get an awesome live action anime.......

  • Cara ela ta tao na sua

    muito bom

  • Jenifer Diaz
    Jenifer Diaz 9 days ago

    Ohh por dios despues de tanto

  • チェリー。
    チェリー。 9 days ago


  • staple132
    staple132 9 days ago +1

    Despite the language being Japanese, it's amazing that there are a lot more non-Japanese comments here. And yes, I'm hoping to see Yui and everyone well back together. Keep it up!

  • AndriusMotuzas
    AndriusMotuzas 10 days ago

    This is so anime vibe :) I mean it in a good way

  • Seth Flanders
    Seth Flanders 10 days ago

    The pinical of J Rock.

  • IFakAll
    IFakAll 10 days ago

    yah I'd like to drum this but I already know how that's gonna turn out

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL 10 days ago

      Try first with "BabyMetal - Amore" it's easy to play on drum ;)
      BABYMETAL - Amore :

  • ナサントスカ
    ナサントスカ 10 days ago

    Woah woah woah woah

  • Unnie TV
    Unnie TV 10 days ago

    Alto anime :v

  • \_SeemsLikeLove_/
    \_SeemsLikeLove_/ 10 days ago


  • Rodrigo da Velha
    Rodrigo da Velha 11 days ago +1


  • Robo De Combate Do Vlad

    br marcando presença

    LᎾNELᎽ BᎾᎽ 11 days ago +1

    Algum br ae?

  • Allen Walker
    Allen Walker 11 days ago

    What a effects :D

  • Rubän
    Rubän 11 days ago +1

    more songs like this

  • Blade The Slayer
    Blade The Slayer 11 days ago

    Are yui and the twins making a return?

  • Marily Acosta Askifan
    Marily Acosta Askifan 12 days ago


  • 홍석인
    홍석인 12 days ago

    가지가지한다 애니메이션 락을 석은거야 뭐야?
    무슨장느 노래인지?
    노래도 무슨 ? 뭐야 ?

  • Qmsj Hai
    Qmsj Hai 12 days ago

    Need subtitle

  • AssassinoJaxon
    AssassinoJaxon 12 days ago

    For the longest time I had pegged Akatsuki as the Babymetal song I felt sounded the most like it could be an anime opening, with maybe Akumu no Rondo a close second.
    My list has no been revised as not only does the song sound like it, but the damn music video seems like it was pulled straight from an anime.
    Awesome song.

  • Sergio lazaro mejía
    Sergio lazaro mejía 12 days ago +1

    It's like Naruto openings on steroids

  • nathan humphrey
    nathan humphrey 12 days ago +1

    Can someone please make a babymetal equivalent of metalocalypse or some anime to fit them cause that would be amazing

  • Morgan Bennett
    Morgan Bennett 13 days ago +1


  • Um comentarista Otaku 2.0

    Q nojo, bro :v
    Prefiro Disturbed

  • Jeremy Soreille
    Jeremy Soreille 13 days ago

    Always a pleasure to see some news of my favorite jpop band.
    Exactly like SGtMarkIV :-)

    • Cringy Fanpage
      Cringy Fanpage 11 days ago +1

      FreddyYUL Nice one bro, been trying to explain this for a good few hours now 😂

    • FreddyYUL
      FreddyYUL 11 days ago +1

      Lol BabyMetal started as an idol yes when they were in Sakura Gakuin
      BabyMetal is a project of Koba _(mastermind behind BabyMetal)_
      He is a big fan of metal music and had in his mind a project to create a new metal band
      he was working for Amuse Inc. _(Perfume and Sakura Gakuin label agency and today also for BabyMetal)_
      All of them; Suzuka, Yui and Moa were in Sakura Gakuin
      He saw the potential of Suzuka as a singer for metal music
      he asked Amuse Inc if he could start his project to create a new band with Suzuka as a singer
      Yui and Moa were added later as backup singer and dance
      Amuse Inc told him; go for it with your project, but they didn't gave him any financial support for his project
      Amuse Inc was in the J-pop industry....not metal
      So they had to borrow some clothes to complete their costume for their first live performance in 2010 and first music video in 2011
      BabyMetal first live performance in 2010 :
      BabyMetal first music video in 2011 :
      You can say they were still idol from their beginning to 2013
      However, when they added the Kami Band _(BabyMetal musician)_ to their live performance, at that moment they became a full Kawaii Metal band and not idol anymore
      So, yes they started as idol, but no longer are
      They don't do anymore any TV show and other stuff like other idol do
      Btw, you don't know much about metal music if you say they are all the incarnation of morbidity and evilness
      In addition, saying BabyMetal is not metal is denying the's a fact. point
      Also read the description on Wikipedia :
      Kawaii Metal :

