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The Flash VS Zoom Full Fight EPIC (ING)

  • Published on May 29, 2016
  • The epic battle between Flash and Zoom !
    Lo scontro epico tra Flash e Zoom !
    Tutti i diritti riservati alla DC Comics , CW e WB
  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation

Comments • 772

  • Yohanes Aja
    Yohanes Aja 9 days ago

    Gak seru

    THANOS. EXE 9 days ago +3

    Siapa disini orang indonesia like

  • ulikdmayang
    ulikdmayang 9 days ago

    Hahaha wtf

  • TrYa NDT
    TrYa NDT 10 days ago

    super hero that humiliates like a dog

  • He Who
    He Who 10 days ago

    I miss this Hw

  • He Who
    He Who 10 days ago

    Best fight ever

  • ลาเต้ กะล่อน

    Zoom look like Jiren in cartoon Dragon Ball Super.

  • Hakimin Halim
    Hakimin Halim 11 days ago

    Flash is so fucking weak..

  • Lucero Latorre Mojica
    Lucero Latorre Mojica 11 days ago

    era mejor en español

  • Superfranco
    Superfranco 11 days ago

    Who is faster zoom or reverse flash?

  • DioSRap PS4
    DioSRap PS4 11 days ago

    Mato a su padre el pendejo

  • 5wordz X Modz
    5wordz X Modz 11 days ago

    look like cartoon form Cartoon network channel

  • Kă Dăn Dũng
    Kă Dăn Dũng 11 days ago

    Fuck You Zombie

  • JellyJallabo
    JellyJallabo 13 days ago +7

    I mean, this is cool, but that is some cringey dialogue.

  • Dijhon Graham
    Dijhon Graham 13 days ago


  • LightningRod Sharkdude Cheetos

    One of the craziest in Flash

  • alim kakani
    alim kakani 16 days ago

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  • Ibrahim Odeh
    Ibrahim Odeh 17 days ago

    Zoom is bad

  • tan trang
    tan trang 17 days ago


  • Vimala Yadav
    Vimala Yadav 19 days ago +1

    Flash liked

  • Vimala Yadav
    Vimala Yadav 19 days ago

    Flash liked

  • Rastuni Zoldyc
    Rastuni Zoldyc 21 day ago

    Flash? Flash vs Namikaze Minato?? Namikaze Minato is Win.

  • dhkeklgmc jfjjnhc
    dhkeklgmc jfjjnhc 25 days ago


  • dhkeklgmc jfjjnhc
    dhkeklgmc jfjjnhc 25 days ago


  • Thùy Nguyễn Biên
    Thùy Nguyễn Biên 25 days ago

    I like the flast

  • Thùy Nguyễn Biên
    Thùy Nguyễn Biên 25 days ago

    I like the flast

  • MD.Forhad Ahmed MD.Forhad Ahmed

    My Foot

  • Tariq Ahmed Alabdullah

    Fuck this

  • Zeba Yousaf
    Zeba Yousaf 26 days ago +16

    One of the greatest villains in flash

  • Syahril Muhamad
    Syahril Muhamad 27 days ago


  • Darwin Anguay
    Darwin Anguay 28 days ago +2

    zoom turn black flash

  • Jessics Jiang
    Jessics Jiang Month ago +1

    Flash vs Zoom Who will win?

    • Darwin Anguay
      Darwin Anguay 28 days ago +1

      the flash because zoom turn black flash

  • Paty Morales
    Paty Morales Month ago

    este video es buy epico al 100%

  • Timothy Rodowicz
    Timothy Rodowicz Month ago

    Barry was such a Homo in this season... he acted like he wanted the Zoom D real bad..

  • with out
    with out Month ago

    OMG EPIC 100% !!

  • best one5
    best one5 Month ago

    How you tran your dragon

  • Luis califa
    Luis califa Month ago

    Esta chevere

  • Saeed Tasawar
    Saeed Tasawar Month ago +5

    I watched this long time a go

  • Saeed Tasawar
    Saeed Tasawar Month ago

    I like flash more than zoom flash is more better

  • Raju Nishad
    Raju Nishad Month ago


  • Принцесса Козявкина


  • greciah1
    greciah1 Month ago

    Why does Barry say ‘I am the fastest man alive ‘ when his not now😺

    • Timothy Rodowicz
      Timothy Rodowicz Month ago

      He never is. Every season someone is faster than him. So it's always stupid when he says he's the fastest. He's been the fastest like once.

    • Parser
      Parser Month ago

      Because this is the story of his life. He has already lived that things. If you remember in the first episode i tolls it.

