• Published on May 7, 2018
  • We delivered our new song "Distortion" as a surprise digital single just before the kick off of our WORLD TOUR 2018!
    ▶︎「Distortion」8 May, Available!
    【Apple Music - BABYMETAL】
    【Spotify - BABYMETAL】

    【US TOUR】
    2018/5/8 (Tues) Kansas City, MO(Uptown Theater)
    2018/5/10 (Thurs) Austin, TX(ACL Live at the Moody Theater)
    2018/5/11 (Fri) Dallas, TX(House of Blues Dallas)
    2018/5/13 (Sun) Houston, TX(Revention Music Center)
    2018/5/15 (Tues) Atlanta, GA(Tabernacle Atlanta)
    2018/5/17 (Thurs) Charlotte, NC(The Fillmore)
    2018/5/18 (Fri) Nashville, TN(Marathon Music Works)
    2018/5/20 (Sun) Rock on the Range 2018(Columbus, OH / Mapfre Stadium)
    2018/6/1 (Fri) Rock am Ring 2018(Germany / Nürburg / Nürburgring)
    2018/6/2 (Sat) Rock im Park 2018(Germany / Nuremberg / Zeppelinfeld)
    2018/6/4 (Mon) Austria / Innsbruck(Music Hall Innsbruck)
    2018/6/5 (Tues) Netherlands / Utrecht(TivoliVredenburg)
    2018/6/6 (Wed) Netherlands / Utrecht(TivoliVredenburg)
    2018/6/9 (Sat) Download UK(UK / Derby / Donington Park)

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  • cocopunk1486
    cocopunk1486 49 minutes ago

    Babymetal are back at last!

  • shokotan
    shokotan Hour ago


  • Abby Bloom
    Abby Bloom 5 hours ago

    wowie this was lit 🔥👌

  • btreekr BP
    btreekr BP 6 hours ago


  • Children's Channel
    Children's Channel 8 hours ago

    very interesting video 😎 Sweet

  • Unicorn Channel
    Unicorn Channel 8 hours ago

    very interesting video 😎 Sweet

  • Dragon Time
    Dragon Time 8 hours ago

    very interesting video 😎 Sweet

  • Holidays
    Holidays 8 hours ago

    very interesting video 😎 Sweet

  • Surprise Egg & Learning Colors

    very interesting video 😎 Sweet

  • OWL Magic Friend
    OWL Magic Friend 8 hours ago

    very interesting video 😎 Sweet

  • Ginghamboxkasir CLY
    Ginghamboxkasir CLY 9 hours ago


  • FckU Ffo
    FckU Ffo 11 hours ago

    #whereisyui ?

  • Andres Lopez
    Andres Lopez 12 hours ago +1

    The guy with crown looks like White Snake from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Pseudo
    Pseudo 12 hours ago

    This slays.

  • Genesis Lawan
    Genesis Lawan 13 hours ago

    Jeez.. This is fvcking heavy.. So epic! Goosebumps..
    For you Ko-Gami.. To the heaven..

  • Black Orb
    Black Orb 13 hours ago


  • Felix Becker
    Felix Becker 13 hours ago

    this is mor elike the Old Stuff:) they getting better

  • Amandeep Kumar
    Amandeep Kumar 14 hours ago

    i see berserk reference.

  • Very Well !
    Very Well ! 14 hours ago


  • Mrcocobut09
    Mrcocobut09 14 hours ago

    Where the fuck are the girls dancing?

  • Serial Jack
    Serial Jack 14 hours ago

    Why does devil May cry come in my head while I’m listening to this?

  • Simon A.J.
    Simon A.J. 15 hours ago

    "Tatoo" should've been the title track -- this song is a bit disappointing

  • Phill Kent
    Phill Kent 16 hours ago +2

    Great song, great band \m/

  • Grace Rogers
    Grace Rogers 16 hours ago

    This belongs in an anime!!

  • MrZell324
    MrZell324 16 hours ago

    Dark Soul 4 confirmed

  • dima glazunov
    dima glazunov 17 hours ago

    waing for someone, who map this in osu!

  • Su-Li Baisden
    Su-Li Baisden 17 hours ago +3

    awsome concert in Nashville

  • aden entertainment
    aden entertainment 17 hours ago

    2:22 suddenly dark souls

  • Mike
    Mike 18 hours ago

    偽善者なんて切り捨てちまえよ_( _´ω`)_ペショ

  • Krissi Kreme
    Krissi Kreme 19 hours ago

    Woah this is freakin GOOD!

