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  • Published on Feb 28, 2018
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  • MrPhiliphoward
    MrPhiliphoward 11 months ago

    Just watched your KCAL9 supposed news cast on the shooting of a woman photographer on a public footpath by a security guard and have to say that either you didn't watch the raw unedited video of the incident or just didn't care what it showed.
    And you wonder why ppl all over the world call you and most MSM MEDIA FAKE news, you made it out as if the person taking PHOTOGRAHS in a public place was against the law. Sorry but you can no longer call yourselves news media but storytellers is a better description. No wonder the United Nations has issued a warning to all countrys that the USA is no longer a safe country to visit and your blatant twisting of the truth shows how right they are.

  • Nethuel Ben Issachar

    fake fucken news