  • Ucill Keleng
    Ucill Keleng Month ago

    Opo gor aku seng ko indo😂😂😂

  • Khôi Nguyên Đỗ

    Đoạn trailer này có thật không mọi người, tôi đang tin , vì mỗi anh hùng đều có 1 người xấu ngăn chặn SIÊU ANH HÙNG ẤY?

  • Cristobal Rodriguez

    i hate zoom because hi killing the dad of barry

  • Rahul Rawat
    Rahul Rawat Month ago

    Episode 17kase download kare

  • Juthamat Noppharat
    Juthamat Noppharat Month ago


  • sukhgill 8028
    sukhgill 8028 Month ago

    Movie name please

  • Juanda Alpiansyah
    Juanda Alpiansyah Month ago

    thanks for share

  • Khôi Nguyên Đỗ

    Cái tôi dang xem có phải là 1 bộ fim sắp chiếu rạp, hay clip dàn dựng đánh lừa mọi người?

  • potgg
    potgg Month ago +1

    0:30 why doesnt he do this when he falls from a building? and he can basically fly if he does that

    • CoffeeBox
      CoffeeBox Month ago

      +potgg no he was thrown off of it while locked to a chair. Iris jumped down too to unlock him and he magically didn't go splat

    • potgg
      potgg Month ago

      CoffeeBox I think he ran over the building that time but i mean when there is nothing to run on he should do that

    • CoffeeBox
      CoffeeBox Month ago

      Well season 5 he fell off a building and saved Iris mid fall so idek anymore

  • greciah1
    greciah1 Month ago

    Hey zoom I hate you

  • luke mansell
    luke mansell Month ago

    22,000th sub 👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉

  • Miroslav Mojsevic
    Miroslav Mojsevic Month ago

    Я один русский?

  • Eobard Thawne
    Eobard Thawne Month ago +1

    My name is ZOOM !

  • Ananta Wikrama Dewa
    Ananta Wikrama Dewa Month ago +4

    Flash be a winner exactly

  • Ananta Wikrama Dewa

    Woww epic vs hacker

  • krushna tikore
    krushna tikore Month ago


  • Héctor Fabian De La Barra

    17:43 is the best part !!!

  • Joel Belanger
    Joel Belanger Month ago


  • Rifqi Codet
    Rifqi Codet Month ago +1

    Zoom is Fake Jay

  • Vermana Sharmana
    Vermana Sharmana Month ago +5

    I love flash then any other meta human

  • Abil Yasari
    Abil Yasari Month ago +4

    Zoom sounds like Night Stalker at DOTA 2

  • Emz n Jake Roblox and MSP!

    Doesn’t zoom look a lot like quick silver

  • Malik Suleman Awan
    Malik Suleman Awan Month ago

    Plz explain what happened in end like were those two like reapers or soul takers or hell demons, who took zoom?

    • Evade Kohhep
      Evade Kohhep Month ago

      They are time wraiths, they go after speedsters who mess with time and zoom did a lot of that

  • Umashankar Shankarappa
    Umashankar Shankarappa 2 months ago +10

    Why dose zoom care about people ,not A super villain

  • GREN n
    GREN n 2 months ago


  • Sudam Patel
    Sudam Patel 2 months ago


  • Asif Raza Yami 143
    Asif Raza Yami 143 2 months ago

    Flash हम कहाँ से डाउनलोड कर सकते है

  • Ryan Hillner
    Ryan Hillner 2 months ago +2

    What I never understood with Barry’s time remanent is you clearly see him disintegrate into thin air. But somehow that time remanent is supposed to be Savitar. I’m still confused about that. How can Savitar be Barry’s time remanent if you see it die and dissolve?

    • Ya Boi
      Ya Boi 2 months ago +1

      The time remanent created in the Barry/Zoom fight was absorbed into the speed force, there’s a theory that the remnant was absorbed into the speed force, goes back in time and is the lightning bolt that hits Barry giving him his powers. I believe that’s how it happened in the comics, but the TV show is much different, usually.
      A time remanent is a slightly different version of Barry from a slightly different timeline in which our Barry needs to convince the other version of himself to help him (According to Emergency Awesome). The only person able to create exact duplicates without making time remnants is Godspeed (in the comics) because he’s fast enough and has the ability to do so.
      In the future when Barry was fighting Savitar (after Iris dies) he created many time remnants, Savitar killed all but one. Leaving the original Barry Allen and a slightly different version of himself with pretty much the same memories. Team Flash didn’t know what to do with him, treated him like an outcast and he turned into Savitar because of that. But Barry defeated Savitar in this timeline and never created a remnant to help fight Savitar therefore never being created. That’s why Savitar wanted to use the Splicer so he would permanently exist throughout all time.