  • mashimaro pan
    mashimaro pan 21 hour ago +1


  • Bbgrl Caliente
    Bbgrl Caliente 21 hour ago

    im not a fan of this kind of music at all, but this is so catchy! go babymetal!

  • Rizal Adicahyo
    Rizal Adicahyo 21 hour ago

    Give up give upppp

    FU- METAL 22 hours ago +2


  • HardcoreHamster33
    HardcoreHamster33 23 hours ago

    I see Babymetal, I click. I love them so much! I have one of their albums! I need to buy them all though. Lol Good song and of course, another amazing MV.

  • Micheal Gerard
    Micheal Gerard Day ago

    In a world where all of the heroes have fallen, even the darkest of villains wish for the worlds survival.

  • Waifuamv's
    Waifuamv's Day ago

    So fucking awesome song

  • Shendue
    Shendue Day ago +1

    Alright song. Their old stuff is WAY better. Well, at least is a new song. Alright song is better than no song.

  • Fabiane Araújo
    Fabiane Araújo Day ago


  • WhatBeAHuman party

    It is finally here

  • stephani hernandz


  • Min Fanny Suga
    Min Fanny Suga Day ago +1

    I love this song

  • 金色飴
    金色飴 Day ago


  • Jssl At’Ksu
    Jssl At’Ksu Day ago

    If anime and death metal had a child out come= babymetal

  • ShowALK
    ShowALK Day ago

    Reminds me of You Will Know Our Names from Xenoblade Chronicles.

  • Steve Mills
    Steve Mills Day ago +1

    I like the song. I didn’t at first but it grew on me. But I HATE this video. The whole point of a BABYMETAL video is to see Su & Moa & Yui dancing and looking kawaii. This video has none of that shit. So it’s a pointless video. I hope it’s not a new trend.

    • kainhighwind2
      kainhighwind2 Day ago

      It's part of the story for the Seven chosen by the dark side.

  • DayCraft
    DayCraft Day ago

    BABYMETAL isComing back after 2 years youtube

  • Felages
    Felages Day ago


  • Kevin Zeiger
    Kevin Zeiger Day ago

    I love babymetal. I want to go on a concert :3 they are cool and cute at the same time

  • JasTGC 911
    JasTGC 911 Day ago +1

    Beautiful! fantastic!!!!!

  • Hilman Raiden
    Hilman Raiden Day ago

    Hello Babymetal fans, i want introduce my new fav band from japan, maybe u like it 😁 #WhereIsYuimetal #Yuicomeback

  • Phillip Marlowe
    Phillip Marlowe Day ago +1

    So, whatever company makes those Guilty Gear, Blaz Blue, Skull Girls games; they should have a character inspired by Babymetal.

  • Miki Dallas
    Miki Dallas Day ago

    i think thats too much chocolate ;D
    Great song

  • nicmolko
    nicmolko Day ago

    Anyone know why LIVE AT WEMBLEY has been removed from their Spotify too?

    • nicmolko
      nicmolko Day ago

      Rick Wagner I hope so. Only Karate from the album is on at the moment, very strange

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Day ago

      +nicmolko I'm not sure, but it could be related to some of the issues they've had in switching over to their own record label.
      Hopefully it will be back soon.

  • Scorpius Jones
    Scorpius Jones Day ago

    It's anime theme songs + metal

  • otaku friki karolita


  • gelgoog101
    gelgoog101 Day ago +1


  • Kang Daniel
    Kang Daniel Day ago


  • みふふみた
    みふふみた Day ago +2


  • ぴんすけ ぴんすけ

    ( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・'°☆awesome

  • Setherz
    Setherz Day ago

    Really excited to see the development of these chosen seven, and excited for more Babymetal \m/

    ONIZUMI MIZUKI Day ago +1


  • Middlle Player
    Middlle Player Day ago +3

    God save the Babymetal

  • Tom 2
    Tom 2 Day ago

    They shoud do a gig with Children of Bodom next time.

  • GokaikillerTobi
    GokaikillerTobi Day ago

    I have a feeling this will be an opening for an anime

  • xXjessiXx
    xXjessiXx Day ago +3

    What's happened to yui...?

  • Tzeentch
    Tzeentch Day ago

    What the fuck is this? Why did this pop up when I searched for dragonforce...

    • Erwin
      Erwin Day ago

      Maybe Tzeentch let Kairos Fateweaver have a go at manipulating TheXvid recommendations l

    • Tzeentch
      Tzeentch Day ago +2

      Alright, thanks for that information.

