Alec Baldwin Rust Movie Shooting Exposed By FBI

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Alec Baldwin Rust Movie Shooting Exposed By FBI
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    Alec Baldwin Denies Pulling Trigger In Rust Movie Accident 👉

    Alec Baldwin’s accidental shooting on the movie Rust is now being exposed by the FBI. Authorities in Santa Fe have a new lead and recently executed a search warrant for a local ammunition supplier.

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  • InformOverload
    InformOverload  Month ago +9

    Alec Baldwin Denies Pulling Trigger In Rust Movie Accident 👉

    • Kaley Warner
      Kaley Warner Month ago

      Johnny is a great host!!! Idc what anyone says.

    • Eric Eric
      Eric Eric Month ago +1

      @Adina Vargas We need Charlotte!!!

    • Adina Vargas
      Adina Vargas Month ago +1

      I like your content but the sound quality makes it difficult to listen the whole way through. It sounds like someone who is talking very loudly inside an empty and hollow room.

    • Eric Eric
      Eric Eric Month ago

      Pay Charlotte more and get ride of this host! Charlotte was the best and grew this channel!

    • Hana Brynda
      Hana Brynda Month ago

      @Drone Junkie maybe he owes to his handlers some ?

  • Sacred Serpents®™
    Sacred Serpents®™ Month ago +40

    It seems like they're trying to absolve Alec Baldwin of any guilt. Let's go over this step by step:
    First of all Alec Baldwin's father was a weapons trainer, he grew up around guns and has been trained in weapons safety.
    Alec Baldwin has always gone on and on about how dangerous guns are, so he's aware of the dangers involved with handling weapons.
    He was handed a gun and did not check it himself!
    He pulled the gun out of the holster, pulled the hammer back, aimed it at a human being, and pulled the damn trigger!
    This was not part of a scene rehearsal.
    Why is he taking no personal responsibility in this mess? Why does it seem everyone is trying to absolve him of any personal responsibility? He knew better than to point a gun at a human being, regardless of if someone told him it was hot or cold! He was literally raised better than that
    I am not absolving the armorer from this situation, I'm just saying that Alec Baldwin holds a whole lot of responsibility here too. The armorer didn't point the gun at anybody!

    • Serena Chenaille
      Serena Chenaille Month ago

      @j h lol Baldwin is my hero? News to me!

    • cristine connell
      cristine connell Month ago

      @j h right! Kids grasp the concept quickly & easily!

    • j h
      j h Month ago +2

      BTW, gun safety is NOT brain surgery.

    • j h
      j h Month ago +1

      @Serena Chenaille I love the irony. An obvious Trump hater eager to support a liberal actor without knowing any true facts calling conservatives, eager to condemn Baldwin, cult members. Folks you can't make up this s#*t. You don't positively know anything so keep your mouth shut and pass that info on to your hero Baldwin himself!

    • cristine connell
      cristine connell Month ago +2

      He was the last line of defense in a long list of safety check system, first he failed by not making sure the set was properly staffed & ran, next he was the final defense in the safety check system & he failed his due diligence! Further, as an on seen producer he was responsible for set safety to be insured for all present, finally he points, shoots & kills, then goes on his media tour to blame the lady he killed! All the above makes him first & foremost accountable for her death!

  • ragnarmiami
    ragnarmiami Month ago +52

    U don't point a gun at people . Period. Unless u plan to shoot. He pulled the trigger pointing it at a camera person, why ?

    • April Osborn
      April Osborn Month ago

      Exactly, these people were not the actors, he's trying to get out of this, but it won't happen, he's blaming other people, and he was the one who aimed and shot and killed

    • Crimson_Tango
      Crimson_Tango Month ago

      @Alethiometer First rule of gun safety is to treat every firearm as if it's loaded. What you said is multiple gun safety rules AND legal self defense law rolled into one "rule". Why are you pretending to know what you're talking about? It's so easy to just Google "gun safety rules". You sound just as ignorant as Baldwin.

    • Alethiometer
      Alethiometer Month ago +2

      There was NOTHING in that take that said FIRE THE WEAPON he should NEVER EVER point and fire a weapon at anyone unless it is a TOY! If they had practiced basic gun safety What is the number #1 Rule of weapons...You NEVER aim or fire a weapon at another person unless you are in mortal danger and plan to use that weapon in defense of your life. We HAVE rules to prevent this after OTHERS DIED from the same damn thing, Actors think they're above RULES & SAFETY (unless it's their personal safety) all of this would have been PREVENTED had they used the basic weapons safety. You are CORRECT NOWHERE IN THE SCRIPT DOES IT SAY Fire Weapon.

    • Trauma
      Trauma Month ago +2

      sometimes that’s what the script/director wants isn’t it?

