My Crush Didn’t Kiss Me Back

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
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    There was a really super hot guy in Dorothy's class named Jonah. Everyone drooled over him, though he was the cutest boy around, and Dorothy felt the same way about him. She was not alone in having a major crush on him. He was a major crush.
    One day she was hanging out by her locker and he came over to her and asked if she had any plans for that night. She said no, and he asked if she wanted to come to his party. On the inside she was freaking out - the hottest guy ever just basically asked her out - but on the outside, she played it cool and just said "yeah, sure, that sounds good."
    After school, she literally ran all the way home to beg her big sister to drive her to the party - and she agreed to take her.
    The party was great - lots of kids there dancing and partying and having fun - and Dorothy was just chilling out when Jonah came up to her. He asked if she would come help him - that he had stubbed his toe or something and needed help finding the band-aids.
    Right away Dorothy felt like something else was maybe, hopefully going on, like maybe he was just trying to find an excuse to take her away from the party and be alone with her. Nervous, and excited - this was after all her one and only crush - she was like "sure, whatever" and they went upstairs to his room to "look for band-aids."
    They sat on the floor in his room and just talked and laughed and got to know each other better. They were having a ton of fun, and she was crushing on him harder than ever. She kind of felt like he was crushing on her too! All she knew is that she wanted to kiss him so badly.
    They kind of pretended to look for the band-aids - without any luck - and when they sat back down they ended up being really close to each other. Her heat was pounding.
    And then, suddenly, he started leaning toward her, like leaning in for a kiss! Without thinking, just being in that major kiss moment, she just straight up grabbed him, kissed him, with tongue! She was doing it! French kiss, her first kiss with him - She was really kissing her crush - and it was AMAZING! This was not a first kiss story, this was a first kiss with a crush story.
    UNTIL, all of a sudden, he pushed her away - hard - and said "WAIT - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?!?"
    She was so embarrassed and confused. She told him "Well, you leaned in for a kiss, right?"
    And he pointed behind her, at the band-aids that were on the floor behind her, and said "NO - I was reaching for the band-aids!" Record scratch...Major fail, epic fail, the first kiss fail, disaster.
    It was so awkward, so embarrassing - such a major fail. She was praying at 1,000 mph that he would say "well, that was good anyway" or "it was totally worth it." But instead, there was just silence, total and utter awkward silence. She didn't know what to do, and he was just sort of sitting there stunned. So, she just exited - quickly - so embarrassed. What a disaster.
    She ran out of the party, out of the house, and just cried. It had gone from so awesome and exciting to such a major fail and so embarrassing - just like that.
    The next day at school was even worse - everyone knew what happened and they were all talking about it. She was so mad that he had told people how she had kissed him that she went right up to him when she saw him and asked him "how could you tell everyone about that kiss?" But he told her it wasn't him, it was all his friends who had been outside his bedroom door, listening in.
    And then, somewhat uncomfortably, he said "Also, FYI - I'm gay. That's why I haven't been kissing any girls. I'm gay." He turned out to be gay. The thought to her self - "I kissed my crush, it was an epic fail and he's gay?
    Dorothy felt so bad, apologized, blushed, but, they both got over it. And, the whole thing helped Jonah feel more comfortable telling people he was gay, got Dorothy over any first-kiss anxiety she might have had, and the best part - now they are literally best friends!
    - - -
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    refigured's edits 13 hours ago

    This jonah guy was in another storybooth

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    Anastasiya Kovalytskya 16 hours ago

    My crush would probaly never kiss me back

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    Lupita cauich 20 hours ago

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    Mairim Montesino 23 hours ago

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    CUPCAKE Day ago

    2:26 killed me 4 sum reason

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    Panda The Memer Day ago +2

    Why was Satan on the school yearbook??? Lmao 😂

    • Liz :3
      Liz :3 Hour ago

      And best eyes

  • It's Vin
    It's Vin 3 days ago

    I've never had my first kiss but surprisingly, in my grade, I'm one of the girls who has the most people who have or is crushing on me. A total of 5 people are crushing on me (there are 3 other girls who have more people crushing on them). But I never had my first kiss. I believe I won't have my first kiss till... wait I would be so old it can't be recorded.

  • Jaelene Smith
    Jaelene Smith 3 days ago +1

    My first kiss was in first grade.

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    Maria Ibanez 3 days ago

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  • SuperZealousRacer Boi-Nissan Skyline GT-R Boy

    I have 2 coincidences to make.

    1 when I moved to the new school and I have a classmate named Jonah and one of my classmates had a crush on him. (She might read this because she has a channel)

    2 When I was drawing my friend as a cartoon... AND HE HAS THE SAME SWEATER AND SHIRT COLOUR AS HOW I DRAWED MY FRIEND!!
    But the only thing is that Jonah has a different hair colour. But my classmate does have the same hair colour as my friend.

    P.S I hate my classmate Jonah

    • SuperZealousRacer Boi-Nissan Skyline GT-R Boy
      SuperZealousRacer Boi-Nissan Skyline GT-R Boy 5 days ago

      Because he trades me crappy stuff for my SUGARY food. But he did give me something good sometimes. One time I declined to give him one of my stuff and he said “You’re the worst friend ever >:(“ I don’t care lol

  • Annacorn23
    Annacorn23 5 days ago

    my friends heard
    it's okay. * hug * but I just wanna point this out, I'm gay.

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