Cash Kidd - Mark My Words (Audio)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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  • deandre brand
    deandre brand 10 days ago +1

    Need a visual......

  • Jayla C
    Jayla C Month ago


  • Lamere Jackson
    Lamere Jackson Month ago +4


  • Hefner Hugh
    Hefner Hugh Month ago +1

    All these punches all these slides call me mega mannn 🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Full Circle
    Full Circle Month ago +2

    Gettin fast cake like patty cake bakers man🔥

  • devoncundiff8
    devoncundiff8 Month ago +6

    I done had to turn this on repeat 4 ta 5 times on soul he speaking to the soul

  • Full Circle
    Full Circle Month ago +3

    The KIDD is special and Over HATED

  • Tyreke Launay
    Tyreke Launay Month ago

    This Shit Hit Home fr 😤💯

  • aryanna perry
    aryanna perry Month ago +5

    This need to be on Spotify 💗💗💗

    • Prince Richie
      Prince Richie Month ago +1

      aryanna perry they took it it down it’ll be back up

    • aryanna perry
      aryanna perry Month ago

      @5674 Tone I only see the single for Who Shot You not the full album

    • 5674 Tone
      5674 Tone Month ago

      It is on there

    GMV TEEZY Month ago

    This shit have will have you sittin back thinking about a lot no cap .you should you hear that cgi allstarz. You an teezy would go crazy 🔥

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez Month ago +4

    Remember this when he blows up

  • tell weez
    tell weez Month ago +6

    Some of them bars went over my head had to run it back turbo lol.

  • Kea W
    Kea W Month ago +7

    "devil on my shoulder I can't get him off for shit"
    Felt that entirely. 💯
    Felt this whole song entirely.
    I HAD to replay‼️🎯

  • Ayo Dinero
    Ayo Dinero Month ago +1


  • D He Plugged
    D He Plugged Month ago

    This shit deep 🔥

  • シChefOli
    シChefOli Month ago +13

    Cash Kidd literally up next , Nd he *Unappreciated* 🧡

  • Johnny C
    Johnny C Month ago +5

    This one hurt omm💯😔

  • Cameron Stinson
    Cameron Stinson Month ago +3


  • alex cruz
    alex cruz Month ago +1

    Hardest nigga in the city nigga on my momma nigga

  • Chris Herriges
    Chris Herriges Month ago

    One word fire

  • jerin browder
    jerin browder Month ago +1

    Song start at 1:44

  • Twitch Trickylokz
    Twitch Trickylokz Month ago +1


  • Jaime Smith
    Jaime Smith Month ago +1


  • LiL Nell TV
    LiL Nell TV Month ago


  • OgMac SaVage
    OgMac SaVage Month ago +3

    Unknown legend #Goat 🐐

  • Nate Garcia
    Nate Garcia Month ago +1

    Him and lil bean hard 🥶🔥

  • gcn 150
    gcn 150 Month ago +1

    We needed new Cash Kidd!!!

  • Jawuan
    Jawuan Month ago +30

    *His Flow Completely Changed Wow.*

  • Music Plug
    Music Plug Month ago +1

    The best!!!!

  • Whoop _Marc3
    Whoop _Marc3 Month ago +1

    Is this his album 🔥??

  • Kari And Jay
    Kari And Jay Month ago

    Subscribe if y’all hip to this

  • Noso Vony
    Noso Vony Month ago +5

    Yea this one hit different ❌🧢🖤

  • Bryan Tejeda
    Bryan Tejeda Month ago +1

    Marc Never disappoint 💪🏽💯

  • Jones Family TV
    Jones Family TV Month ago +6

    🔥🔥they just came and snatch my niqqa❤️😩... felt that! #Deep

  • Zadok Doe'Parker
    Zadok Doe'Parker Month ago +18

    "I know you sleepn on me, but Marc my word"💯🔥🔥They need to wake up

  • Steven Seregny
    Steven Seregny Month ago

    Fire . Nigga Kidd a goat💯

  • DaMazin Official
    DaMazin Official Month ago +1

    My guy 🖤💯

  • ty
    ty Month ago +3

    Whole new vibes on dis whole album. Much needed.. right on time 🥶💘🤞7444&4746 Angel's

  • a johnson
    a johnson Month ago +2

    Bey bey kid back

  • Christopher Keepitlit
    Christopher Keepitlit Month ago +3

    Yuuup Facts you slept on

  • Tahari wester
    Tahari wester Month ago

    I fucks with cashkidd

  • Kash Alicia
    Kash Alicia Month ago +13

    Awe this made me cry

  • the tap x in
    the tap x in Month ago

    Yo check out phazzo droping this coming year

  • Cosmic Rails
    Cosmic Rails Month ago +7

    Where’s frank

  • Curt Tripping
    Curt Tripping Month ago +8

    BIH Rez 🗣🔥

  • StageDevil
    StageDevil Month ago +54

    He gon blow (he should of been did) Marc My Words.

  • NBA Trayy
    NBA Trayy Month ago +10

    Yea dis go different 🤧

  • T Klash
    T Klash Month ago +18

    Damn felt this one too deep

  • 7mile Goat
    7mile Goat Month ago

    I fw it all of his shit

  • BJ PSGamer
    BJ PSGamer Month ago +5

    I've been waiting so long

  • SlumpySettr
    SlumpySettr Month ago +3

    Listen 2 My Music See If Yhu Rocc Wit Me

  • AnteSlimeDL-
    AnteSlimeDL- Month ago +110

    Like if cash kidd one of da goats

    • tell weez
      tell weez Month ago

      AnteSlimeDL- On my momma

    • AnteSlimeDL-
      AnteSlimeDL- Month ago

      @tell weez I feel u a lil bit , wen he get back consistent , he gon be on his shit fr fr

    • tell weez
      tell weez Month ago

      He’s dope af but he’s got some work to do! No hate, just stating facts he hungry when y’all give them the “Goat” title when they still hungry some can lose that hunger. Then fans will be like “he need to go back to the old Cash” let’s just enjoy the process.

    • Jerome Wallace
      Jerome Wallace Month ago

      AnteSlimeDL- on god he is

  • Lanz
    Lanz Month ago +9

    that switch up tho! 🔥🔥🔥

  • KBaby -music
    KBaby -music Month ago

    Goat shit

  • S.O.B Malik
    S.O.B Malik Month ago +16

    Waited So Long For A Tape 🤮🔥

  • ATS Ent.
    ATS Ent. Month ago +3

    Amosc coolmike_yes

  • Benjamin 313
    Benjamin 313 Month ago +6

    👌🏽💯 speaking facts

    PROMO DJ Month ago +8

    i’m here before it blows

  • Jacuwan Bryant
    Jacuwan Bryant Month ago

    This my shit 💯 🔱

  • iiampariss
    iiampariss Month ago +8

    🥺❤️ I’m feeling it ..