    • Daisygirl1217
      Daisygirl1217 Month ago +7

      @darthlaurel I can see that seeing that Alec is a pompous ass.

  • dairyairline
    dairyairline Month ago +44

    You Sir are prompt and concise. You know your subject and don't waste any time presenting it. thank you.

    • Harumi Martinez
      Harumi Martinez Month ago +1

      that's exactly why I watch this channel, I hate having to skip 5 minutes to just get to the subject

  • Dora Dora
    Dora Dora Month ago +29

    Never point a gun at a person who you dont want to kill

  • Louis Lamboley
    Louis Lamboley Month ago +30

    He pointed the gun at Hutchins, pulled back the hammer, then pulled the trigger. The scene did not call for the use of a gun. He should be in jail on suspected murder.

    • Hana Brynda
      Hana Brynda Month ago

      @Louis Lamboley good videos from Americans untold stories about this a Goodman

    • Louis Lamboley
      Louis Lamboley Month ago

      @Hana Brynda Had no idea he was that close. He was standing right in front of her. It's even worse than I thought. How could he be doing anything with that gun in regards to practicing his quick draw. He would have been hitting her with the barrel as he swung it around. It's cold blooded murder.

    • Hana Brynda
      Hana Brynda Month ago +1

      @a user and from two feet distance the dir is actually lucky to be alive too

    • Hana Brynda
      Hana Brynda Month ago +3

      Every other person would be or on bail this is crazy right ?!

    • Louis Lamboley
      Louis Lamboley Month ago +1

      @a user Who does that as a joke or for fun. You have to be insane or the stupidest person on the planet, or worse, a murderer.

  • Lady Joker
    Lady Joker Month ago +43

    This is why gun safety is important…. Always check the chamber!!!

    • April Osborn
      April Osborn Month ago

      And make sure the people your aiming at are the ACTORS, these people weren't ACTORS! Why is he unloading his gun straight into the cinnema photographer, and producer, unbelievable!

    • Crimson_Tango
      Crimson_Tango Month ago +2

      @Twisted Hippie If real guns were the problem then why hasn't this happened in 28 years? This was caused by stupid negligent people, not an inanimate object.

    • Twisted Hippie
      Twisted Hippie Month ago

      Or don't bring an actual gun to a movie set?

  • William Tate
    William Tate Month ago +10

    Firearms don’t fire themselves. They need the implementation of an arm. This fellow is a disgrace.

  • Joe Craig
    Joe Craig Month ago +14

    How long does it take to check the chambers and barrel of a 6 shooter? Not Baldwin's first rodeo. If in Baldwin's career he never cared enough to learn basic gun safety?
    The young Armorer should have refused the job as others did. Production obviously abused her inexperience assigning her other tasks to cut corners.
    If the young, inexperienced Armorer was getting costumes together then The AD should have checked the gun, then Baldwin should have checked, not pointed or cocked and pulled the trigger. All 3, maybe more, share in the negligence.
    If basic safety was followed the live round/s could have been found and a life saved. No excuses. Sure, great if The FBI finds where the live rounds came from, but standard gun safety protocols by any of the 3, we are aware of, would have saved a life. Nothing changes that.

    • nana820able
      nana820able Month ago +1

      @Patsy Sadowski Very easy to check those guns. Anyone who handles a real gun should know how to load it, unload it and check for safety. That's just the basics. I've been to target practice many times and we always use blanks.

    • Hana Brynda
      Hana Brynda Month ago

      @Patsy Sadowski still he shouldn’t point a pull the trigger to cause this death of crew a injury of other shooting was not in script period he’s not amateur but act worse than one

    • Joe Craig
      Joe Craig Month ago +3

      @Patsy Sadowski then that actor shouldn’t take roles that involve real firearms.
      Baldwin was a producer and the bottom line is they cut corners for budgetary reasons which included the resumes of the gun professionals.
      Experienced pros turned the job down knowing that production was creating, quote, “an accident waiting to happen”.
      Checking a firearm, especially a simple 6-shooter is an easy thing. Armorers and actors do it all the time.
      Disagree all you want but it’s an excuse that cost a life and there is no excuse for that.
      It was 100% avoidable.

    • Patsy Sadowski
      Patsy Sadowski Month ago

      Honestly I disagree. I can’t see how an actor can tell when it’s loaded that they aren’t blanks, if the expert couldn’t when she handled the bullets. She may be young but those who employed her and she share responsibility. Imagine if Actors started reassembling things put together by experts? Where does it stop? Fire scenes? Diving? Assuming he is an expert is like assuming Robin Williams was a paediatrician.

  • April Osborn
    April Osborn Month ago +6

    Alec was the one who took perfect aim at people who 'WEREN'T IN THE SCRIPT!' That's the point!