    • Cringy Fanpage
      Cringy Fanpage 11 days ago +1

      Jeremy Soreille "you want me to stop insults because they disagree? Ok no prob but start to do it yourself" why should I do that for someone who has now insulted me AND someone else for disagreeing with them, you are being a self obsorbed bigot and want me to treat you with respect? I treat you how you treat me, insult me, you lose my respect, if you wanted mutual respect you had to give it and not call people names for daring to point out that just because they come from an Idol background, that doesn't make this metal band an idol group

    • Cringy Fanpage
      Cringy Fanpage 11 days ago +1

      Jeremy Soreille stop carrying this on! Your calling me a child yet your the one who's upset about someone saying your not even friends with that person i have no clue who they are I was just saying calling someone stupid for stating a fact is obscene, your telling me to grow up, i'm not the one calling people stupid, or implying people are, or calling people sheep then getting offended when someone says something back, if you call people sheep, you get called a cunt, i'm not sugarcoating it for someone who obviously doesn't understand the basics of a conversation, this all started because I pointed out that Babymetal are a metal band and i'd at least 95% of internet sources or quotes from the band themselves will tell you exactly that, because of that, instead of replying with good, fair debate, you call me a sheep, ok pal, you keep at it 👍

    • Jeremy Soreille
      Jeremy Soreille 11 days ago

      Dude... Babymetal are idols, it's a fact. Point.
      Saying the opposite is denying the truth (=stupid).
      "you were the one who started with the snarky little comments" Seriously ? You're not a kid anymore. Grow up.
      You say that you're just "defending your friend.".
      He does not need your defense. He can write. if he wants to reply me, he'll do it himself.
      "they're not your average rage filled act". Dude, it's the 3th time i say it, the "marginal" can be expressed in lot of different ways, not only through rage or evil. But also through sadness for example.
      You want me to stop insult others because they disagree ?
      Okay, no prob. But start to do it yourself.
      I treated you of sheep ? Start to stop saying i'm a cunt and telling me to fuck off.
      Do you realize you reproach me your own problems ? (Freud called this "projection".)

  • seanfall
    seanfall 13 days ago

    The JoJo Vibes are strong with this one.

  • BulletBish
    BulletBish 13 days ago

    Is this bleach new OMV??

  • Jorge Luis Montoya Solís

    jajaja como para que la pongan en la frikiplaza

  • Rafael -
    Rafael - 14 days ago

    Que vídeo fantástico!

  • Damiedwa
    Damiedwa 14 days ago

    its good

  • Danith Ochoa Martinez
    Danith Ochoa Martinez 14 days ago

    pero que piesas tan divinas tiene baby metal

  • Gylindril
    Gylindril 14 days ago

    It's literally avatar. Earth, fire, water, and and air benders...

  • y h
    y h 14 days ago +3

    her voice is amazing !
    BABYMETAL - From dusk till dawn

  • Eclipsita del corazón de mavier :3

    Amo esta cancion :3 ♡

  • Mugen Lusk
    Mugen Lusk 15 days ago +8

    it is imposable to not love Babymetal, best music.... best everything, and they all make me happy, so much love :)
    Babymetal is always welcome in Scotland *giant hug*

    • Mugen Lusk
      Mugen Lusk 3 days ago

      And i did not mean literly you cant not like them when i said its imposable...if its my wording that caused an issue (in fact nearly everyone i know does not like babymetal)
      Lol im not sure what im defending really (we both can think whatever we want)
      But yeah why argue....