    • Ascended
      Ascended 2 months ago

      +Zagron1709 but didn't he say he was sad and alone ? Could be that the Barry Allen who created the time Remanent died but the Created one lived and than became Savitar ? ( Correct me if I wrong)

    • Zagron1709
      Zagron1709 2 months ago

      Savitar was created after flashpoint so when he was fighting against savitar he created those time things and savitar came from the future so thats how savitar was created

    • Ascended
      Ascended 2 months ago

      I think time remanents don't die they going in speed force and the one in speed force escaped the speed force in a timeline where are 2 Barry's now but the time remanent was traited like a stranger like he was not Barry Allen and that thinking got him Crazy and he became Savitar after he travelt back in time he created the first Speedster Savitar and After he became Savitar he goes in the future to kill Iris so Barry Allen can get crazy. ( That's my theory) and don't forget The time remanent felt alone and pain and he's thinking was became God so he can't feel alone and pain more.

  • G.G _TV
    G.G _TV 2 months ago

    16:15 for intro

  • myazleoful
    myazleoful 2 months ago +1

    *_For Kids Only_*

  • A R
    A R 2 months ago +2

    The zoom looks cooler because he's blue

  • dodit gunawan
    dodit gunawan 2 months ago +1

    wonderful guys ... please help our game content in "silent up production" don't forget to subscribe, share & like, thank you very much

  • ho jy
    ho jy 2 months ago

    it is not fun at all

  • Kiri1234jojo
    Kiri1234jojo 2 months ago +1

    3:40 when he falls that far everyone is like “omg he gone die” but how did he survive THAT fall?!!!

  • kunal sona
    kunal sona 2 months ago

    Full episode download kaise ho

  • Bola Ball Tv
    Bola Ball Tv 2 months ago

    Ada yg dari indo..?

    • Ja Jj
      Ja Jj 2 months ago

      toon chanel your mum

  • Rini Princes
    Rini Princes 2 months ago +1

    maneh jiga anu bisa bahasa inggris

  • Amir gour
    Amir gour 2 months ago

    hindi m kon se web per h

  • Amir gour
    Amir gour 2 months ago

    flash all episode hindi m karo

  • Aref Pathan
    Aref Pathan 2 months ago


  • Aleksandra mina Vagner
    Aleksandra mina Vagner 2 months ago

    jel zum ranije dobio brzinu pa je brzi

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar 2 months ago

    What does the ending mean?

  • RamaDSudeva like dirt
    RamaDSudeva like dirt 2 months ago

    Where zoom?

  • muz quitz
    muz quitz 2 months ago +4

    i dont get it, what's stopping flash from using a knife or a sword?

    • Bigger-D K
      Bigger-D K 2 months ago

      Flash is not an Anti hero like Deadpool so he can’t just kill the bad guy
      So the question should “what the fuck stoping Flash from using baseball bat? Iron knuckle?”

  • Hunny sarkar
    Hunny sarkar 2 months ago

    18:49 what are those?

  • sallu khan12
    sallu khan12 2 months ago

    I can't see anything

  • Loukou Marcelin
    Loukou Marcelin 2 months ago

    impossible que une personne soit plus rapide que flash

    • Kirigaya Kazuto
      Kirigaya Kazuto 2 months ago

      Mais oui bien sur ...
      La première que Flash s'est battu avec Eobard Thawn , Flash était le plus lent
      pareil avec Zoom et Savitar.

  • Md Rupom Md Anonto
    Md Rupom Md Anonto 2 months ago


  • furrycheetah2000
    furrycheetah2000 2 months ago

    Just like anakin skywalker,full of anger,hate,fear n vengeance.

  • Christian MALANGA
    Christian MALANGA 2 months ago


  • Kaif Idrisi
    Kaif Idrisi 2 months ago +11

    the flash is my favourite suprhero but flash ko dc me nhi marval me hona cahiye and flash is the best the zoom and savister kid flash

  • Edwin John
    Edwin John 3 months ago +1

    why will berry be going back in time


    Ajid tonton...Ajid rasa best.Ajid juga rasa taksub dan dengki pada man super ini.Salam sayang semua.See you google.Rindu dan suka awak...thank TheXvid2020

  • Everett Walker
    Everett Walker 3 months ago +5

    Trick yah zoom

  • Iqbal Taw
    Iqbal Taw 3 months ago

    I hate the music !!!

  • Савва631
    Савва631 3 months ago

    На английском он говорит намного страшнее чем на русском