  • Emily Gooner
    Emily Gooner Month ago +9

    Is he claiming he didn’t pull the trigger now? Like WTF

  • Timothy Drumm
    Timothy Drumm Month ago +4

    This lost soul, Alec Baldwin, allowed the RUST movie set to fully IMPLODE. And, his foolish actions cost a LIFE. JUSTICE is due, praise God.

  • Deborah Cooper
    Deborah Cooper Month ago +10

    If the scene had called for Alec to put the gun to his head I bet he would have checked it!!

  • scooter2d2
    scooter2d2 Month ago +16

    It's one thing to find out and confirm how the live rounds got on set. But the fact remains that Hannah loaded those live rounds into that gun. Those live rounds should have been caught by her right then and there.

    • prideOrhonesty
      prideOrhonesty Month ago

      That's the thing, you don't know that Hannah loaded the live round. How do you know Alec didn't intentionally slip a live round into the gun after it was handed to him?

      Expand your thinking because you're limiting it only to accidents. That form of thinking is how people get away with murder.

    • cristine connell
      cristine connell Month ago +1

      He also admitted earlier to doing target practice earlier in safety training, pretty sure he said that day! Bottom line, they have many checks & balances they are required to do for safe filming! He was the last line of defense in that check system, he did not check! Further they already had people leaving the set due to unsafe working conditions & 2 previous accidentally discharges! So, he gets the lions share as lead actor, 1 holding gun, & on scene producer!

    • cristine connell
      cristine connell Month ago +1

      He first said she was busy on her other job they were paying her for, & 1 of the other A D's handed it to him, but still his job to check & confirm! Bottom line, he didn't & broke 1 of the first rules of gun safety! He has been working with them enough to know better, but his ego & arrogance have been ruling his days! The fact he goes on the shift the blame to the victim tour is very revealing! His ultimate responsibility as the 1 who pointed & fired a clearly "hot" gun!

  • Rhia Riecke
    Rhia Riecke Month ago +10

    The fbi raided the gun store were they think the bullets were bought about a mile from me the fbi was also saying they think it was home made rounds

    • darthlaurel
      darthlaurel Month ago +2

      I'm guessing they were short on ammo then. The raid makes no sense other than as theft. Are they going to raid every gun store in the area where the ammunition might have been bought?

  • -
    - Month ago +8

    Everything is happening because Alec Baldwin didn’t pay up his blood sacrifice

  • Steve Dodge
    Steve Dodge Month ago +5

    A Gun loaded with blanks Is A Hot Weapon! So, He Lied. Again.

  • Here's Chica
    Here's Chica Month ago +1

    Hopefully this case will get resolved as soon as possible.

  • FranklinLiranzo
    FranklinLiranzo Month ago +10

    With your growing account, you guys should work on sound more.

  • cristine connell
    cristine connell Month ago +1

    Isn't it funny our best news sources have shifted from msm to young up & coming new form of Journalism, where folks like Drew Henderson & Nathan Debruin get it from the horses mouth on video & photo for us to see & guys like this who bring it all to the table! Seriously GOD showed me this like 15-20 yrs ago & all I can say is YEE HA, this is awesome! Bringing truth to light!

  • Go Jo
    Go Jo Month ago +4

    Where's Columbo? Quite interesting to learn what Halyna had planned to do after Rust and her husband's background too...

    • Hana Brynda
      Hana Brynda Month ago +1

      Yup exactly there must be motive behind her family a work history she had colourful background people need to research her father her husband her work where she grow up and work as investigative reporter eventually all will come out a I think the director is not talking but know more than everybody else

  • MovieBox
    MovieBox Month ago +1

    we consider this extremely sad

  • Marshall Matthew Fan
    Marshall Matthew Fan Month ago +2

    I made a commet a couple weeks ago they should investigate ammo supplierBut yesterday Alec said he didnt aim gun at Helyna and he said he didnt pull the trigger either.

  • David Coester
    David Coester Month ago +1

    Get a better mic and may your future on TheXvid be bright. Your strength, upon my first listening, is your exceptional ability to read clearly and quickly and make concise points.

  • McChrister
    McChrister Month ago

    Why is Alec Baldwin not in jail with other suspect while they figure this all out? I don’t get it!🤷🏻‍♀️ I live in Canada maybe they do the same thing here(but I doubt it....🙄) Lock that angry individual up! He is always mad...👿

  • Dave T
    Dave T Month ago +2

    Good content. However your studio could use some soundproofing.

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice Month ago

    This whole thing is still crazy to me

  • A Jurist
    A Jurist Month ago

    Baldwin is trying to blame the gun,...possibility of a malfunction!