      Ok i think im finished here now
      Enjoy life and yeah not sure what you tried to say but no hard feelings (tbh no feelings at all i dont know you😂)
      All joking aside have a nice life😎

    • Mugen Lusk
      Mugen Lusk 3 days ago

      angels and demons advocate i am childish im 43 in october and dont plan to take life seriously, my wisdom in 42 well nothing😂😂😂 im uber imature (spelling)
      Ok back on topic lol lets just agree to disagree? I like it and yeah as far as im concerned they are welcome in scotland anytime (or again since they been here before with the RHCP)
      But yeah i dont even remember what your point is now but i agree that other bands also make good music too, so im not sure what we are "talking" about....

    • angels and demons advocate
      angels and demons advocate 3 days ago

      Mugen Lusk did you know i didnt say you can like it did you know on this planet you seem very childish saying things that dont have anything to do with the convo to try and put me down for pointing out the fact that......... Your wrong
      You said its impossible not for you but its impossible to not love them which means your talking about everyone or you dont know how to talk correctly in other words dont speak for me or imma be replying

    • Mugen Lusk
      Mugen Lusk 3 days ago

      angels and demons advocate i like ladybaby too and well i like what i like, and i have at least 6 or 7 song by babymetal i love....i dont claim i have not heard better musicians (lol i can play guitar better) but my origonal point is well "i like it" and no matter how much you try and "lil miss take away my enjoyment of certain songs" (bit mouthy lol) but yeah lol still i like bubbles were burst over in scotland, sorry :-(
      You do know that in the country i live people are aloud to like diffrent music or songs or whatever....your opinion has no effect on my world veiw or my opinion on babymetal or this song in particular

    • angels and demons advocate
      angels and demons advocate 3 days ago

      Mugen Lusk yes i know your point lil miss triggered
      Its impossible to not love babymetal
      It is very possible
      It very possible to not like them
      But its very dumb to hate them
      Idk why but so where clear i dont hate them........ but they are entertaining or was anyway sorry to burst your bubble but there are thousands hell maybe a million bands better than this idol group backed by a band
      The new ladybaby is more promising than this new babymetal

  • Stefanie P. Hines
    Stefanie P. Hines 15 days ago +2

    Where yuimetal

    • sdiablo0
      sdiablo0 14 days ago +1

      Recovering form health related problems. She is still in the group, but its unknown if or when she will return.

    • pajmic666
      pajmic666 15 days ago

      In the tomato galaxy far far away. She shall never come back, deal with it.

  • akai ikaka
    akai ikaka 15 days ago


  • Johnny12Hats
    Johnny12Hats 15 days ago

    not into the clean vocials but this a pretty legit song and a pretty sick video to go with it

  • Sean Ortigoza
    Sean Ortigoza 15 days ago

    Love this song. Babymetal marathon here in the office and I don't care hahaha.

  • 鈴木洋
    鈴木洋 15 days ago +5


  • Noah Hayes
    Noah Hayes 15 days ago

    What. Did. I. Just. Hear.

    INDIGO GHOST 15 days ago +1

    The hardstyle kicks fit perfectly with the melody

  • carlos andres cuesta sanchez

    esto es parte de algun videojuego o algo parecido porque esto es la neta

  • Trinity Konikson
    Trinity Konikson 16 days ago +3

    Her english is way better now

  • Kyng 5974
    Kyng 5974 16 days ago +3

    Outstanding CGI for a music video. I mean, the amount of effort put into animating this must have been ridiculous. And don't even get me started on the song! Babymetal wows me again!

  • Dragon waR
    Dragon waR 16 days ago +1


  • Very Cat
    Very Cat 16 days ago

    Keren cuy

  • Yoshiro Ojiri 0923
    Yoshiro Ojiri 0923 16 days ago +1

    *Akatsuki Planning to attack Konoha at Blood Moon*

  • Yoshiro Ojiri 0923
    Yoshiro Ojiri 0923 16 days ago +1

    How bout I create a Nightcore lol

  • ratna The One
    ratna The One 16 days ago +1

    Hmm I miss kawaii metal genre.. this is just pure j rock-_-

  • One guy you know
    One guy you know 16 days ago +2

    This the first song that I hear from babymetal. I already love the band