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Day ago +1

      +Tzeentch Could be because the groups are friends and have shared the stage a couple of times.
      Herman Li and Sam Totman contributed guitar tracks to the BABYMETAL song 'Road of Resistance'.
      Here's a live version:

  • RichChanLikesTacos
    RichChanLikesTacos Day ago +1

    Well i enjoy the music video

  • Hillary Sanabria

    I'm just triggered to comment something randomly under the japanese comments like: "I love gummy bears" or "YOLO". Idk 😂 Also: BABYMETAL! Awesome music ♡

  • Padan Fain
    Padan Fain Day ago +2

    Yui is the combination of "You" and "I". When "You and I" cease to exist the void is filled with Shadows that only the Sun and its reflection the Moon can vanquish. Let us have faith and trust that the Su and the Moa will triumph and restore You and I to the light!

  • bulldogchicali
    bulldogchicali Day ago +1

    #whereisyuimetal my baby cute i'm mexican mi year Is 11 and my inglish Is 2/10

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 2 days ago +1

    I have no clue what they're saying but it just sounds downright awesome

  • ポンポン太郎
    ポンポン太郎 2 days ago +1


  • Jara
    Jara 2 days ago

    0:36 ay thats a Pilar man

  • Dj Shark GD :v
    Dj Shark GD :v 2 days ago


  • Dj Shark GD :v
    Dj Shark GD :v 2 days ago +1


  • Ieila Jaimes
    Ieila Jaimes 2 days ago +1

    Babymetal rulez ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lalisa Oppa's wife
    Lalisa Oppa's wife 2 days ago +1

    I'm shook... That was freaking amazing 🙌🏽 But, where are the girls? 😕

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 2 days ago

    Boring doesn't even sound like BM anymore total fucking garbage

  • Bluraz
    Bluraz 2 days ago


  • usagi-chan :3 anime is life

    me encaaaaantaaaaaa!

  • Makoto Naegi
    Makoto Naegi 2 days ago +1

    They put on a GREAT SHOW in Nashville last night for us. The show was alluring. The bass, the enthusiasm of the girls, the band itself : all amazing. Love this band.

  • iMorgana _
    iMorgana _ 2 days ago

    Sounds like an anime opening

  • rafaelmush
    rafaelmush 2 days ago

    RIP, *Melodic* Babymetal

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Day ago

      +rafaelmush So you haven't heard the new songs they've been performing on the 2018 US tour, 'Elevator Girl' and 'Tattoo'?

  • Anton Rogers
    Anton Rogers 2 days ago +1

    Got introduced to baby metal, got goose bumps. Has happened every video! You guys are rocking it! Keep up the good work!

  • Kwer Rotw
    Kwer Rotw 2 days ago

    I loved the song,. It's incredible 👏🎉

  • Danu Wibi
    Danu Wibi 2 days ago +3

    Yuiìiiiiiiii where the fuck are you?

  • SpoopyTube
    SpoopyTube 2 days ago +1

    everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

  • Ilia Harkins
    Ilia Harkins 2 days ago

    Here are the seven.

  • Frukt Li
    Frukt Li 2 days ago


  • Tarusaki Nichiima
    Tarusaki Nichiima 2 days ago

    Anyone else smell anime opening?

  • Keith Hampton
    Keith Hampton 2 days ago +1

    Fucking awesome! My little girls are growing up! Mabey Yui's absent is because she dont want to grow up?

    • alblgz
      alblgz Day ago

      This is my thought too. Maybe that drastic change of style for the US tour isn't what she's ready for, yet? Can't blame her though.
      (Su is 20 already, Moa is an outgoing natural-born heartbreaker. I can understand how their previous "gothic loli" style feels limiting to them. Yui, on the other hand...)

  • Brandon Quail
    Brandon Quail 2 days ago

    I. love your music

  • Alan Juarez
    Alan Juarez 2 days ago

    Babymetal!!!!!!! Returns

  • Patrick Nickerson
    Patrick Nickerson 2 days ago +2

    Yui chan Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Chenard
    Eric Chenard 2 days ago

    Nope! I like the previous stuff, but this dragonforce-like speed tune gives me nothing that I am expecting... cross-genre music, heavy cheesy riffs or the simple complicity the trio can demonstrate.

    • Rick Wagner
      Rick Wagner Day ago

      +Eric Chenard You might want to search for the new songs they've been performing on the 2018 US tour, 'Elevator Girl' and 'Tattoo'.

  • Antonio F. G.
    Antonio F. G. 2 days ago

    Pls someone make this beatmap!!!