  • Terry Sampson
    Terry Sampson Month ago

    How can 1 person dead and 1 injured accidental. What did survivor say

  • Hana Brynda
    Hana Brynda Month ago

    You know I’m thinking look at his posts his podcast or whatever it’s called the guy was not himself depressed a more crazy than ever before some is telling me this case is not what it seems just about this movie a also how the crew was selected history of Halyna etc all together looks much more behind the screens than we probably will ever know if this is going to get only in this direction yes Colombo or Hitchcock is needed here 🤔😇

  • william Fielding
    william Fielding Month ago +7

    I've said this before and I'll repeat myself yet again... This was Alec Baldwins fault no matter how you look at this... 1) He had the gun in his hand when it went off (he pulled the trigger) 2) It is up to the person holding a firearm to insure it is safe not the prop person not the actors aid but the actor who needs to triple check that only blanks are loaded in the gun. You can spin this anyway you like but it comes down to the very simple fact that Alec Baldwin acted with reckless endangerment when he pulled the trigger on a firearm he did not check and pointed this weapon at a living person. Sorry Alec but in most of our minds you've been cancelled and your already on your way to Prison for the rest of your worthless life. bring Lube your going to need it

  • Jack man
    Jack man Month ago

    Is it true that on the movie set they were
    Shooting cans ? Just for fun but that says alot about people who are so anti gun
    If that's true ? They lost control of

    It on first day plus he should have checked the gun himself he as much to blame as anyone on the set him More so
    If his father was a gun expert he of all
    People should know it period
    No excuse

  • David Coester
    David Coester Month ago +2

    Were the live rounds mixed with the dummy rounds?

  • C.
    C. Month ago

    Your sight is fantastic, thank you!

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 27 days ago

    Isn't there finger prints on the bullet caseing? No denying the fact the trigger had to be pulled

  • Mark Demaline
    Mark Demaline Month ago

    Was it an accident?

  • bev miller
    bev miller Month ago +1

    WHY IS YOUR AUDIO ALWAYS SO BAD? The ypung lady who appears on here has very professionally produced sound. Yours always sounds like you are in your dad's garage talking on a phone or down in a hole. VERY DISRACTING and UNPROFESSIONAL.
    Please get a decent microphone or setup.

  • Joe Gold
    Joe Gold Month ago

    Dude you have to do something about the sound echo of your voice in these videos....

  • Dani
    Dani Month ago +2

    What a nightmare

  • Edward Martinez
    Edward Martinez Month ago +1

    Alec is guilty!

  • Steve Dodge
    Steve Dodge Month ago

    Accidently? Maybe?

  • Lisa Barnes
    Lisa Barnes Month ago

    They sure are careless.

  • Hana Brynda
    Hana Brynda Month ago +1

    See this Chanel America’s untold stories they have so much info there too

  • j h
    j h Month ago

    Past the Aztec ruins and the ghosts of our people
    Hoofbeats like castanets on stone
    At night I dream of bells in the village steeple
    Then I see the bloody face of Ramon
    Was it me that shot him down in the cantina
    Was it my hand that held the gun?
    Come, let us fly, my Magdalena
    The dogs are barking and what's done is done
    No llores, mi querida
    Dios nos vigila
    Soon the horse will take us to Durango
    Agarrame, mi vida
    Soon the desert will be gone
    Soon you will be dancing the fandango

  • babahtaja
    babahtaja Month ago +1

    Can you do something about that echo?

  • Benny B
    Benny B Month ago

    Lock him up

  • Dors
    Dors Month ago

    Where are the other hosts?? I feel that there is only Johnny now

    • Comrade20
      Comrade20 Month ago

      @Ramona Thon probably left for a reason, lucky him lolololol

    • Ramona Thon
      Ramona Thon Month ago

      So what …. I was alone too …. So was a man named David lololo

  • deanna bell
    deanna bell Month ago

    Should at least for All Actors and actresses have TRIAL in Court with Guns matters incidents...and close the case by BANNING all firearms with making on Movies...never...No Never Ban Guns Away in TEXAS States and Our Given Rights in United States of Our AMERICA...for sure Ban the Guns in All Movies Production and Stages Performance's .

    • deanna bell
      deanna bell Month ago

      That will FIX the HOLLYWOOD STARS had SPOIL are lives for Democracy Way of PEACE...No Way With Socialism in AMERICA.

  • Dong Luc
    Dong Luc Month ago

    Are you recording in the toilet?

  • Tijuri
    Tijuri Month ago

    this is jus.....

  • Carl Mumba
    Carl Mumba Month ago

    Secret orginization SACRIFICE.

  • Marcia Sterling
    Marcia Sterling Month ago


  • Randy Sutton
    Randy Sutton Month ago

    Carrot skin¿

  • Anesu Mandaza
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